Fearing The Wrong Apocalypse

By Julie Roys
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By Julie Roys

One in three children fear the end of the world – not the God-ordained end spoken of in Revelation – Christ’s second coming and the final judgment. No, these children worry that man-produced global warming will do in planet earth.

These findings were the results of a study commissioned by Habitat Heroes and conducted by Opinion Research. And the results are no surprise. Our kids are constantly bombarded with dire warnings about how our carbon footprint will stamp out life. My 14-year-old son recently reported that discussions about global warming dominate his 8th grade science class. Plus, the subject permeates the news, movies, television programs – even some church events.

This week, due to Earth Day, the media blitz has been especially intense. NBC is running 100 hours of environmental shows and public service announcements. PBS aired episodes with names like “Last Extinction” and “Poisoned Waters.” And, as it’s done since the beginning of season seven, the Fox series “24” aired an ominous 60-second plea to fight climate change. This one featured newly-turned bad guy, Tony Almeida, alerting us that – quote – “each week allegiances shift, good guys die and bad things happen . . . but what doesn’t change is the problem of global warming.”

It’s enough to turn any kid’s dreams of fairy tales and sugar plums into visions of Manhattan drowning in seawater from recently thawed ice caps.

I’m skeptical any worldwide consensus exists on so-called “climate change.” WorldNetDaily reported in May that 31-thousand scientists across the United States reject global warming. And, if we rewind the clock 39 years, we’ll discover the first Earth Day warned about an impending ice age. At the same time, I believe Christians should care for creation and responsibly steward their resources. I recycle, commute in a fuel-efficient car, and weatherproof our family’s home. What I oppose is misplaced fear-mongering.

Jesus instructs us in Matthew 10:28 to not be afraid of those who kill the body, but cannot kill the soul. Rather, he says we should fear the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

I wonder how many of the same kids who fear the world’s end due to global warming also fear a godless eternity? It strikes me as odd that so many in our society become morally indignant at the thought of driving a gas-guzzling SUV. As Keifer Sutherland, a-k-a Jack Bauer, tells us, “Global warming is a crime for which we are all guilty. Yet, often these same people have no qualms about flagrantly violating the moral boundaries established in Scripture.

I wish the networks would run public service announcements warning Americans about the consequences of real sin – pride, lust, envy, and malice. After all, the world’s demise due to global warming is questionable. But, God’s judgment is certain.



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