Gay Agenda Advances

By Julie Roys

            Imagine an America where parents are forbidden from trying to help their own children overcome unwanted same-sex attraction.  That shockingly may become the reality. In California, both houses recently passed a law banning gay therapy.  Now, other states are indicating they may follow suit.  In fact, a legislator in New Jersey last week said he plans to introduce similar legislation in his state.

            Gay therapy bans are wrong on multiple levels.  For one, they violate parental rights.  God charges parents to bring up their children in the way they should go – not the state.  Yet, as California State Senator Ted Lieu said, “The attack on parental rights is exactly the whole point of the bill because we don’t want to let parents harm their children.” 
            This highlights yet another problem with the ban.  Proponents suggest  conversion therapy is ineffective and can contribute to depression and even suicide among lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgendered youth.  Yet, there’s no scientific evidence to support this claim.  In fact, the most comprehensive study on the topic to date found that 38-percent of those who underwent so-called reparative therapy considered it successful; another 29-percent were hopeful and continuing therapy.  Plus, as study researchers, Dr. Stan Jones and Mark Yarhouse write, not one reported that therapy harmed them in any way. 
            Of course, the debate concerning homosexuality – its cause and its cure – has never focused on facts.  In 1973, when the American Psychiatric Association removed same-sex attraction from its list of disorders, it was bowing to political pressure – not science.  As gay activist Barbara Gittings admitted, “It was never a medical decision . . . it was a political move. . . . Now we even have the American Psychiatric Association running scared.”
            I wonder sometimes if we Christians aren’t also running scared.  Though the majority of Americans identify as Christians, the gay agenda increasingly is gaining ground.  Too often, we Christians shrink from asserting our worldview and allow the secularists to impose theirs.  We allow the gay lobby to label sin an identity and deliverance from sin oppression.  And sadly, the ones hurt by our silence are the ones who most need our help – vulnerable children.  



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