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Alan Scott Compares Abuse Allegations to Persecution While Protesters Picket Outside Church

por Rebecca Hopkins
Alan Scott Vineyard
On May 28, 2023, Alan Scott preaches at Dwelling Place in Anaheim, California. (Video screengrab)

Facing allegations of spiritual abuse and deception, Alan Scott, lead pastor of the Lugar de la vivienda, on Sunday denied the allegations and compared his situation to persecution and being a “lamb among wolves.” Meanwhile, about a dozen protesters picketed outside the church service in Anaheim, California.

Scott also told his congregation that he’s not taking offense to those accusing him and implored his congregation to do the same.

“We love those people,” Scott said. “And they loved us until they didn’t. We’re not angry. And so, here’s my imploring to you. Please don’t be angry on our behalf. God is doing something too precious here for us to allow that.”

Scott told his congregation that they should expect persecution and “to be like lambs among wolves.” But to applause, he added, “. . . Now look at how you respond when the darkness comes. ‘For the light shines in the darkness. But the darkness has not—will not, cannot—overcome it.’ And, ‘blessed are you who are persecuted.’”

This was the first time Scott spoke publicly since El Informe Roys (TRR) published an exposé about Scott’s leadership about two weeks ago. This included allegations Scott imposed salvation quotas on staff, used loyalty tests to control employees, claimed he could see people’s hidden sin, and judged staff according to their body type. Scott pastored at both Vineyard Anaheim, now called Dwelling Place, and Causeway Coast Vineyard (CCV) in Ireland.

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dwelling place alan scott
On May 28, 2023, Alan Scott preaches at Dwelling Place in Anaheim, California. (Video screengrab)

“Once again Alan demonstrates his total disregard for his victims, wrapping it up in a false sense of honor and without any accountability on his part,” said Donna Finney, former CCV staff whose story TRR reported previously. “If insults are considered a ‘blessing,’ then I was truly blessed during my time at CCV. Nothing can take away from my truth and my experience under his leadership.”

On Sunday in Anaheim, picketers held signs stating, “Jesus was the last prophet not Alan Scott, nor is Alan Scott an apostle”; “Alan Scott, Kathryn Scott came to the U.S. to prey on trusting people?”; and, “Preach honor, Behave with Dishonor.”

“We wanted to get people to understand what’s really happening, and how Alan is hiding that information from those people,” said Steve Bray, picketer and former Vineyard Anaheim church member.

alan scott
Protest signs used by picketers outside Dwelling Place Anaheim, on May 28, 2023. (Courtesy image)

Following the TRR report, a former member of Scott’s church, drummer Noah DeBolt, posted a video on social media accusing Jeremy and Katie Riddle and Alan and Kathryn Scott of spiritually abusing him. Jeremy Riddle is a well-known Christian worship leader and is on both the staff and the board of Dwelling Place.

“I went from being a full-time professional drummer to being deeply traumatized, depressed, barely able to eat, or go outside, or take a shower, just like basic human stuff,” DeBolt said on his video. “Sadly, my story is not unique at all. There are dozens of other victims, including my wife, who have been violated and abused by these leaders who do so in the name of God.”

Scott did not specifically address any of the allegations against him but said he’s been praying for God to reveal things he’s done wrong, adding: “Even though what people say isn’t true, there are other things that are true.”

Scott said that initially, he forgave his critics but hoped God wouldn’t.

Vineyard Dwelling Place
alan y kathryn scott

“I started to pray, ‘God I forgive them, but don’t you forgive them,’” Scott said. “That’s a biblical response, right? Make room for God’s wrath.”

Yet Scott said God changed his heart so he could bless his accusers. And rather than be offended, Scott urged his congregation to pray for them, and those accusing Jeremy Riddle and his wife, Katie Riddle.

“Don’t be offended for us; pray,” Scott said. “. . . And certainly not on our behalf or on Jeremy or Katie’s—they would say the same, don’t pick it up on their behalf. Please pray for those people who are doing those things and saying those things, pray for them.”

In addition to the allegations of spiritual abuse and manipulation, the Scotts, Riddles, and Dwelling place are facing a lawsuit filed last November, accusing them of stealing the $62 million church property where Dwelling Place meets. The property used to belong to Vineyard Anaheim—the longtime flagship church of the Vineyard movement. But last March, Vineyard Anaheim removed itself from Vineyard USA and changed its name to Dwelling Place.

The Dwelling Place board has denied all allegations of wrongdoing.

A March church statement claimed attendance is higher at Dwelling Place than it was prior to the disassociation from Vineyard. However, Dwelling Place hasn’t responded to a request for current attendance numbers. And the video from the service last Sunday showed much of the auditorium empty and blocked off by large black curtains.

Scott’s wife, Kathryn Scott, also a well-known worship leader, said during last Sunday’s service that this past year her “world turned upside down.” She said she’s grieved but refuses to take offense at all that’s happened.

“The Lord spoke very clearly to me,” she said. “The way that I’ve been able to pray is because of the Lord’s kindness and instruction. He just said at the very, very beginning, He said, ‘things are about to get very painful for you.’”

Alan Scott said he remains optimistic, despite the hardships. “Let me just say this,” he said. “The Lord has many works for you in the future.”

Rebecca Hopkins es una periodista radicada en Colorado.



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8 Respuestas

  1. wow. after reading this malignant narcissist speak, I think I need to go take a shower and scrub deeply. Hey Alan, here is persecution. In India churches are burned down and Christian are killed. In north Korea a 2 YO and parents are in jail for life for owning a bible. You’re just a mouthy bully that people have finally had enough of your nonsense. PEOPLE: please read Jesus vs evangelical. What an eye-opening book and as stated in another comment, I must have said “I knew it” countless time. Here is some more persecution. Because a poster at a UCC conference had a white kid at the top of the poster and the POC kids in a lower position, the creator was given the title of racist. Oh yeah “give me that ole time religion give me that ole time religion give me that old time religion, was good enough for me”. Look at our schools and govt endless desire for wars and crime thru the roof and ask yourself or our do-nothing churches that watch our elected officials and schools think that our kids are theirs to mold and confuse and, in some cases, destroy. Where are the churches protesting and voicing the outrage that should be shared. Is God still blessing our country? I’d say no.

  2. “The Lord has many works for(the Scotts) in the future”. Possibly including prison laundry and license plates. Why not repent now before it is too late?

  3. Another toxic leader preying upon those in a Megachurch!

    2 Timothy 4:3–4 (ESV): “For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.”

    1. Greg, and anyone else who needs to hear it, please stop equating escape from a dangerous and abusive place with “voting”. “Voting” means that a person actually has power, however small.

      I understand the sentiment that goes with the phrase “vote with their feet”, but I think people really need to wrestle with whether they actually have any vote or accountability in their own churches. Escape is not a vote.

      And, while I’m here, I just want to recommend Michael Kruger’s “Bully Pulpit” again. Have him on the pod!

      1. Pablo,

        I was a member of the Anaheim Vineyard from 1980 until February 2022 when Alan Scott sent us an e-mail announcing he was taking our church, the home church, out of the Vineyard. I know what attendance normally looks like and from the picture posted in this article it looks much-much smaller. My comment of “voting with their feet” is appropriate as my family and most of our friends left, which I believe is what the Scotts wanted all along.

  4. So the Lord told KS that things were going to get painful. Why did He not tell her that stealing a church building and millions was a sin? Why did He not tell her to pray for her husband so that he stops hating on pear-shaped-body people? Lord, I’m asking You. I’m really tired of all this. In my opinion, the Scotts and Riddles are in the wrong. You Vineyard members at Anaheim, why are you allowing all this? Many of you are mature saints, but you let this man run the show. You should speak up. Alan Scott is sinning against the body. Hold him accountable. He and the Riddles don’t know Jesus. If they did, they’d not hurt Him. Sick of weak AMERICAN believers sitting and pew and letting wolves in the pulpit devour houses. And, the picketers need to keep picketing and praying. Enough of this. Doesn’t anyone have a backbone in the pews?

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