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Habla la hija del pastor de una megaiglesia en desgracia Jeremy Foster

Por Julie Roys
jayden foster
Jayden Foster has spoken out on Instagram regarding her father, Jeremy Foster, who is former lead pastor of Hope City Church in Houston, Texas. (Photos via social media)

The oldest daughter of disgraced megachurch pastor, Jeremy Foster, last night posted numerous videos, responding to her father’s adulterous affair, his divorce and re-marriage to his mistress, and the pain it’s caused.

“From the moment I found out he had an affair, my dad moved in with his mistress,” Jayden Foster said in a video posted on Instagram. “. . . And then, a month and a half after my parents’ divorce was finalized, I got an email—because I don’t have communication with him—got an email, and he was telling me that he had gone ahead and gotten married. . . .

“And it, like gutted me—like it really, really wrecked me. And I don’t know if I can adequately put into words how that felt.”

In January of 2022, Jeremy Foster resigned amid scandal from Hope City, un Asociación de Iglesias Relacionadas (ARC) megachurch based in Houston. Eight months later, Foster got divorced from his wife and the mother of his six children, Jennifer Foster.

Nine weeks after that, Jeremy Foster married Ratchadaporn Thongaram, a woman not associated with the church, who was charged in 2009 with operating a massage parlor without a license. Foster’s father, Mark Foster, bishop of Los pentecostales de las ciudades gemelas, officiated the ceremony.

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Speaking of her grandfather’s role in the ceremony, Jayden said, “It is one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced in my life. And it makes me really emotional thinking about it because it has fundamentally altered my relationship with my grandparents. And again, like the last year—like, I lost so much more than just my dad and my relationship with my dad.”

Most recently, Jeremy Foster publicó un video, apologizing for his affair. The apology came as los roy Report (TRR) was about to break news that Foster had apparently joined John Maxwell’s leadership company as a C-level manager.

In the video, Foster said his marriage “had been challenging” and that he was “overwhelmed” because his “church grew so fast.” But he added “that gave me no right to do what I did. You know, it was on me.”

In an Instagram photo, Jayden said her father’s apology video is what prompted her to speak out.

“My dad, unbeknownst to me or my family, released that video and repositioned us in this spotlight,” she said. “However, he shared a very safe (filtered) narrative.”

In what appears to an effort to set the record straight, Jayden responded to numerous questions people sent her. They range from very personal questions about forgiving her dad and allegations about her mother—to her opinion of “celebrity pastors” and using “grace” as an excuse. Those questions and her responses are listed below.

Do u think if he wasn’t overworked, it could have avoided the affair?

Jayden said she believed there were “a ton of contributing factors” for her father’s affair and that being overworked was one of them.

“But that does not excuse the behavior,” she said, noting that her father didn’t just make a “mistake.”

“He made a conscientious decision every single day for a year, possibly more—who knows?—to continue in an affair, despite the fact that he was being called out by people on his staff, me, his daughters, his wife, his overseers. My sisters, and I called his overseers had a conversation and said we were concerned. They . . . called him out and he fired them.”

Can you clear up any false accusations against your mom?

Jayden also defended her mother, whom she said her father has accused “throughout his time as a pastor and on his apology video.” In 2020, Jeremy and Jennifer Foster admitted in an interview that Jennifer had been abused as a child and then was physically abusive to Jeremy in the early part of their marriage.

“I’ve never ever in my life, seen my mom lay a hand on my dad, ever,” Jayden said. “I have seen my dad display aggression and anger. And he’s gotten in my face, and he’s yelled. And my mom threw rotisserie chicken at my dad once, which is not right. That’s kind of funny. . . .

But Jayden added, “My mom is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, who was abused for so many years of her life, and she talks publicly about it. But to throw that on her, and to say those things about her is vile.”

Do you have a relationship with your dad?

Jayden says she doesn’t have a relationship with her dad, but “this is not for lack of trying.” According to Jayden, her father has never repented for what he’s done. About a week after she found out about her father’s affair, Jayden said she wrote him a letter, asking him to sever his relationship with his mistress and seek restoration.

“He did neither of those things,” Jayden said. “And so that, and then a ton of other things . . . have led to a relationship with him, like just being really, really toxic and harmful.” She added that one day, she’d love to reconcile with her father “and right now, it’s just not possible. But pray that maybe one day, like the Lord gets through to him, and he’s able to repent.”

What’s your opinion of those that use “grace” to excuse your dad’s actions?

Jayden notes “there is a big difference between an apology and repentance” and “between grace and enabling.” While she says she’s big on grace, she adds that people also need to speak truth to someone in sin, encouraging the person to repent.

Do you see yourself forgiving your dad?

Jayden added that she’s trying to forgive her dad, but “it’s made a lot more difficult because there are constantly new things that I’m having to forgive for.”

In a picture posted on Instagram, Jayden responds to a question affirmatively concerning whether she believes her dad is a narcissist.

How do you feel about celebrity pastors?

Jayden says she believes the words celebrity and pastor are antonyms and that pastors need to be “gentle and lowly”—a reference to a book by Pastor Dane Ortlund. Ironically, Ortlund has been accused of bullying and retaliating against a church employee.

How do you feel about Christian leaders that have seemingly condoned what your dad’s done?

Despite his adultery and seeming unrepentance, leaders like ARC Pastor Jimn Kyles of Anchor Bend Church have posted on social media in support of Jeremy Foster. Jayden responds that she believes many supporting her dad either “don’t have the full story, or are really, really leaning on grace” to the exclusion of truth.

Despite everything she’s experienced, Jayden says she’s still holding on to her faith. And when asked her advice for a high school girl “struggling to stand firm and fight the lies of the enemy,” Jayden responded that she should read her Bible, get in a small group, and surround herself “with strong, Biblical women.”

In another post, Jayden admits she doesn’t have all the answers. But she adds, “Doubt is a part of faith. It’s ok to question God. Job did. Jesus quoted Psalm 22 on the cross.”

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30 Respuestas

    1. My heart breaks for this young woman, a daughter in the middle of a public scandal.and family tragedy. Her father and grandfather have not only betrayed their pastoral / bishop offices but also the trust of the children and grandchildren they raised. Her father sounds like a “cheap grace” pastor whose own father is enabling his son. Forgiving them will be hard but necessary. And it doesn’t necessarily mean joining her father and his new wife for dinner. She’s getting a tough and early lesson in why we do not place our faith in any man, but only in Jesus and his saving grace. And for sure, we all need it.

  1. American evangelicals are so entertaining. They can justify anything they do with scripture. And grandpa is the worst. Ya notice the American evangelical men are always ready to use grace as a calling card for the fix.but rarely if ever is discussed the affect their actions have on other people especially family. It’s dumbfounding story after story of men demanding forgiveness and nobody ever sticks up for the victims. Matt 7: 21-23. Read it grandpa and think of the grandkids vs the new home wrecker daughter in law.

    1. So true! They justify anything they want to do with any convenient excuse. Never a thought for the collateral damage they have left behind (their families, spouses, children, parishioners). It’s all about them!
      Foster’s daughter Jayden is an amazing young woman. I hope she can be a role model for her 5 siblings. With a father and a grandfather like theirs, they’ll need one.

  2. Kudos young lady, you have more sense and integrity thr. Your dads celebrity pastor friends. Good advice, cling to the Lord, study thr Word and have strong friends. Hope your life gets better. BTW, I personally feel that your dad is a loser for missing out on an opportunity to have a relationship with a daughter like you .

    1. Is what Brother Foster did “worse and worse” because he married a woman who used to run a massage parlor, or because of what Jesus said about remarriage after divorce in Luke 16:18?

  3. Sorry, shouldn’t have called your dad a loser ( convicted by the Spirit) but nevertheless he is missing a great opportunity.

      1. Enabling what? That the American evangelical Christian movement is a fraud and harmful to all souls. Jesus never meant us to be mega churches. Large revivals like harvest crusade? Sure. But a few malignant narcissist running mega churches with mega budgets and Mega mansions AKA: parsonages. God is not fooled by abusing scripture to maintain your good ole boy associations. He is not fooled. My only confusion is how people can’t see the evil in these rock star speakers (will never call them pastors) and tithe for their financial gain.

  4. Jayden, stay strong for yourself. You clearly are wise beyond your years. I am grateful that you had the strength to reach out to your dads over see-ers. Good for them that they attempted to convict the adulterer in your life who is your dad. Atleast they models the proper behavior. Many woman amd families reach out to elders and the elders “do nothing”. Hope you can stay in the faith amd know God will always be with you and your family. Enjoy your break from your dad! Moms rock!

    1. Jayden is a breath of fresh air in a society that listens with their eyes and thinks with their feelings. Carrie your second and third sentence accurately defines this gifted young woman, she has her priorities set on God, not on godless philosophies. I too would join in prayer for her continued spiritual development and protection.

  5. This young lady is dealing with this situation in a way that would be impressive even for those two or three or four times her age.

    1. She is clearly from Thailand where the word “pawn” is always transcribed into English as “porn”. Even in churches. The word means “blessing”.

      in Thailand traditional massage is part of mainstream culture. It is therefore easy for Thai women to receive training and then extremely common for them to seek jobs overseas as masseurs. They can earn more money AND look for foreign spouses.

      That too is part of Thai culture – a desire for a foreign husband who will bankroll both the woman and her entire family back home. There is zero concern on the part of Thai women as to the current marital status of such prospective husbands. In fact they’re happy to be “second wives” so long as the man supports them.

      Jeremy Foster is just one of a string of thousands upon thousands of western men willing to think he’s something special because a cute Thai woman threw herself at him.

    2. Those are really, really common syllables in Thai names. I worry for her too – “massage” parlors are not safe environments, and now she is involved in this whole mess.

  6. All too common, these are pastors faking faith and using it for their own gain and using it as excuse for bad behavior, They are weak broken people with no sense of self or the damage they cause by being self centered and selfish.

  7. As long as he remains with the mistress, there is no grounds for thinking he has repented. That they are now legally married is meaningless. It’s not like Jesus never addressed this sort of thing.

  8. RABINDRANATH E RAMCHARAN, I was not making fun of her name because it was of a different nationality or ethnicity than mine. If I gave you that impression, I am sorry sir. I just saw something I thought was interesting in the words.

  9. Repentance- turning away. Forgiveness- releasing the offending person to God to deal with and you are not burdened by their transgression. Hopefully this young women will be able to release him to God so she can have a disconnection from him. Sometimes forgiveness is daily and one step at a time. But it is definitely healing.

  10. This young lady is wise beyond her years. Did dad and grandpa not care about the lives they destroyed. Wow! So many people are misusing the “Grace” message to justify their sins. Be not deceived, God is NOT mocked. Whatsoever a person sow, they shall also reap.

  11. I believe in grace and I believe in leaving judgement up to God. It’s hard for children not to take sides in a divorce. That is one of its consequences. However, the speedy re-marriage, and the loss of contact with the children are big red flags to me. Hope the children can continue to heal and keep their faith.

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