Gay Marriage, Feminism, Tattoos and the Construction of New Selves

By Julie Roys
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         What do gay marriage, feminism, and tattoos have in common?  If you had asked me this 10 years ago, I probably would have drawn a blank.  But, lately, I’ve noticed that support for all these things is usually based on the same, insidious lie.  It’s a lie so subtle that even strong believers often fall prey to it.  It’s the lie that we can construct our own identities.        
       Gay marriage, for example, presumes that people can create an identity based soley on sexual desires.  Though homosexual behavior has existed for millennia, so-called gay identity is a recent creation.  As Dr. Mark Mondimore writes in “A Natural History of Homosexuality,” the ancient Greek and Latin cultures didn’t even have a word that could be translated “homosexual.” In fact, homosexuals as a particular kind of person “didn’t exist until about 150 years ago.”  Past cultures simply accepted that people are made male and female.  But not us: we’re inventing new identities – and spurning the ones given by God.      
        Similarly, feminism grew out of the belief that women can construct their identities. Forget what tradition or the Bible say about being a woman: create yourself in whatever likeness you desire.  As one gender studies professor puts it, “‘Woman’ is my slave name; feminism will give me freedom to seek some other identity altogether.
        This same desire to construct ourselves underlies tattoos, as well.  Most people who get tattoos do so as a form of self-expression.  And, as Matthew Lee Anderson writes in his book, Earthen Vessels, “the line between self-expression and self-construction is hard to find in this culture.”  Where other generations expressed themselves by painting on a canvas, we make our bodies into “the objects of our own decorative fancies.”  Why?   Again, I suspect it’s because we’ve adopted the world’s notion that we are our own creation, not God’s.
         Yet Scripture says, “Know ye that the Lord He is God: it is He thathath made us, and not we ourselves.”  Knowledge about our sexuality, our function, the meaning of our bodies can’t be found within ourselves, but only in God.  


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1 thought on “Gay Marriage, Feminism, Tattoos and the Construction of New Selves”

  1. We disgrace ourselves before the world, calling ourselves a christian nation. We once were – once – once upon a time – for indeed it is all as it were a dream so long ago when we actually gloried in our Christian Nation.
    Now it is God_lessAmerica- Woe unto us.
    We are worse than the heathen, as it is written so let it be done unto us.

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