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Pastor de megaiglesia en desgracia publica disculpa después de ser visto en el evento de liderazgo de John Maxwell

Por Julie Roys
Jeremy foster houston
On March 19, 2023, former megachurch pastor Jeremy Foster addresses his followers via social media. (Video screengrab / Instagram)

Disgraced megachurch pastor Jeremy Foster this weekend posted a video on Instagram apologizing for the adulterous affair that led to his resignation el año pasado de Hope City, a multisite megachurch based in Houston. The apology comes a week after Foster was spotted at a conference hosted by Christian leadership guru John Maxwell, and two days after El Informe Roys (TRR) contacted Maxwell Leadership asking whether Foster was on staff.

Maxwell Leadership has not responded to any of our inquiries with an official statement.

However, a receptionist at Maxwell Leadership today told TRR that Foster was hired as a marketing manager, though she wasn’t sure of his official title. We also spoke with someone who met Foster at the recent conference. She said Foster introduced himself as either COO or CMO of Maxwell Leadership.

The nine-minute video Foster posted on Sunday breaks the former pastor’s more than yearlong silence about his affair, and subsequent divorce last September and remarriage in November .

“If you don’t know, you know, I had a moral failure. I had an affair,” Foster says in the video. “And I devastated my family. I hurt the church that I was leaving, and hurt and confused a lot of staff and volunteers and people that follow me and listen to me and love me. . . . I never would have thought that I would have done this. And I’m deeply sorry.”

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Foster said his marriage “had been challenging” and that he was “overwhelmed” because his “church grew so fast.” But he added “that gave me no right to do what I did. You know, it was on me.”

Foster said he’s apologized to his kids and his ex-wife and that the two have an “amicable” relationship, which enables them to “work together really well with the younger kids.”

However, one of Foster’s older children, Jayden Foster, said much of what her father is saying is “bs.”

In response to her father’s Instagram video, she posted: “Remember that there are multiple parts to this story. And a lot of what you’ve heard from him is bs. Also, Stop messaging me and telling me to forgive and ‘move on’ from something you know nothing about. I talk to God. He and I are walking through this together . . .”

Post by Jayden Foster (Screengrab / Instagram)

Foster also reposted a poem she’d written in December about the trauma she’s experienced because of her father’s behavior. It reads in part:

. . . I’ve never felt pain

Like I did when your closet became a tomb.

I’ve never ran

Like I did the night mom came home alone.

I’ve never threatened God,

Never cursed my Creator,

Like I did when you left

You should know,

I have never held hate inside these bones,

but it has crawled into my skeleton

And made a home out of your memory.

Return to Ministry?

In his video, Foster states that he has a new career in “the private sector,” but hints he may return to public ministry.

“I don’t know if I’ll do anything publicly,” Foster states. “Maybe at some point. I do know that God has given me gifts to help people, and that’s really what I want to do is just help people.”

Maxwell Leadership is a private, for-profit company. And though the company doesn’t bill itself as Christian, it names as one of its distinctives its philosophy based on “values-based leadership principles.”

The company also appears to have ties to leaders within the Asociación de Iglesias Relacionadas (ARC), the scandal-ridden church planting network to which Foster’s former church was connected.

Chris Hodges Corey Willams
ARC Pastors Chris Hodges and Corey Williams at the International Maxwell Conference in Orlando, Florida. (Source: Instagram)

Chris Hodges, pastor of Church of the Highlands and a founder of ARC, spoke at the recent International Maxwell Conference (IMC) in Orlando, Florida. Hodges and another ARC founder, Greg Surratt, also sits on the board of Equip Leadership—one of Maxwell’s nonprofits, which sponsors Christian leadership conferences in locations from North America to North Africa.

Also, the pastor who posted a picture of himself with Foster at the conference, which alerted TRR that Foster may be on Maxwell’s staff, was another ARC pastor, Jimn Kyles. Kyles is pastor of Anchor Bend Church, an ARC church in Richmond, Texas.

Pastor Jimn Kyles (left) of Anchor Bend Church pictured with Jeremy Foster, center (Screengrab / Instagram)

In addition, one of the people who attended the recent Maxwell Conference and posted about it is Corey Williams. Williams is an ARC pastor, as well as a speaker, coach, and trainer with the certified Maxwell Team.

Another conference attender, Dr. Jenna Cuccionilli, told TRR that she met Jeremy Foster and his wife at the recent conference but had no idea who he was. When TRR told her about Foster’s past, she responded, “I don’t know anything. All I know is he was a very sweet man. . . . And the same man who died for me died for him.”

Julie Roys es una reportera de investigación veterana y fundadora de The Roys Report. Anteriormente, también presentó un programa de entrevistas nacional en Moody Radio Network, llamado Up for Debate, y ha trabajado como reportera de televisión para una filial de CBS. Sus artículos han aparecido en numerosas publicaciones periódicas. 



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40 Respuestas

  1. Just more proof God is exposing these frauds and children of Ravenous Wolves within the Mega Church Den of VIPERS

    A Mega Church cannot survive without compromise because the sheep will leave the church with all the bills they cannot afford without blind sheep paying tithes and offerings

    1. Absolutely, they may be restored to God and to His church, but not necessarily to ministry. 1 Timothy 3: 2-7 sets a high bar for elders/pastors:

      “Now the overseer is to be above reproach, faithful to his wife, temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach, not given to drunkenness, not violent but gentle, not quarrelsome, not a lover of money. He must manage his own family well and see that his children obey him, and he must do so in a manner worthy of full[a] respect. (If anyone does not know how to manage his own family, how can he take care of God’s church?) He must not be a recent convert, or he may become conceited and fall under the same judgment as the devil. He must also have a good reputation with outsiders, so that he will not fall into disgrace and into the devil’s trap.”

        1. It seems like it’s only been a year since his affair, which has been generally unacknowledged, and he’s back in leadership position in a christian org? That doesn’t seem to take repentance or restoration very seriously.

        2. He just said he might have a “public” position again, and that God equipped him to help people. And he is apparently a C level at an organization that does conferences for churches.

          The dots connect themselves.

      1. He who is without sin let him cast the first , I thought the body of Christ is to love one another, not destroy,if we have confess our sin God is faithful and just to forgive us, why can HIS body? I heard the bible says “Love covers a multitude of sin” I thought the body of Christ is to bring healing to one another? This is why the world is laughing at the so called “Church” , follow JESUS (the WORD – John 1:14) not men! May Mr. Foster find God’s grace in all he may do!

        1. I recommend you read 1 Timothy 5:20, which says to publicly expose sinning elders so others may stand in fear. Yes, there is grace for the repentant who may be restored to their relationship with God and the church. But to the unrepentant, there is not grace but judgment.

        2. You seem awfully concerned about the Reverend Foster. He seems to be well able to take care of himself.
          How about some concern for the family he abandoned, which his daughter’s comments (on social media) indicate has been a traumatic experience? She also indicates he’s a liar.

        3. Forgiving sin doesn’t mean excusing the behavior or it’s consequences

          King David was forgiven on the spot!

          However ! The sword never left his house !

          Consequences brother csn last till one dies

          The weights and balances of consequential reward or lack thereof

          Restore asa brother in the pew yes

          To pulpit leadership I think not

          Common sense biblical sense and written mandate

    2. These sins aren’t unforgivable. Of course not…However, I do believe they are disqualifying. They betrayed their God, families, churches, and Christianity as a whole, all while supposedly “shepherding” the flock. No, they’ve lost their trust, as it pertains to leadership.

    3. His daughter is pretty clear that he’s not been repentant, and not telling the truth about the situation. The people who he harmed most don’t think he’s in a place to be restored. it’s not “punishment” for there to be consequences of his actions, especially since spiritual leaders are (rightly) called to higher standards. it’s not “punishment” to recognize that he’s biblically disqualified from spiritual leadership.

      1. This “apology” was lots of excises. Way too much about how over worked he was….and how dare him blame his wife for his “challenging” marriage! What a crock of poo’ ! Every marriage is challenging. I sure his wife was tired of his disgusting sexual affair. This video apology felt surface level with very little true humility. Gosh! There should be only one group that gets to have a say as to his future in public…that group should be those he sinned against../his wife amd children. God help the church.

        1. agreed. from the first time I heard him, I felt it in my soul that he was a fraud and a snake.
          I don’t believe for one second he is sorry and repented. He married the mistress….. that doesn’t sound like repentance to me.

  2. “I do know that God has given me gifts to help people, and that’s really what I want to do is just help people.”

    “Help people” by being the marketing manager of a “leadership” company? Yeah, sure. He could help people by serving in a homeless shelter. He could help people by training to be a medical aid. He could help people by being a retail cashier.

    1. Joyce. That comment is minimizing the gravity of his sin to his wife amd children. Dah! Yeah “everything is forgivable” when your husbands has sex with another woman I bet you will be the first to forgive him because you are such a grace filled person. Better than the people who feel for those harmed in this catastrophe of a man.

    2. That’s not the point. No one is saying that his horrendous and unbefitting, corrupt behaviors are unforgivable. Saying that is just ridiculous. No one is saying take him to the town square and stone or flog the man BUT he could do some repenting and damage control and repair the relationship with his family. Maybe stay clear of the spotlight and trying to “help people” in the ministry for a while. Help your family, dude! It’s no wonder people like Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Baker just keep on making a mockery of Christianity when there are so many out there with thoughts like “anything is forgivable” when the issue here is clearly not forgiveness, SMH

      1. Since Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker are mentioned here, I would like to point out that their ministry was never restored. This was a definite victory for Satan and a loss for Evangelism. However, has anyone reading these comments not failed God at some point and in some measure?

    3. Yes nice blanket statement but unbiblical in the sense of restoration to a leadership position

      Let’s not paint with such a broad brush where the wolves are allowed back into the fold

  3. The man sinned. He is not disqualified from life. Writers in media write things to get a reaction. Is this the 1st time we’ve seen this? No. And it won’t be the last. Seems like there is alot of judgment going on and prejudice with the other said names in this article. Like what is the point of this article, to call out the organization that hired a man after he committed sin? Looks like alot of folks need to get into the Word more. Pointing fingers is a sin too. God is for sure dealing with that man and his family. Christianity isn’t about sin as north Americans erroneously try to make it. It’s about the Operation of God through finished work Christ Jesus. That’s it.

    1. Maxwell Leadership is a company run by a Christian and supposedly steeped in Christian values that is training people to be good leaders. You don’t see any problem in them hiring a man who committed adultery, and then instead of repenting, married his alleged mistress? Here’s a new piece we published reporting commentary by Foster’s adult daughter.

      1. And again I ask who amongst us can cast the 1st stone? What is the point of posting an article about a daughter who is obviously hurt?she said “break up with your mistress and reconciliate with my mother or I’ll never forgive you”…typical of a child but what if he wasnt happy with her mom why should he be fake? He shouldn’t. He just handled the situation all wrong. The problem with media is that they are always looking to throw more gas on the fire. Who benefits from that? Noone, and its created an American culture of pointing fingers which is unbiblical. She’s going to take her mother’s side it’s not exactly brain surgery. He’s guilty of making a serious mistake. Does he deserve to not be happy? Is he the 1st human to committ adultery? Should the way he makes a wage be affected by his personal life? C’mon now. He stepped down from the pulpit as he should’ve, he married the woman he had been fornicating with and is trying to move on…let the man live. Let’s act like Christ is really in out heart and quit playing God….because again which one of us can cast the 1st stone? Until we are all without sin, let’s quit the pulpitting…

          1. 100% Julie! Right on the mark! Since when does Jesus even speak about happiness? This situation should not even be about his happiness. That should be of the utmost last concern. Help heal your family and the many who followed you as a Shepherd. Doing that will bring peace which will bring happiness. Moving in with and marrying your mistress so soon will certainly bring you what may feel good for now but true happines and long term? Not usually the case.

          2. We have all sinned. Is his sin greater than our sins. Not one bit. God said to sin is sin. There is no one who has the right to say my sin wasn’t as bad as his sin. Society has judged whose sin is greater. Society of the worldly. In the spiritual sayings of God there is no difference between one sin or another. Judge not lest ye be judged was meant for us in judgment of others sin. God is the only judge of those who sin.
            Was it wrong what this pastor did. Of course it was. Will God forgive him if he is truly seeking repentance? Of course he will. Just like he will of your sins. Think in the spirit not in the world and you too will see sin as the Lord has seen it. We are all just as guilty as this man is. Leave this in God’s hands and get off your high horse thinking you are a better Christian than so many others because you didn’t sin as bad as he did. Let’s see how you look standing before God. I don’t condone his actions at all. But I don’t condone my sins either.

          3. Carlos M,

            According to Jesus, since he committed the sexual immorality he is not eligible to get remarried, his ex wife is, but he is not. If he was truly repentant he would have tried to save the marriage, if his wife would have taken him back, but not married his mistress. By marrying his mistress, or any other woman he commits adultery every time they are intimate. The same applies to anyone having sex outside of marriage. He can say all of the right words, but his actions must match. The same goes for the rest of us, do our actions reflect our words, or do we count on grace to allow us to continue sinning without putting in the work to truly change?

          4. WHAT SCRIPTURE? Where does it say that sin, is the one that permanently bars you from going back into ministry?

  4. In Jesus’ parable of the unjust steward, the steward does not get stoned. BUT HE DOES GET FIRED. Do not elevate sinners over the Son of God.

    1. Yes he did. Is the same steward that Jesus called shrewd? He cut deals with his bosses customers so he could curry favor with them. This gentleman WAS fired and is not in public ministry. He’s working a regular job like a lot of us. In the future, he may be able to help future leaders by his mistakes. I see no point in being mean spirited. Should John Maxwell not have hired him for a regular job?? I’ve never heard John Maxwell preach a sermon.Folks should mind their own business and let him and his family heal. No need to highlight the daughter’s social media post for others to see.

  5. My only comment is that I would not use the article or poem written by his daugher. While she obviously has more info than anyone sometimes people are a little too close to the forest to see the trees. Is she? I have no idea, She no doubt has a lot of emotions, who wouldn’t? I don’t fault her one bit.Stick to the facts..

  6. I really appreciate most of the comments above – exposing the cheap, sleazy grace that some are deluded by.

    I especially appreciate the comment from his daughter – he is simply another religious bs’r – a literally infinite number of these fellows… Sad.

  7. I feel that daughter’s pain. I’ve gone through the heartbreak of adultery and read everything the Bible says about it. Which is a LOT. Most of the old testament is about adultery against God and the promise of a savior who would give people a new heart that is faithful. The new testament and Proverbs also have warnings of the strongest nature.

    Adultery had an effect on my kids too. Two sons became involved in sexual promiscuity. They were and are so angry.

    The fact that this pastor married his mistress makes it worse. The Bible says to flee sexual immorality, not marry it. That’s making the wound even worse. The daughter’s pain breaks my heart.

    The Bible doesn’t mince words and use soft terms like “moral failure”. It uses terms like “whore” and “violating your covenant with your God” and some quite vulgar descriptions. That language actually helps victims because it shows us that God understands how gut wrenching adultery is. And I don’t think any perpetrator can fully repent if they can’t face the words God uses.

    I’m grateful to TRR for confronting these things. Sexual sin has deep grief, loss, and many victims.

  8. I often disagree with Roys Report, but not in this case. Someone has to expose predators in the church. My hope is that biblical precedents will begin to be followed, so that there’s fewer predatory practices to expose. Nevertheless, the church doesn’t need to ever wink at men who hide behind grace, and use the pulpit to mask their adultery and fornication. What horror we’ve gotten used to!!

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