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The Conversation We Need to Have About the Robert Morris Scandal

By Bob Hamp
robert morris gateway scandal
Pastor Robert Morris preaches at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas. (Photo: Facebook)

We have pulled this article due to concerning allegations about the author, Bob Hamp, and confirmation that Hamp was censured by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Marriage and Family Therapists. According to the state board, Hamp engaged in “unethical conduct,” including providing therapy outside of a “professional relationship,” engaging in activities to meet his “personal needs instead of the needs of the client,” and failing to “set and maintain professional boundaries with a client and former client.”



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41 Respuestas

  1. Bear with me. Many years ago, my wife and I saw a movie about a US soldier who married the sister of a powerful Japanese yakuza who had died in the war. It turns out that not only had the yakuza survived but the woman was his wife.
    There was both honor and shame in this. The yakuza needs to save face. This man took his wife. But what was he to do for the US soldier had married her ignorance and taken care of his wife all these years.
    In the end the soldier, realizing the full implication of what he had done cuts off his own finger as a sign of respect and atonement.
    Honor has been restored.
    I keep waiting for one of these guys to cut off their finger.

  2. YES! Thank you, Bob! This is so spot on! Until these larger more systemic are addressed in the global Church at large, there will not be any real meaningful change. I’m not sure what it’s going to take for “the powers that be” to finally get it. If the seemingly unending recent string of corrupt church leaders isn’t enough, I simply don’t know what will be.

  3. I am not impressed with this article for I see absolutely no self-reflection coming out of the author. This org was built by a child molester and of course it has always been abusive, especially to the kids. The author was fully a part of it for a long time, on staff, and there is no sign he tried to do anything about it. That is the bottom line. There are many scriptural reasons for this. We are supposed follow Jesus and do His work. We are not supposed to waste huge chunks of our time sitting under a heretic and trying to make his personal kingdom greater.

  4. As all this is finally being exposed, the church is going to begin to realize that the abomination of desolation has been standing in the Holy Place for several decades now. Carnal men standing in the pulpits, leading our churches and leading our homes Men that have lost their salvation along the way. Men who stand in leadership positions in the filth of their own righteousness. Who shame the Name of Christ by their behavior. Jesus has had enough ! Judgement has begun in His House. Time to clear out the lawless one with the breathe of His Mouth !!

  5. This is an awesome article that gets to the heart of the issue if we want to see change in the church and in our family systems as well!! Can we get this guy to speak at the restore conference 2025??

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