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LA to evict John MacArthur’s church from parking lot; MacArthur says “There is No Pandemic”

By Julie Roys
John MacArthur preaches at Grace Community Church

Los Angeles County is evicting Pastor John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church (GCC) from a parking lot it’s leased since 1975—the latest in an ongoing battle between Grace and government authorities concerning GCC’s decision to defy coronavirus restrictions.

Meanwhile, MacArthur told his congregation on Sunday, “There is no pandemic,” but instead called news of the pandemic a “deception” by “the arch-deceiver Satan himself.”

MacArthur also revealed in a recent conversation with the Falkirk Center that President Trump had called him and thanked him for taking a stand against local officials.

MacArthur added that he told Trump that “any real, true believer” of Christianity will vote for Trump over Biden due to Democrat policies “that Christians cannot, in any way, affirm.”

MacArthur and GCC started holding indoor worship services in its 3,500 seat auditorium on July 26, defying California regulations banning large indoor gatherings.

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Since then, LA has sent GCC a cease and desist letter and petitioned courts to levy fines against the church. GCC has responded by suing state officials for allegedly violating the California Constitution.

Most recently, the county asked a judge to hold GCC and MacArthur in contempt, but that request was rejected by a Superior Court judge.

Ejected from a parking lot

On August 28, LA County sent a letter to GCC, telling the megachurch that if it fails to comply with the county’s ban on indoor services, the church will be evicted from a large portion of one of its several parking lots.

Jenna Ellis, an attorney with the Thomas More Society who’s representing Grace, responded to the request by stating: “Los Angeles County is retaliating against Grace Community Church for simply exercising their constitutionally protected right to hold church and challenging an unreasonable, unlawful health order.”

Ellis added, “The Democrats’ message to Americans is clear—if you don’t bow to every whim of tyranny, the government will come after you. . . . This is harassment, abusive, and unconscionable.”

“There is no pandemic.”

As reported first by blogger Warren Throckmorton, MacArthur was defiant on Sunday and told his congregation that the pandemic was a deception by Satan.

MacArthur stated that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) had reported last week “for the first time” that only “6 percent of the deaths that have occurred can be directly attributable to COVID; 94-percent cannot. Of the 160,000 people that have died, 9,210 actually died from COVID.”

He then declared, “There is no pandemic . . . We’ve all been suspicious of the fact that we’ve been meeting now for weeks and weeks and weeks. We don’t know anyone who’s ill. Nobody in our congregation’s ever been to the hospital with this.”

MacArthur attributed the current alleged health crisis to “the virus of deception” which is perpetrated by “the arch-deceiver, Satan himself.” He added that “it does not surprise me that (government officials) want to shut down those who preach the gospel because the architects of this level of deception are not a part of the kingdom of heaven. They’re a part of the kingdom of darkness.”

MacArthur’s claim about the CDC’s report is not completely accurate.

According to the CDC, an estimated 161,392 Americans have died from COVID-19. For 6% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned.

However, the CDC has been reporting this data since June. And, just because a person has another condition that contributed to his or her death, doesn’t mean the person didn’t die from COVID-19.

Pam Aaltonen, professor emerita at Purdue University School of Nursing, told Religion News Service: “In this country when we look at the cause of death on the death certificate, it’ll have a primary cause of death and a second or tertiary cause. Their co-morbidities contribute to their outcome, but it’s not their cause of death. COVID is the cause of death.”

I have not been able to confirm or deny MacArthur’s claim that no one at GCC has contracted COVID or gone to the hospital sick with the disease.

But in late March, a pastor from Washington who had attended GCC’s Shepherd’s Conference on March 4-6 died from COVID.

Shortly afterwards, another man who had attended the Shepherd’s Conference—79-year-old Oregon resident, Ray Kulper—died. According to Kulper’s daughter, Katarina Dooman, her father died from COVID, which he had “contracted while attending the shepherding conference.”

I reached out to GCC on April 4, asking the church if it was going to report the death, but the church did not respond. To my knowledge, GCC has never reported this information.

“Any real, true believer is going to be on your side . . .”

On Friday, MacArthur told Ryan Helfenbein of Liberty University’s Falkirk Center that President Trump had called and  thanked MacArthur for “taking a stand” against local authorities.

MacArthur said Trump affirmed that church is essential. And MacArthur said he told the president why he believed Christians cannot vote for Joe Biden or any other Democratic candidate.

“We talked a little bit about why from certainly a biblical standpoint, Christians could not vote Democratic,” MacArthur said, “because there’s no way that a Christian can affirm the slaughter of babies, homosexual activity, homosexual marriage, or any kind of gross in immorality . . . So I said, any real true believer is going to be on your side in this election, because it’s not just an individual. It’s an entire set of policies that Christians cannot in any way, affirm.”

MacArthur also said that Joe Biden said he “going to make sure he fills his cabinet with Muslims.” MacArthur called Biden’s statement “as anti-Christian a statement as you could possibly make” and “blasphemy of the true and living God.”



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63 thoughts on “LA to evict John MacArthur’s church from parking lot; MacArthur says “There is No Pandemic””

  1. My goodness! These type of pastors and “leaders” begin to think they are experts on every aspect of human life, every possible question which could be asked, and every field of study in the universe. Now Mr. MacArthur is an expert on pandemics and public health. He also knows how I should vote. Apparently he’s omniscient.

    1. When you receive instruction from an omniscient God you know a thing or two. On the other hand a pastor is supposed to have knowledge about every aspect of the human life so his reaction does not surprise me a bit. We as christians are supposed to look ate the things that happen around us and judge them trough the light of the Bible. When you see this COVID19 craziness(especially in the Dems states), masking people and so forth going around you start to wonder and it doesn’t take long until you realize that all of this this is pushed by the Democratic party and its activist as we are in an election year. I don’t think he said there is no COVID, he just said that this is not a pandemic. My opinion. May God bless all of us with discernment in these difficult and hard to navigate times.

      1. “this COVID19 craziness(especially in the Dems states), masking people and so forth”

        Masks were also required in the influenza outbreak of 1917-1919.

        Democracy and the church both survived.

        1. Yes and up to 50 million people died. With 675000 in the U.S. wake up, covid19 is a lie from satan himself. And im afraid you so called christians are being given over to a reprobate mind.

      2. Yes, for decades the medical community has warned about wearing masks and how putting them on and off greatly increases the spread … now it’s purely political and people are buying it hook, line and sinker!

      3. CowgirlbytheBeach

        Wow … where did you get your understanding about your first two sentences in your reply? Pastors aren’t omniscient, and an omniscient God doesn’t make pastors all-knowing on every matter of life – certainly not complex medical pandemics that have left nearly the entire globe searching for remedies. That’s how we can discern that the world does not revolve around US Democrats. (Neither are they spawns of Satan, for that matter.)

        For a pastor to claim “there is no pandemic”, when the very definition of “pandemic” says otherwise, is arrogant and foolish. At minimum.

  2. Shocking on many levels.

    There is no pandemic? I would like there not to be a pandemic in so many ways, but it clearly is here and people are being infected.

    For John MacArthur’s political statements, someone needs to report him so that he loses his 501 (c) (3) designation. I don’t even know who you would report him to….if someone does, please report him!!

        1. If a person is afraid, stay home. If you want to live your life go about your business. It’s that simple. The lock down as you all remember was simply to flatten the curve. That’s it. It wasn’t meant to keep everyone from getting it. Besides, there are great treatments now that have proved quite effective that can be given to patients who are not handling the virus well. Dr. C a 180 and 12 to 24 hours after receiving those treatments. Again, you quarantine the sick not the healthy.

      1. CowgirlbytheBeach

        Well, one interesting fact … Obama clearly called for the Need to keep the NSC pandemic unit during his administration; he realized that our need to stay a step or two ahead of viral/other illness outbreaks was vital. Trump? Ehh … consolidate, shut down, get rid of small-but-critical long-term departments in order to save $$$ (pandemic be damned) … lie to the US that it’s “under control” … Please. Regardless of how many people COVID-19 has killed, it’s clear that this IS a pandemic, and many countries were caught off guard on how to contain it.

        Contrary to popular belief, no pastor or president is clairvoyant or omniscient. It IS possible that a virus can kick a country’s tail for months. It happened in 1918; no reason why it can’t happen now. That’s why we can’t necessarily shut down organizations designed to work on health issues like this.

    1. I became a Christian through my faith in Jesus Christ, not thru my vote. I am loyal to Christ, not a political party. I will stand up to anyone who challenges, questions, or categorizes my faith based on my vote. I’d support anyone else in doing the same.
      I will be reporting Mr MacArthur.

      1. Be careful. When you vote for any leaders that support homosexual marriage and abortion you have removed yourself from God’s will. You cant be a christian and vote for those types of people. God has given you over to your own delusion.

        1. CowgirlbytheBeach

          What a horrible, stereotypical statement. Did you ever take into consideration that Christians have consciences, and that their weighty considerations of ALL sides of critical issues might prompt them to vote for a candidate that GOP fans despise? Did it ever occur to you that the GOP have been pandering to the wealthy white elite (of which Trump is one), rather than ardently defending several of those values that Christians are known to embrace? Trump’s “I alone” persona/cult of personality resonates with GOPs, but why? His leadership record, as well as his integrity/honesty, are flat-out sinful. Seriously, how many times have you posted something awful about a Democrat (in order to get “likes” or laughs), yet when Trump or a GOP member does something horrid and cringe-worthy, you stay silent? Do you need a list of the appalling things that Republicans have said/did to remind you that ALL are sinful?

          Your claim is false. Christians won’t go to Hell if they vote for a Democrat any more than they’d spend eternity in torment for truly seeking the Lord in making complex decisions. For you to make such appalling statements sheds light on your myopic views … and perhaps your own faith? Start holding Repubs to the same accountability that you demand of Dems (and other parties), and you’ll lose your delusion.

      1. Obama and Hillary Clinton frequently spoke at churches during election campaign season, so all those churches should have been paying taxes too.

  3. I used to have so much respect for John MacArthur. I don’t know if he has begun to believew he is untouchable from legal requirements, or if he just isn’t thinking clearly, but endangering the life of his flock, plus his own life, seems to be almost putting himself in the place of the God he claims to serve by making life and death decisions. As to comorbidities, most people have them (especially those of us 60 and up). Does he plan to condemn all of his senior citizens to exposure to COVID so that he can keep preaching?
    I’ll keep my own counsel about the political rant. I think it’s dangerous for any preacher to involve himself in identity politics, I don’t care which party they favor.

    1. We are citizens here on earth for a short period of time and we should get involved into the political process as much as a non believer. The difference is that we the christians have to filtered this process trough the light of the Bible and that’s the reason I agree with pastor MacAtrur when he says “Christians could not vote Democratic, because there’s no way that a Christian can affirm the slaughter of babies, homosexual activity, homosexual marriage, or any kind of gross in immorality .”
      May God bless you Linn.

      1. MARKKW – Help me up here. I’m not picking up on what you’re getting at – I mean really. Is there a political party that’s is actually helpful and brining people together these days? If so, sign me up. I can’t seem to find one.

    2. CowgirlbytheBeach

      Thank you. After attending GCC for a number of years, I appreciated his exposition of the Word. Met countless friends who love the Lord and were ardent in their faith. Yet, there were some things I couldn’t quite shake re: certain positions on life topics; JM’s (and other Very Important Pastors’) arrogance; the events of the last few years re: TMS/TMU/WASC, son MM’s SEC investigation (while still being named to GTY’s Board), the SJ statement/signing. Now, this.

      I have zero issue with filing a lawsuit. Yet, JM’s alignment with Trump and Jenna Ellis, GCC’s obstinance in sticking it to LA County, and the total lack of grace in their statements, are cause for alarm.

      All is not well in Grace Land – and hasn’t been for a long time. Perhaps COVID-19 could bring some of that into the light?

  4. According to the Detroit Free Press…the CDC DID NOT STATE that only 6% of USA deaths were COVID-19 related. They said this un-truth was traced back to an erroneous facebook post from another party.

      1. Underlying medical conditions–including simply obesity–are present in many deaths from cancer to accidents and the flu.

        Just one example: “The most frequent comorbidities from those included in the CCI in patients admitted with influenza were chronic pulmonary disease (38.9%), diabetes mellitus (25.7%) and congestive heart failure (22.2%)”
        Source: Journal of Infection and Public Health Volume 12, Issue 4, July–August 2019, Pages 486-491

        Are you suggesting that these people didn’t die from the flu?

        Or is it just the COVID-19 statistics that you are determined to find some way to deny?

  5. Let’s say there really is a pandemic. Let’s say Covid really is a big deal. Even then, churches should remain open and continue to preach the Gospel in the hopes that non-believers would repent of their sins and place their trust in Jesus Christ. People are dying and going to Hell. The Gospel must continue to go forth and I applaud Pastor MacArthur for taking a stand on this.

      1. But it won’t be done with social distancing and masks if he doesn’t believe that there is actually a pandemic; that it’s all something brought on by the Democrats! I’m afraid he’s lost touch with reality and he is putting lives at risk. I’ve listened to him for many many years and he is definitely going off the deep end. I believe he is lacking wisdom.

    1. Nick, how many non-Christians typically entered this church MacArthur leads on any given Sunday to “hear the gospel” before the pandemic? And now?

    2. CowgirlbytheBeach

      If COVID is a “really big deal”, do you realize that pastors can be held liable for the deaths that would occur because church was open? There are reasons why many buildings such as malls, concert arenas/halls, and other similar building structures have been closed. Think about it. Now, there’s nothing wrong for churches to bring lawsuits vs. state governments on this issue. Yet, to assert that the Gospel cannot go forth right now – in the age of tech, no less – is limiting the Lord’s attributes. Numerous churches are meeting outside and practicing social distance precautions on their own church property; churches who met in school buildings are taking advantage of digital tools to maintain fellowship. (That is not sin.) Do you truly believe that the Lord cannot save people outside of a church building? Do you truly believe that the Gospel is hindered despite closed buildings, and people cannot have access to the Bible because of that? Are thousands of pastors in deep sin and going to Hell because they have no physical church in which to meet?

      Think, Christian. Think!

  6. I don’t see anything wrong with what Johnny Mac said, other than it’s not politically correct to say such things in public (the horror of it all).

    He is right that Satan is deceiving people. Yes, the coronavirus is real — that’s not the point. His point is to draw attention to the way our governing authorities (and their secular-progressive media backers) have scared the public into submission. Thus, unless you believe exactly the way our blue state mayors, governors, and secular media elites believe, you are ostracized.

    Unfortunately, too many people, including many Christians, have bought into this fear-mongering and have continued to self-righteously hammer everyone else who doesn’t go along with this charade.

    Johnny Mac makes a good point too about not voting for Democrats. Yet people are aghast that he was bold enough to say it in public (again, the horror of it all). However, any political party which continues to support unrestricted abortion (even up until birth), which continues to support the redefinition of marriage and family, which continues to support the redefinition of gender, which continues to deny basic biology of male and female, which continues to support left-wing radical groups, and which continues to condone the lawlessness and chaos in our cities, will never get my vote.

  7. Mcarthur is right. We have all been played since late March. Fear is taking hold of this land. The media, the lockdown and leftists politicians are what’s truly harming this country. CDC: 6% true deaths from China virus and 94% from comorbidity health related problems and elderly. Too many in the Christian community are succumbing to fear generated by media and politicians.

    It’s a matter of dying FROM the china virus or WITH the China virus.

    1. COVID-19 is being treated no differently that other infectious diseases.

      If a person has diabetes but dies after contracting influenza, it will be counted as a flu death.
      Rightfully, these decisions are left to the medical doctors attending the case, not to politicians, preachers, or random people on the internet who think they know better.

      Do you wish to go back and characterize how we count deaths from influenza and pneumonia as well?
      What about someone who has cancer AND heart disease? Do you dispute the decision of which they died FROM and which they died WITH?

      Why do you think you know better than the medical doctors and coroners signing the death certificates?


      1. Wrong! It’s political because people are getting paid $3500+ if they approve the Government listing the death as Covid-19 regardless of the real cause. Numerous reports here in Florida of this going on, including a young woman who died in a car accident but because she had Covid-19 antibodies in her system, the husband was offered $3500 if he signed off on listing her dead as from Covid-19 instead of the severe injuries from the car crash. The numbers are not true.

        1. “The husband was offered $3500 if he signed off on listing her dead as from Covid-19 instead of the severe injuries from the car crash”

          Husbands do not sign off on death certificates.

          Doctors and coroners do.

        2. Serving Kids in Japan

          Numerous reports here in Florida of this going on…the husband was offered $3500 if he signed off on listing her dead as from Covid-19 instead of the severe injuries from the car crash.

          Source, please.

        3. MARKKW

          “On July 18, the state removed the motorcyclist’s death from the list of COVID-19 fatalities. In Florida, medical examiners certify all COVID-19 deaths.”

          These have all been deleted. You are dealing out old, conspiracy talking points.

  8. So the “powers that be” have lost all their cases against this church, so now they are attacking the parking lot. Is the Babylon Bee handcrafting the actual news again?

    1. Yes, apparently they must go after the church parking lot. If Johnny Mac was instead trying to set up something akin to a CHOP zone (with left-wing radicals and wanna-be-hippies), the governing authorities would likely leave him alone.

      1. Deaths in the CHOP zone from all causes: 2
        Deaths in LA County from COVID-19: 5,829.

        You are comparing things that are not at all the same.

  9. People have lost their minds, and the ability to think rationally because fear has taken over. John MacArthur is offering his place of worship, to worship and gather as God has required us to do. He’s not making people attend his service, for goodness sake‘s, what is happened to personal responsibility? People can make their own decisions! If an individual is in the place of being vulnerable to this particular virus then stay home. If you are not in one of those particular categories, then take your necessary precautions and go to church. Do we really need to find something more to be angry about? This man wants to open up his church and allow his congregants to come hear the gospel and you are all appalled at the suggestion of even doing so?

    Fear is a mighty thing… That is why God said I do not give a spirit of fear but of sound mind. This is COVID-19, which means that 18 others preceded it. Does it affect our most vulnerable and elderly? Indeed it does. But now since we know such, take heed.

    I stand with Mr. MacArthur. At least he is taking a stand for the gospel. How many are not doing so in claiming Romans yada yada yada.

    ‘Revelation 3:14-22, we are introduced to the last days church of Laodicea, a lukewarm self-serving congregation that seems to have the most to lose by ignoring God’s instruction. But it’s what that name reveals that is so profound—a deep level of apostasy and a coming marriage of religion and politics that will blend in seamlessly with the agenda of Antichrist. “Laodicea” means “justice of the people.” As the “social-justice gospel” threatens to overtake the professing church today, the church of “wokeness” is more and more asleep in the light and ignoring the Lord’s admonitions to stay awake lest she be overtaken with the world in a flood of lawlessness and judgment.‘

    This pettiness has got to stop! It’s not in the wheelhouse of God’s economy!

    1. Serving Kids in Japan

      He’s not making people attend his service, for goodness sake‘s, what is happened to personal responsibility?

      I wouldn’t be so sure of that. MacArthur strikes me as being very controlling and high-handed, especially given the way he treated his own students when accreditation problems came to light. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he’s been coercing his parishioners, under the radar, to worship in person.

    2. CowgirlbytheBeach

      JM’s main beef has been holding church INSIDE the sanctuary. The rhetoric of GCC’s announcements re: COVID church closures, just like its Social Justice Statement, are not pastoral at all, but defensive in content and tone. JM’s quick acceptance of Trump’s personal legal assistance further politicizes the lawsuit against LA County.

      GCC could have filed a lawsuit AND found creative ways to minister to the congregation on Sundays away from the main campus. Other large churches have worked around their options without (outward) bitterness or petulance. Why didn’t JM and his cohort of assistants do the same? LA County did not force GCC to shutdown ordinances while exempting other churches.

      Is GCC a victim in the county’s game of “church chess”? Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know what other conflicts lie beneath the surface of this battle. But something tells me that it’s less about stripping churches of their right to worship the Lord as it is about other thing$$$ …

  10. “This is COVID-19, which means that 18 others preceded it.”

    No, the designation of “19” refers to the virus’ appearance in 2019.

    1. Serving Kids in Japan

      No, the designation of “19” refers to the virus’ appearance in 2019.

      Thanks for pointing this out, Lea. The level of ignorance on this subject is mind-boggling.

  11. LEA- LA County has an estimated 10 million people ( All of us are mortal so the 6,000 loss is a certainty at some point. The mess, deaths, property damage and so forth in CHOP and Portland are far from tallied.
    SADNESS IN CALI- That was a nice and thoughtful summary.

    1. You’d prefer a per capita comparison?

      LA County: 5829 COVID-19 deaths per 10.04 million people (.001121%)

      Portland: 2 CHOP deaths per 635,115 people (.000306%)

      The conclusion is still the same.

      It is very clear that the total mess, deaths and damage from COVID-19 are far from tallied.

  12. For starters, GCC does NOT own the parking lots, LA county does. GCC leases them, but dropped the ball big time. The lease agreement has can be terminated by EITHER party with a 30 day notice. And to add insult to injury, GCC has been leasing these parking lots month to month for the past 19 years (surely someone would have thought to have that redone during that time). But I am amazed at the ignorance and stupidity of the Christians in both this issue and the COVID-19 issue (MacArthur is exhibit A)

    1. Good points. MacArthur appears to believe he has some sort of *right* to public property that he’s chosen to leave on a month to month lease.

      Any landlord would find that laughable.

  13. Recovering MacArthurite

    The Master’s University and Seminary, of which MacArthur was president from 1985-2019, was put on probation in 2018 by the accrediting agency in California, WASC Senior College and University Commissions. The school is still on probation as of today:

    According to reports, “TMU was placed on probation in 2018 after a visit to the university in March, where the commission reported alleged conflicts of interest regarding student financial aid, staff without qualifications for their positions and ‘a climate of fear, intimidation, bullying and uncertainty’ among faculty members.

    “Since then, the school has made a number of changes in an effort to address these concerns, including having Dr. MacArthur transition from the role of president to chancellor.” (Source:

    With this probation ongoing and the reasons for it clear–the environment at TMU is toxic and MacArthur flaunted the law and sensible hiring practices in the past–it is not surprising to see him flaunting the law and following illogical practices here during the pandemic. His “my way or the highway” self-righteousness is just rearing its ugly head again for the umpteenth time.

    Like Trump, MacArthur flaunts the law while simultaneously saying he believes in “law and order.” MacArthur can record his sermons on video and preach the Gospel that way without risking anyone’s health. He’s also on Christian radio everywhere. Why must he insist on being in person? As with Trump, none of this is about glorifying God. Instead, it’s about MacArthur’s self-glorification, his controlling personality, and perhaps, his complete loss of common sense.

    And his statement about who a really true Christian would vote for is MacArthur’s classic modus operandi: You can’t really be a true Christian if you don’t agree with him! (Of course, MacArthur himself has the ability to judge whether your salvation is true or not because he says so!)

  14. How thankful I am for John MacArthur who has appeared in these last days to lead us out of darkness into the light! I am in awe of his all knowing wisdom which sees beyond mortal doctors, morticians, the World Health Organization, and nearly every government on earth all of which and whom have lied to us and responded to this little virus so very, very wrongly. How glad am he can see this for what it really is, an attack against Christians and freedom of religion under the guise of shutting down the entire worlds’ societies. His wisdom is stunning! His selfless sacrifice of a parking lot to take a stand for religious freedom will be legend. A man with this much humility and knowledge surely speaks for God when he says no one can truly be a Christian and vote for any Democrat. Oh that the leaders of the world would listen to this man and return us to normal life again!

      1. Honestly, I have to wonder if GCC church members aren’t minimizing symptoms, toughing it out at home, and refusing to seek medical care that would lead to a covid test just so MacArthur’s “nothing to see here” narrative can continue unchecked.

  15. and for sites that address Covid Agenda. Make sure to watch “Mother of All Video’s”.
    Also, if want to educate yourself: Documentary Movie: “Plandemic”-25 minutes by Mikki Willis and Dr. Judy Mikovits along with Fall of he Cabal and Out of the Shadows”.

    Serving Kids in Japan: Google Doctors and Nurses that are whistleblowing to label every Death Covid (even if die by Cancer, Car Accidents etc., seen lot’s of interviews). Battle Hymn by John Scura/Dane Phillips address and along with Dr. James W. Wardner; David Kupelian, Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, Milton William Cooper’s “Behold a Pale Horse”.

    1. CowgirlbytheBeach

      A, “Plandemic” was already exposed as barely truthful. I watched part 1 with the extraordinarily biased interview with Milkovits, then read several science articles that repudiated her dubious work.

      “Documentaries” such as “Plandemic” are nothing more than conspiracy theories designed to evoke emotional sympathy to the far right/Tea Party fans whose obstinacy prevents them from considering reasonable stances and positions that don’t fully align with theirs.

  16. My response to John MacArthur saying there is no pandemic is this Google Map of all the church exposures, outbreaks and pastor deaths since COVID began. Compiled from Google Alerts. Each marker has a news source reference. Those sources are mostly local TV and newspaper, not CNN or Fox News:

    While a pandemic by definition is a disease outbreak across an entire country we do have some areas less affected than others. I sympathize with his frustration over inequality when it comes to public assembly in his area, however, please don’t confuse that with the seriousness of COVID-19. It’s sobering to see how many congregations have been affected, especially by the death of their pastor, some of whom were adamant the virus was a hoax or nothing to be concerned about.

    1. A great resource, John M, thank you.

      And those Americans that read all COVID news as being an attack on the US presidency would do well to take note of learnings from other countries, including the role of churches in outbreaks in South Korea.

      When South Korea was hit by its first wave of the coronavirus in late February and early March, the epidemic spread mainly from the Shincheonji Church of Jesus in the central city of Daegu. More recently, a new outbreak traced more than 400 infections traced to a Seoul church, whose leader has tested positive.

      “Jun Kwang-hoon, pastor of the Sarang-jeil Church in South Korea’s capital Seoul, apologized to the public today after being released from the hospital 16 days after testing positive for Covid-19.

      The church attracted widespread backlash in August when it became the center of a coronavirus outbreak. As of Tuesday, 1,083 cases have been linked to the church, according to the country’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

      On Wednesday, Jun addressed the public wearing a face mask and apologized for the concerns he and his church have caused.

      Following the church’s outbreak, Seoul’s government said it would seek damages against Sarang-jeil Church and Jun for wasting administrative resources and money through their non-compliance.

      Jun was already facing criminal charges at the time for allegedly violating quarantine and obstructing contact tracing.”

  17. I have lost respect for the preacher. If at all he should not be supporting either party. In my opinion, he is supporting Trump because Trump is supporting him. Yes, both parties support sinful behaviors, therefore the pastor should support the ideas of Jesus Christ. He is now integrated in the Trump now and things that he supports. Jeremiah 23:14

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