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Former IFB Missionary Convicted of Sexually Abusing 4-Year-Old Who Got STD

By Julie Roys
IFB abuse
A former Baptist missionary has been found guilty of sexually abusing a 4-year-old child, who tested positive for gonorrhea last April. (Photo: Webster County Sheriff's Office)

A former Baptist missionary has been found guilty of sexually abusing a 4-year-old family member, who tested positive for gonorrhea last April.

On Friday, a court in Webster County, Iowa, found 30-year-old Jordan Webb guilty of second-degree sexual abuse with persons under the age of 12, a Class B felony, according to the Messenger News. The court also convicted Webb of incest, a felony, and child endangerment, an aggravated misdemeanor.

The jury deliberated about two hours before delivering their verdict, the Des Moines Register reported. Webb faces up to 32 years in prison at his sentencing on June 5.

Webb reportedly served from 2019—2022 as a missionary in St. Lucia with “Christ in the Caribbean.” 

According to a now-deleted Facebook page, the “sending church” for “Christ in the Caribbean” was Harvest Baptist Church, an Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) church in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Harvest also runs a small Bible college from which both Webb and his wife graduated.

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In March 2022, Webb became sick and was diagnosed the next month with gonorrhea, the Register reported. In interviews with the Webster County Attorney’s office, Webb reportedly admitted he’d been unfaithful to his wife several times during his marriage.

Days after Webb’s diagnosis, a culture test confirmed that the 4-year-old family member also had gonorrhea, the Register stated. The child’s identity is being withheld to protect her privacy.

Webb’s attorney reportedly argued that the girl could have contracted gonorrhea from nonsexual contact, like a bath or swimming.

However, during the trial, Dr. Regina Torson, an expert in child abuse pediatrics, testified that gonorrhea is spread through body fluids, not air droplets, the Register reported. When asked if she’d ever seen a case where gonorrhea had not been sexually transmitted, Torson reportedly said, “Not that I’m aware of, no.”

Court records obtained by the Register show that Harvest Baptist Church provided money for Webb’s legal defense. The records also reportedly show that Harvest’s pastor, Marvin Smith IV, wrote a letter, advocating for Webb’s release before trial.

IFB missionary abuse
Harvest Baptist Church in Fort Dodge, Iowa (Courtesy Photo)

Harvest previously made headlines for allegedly allowing a convicted sex offender to attend church services and even participate in volunteer activities.

In 2020, Your Fort Dodge reported that Cameron Shane Giovanelli, a former pastor of an IFB church in Maryland who’d been convicted of a 4th degree sexual offense and 2nd degree assault, was living in Fort Dodge and attending Harvest.

The media outlet said it possessed photos “that plainly show Giovanelli engaged in activities with Harvest, that include singing in their choir.”

The Roys Report reached out to Harvest Baptist Church for comment but did not immediately hear back from the church.

A podcast called, “Preacher Boys,” which aired last October, included a clip of Pastor Smith urging congregants unconditionally to “have mercy” on one another.

“From my heart to you, as a pastor, no matter what you do, I will have mercy on you,” Smith said. “And I expect you to always have mercy on one another.”

According to the Messenger News, Webb is not eligible for bond while awaiting sentencing since sexual abuse and incest are considered “forcible felonies.” Prior to trial, Webb had been free on a $75,000 bond.

Julie Roys is a veteran investigative reporter and founder of The Roys Report. She also previously hosted a national talk show on the Moody Radio Network, called Up for Debate, and has worked as a TV reporter for a CBS affiliate. Her articles have appeared in numerous periodicals. 



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43 Responses

  1. new interview process for all people wanting to do (fill in the blank Christian related job).
    Q1: Are you a pedophile? Q2: Do you understand that if we find out you’re a pedophile we will only use the OT for judgement. No NT mercy stuff or forgiveness stuff and the daddy’s get first crack at you in an enclosed room.
    Q3: do you still wish to apply for this position?

      1. Jonathan, I agree, but NT has way too many scriptures about mercy and many peoples see that as an excuse to put their heads in the sand. I am more of a Jesus in the temple kind of a Christian. We offer too many excuses for evil in USA now. Look at the major cities and how the criminals are the victim’s vs the real victims. Big city leaders make excuses for criminal’s vs stomping on them as a clear message that society is done being nice.

    1. Mercy does not negate keeping others in the church safe. The New Testament addresses that, as has been said many, many times on this website. Also, this really ain’t the article to start arguing against consequences.

      1. King David was forgiven ! However!

        His judgment the sword would never leave His house ti the day he DIED!

        Now that is MERCY with very very very severe CONSEQUENCES!

      2. No Elizabeth, this article is exactly the reason to start talking about consequences. To many Christians use the NT as a weapon against punishment and an excuse to wash your hands of taking a stand against evil. I give you ALLLLLL the TRR articles alone about jmac and his ilk. They are just one example of a church that has protected the evil and let the victims left on their own.

        1. Gary, I apologize – I read your comment wrong and thought you were saying the NT negated consequences. Totally agree with you that too many churches are using the NT as an excuse to wash our hands. (I hope this only posts once; my phone is being a jerk.)

  2. I think this man should be investigated if had done something similar to his three sisters when they were younger. I have personally found that it is vey difficult to reason with these KJV-Only Christians. I would not be surprised if the investigation finds out that this man’s actions were very similar to that of Josh Duggar.

  3. it’s telling that the church helped pay for his defense. This quote on twitter from abuse advocate Rachel Denhollander sums it up pretty well, “Ask any advocate. ANY advocate. If a pastor comes to court, he comes to support the perpetrator. This is universal and nearly unequivocal. The pastors come to support the perpetrators. I have heard four of these types of stories just this week.

    We are decades too late asking why”

    This is why this keeps happening in churches: it’s because pastors believe and support abusers over victims with so devestatingly few exceptions that the rule is proven true.

    1. Jen,

      Your comments are interesting in light of our secular society’s most common response to criminals. Instead of punishing criminal behavior, don’t we often say things like, “Well, he came from a dysfunctional home…Well, he stole because of poverty….Well, if he hadn’t had a gun, this would not have happened…”

      And it goes on and on. Instead of singling out Christian pastors, why not be consistent and agree that ALL SINFUL BEHAVIOR IS WRONG REGARDLESS OF WHO COMMITS THE CRIME AND REGARDLESS OF WHY.

      Stated differently, anyone who provides excuses for criminal activity should examine why they are doing so. Jesus came to fulfill the Old Testament and uphold the law. He did not excuse criminal behavior. Indeed, he condemned it in the strongest possible terms. After all, as part of the Holy Trinity, Jesus supports God’s stance on sin and vice versa.

      1. naw. I’m pretty sure it’s worse when pastors do it- because they are claiming “follow me as I follow Christ”- and using that to manipulate people, and in this case, literally sexually assault children. in. Jesus. name.

        don’t attach Jesus’ name to the harm you do others and I’ll have more grace. It’s definitely worse when it’s pastors. Or pastors who defend abusers.

        1. Jen:

          Romans 3:23:
          “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

          Do you think God has favorites?

          1. Cynthia:

            Matthew 18:6:
            ““If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”

            I think God is pretty clear about how God feels when people harm children. All have sinned, but the harm sin causes isn’t equal- even the Bible acknowledges that. It’s silly to equate all sin- the consequences are clearly different in degree if not in nature. It’s a weird thing to be defending child sexual assault as the same as any other sinful behavior.

      2. Yes, Cynthia, our judicial system considers extenuating circumstances before imposing punishment. Stealing to eat is different from stealing out of greed. Self-defense is different from cold-blooded murder. What, what, what, reason could there be for raping a four year old?

        1. Debra:

          Sin is sin is sin. There can be absolutely no excuse for raping a child. Period. Indeed, as we say in our family, there is a special place in Hell for those who abuse children.

          Yes, our judicial system often considers extenuating circumstances and courts have some leeway when it comes to imposing sentences for crimes.

          My point was and is simply this: Criminal behavior is criminal behavior. It cannot be excused and then allowed to recur over and over again without repercussions and without consequences. Shoplifting, for example, is theft. It cannot be tolerated without serious consequences. Stores in San Francisco are closing because shoplifting has been tolerated for too long. Poverty does not excuse criminal behavior.

          1. We live in a country that has criminalized poverty, then make declarations that “poverty does not excuse criminal behavior”. Which is ironic, since we see Jesus excuse criminal behavior over and over in the Gospels- even COMMITTING criminal behavior- healing on the sabbath, forgiving the being “caught” in adultery, picking grain on the sabbath, excusing the man next to him on the cross. It seems that Jesus was all about holding people in power to account, and recognizing where that power marginalizes others. In america, we do the exact opposite- we hold marginalized people to account (don’t tolerate shoplifting!) and excuse those in power (ignore Walgreen’s billions of dollars of wage theft!). *also, walgreens has come out and said that they overstated the impact of shoplifting in closing those stores.

            Any time your views are lining up against the poor and the marginalized, you are lining up against Jesus. (Matthew 25:31-46)

          2. Jen, your examples of Jesus committing criminal behavior are seriously weak. The thief on the cross actually makes the opposite point that you’re claiming. He correctly recognized that he was guilty and deserved the punishment he was receiving before asking Jesus to remember him. Jesus welcomed him precisely because he recognized his evil and asked for mercy. What you do here is precisely the opposite. You rationalize and excuse criminal behavior, and deny the need for repentance.

            Aside from that, you seem to confuse making assertions with actually presenting arguments as the rest of your comment about criminalizing poverty, etc. is nothing but a bunch of unsubstantiated claims clearly rooted in leftist assumptions. You present no evidence for them whatsoever.

    2. Yes, that was what shocked me the most after reading this article. The church did not remain impartial but instead decided to assist the defense of a man alleged to have committed a grossly indecent act on a vulnerable, defenseless, infant. The church rose to help him, rather than support the family of the infant. What sort of messed up thinking and twisted perspective is in the minds of such church leaders and decision makers?

    3. Jen, thank you for posting that quote. I saw her tweet earlier this week and thought TRR would be a good place to quote it.

      There is an *epidemic* of child molestation by Christian leaders, pastors, counselors, etc. And the church doesn’t want to talk about it.

      I think that drag queens and gay themed library books are the shiny objects the church is trying to distract us with.

  4. 2nd degree?!?! What is considered 1st degree?!?! They supported this animal?!?! The church has lost its way and it both angers me, and breaks my heart.

    We are no longer salt nor light. We have strayed from the great commission and become the great coronation. Pastors are kings, and their families are heir apparent. Regardless of their teaching errors, lifestyles, lack of service, they are just ushered to the top. No pushback, no questions from congregations.

    The corruption is astounding. The acceptance is sickening.

    1. Wow Debra, you’re my hero. Maybe we need to operate using the two rules I was taught in marine corps boot camp and it’s how the marine corps operates. Rule #1 Mistakes should always be forgiven, that’s how you learn. Rule #2 Stupidity requires punishment and punishment NEVER comes with mercy.

  5. Statistically, I wonder if the average child in America is personally safer from sexual predation when they are at a church, in a school library, or watching a drag show. I suspect the answer will not be found by looking at what kind of legislation political leaders are enacting and prioritizing.

    1. “Statistically, I wonder if the average child in America is personally safer from sexual predation when they are at a church, in a school library, or watching a drag show.”

      Sexual predation can also be found in exposing children to adult-themed drag shows, Brent. So, no, children are NOT safer at drag shows. By targeting their sexual innocence, Satan gets a foothold.

      And, trust me, God sees this and knows it. There is a time of judgment coming.

      1. Brent’s just taking a cheap shot. It’s a common practice among today’s mockers. They think they’re being clever.

        1. Thanks, Gordon. You’re right.

          “Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers…” Psalm 1:1. (NIV)

        2. this child’s sexual innocence was not ruined by a drag show. it was ruined by a missionary. so, maybe a cheap shot, but maybe just accurate.

          1. Not sure what point you think you’re making, Jen. Drag shows also steal children’s innocence and they attempt to normalize what clearly isn’t normal. In any case, given your comments elsewhere that same sex sexual activity is not sinful, I find it hard to take your perspective on anything else seriously. You’re just another mocker attempting to use incidents like these to justify yourself.

      2. Cynthia? Really! Comparing sexual assault of a child to a drag show is like a fire cracker compared to a stick of dynamite.

        I don’t find drag cute, nor funny so I am in no way promoting them. However, kids might not even know what is going on. To them it might as well be a clown.

        A person, particularly a child, that has been molested, may never be the same, emotionally, or physically.

        An attempt to elevate political …anything into this situation is both telling and shameful! It is not about agreement, is it? It is totally and always about disagreement.

        1. You may be right about the comparison of the two things. I can certainly see the point you’re making, but the trouble here is that many of the commenters on this site seems more interested in using incidents like this to take cheap shots at conservative Christians and justify their own progressive views, which are approving of sinful behavior and out of line with orthodox doctrine. It’s disgusting, and it needs to be called out for what it is.

          1. I am by no means “progressive.” I believe the labels are useless. Can we agree, neither group totally represents God, or godliness?

            This very article proves identifying as “conservative” can be far from anything “Christlike,” does it not? No accusations toward you, but people arrogantly use that term as if it sets them on a higher spiritual level – the real Christians.

            Jerry Farwell Jr. is a “conservative” who liked to watch his wife engage in sexual activities with another man. By the way, he came from a conservative family, and was over a Christian university.

            I mean, come on, the list of sins by some conservatives is atrocious. They are on no moral high ground, by far. Jerry Bridges reminded us how bias creates “acceptable sins”. People with “class” may embezzle rather than shoplift, but it is still theft.

            I am not defending progressiveness, but I am calling out the notion that you either identify as conservative or you’re progressive. I am mostly calling out the conclusion that saying you’re conservative, means you’re holier.

          2. Hi Gordon. it’s not a cheap shot to recognize that white, cis gendered, conservative, christian men sexually assault children often enough that there’s at least one story on the front page here a week, and there have been zero stories of drag queens sexually assaulting children (because you can bet if that happens that will be news EVERYWHERE). That’s just facts. You may not like drag queen story hours, an may truly believe that they’re corrupting children- but the facts say that children are MUCH MUCH safer from sexual assault around drag queens than around christian men.

          3. It is a cheap shot to attempt to use the reality of abuse to justify or excuse some other form of perversion, and that is what you and others do here routinely.

        2. Debra:

          It’s not an either/or comparison here. BOTH are wrong. BOTH are harmful. And, please, children remember what they see. They are like little sponges. It’s why caring parents try to protect them from garbage. Indeed, it’s why we have a rating system for movies.

          Please stop with the “disagreement” comments, too. I am free to state my opinion, as are you. We can disagree respectfully, right?

          Brent made the comparison, not me. I was responding to his comments. Perhaps read more carefully next time?

        3. Debra. I don’t disagree with anything you said here. I’m simply pointing out a specific behavior I often witness from the progressives on here. I spent 20 years in progressive leaning Christian environments so I am particularly attuned to their errors and illegitimate behaviors. I would add that while being a conservative certainly doesn’t make one righteous, in my opinion progressive ideology is fundamentally opposed to historic Christian faith in ways conservatism is not.

      3. Children aren’t allowed at adult themed drag shows, they have minimum age limits, usually 18 or 21. Children are allowed in child themed drag story hours. These are not at all sexual they are adults reading books while dressed fancy, as opposed to many other things that parents, even conservative christian ones, are known to take their children to that ARE inherently sexual- like child beauty pageants and football games with cheerleaders.

        1. “These are not at all sexual they are adults reading books while dressed fancy…”

          This is so dishonest it’s astounding. Adults reading books while dressed fancy would be men in tuxedos or women in evening gowns. Drag queen story hour is perverted men pretending to be exaggerated caricatures of women and attempting to expose children to their confusion and perversion in an attempt to normalize it. Seriously, Jen, to claim that a football game with cheerleaders is somehow even remotely like drag queen story hour is absurd. And I don’t support child beauty pageants. I think they’re a terrible idea.

    2. I saw a different article on this and they referred to it as an extra marital affair. Like the 4 year old concented? I weep for our children. It is evil. Can you close your eyes and imagine this world without children? God gave them to us as a gift and to bring joy. Pray for the children

  6. Gordon:

    Thanks for upholding the faith. We are on the same side in this battle. God bless you!

    1. Thanks Cynthia. I spent 20 years in Christian environments that leaned to the left and I’m not impressed with a great deal of what I saw there. I’m fed up with the dishonesty in support of heresy that characterizes so much of it.

  7. “Any time your views are lining up against the poor and the marginalized, you are lining up against Jesus. (Matthew 25:31-46).” Jen Manlief

    Sorry, Jen. Being poor and marginalized is no excuse for sinful behavior. It just isn’t. God is aligned against SIN. He loves all people equally, including those who are wealthy and powerful. We are called to follow Jesus. That means rejecting sin in all its forms, even when we’re poor and marginalized. In other words, shoplifters don’t get a free pass by being poor. It’s still theft, it’s still sin.


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