Faith News in Focus: Wheaton Professor Stands by Her Statement, Abortionists Dumping Babies in Landfills, Nativity Scene Madness, and More

By Julie Roys

The Wheaton College professor suspended for asserting that Muslims and Christians worship the same God refuses to back down from her statement. Meanwhile, Wheaton College continues to face intense criticism and praise for censuring the professor. Also, something reminiscent of the Holocaust makes headlines— authorities discover that Planned Parenthood is dumping aborted babies in landfills! On a positive note, abortion is on the decline in at least one southern state. These stories and more in this week’s Faith News in Focus!

Suspended Wheaton Professor Stands by Her Statements, Group Thanks College for Staying Strong

Wheaton College Professor Larycia Hawkins, suspended for saying that “Muslims and Christians worship the same god,” is standing by her statement.

And while some students gathered to protest the suspension, a group of current Wheaton students and alumni started a campaign to thank the college’s administration for “maintaining and directing Wheaton…” and being “dedicated to sound theology as well as excellent scholarship.”

Planned Parenthood Dumping Babies’ Bodies in Landfills

An investigation by Ohio’s Attorney General found that Planned Parenthood broke that law by disposing the bodies of aborted babies in landfills. This follows nearly a month after the organization was caught doing the same thing in South Carolina

Planned Parenthood Opens 16 Abortion Clinics in 2015

Abortion giant Planned Parenthood opened up a net total of 16 new abortion clinics in 2015, according to While the total number of clinics went down from 668 to 645, the number of those that perform abortions went up from 337 to 353.

Abortion on the Decline in Tennessee

Some good news on the abortion front: The number of abortions performed in Tennessee declined 11 percent in 2014 to their lowest level since 1975. Pro-life advocates say that new laws and the hard work of pregnancy centers are responsible for the decline. 


Evangelical Leader Urges Recognition of Christian Persecution in Middle East

Franklin Graham is urging President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry to include Christians in the State Departments classification of genocide in the Middle East. “Mass murder, crucifixions, beheadings, enslavement, rape, destruction of churches, theft of lands and wealth, and forcible conversion to Islam—all are horrors that Christians in the Middle East are experiencing. I join leaders who are urging Secretary of State John Kerry to include Christians in the State Department’s classification of genocide in the Middle East.” 

Nativity Scene Madness

From Harrison County, Mississippi to Rainbow City, Alabama and cities across the country, anit-Christian groups are fighting nativity scenes on public property. Meanwhile, a Satanic group wants to put a “snaketivity” display on the lawn of the Michigan Capitol, an Ohio man is displaying a “Zombie Jesus” nativity scene, and an atheist group set up a “nativity” scene in Indiana that replaces baby Jesus with the U.S. Constitution. 



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