Faith News in Focus: Abortion Leader “Woman of the Year,” A Victory for Religious Liberty in Michigan, and Inspiration from an ISIS Captive

By Julie Roys

Apparently butchering and selling baby body parts is considered healthcare — at least, according to Glamour Magazine. The women’s periodical this week named Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards one of its “Women of the Year,” and stunningly dubbed her a “health advocate.” Also, an 11th sting video on Planned Parenthood is released, revealing even more depravity. But, on a positive note, evangelists score a victory for religious freedom in Dearborn, Michigan. And, a Syrian priest imprisoned by ISIS testifies about how suffering can rejuvenate faith. These stories and more in this week’s edition of Faith News in Focus!

Magazine Thinks Aborting Babies is Glamorous

Glamour Magazine named Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards as one of their 2015 Women of the Year. They laughably called her a “health advocate.”

New Planned Parenthood Video, Same Disturbing Story

The Center for Medical Progress released the 11th in a series of undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s practice of selling the body parts of aborted babes, some obtained illegally. This video shows a Texas abortion doctor saying she hasn’t yet been able to harvest an intact head, but “That will give me something to strive for.” She also admits to changing her abortion procedure to get intact specimens, which is illegal.

Evangelists Win Free Speech Case Against Police who Stopped Them from Preaching at Arab Festival

The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of a group of street evangelists who were forced by police to leave a June 2012 Arab festival in Dearborn, Michigan because they were preaching. The court found that police violated their First Amendment right to free speech, and found that police allowed “an angry mob of riotous adolescents to dictate what religious beliefs and opinions could and could not be expressed.”

Syrian Priest Says Imprisonment by ISIS Strengthened his Faith

Father Jacques Murad, a Syrian Priest, was held by ISIS in an underground dormitory with 250 other Christians who refused to convert to Islam, despite intense pressure. “This experience of trial strengthened the faith of everyone, including my faith as a priest. It is as if I have been born again.”

Transgender Woman Can’t be Diversity Officer Because She’s Now a White Man

You can’t make stories like this up: A student at Wellesley College, an all-women’s school, wanted to run to be the school’s diversity officer. But other students are protesting, because the student —who describes herself as “masculine-of-center genderqueer” and goes by the name of Timothy — is now a “white male.”

Is the High School Football Field the Latest Battleground for Religious Liberty?

Dante Turo, a devout Christian and the quarterback for Mexico, New York High School’s football team, was penalized in a game for pointing skyward for a few seconds after crossing the goal line. Turn says he was “just trying to give glory to God.” The referee said it was taunting. The 15-yard penalty cost Turo’s team the game. 

Joe Kennedy, a Washington high school football coach, was placed on paid administrative leave and banned from football-related activities after he defied orders and continued to pray on the 50-yard line following football games. Earlier in the week, a group of 47 Representatives who are members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus sent a letter to the school district in support of the coach.




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