David Nims, former youth director at Calvary Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida, remains under arrest on charges of video voyeurism. (Photo: Escambia County Jail / WSVM)

Florida Youth Pastor Arrested 3rd Time for Video Voyeurism

By Associated Press

A Florida Panhandle church youth director who was already facing video voyeurism charges after a hidden camera was found in a bathroom has been arrested again, officials said.

David Nims, 37, remained in the Escambia County Jail on Tuesday following his arrest Friday on eight more video voyeurism charges, the Pensacola News Journal reported.

It was the third arrest on similar charges in less than two months for the youth director at Calvary Baptist Church in Pensacola. The videos showed people using the restroom at the church, officials said.

Nims was arrested June 7 after a 14-year-old boy saw a camera under a sink in the youth hallway of the church, according to an arrest report. He was released from jail later that day after posting $10,000 bond.

Escambia County Sheriff’s investigators arrested Nims again on June 11 after they found more than 100 images of child pornography while executing a search warrant at his home, records show.

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Nims was booked into jail, held on $10,000 bond and released from custody on June 14, records show.

The newspaper reported that Nims’ latest arrest is also related to the search warrant that was executed on his home in June.

During the search, deputies found one SD card and four micro SD cards in Nims’ pants pocket. The cards contained videos of at least eight people who were filmed without their knowledge while using the church restroom, an arrest report said.

The newspaper reported at least three of the videos depicted juveniles in the restroom.

It was not immediately known if Nims has a lawyer to speak on his behalf.

In June, church Pastor Walt Magaha told the newspaper his congregation was “saddened” by the arrest.

“We stand ready as a church to provide care and ministry to anyone or any victims who come forward as we are informed,” he said.



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11 thoughts on “Florida Youth Pastor Arrested 3rd Time for Video Voyeurism”

  1. Schools and churches is where you will find the most pedophiles simply because that is where they have access to children. The problem at the church level is that most people do not believe in the depravity of man. Jeremiah 17:9 “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it.”

  2. I can’t even begin to understand how this is happening in the Christian world. Mega pastor’s cheating their parishioners(James Macdonalds and more like him) youth pastors hurting children, this is despicable and unforgiving. Anyone who hurts children need to be put away never to hurt another child ever again. The people who knew of this and left them in their position should also have to and for themselves! I’m so mad and so sad

  3. Diane Frohlich

    I tried to leave a reply and was booted out. I am so upset that I was unable to leave my comment because I didn’t know your URL. You have made it very difficult to comment.

    1. Your first comment did not post because you did not give your last name. We’re not trying to be difficult. We’re simply asking people to attach their names to their comments, the same way our sources do.

  4. I personally think the reason we are seeing so much of this in churches these days is simply we are a soft target. The average church is so into numerical growth that they quickly fall into the “ everyone has to have a ministry “ mindset. Suddenly new believers or unbelievers are being recruited into positions they don’t qualify for and are teaching children, working with youth groups and being given way too much access to the most vulnerable among the flock. I have seen way too many novices upset the Apple cart and cause enormous hurt and damage. We need to get back to scriptural Elder-like qualifications for all teachers and workers in the church in that they are blameless , ie have a track record of serving the Lord. Just because some guy wants to work in the nursery or with the youth, doesn’t mean it should be allowed. If you can’t attract qualified candidates for these positions, shut them down. Lots of churches have parent run youth groups, where parents host pool parties, game nights etc in their homes with MULTIPLE Parents there supervising. This works well and is light years ahead of turning the youth over to a full time novice playing pastor with our kids. We bring pastor wannabes on staff and let them practice eldership on our kids. Very bad idea.

    I remember a guy that worked for me saying he was going to be a pastor because “ it’s a great way to date lots of hot women “. Today he is a pastor of a church with a few thousand in attendance and I still wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

    Don’t trust people because of a title or position. Trust track records. Pervs don’t put in years of work and dedication before showing themselves. They give off a lot of clues along the way too so be watchful over the weaker members of the church you attend. If you see something strange or that gives you a check in your spirit, get involved and make sure the kids are safe. We owe it to the children, young single ladies and vulnerable new believers to be all about protecting them.

    1. Jeanine Nolen

      You are right. As uncomfortable and painful as it is we can no longer look away. God is speaking.
      Who will stand for the children?
      Thank you Julie.

    2. Darren Gruett

      Randy, your comments are extremely well placed and right on the mark, especially when you said that “we need to get back to scriptural Elder-like qualifications for all teachers and workers in the church in that they are blameless…. Just because some guy wants to work in the nursery or with the youth, doesn’t mean it should be allowed.” I think that most of the problems highlighted by articles on this site come down to issues with leaders who simply are unqualified based on their character.

  5. Charles Martel

    My question is this:


    Fortunately, 3rd time is the charm and he will not be allowed to post bond. And even better idea would be to have this CHOMO put in to general population. It will save the expense of a trial.

  6. When I got to the bottom of the article and saw that the pastor said the congregation was “saddened” I was deeply troubled.

    I realize that he may have not thought it through but “saddened”?? Really?? That’s the best word ya’ got? How about “outraged” or “disgusted” or “sickened” or “violated”?

    “Saddened” that their/your staff pastor is sexually exploiting your congregation!? Wow. Where’s the outrage on behalf of your flock?

    I’m pretty confident from scripture that our God is disgusted, sickened, and repulsed. He will forgive true repentance but until that moment (if it ever comes), He’s not “saddened” by the sexual perversion that is permeating so much of “Christianity”.

    In fact Jesus said it would be better that a millstone be tied around this pervert’s neck and then be cast into the sea for what he has done. Imagine all the people who want nothing to do with the church because of self-serving sexual predator “pastors”.

  7. Three arrest for the same crime but I did not see anything in the article about him being fired at any point. Please don’t tell me he still has his job at the church.

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