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idolatry idol marriage abuse

Naghmeh Panahi: Abuse & The Idol of Marriage

Guest Bios Show Transcript In 2016, imprisoned Iranian-American Pastor Saeed Abedini became the focus of a worldwide #SaveSaeed movement. But according to his wife, Naghmeh…
mcknight tov toxic

Scot McKnight: How to be ‘TOV’ Not Toxic

Guest Bios Show Transcript Narcissism, power through fear, and false narratives. These are some of the qualities of toxic churches. But what about truly good—or,…
wade mullen truth sincerity

Wade Mullen: The Power of Truth & Sincerity

Guest Bios Show Transcript How should you respond when a survivor reveals their story? What does he or she need in that moment? And can…
spiritual trauma lina abujamra

Lina Abujamra: Recovering from Spiritual Trauma

Guest Bios Show Transcript Does anyone truly recover from spiritual trauma? After being ravaged by the church or a church leader, can a person ever…
diane langberg Restore 2022 where is god

Diane Langberg: Where is God When There’s Abuse?

Guest Bios Show Transcript It’s perhaps one of the most painful questions that survivors ask: Where is God when there’s abuse? Or, where was…
Coughlin Restore Bullies

Paul Coughlin: Bullies in Ministry

Guest Bios Show Transcript Bullying is a huge issue in schools and workplaces. But what do you do when your bully is a pastor or…
phil monroe trauma Restore 2022

Phil Monroe: Trauma and Healing

Guest Bios Show Transcript How do you heal when you’ve been hurt and traumatized by those who profess Christ—when both Christians and church seem incredibly…
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