Jerry Falwell, Jr.
Jerry Falwell Jr. speaks at the 2nd Annual Turning Point USA Winter Gala at the Mar-A-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida, on Dec. 18, 2019. (Photo by Gage Skidmore/Creative Commons)

Jerry Falwell Jr. Cancels Liberty Graduation Party at Family Farm Due to Health Concerns

By Emily Miller

The party is over.

Former Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. has reportedly canceled a graduation party he planned to host this Saturday on his family farm, which, during a spontaneous appearance at an event last week, he called the “real Liberty graduation.”

The cancelation comes after Falwell reportedly was hospitalized over the weekend for testing related to the blood clots in his lungs he was diagnosed with last year.

“As a result, we regrettably must cancel the picnic this weekend,” he said in a statement his wife Becki Falwell provided Monday to local Lynchburg, Virginia, news station ABC13 News.

Falwell had announced the party onstage at an outdoor comedy show that was attended by Liberty students.

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He later said he was joking about the party being the “real” Liberty graduation and called the event “my way of saying thank you” to students at the evangelical Christian school, who, he said, have supported him through the past year.

He did not comment on plans for the party at the time, though his latest statement characterizes it as a picnic.

Falwell resigned last year from Liberty — which was founded by his late father, the Rev. Jerry Falwell Sr. — as he weathered a series of controversies, including a questionable post on social media he claimed was “meant in good fun.” He also faced allegations that he and Becki Falwell had a yearslong sexual relationship with a business associate, which the Falwells have disputed.

He said last week the party was on as long as his health didn’t take a turn, noting he has been receiving treatment for blood clots in his lungs, something he has said his mother also battled.

But, his statement to ABC13 News reads, “Unfortunately, this weekend I encountered another bout of symptoms resulting from the respiratory emboli that were first diagnosed last year. For the fourth time this year I was admitted to the hospital for a series of tests to address my labored breathing and other effects of the emboli.”

Falwell said in the statement that canceling the party was “a major disappointment to us since we wanted to celebrate the success of the graduating students and show them our appreciation.

“To them, our entire family extends our sincere congratulations and fond farewell,” he added.

Emily McFarland MillerEmily McFarlan Miller is a national reporter for Religion News Service.



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13 thoughts on “Jerry Falwell Jr. Cancels Liberty Graduation Party at Family Farm Due to Health Concerns”

  1. This guy needs to quit drinking and get off any drugs he might be doing so his body can heal. It might take a year in rehab. But I don’t see him admitting to any problems.

    1. Warren Millard Roy

      While I don’t want to rejoice over this, I am thankful.
      Why? Because between the morals of Jerry Falwell JR and his wife’s, as well as his drinking I was concerned about what going to happen at the party!
      I personally believe Jerry Jr is a disgrace to his Dad.
      I am reminded of a story how after a battle some of Alexander the Great’s men who got into trouble were brought before him!
      One young man was brought before him. Alexander asked for the man’s name. Believe it or not it was “Alexander”!
      When Alexander the Great heard his charges which was brought before and heard it was cowardice he became enraged!
      He asked the man, What is your name?
      The young man once again said, “Alexander sir!”
      He asked one more time. When the young man said. “Alexander”
      Alexander the Great picked him up by the collar and threw him to the ground and said. “Change your conduct or change your name!”
      Jerry Falwell JR “change your conduct or change your name!”

      1. But his dad was a Manifest Destiny segregationist and so are the trustees, spiritually. Why else would they have abolished their critical studies department under this convenient cover they allowed?

  2. He is drinking himself to death. The drs need to send him to rehab. He’s a tool but he still needs a lot of prayer.

  3. He’s a spoiled brat who has never sweated a paycheck in his life surrounded by suck ups who will do and say anything to keep there jobs. Why people think adding “Christian “ to any organization brings out the best in people are all nuts. Its real simple. Hey parasite your fired and take your over paid under skilled family with you. And Becky quit using the university web site for pool maintenance personnel. See wasn’t that easy? Ohhh and here comes the scripture that I lack love. Your right especially when it comes to living large on tax free money and assets. And Abusing the word of God for profit. Still can’t believe how many non tax paying members of the evangelical industrial complex got PPP loans.

  4. Probably would be good for both to get into rehab. I think they both need professional help for a variety of issues. Alcoholism is only a symptom of underlining problems. His wife acting out with other men could also be from childhood issues. Not saying what they are doing is right or they shouldn’t pay the consequences. Maybe if they face more consequences they will hit bottom and get help. I agree with others that they should not be around college kids and influencing them. Neither are good influences at this point of their lives.

  5. Jacksonville

    Let’s be real. He had every intention of throwing a party but only for those students who supported him since he had to resign. He pointed this out himself.

  6. howard makely

    This man has no shame. As Isaiah prophesied he declares his sin as Sodom. Woe unto his soul, he has rewarded evil unto himself. Liberty University is an institution leading America to its destruction, as are most of the seminaries. The blind leading the blind.

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