Can Catholics be Evangelical?

By Julie Roys

An Evangelical Catholic may sound like an oxymoron to some. But today, thousands of Catholics consider themselves to be Evangelical. Like Protestant Evangelicals, they highly regard the Bible; emphasize Christ’s sacrifice on the cross as the means of redemption for all humanity; think faith should be expressed in missionary and social reform efforts; and perhaps most importantly, hold that each person must experience a conversion of the heart to have an authentic relationship with God.

I’ve known many people who have grown up Catholic, but then had a born-again experience and became Protestant. But, until about five years ago, I had never met a Catholic who had a born-again experience in the Catholic Church and remained Catholic. Curious, I decided to interview some of these so-called “Evangelical Catholics.” Their stories moved me and I was surprised to learn how widespread the Evangelical Catholic movement is. I’d love to hear your thoughts after listening to my radio piece:

Please also join me Saturday at 8 a.m. CST on Up for Debate when I’ll discuss whether Catholics can be evangelical with Evangelical Catholic, Devin Rose, and Moody Professor Dr. Gregg Quiggle.

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2 thoughts on “Can Catholics be Evangelical?”

  1. I was listening on the radio this morning and thought the conversation was really interesting. I am a graduate from Franciscan University and wouldn’t say that I would call myself (or anyone involved in NET ministries, which I also am familiar with) an “evangelical Catholic”… I just call myself Catholic, and would say that I am more charismatic than traditional. The theology is still the same, it just the “personality” of how my faith manifests itself. I had to stop listening to the show just as you were talking about the topic of Mary, but would like to include a link which includes a biblical basis for interceding through Mary.

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