Jentezen Franklin
Jentezen Franklin, the senior pastor of Free Chapel in Gainesville, GA (AP Photo/John Amis)

Georgia pastor and Trump adviser tests positive for COVID-19

By Associated Press

Jentezen Franklin, pastor of a north Georgia megachurch who has been a spiritual adviser to President Donald Trump, has tested positive for COVID-19.

Franklin, the senior pastor of Free Chapel in Gainesville, was absent from Sunday services, news outlets reported.

Pastor Javon Ruff announced the diagnosis during Free Chapel’s Sunday service, held both in-person and streamed live.

“We want to make you aware that Pastor Franklin has come in contact with COVID, but he is doing perfectly fine. He actually is doing great,” Ruff said. “He went and got tested and his test came back positive so he is doing the right thing to do and staying quarantined and continuing to be distanced. We’ll continue to pray and lift him up.”

The diagnosis came within days of Franklin attending a Christmas party at the White House. On Tuesday, Franklin posted on Instagram a photo of himself and his daughter at a White House Christmas party.

Trump watched Franklin’s church service during a National Day of Prayer earlier this year. Franklin, who previously told The Associated Press that he’s met with Trump at least 10 times on faith matters, also appeared at a virtual “call to prayer” event for Trump’s campaign when he and first lady Melania Trump were themselves being treated for COVID-19.

Franklin hosts the broadcast program “Kingdom Connection.”

No direct connection has been made between Franklin’s diagnosis and his attendance at the party. More than a dozen parties at the White House have been criticized for being held indoors and not enforcing mask-wearing. Jentezen also attended a Rose Garden ceremony in October, after which several faith leaders tested positive for COVID.

“Pastor Jentezen Franklin’s visit to White House had no correlation with his diagnosis,” a church spokesperson told WXIA-TV in a statement. The spokesperson said Franklin on Thursday was exposed to a congregation associated who was infected.

Ruff announced that Free Chapel’s Christmas Eve candlelight service will be held virtually only “out of an abundance of caution” and that weekly services would resume Jan. 3.



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11 thoughts on “Georgia pastor and Trump adviser tests positive for COVID-19”

  1. What really is the point of posting this story? How does this help restore the church in any way? This seems more like stirring the pot than good journalism. This website is becoming increasingly vindictive in its reporting from what I’ve seen.

      1. S, I would to see less VIRUS! So exposing reckless “leaders” who carelessly socialize at “spreader parties” is good reporting in my opinion!

        1. You are correct but wasting your time. The Bible warns us that there would come the day when right is called wrong and wrong is called right. That day is here. They’ve had to close down the maternity ward and all non-emergency surgeries at my local hospital because of the antics of clowns like this pretending to be pastors. I’m disgusted.

          1. Thank You Carla for your comments.
            If I’m reading things correctly, you are saying that the COVID epidemic has limited the quality of care at your local hospital. That is unfortunate, but consistent with what I’ve heard from others in the healthcare industry.

            According to the other views posted on this site there are only two possible outcomes:
            1). The COVID pandemic is a real problem — more serious than the flu— and hospitals and healthcare workers are struggling.
            2). There is a vast conspiracy led by the devil targeting Christian churches. World leaders, news reporters, and even healthcare workers are in on the big lie.

            Hopefully there is something I’m missing here, but a surprisingly large number of people lean towards the conspiracy storyline. Sad

        2. Why marine staff sgts should be the decision makers on masks. Japan 1976 I was in the marines. Young and stupid we (privately) mocked people wearing masks saying things like, they must be hiding there ugly kids. Haha. A staff sgt said they wear masks as part of there culture as a courtesy when they feel ill and now shut up and show some respect. Marine staff sgts tend to talk that way. Fast forward mid January 2020. I worked in Irvine ca. Now from home. While doing normal shopping I noticed more and more Asians wearing masks. Light bulb came on. Something isn’t right. Within a week the news of covid starting hitting the news and yes when suggesting wearing a mask was a good idea, I happily obliged. Maybe marine staff sgts need to talk to the anti maskers and tell THEM to shut up and show some respect.

  2. Seems newsworthy to me to point out that a prominent Christian “leader” who has sold his soul to Caesar is suffering some consequences that may be a result of his foolish behavior.

  3. I’m not surprised. Greg Laurie also tested positive for covid. Those who follow Q know this is code. Both of these men were noted in Pres Trump tweets; he knows.

  4. To those of you who find it necessary to put quotes around the word “leader” when referencing Jentezen Franklin: How many of his messages have you listened to? How many of his books have you read? What do you know about his life? Get off your COVID high horses and pray that God would open your eyes to the spiritual battle this country faces. Or stay in the dark. It’s your choice. I’m not saying COVID doesn’t exist – my dad currently has it while he resides in his long term memory care facility. So yes, I’m impacted by COVID. I also wear a mask. But it makes me ill that so many “Christians” (now there’s an appropriate use of quotes) are willing to shoot daggers in every direction with zero knowledge of who they are firing towards…

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