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La iglesia de Matt Chandler dice que su regreso al púlpito será 'pronto'

Por Julie Roys
Matt Chandler return Village Church
El domingo 28 de agosto de 2022, el pastor Matt Chandler se dirige a los feligreses en The Village Church en Flower Mound, Texas. (Captura de pantalla de vídeo)

Matt Chandler’s megachurch says the embattled pastor is making “consistent and positive” progress following confessed misconduct and it anticipates he will return to the pulpit “soon.”

en un email yesterday, elders at The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas, wrote that Chandler has “diligently followed” a plan by elders for his “discipline and development.”

They added, “Matt has engaged the plan in earnest and with humility, completing what was asked of him and engaging with the elders along the way. In light of this, we are presently formulating a process for his return to the pulpit, which includes the assessment of his readiness as well as the readiness of church and staff. We anticipate his return to be soon, but we are not ready to announce a date just yet given the reasons mentioned above.”

In August, Chandler tearfully confessed to his congregation that he had been engaged in an relación en línea inapropiada with a woman other than his wife.

The Village Church, where Chandler has pastored for 20 years, Anunciado at that time that Chandler would take a leave absence from teaching and preaching “to focus on growing greater awareness” about “unhealth in his life.”

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Hechos 29, a church planting network where Chandler serves as president, likewise stated that Chandler would “Hazte a un lado” de los compromisos de hablar.

Last week, Chandler signaled his imminent return to ministry, stating in an Instagram post that he was “eager to return to @tvcfm soon” and to serve another “15-20 years.”

The post evoked both encouragement and concern.

Some expressed how “needed” Chandler’s ministry is. Others noted that details about Chandler’s inappropriate relationship remain vague and warned of a “hasty” return.

On Twitter, one person noted that despite his announced leave of absence, Chandler appeared at an Acts 29 gala in early October and apparently addressed the group from stage.

Matt Chandler Acts 29

El Informe Roys reached out to Acts 29 last week for comment, but the group did not respond.



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18 pensamientos sobre “Matt Chandler’s Church Says His Return to Pulpit Will Be ‘Soon’”

  1. Watching this story unfold I can’t get away from the video Mr. Chandler himself put out about the abusive head of Acts 29 who was stood down a couple of years ago for decades of dreadful pastoral malpractice. His message in that video attempted to shield the abuser and in so doing trampled on his many victims. It was the press who first lifted the lid, whereas Mr. Chandler clearly preferred not too. So much about the way his own ‘unhealth’ has been talked about now (and not talked about now) is similarly staged managed, and thinking Christians will not give credence to him as a leader, or to organizations that continue to platform him as clickbait, without regard for these issues. If we cannot see that the name and honour of Jesus Christ demands a higher standard than this then we’ve lost the plot.

    1. Chris, I agree completely with you. This elder board doesn’t seem to realize the gravity of what Matt Chandler did and the level of denial of and disconnect from the effect of his ‘unhealth’ (interesting that even a pastor does not call what he did a sin…) on the Body of Christ. When managed statements are used by the elder board and the one who perpetrated sin, then much is still being hidden from the Body of Christ, except from Christ.

      1. I think he stated that he did not believe ‘what he did was wrong’. Where there is smoke there usually is some fire.

        But he is too important to not be away for too long.

  2. According to this charlatan his “inappropriate online relationship” involved “coarse joking”.
    Does anyone seriously believe that was all it was? All this really comes down to is yet another disgraced so called “Christian leader” wanting his power back and wanting it back NOW! Any congregation that will support this kind of abusive power mad “Pastor” will truly reap what they sow.

    1. Jim but what if it was exactly what they say it is? How can you or anyone else that is not directly involved know any different as you imply? Based on reading through the articles here seems like the they all did things quickly and openly. It says Chandler didn’t try to cover up but instead went to the elders the very night the church member said something to him.

      It is concerning for me to see believers treat other believer with such disdain. You are here gossiping about something you aren’t involved in. You making very serious accusations with no fact. I can’t say what happened either but it clearly not a spot for me to try and judge from afar.

      If sin was the disqualifier for pastors we wouldn’t have any or people sitting in the seats. We have to trust each situation as not being the same as another. And definitely shouldn’t be in places like this claiming to be speaking truth as if we know…because that just lies.

      1. You are right about that. I was a congregant at a megachurch whose lead pastor was under admonishment for abuse of power ie. emotional abuse of the pastoral staff. He was required by the elders to go through some counseling at a pretty good Christian counseling center. Many of us loved this pastor and were saddened to hear what had transpired. We were disappointed to hear that he only spent a short time there and came back to resign from the church. He has been hosting an amazing Christian radio podcast and still is being used by God. Hearing from others that met with him in the last few years, they say that he has matured as a man and a leader. It is sad to see how many of the fallen have not repented when confronted. We should pray for their repentance, healing and growth rather than displaying disdain and not partake in the gossip that we get from our Christian community.

  3. Shame on them for even wanting him back. Their carnal security and idolatry is so patently obvious. They neither love nor want God’s best for this man (Chandler) but only rather what will make them all more comfortable and carnally secure–‘let’s get back to how it WAS’ seems to be their goal here. Why? Because they can’t imagine life without their idol leading them.

    1. The ( next) time around will be worse than the first! Also remember the scripture says it is not him , who approves himself nor he who is approved by other people, but rather he whom God approves! You see all are rejecting God,s Will. None of these are seeking His Will!

  4. My prediction is that when Chandler the “Wolf” takes the stage that his obedient “herd” of “Sheep” will rise up clapping their “hooves” and bleating their cheers of approval. Standing ovations for power crazed unrepentant so called “Christian leaders” is all the rage these days.

  5. Sad to say, but I couldn’t agree more with Jim Henry. That is exactly what will happen with the sheeple in his congregation. I’ve seen it over and over. They will all answer to God, and Chandler will also!!!

  6. Some expressed how “needed” Chandler’s ministry is? Really? The God I know says, “what is man that you are mindful of him?”

    What is needed though, is to know the Lord Jesus Christ and to proclaim Him and His righteousness. Psalm 7:17 (ESV): “I will give to the Lord the thanks due to his righteousness.”

  7. Notice how they don’t call it sin. Sin has been rebranded by many church leaders as “unhealth” or “unhealthy” when it comes to their own transgressions. Sounds like PR positive spin.

  8. Sin 2022 style = mistakes, missteps, unhealth, bad decisions, a rough patch etc etc.
    Reality is that when you put lipstick on a pig it’s still a pig.

  9. What exactly does ministerial reconciliation look like? Is there a difference between reconciliation with God and returning to a position of authority over a church or ministry? How do we know for sure when a person is “ready” to lead again? Does King David’s life story give any roadmap for present-day leadership?

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