Gays Finally Telling the Truth: We’re Out to Destroy Marriage

By Julie Roys
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Now that gay marriage appears a foregone conclusion, the truth is coming out: gay activists do want to destroy marriage!

About a year ago, gay activist Masha Gessen disclosed: “It’s a no-brainer that (gays) should have the right to marry. I also think equally that it’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist. . . . Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we’re going to do with marriage when we get there . . . The institution of marriage is going to change, and it should change.”

Gessen believes marriage needs to change because it fails to recognize all alternative family combinations. Gessen, who has children with multiple partners and two sperm donors, wants society to recognize all these people legally as parents.

Other gay activists find marriage too restrictive. In fact, many already have begun redefining marriage as “monogamish,” not monogamous. Monogamish relationships are exclusive in emotional intimacy only – but allow sexual infidelities or even group sex. According to researchers at Hunter College, nearly half of all gay partnered relationships are open or monogamish. As gay activist Zach Stafford writes, “monogamy may be too much to ask of anyone” because “everyone will have moments of lust or desire.” Of course, if one accepts the basic gay premise that sexual desire defines a person and must be obeyed, then Stafford is right.

Gay activists used to keep these beliefs and practices to themselves, but now they’re openly proselytizing. In fact, prominent gay activist Dan Savage now regularly devotes space in his popular column to heterosexual “monogamish” success stories. Reportedly, he’s also planning a book on the subject.

And why not? Now that society has bought the premise of the gay lifestyle, it likely will adopt its promiscuous practice, as well. And, to Geffen’s point, now that society has rejected the notion that children do best with a mother and a father, it likely will embrace any number of family combinations too.

This should serve as a warning to Christians – especially those who argue Christians should simply live and let live. Satan is using the gay agenda to destroy society. And, we either oppose this godless ideology publicly – or we surrender marriage and the society on which it depends.

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9 thoughts on “Gays Finally Telling the Truth: We’re Out to Destroy Marriage”

  1. Do those gay activists that disdain marriage…how well respected are they by the gay community, or are they the equivelents of Todd Akin or Pat Robertson (especially lately) or even Westboro?

    Are there any “pro-family” talking head on the cable news shows (especially some place like CNN) who bring this out, or ask the counterpoint guest about them?

    1. I say that because there are quite a few supporters of gay marriage who sincerely believe that it’s about “marriage equality”…like how social conservatives sincerely would like lower taxes so they can give more (while the richer Fiscal conservatives aren’t even tithing, and do not plan to do so, even with a tax reduction).

  2. JP… I think you’ll find this article quite informative.

    From the studies, it’s clear infidelity is widespread in gay unions and marriage. Also, those advocating marriage’s destruction (like Masha Gessen) don’t represent some extreme fringe. Gessen, for example, is a leading activist and has written articles for The New Republic, New Statesman, Slate and Vanity Fair, and US News & World Report. In September 2012, she was appointed as director of the Russian Service forRadio Liberty, a US government funded broadcaster based in Prague.

    1. Gessen may have written for a range of big name publications, but she is not widely known of amongst the gay community. Most gay people would not recognise her name.

  3. God didn’t create homosexuality. An individual chooses that lifestyle because of our sin nature. Yes, God does accept everyone, but when we become born again He does expect us to change if we let Him change us. God made marriage to be between a male and female only. When will we stop twisting His word to suit our wants and needs? It says in Rev. 22:18 that if we add anything to His book which can mean to twist scripture and teach it to others, that person will be punished. Think again before trying to change God’s word to suit our taste.

  4. The Elephant in the Room at the Tuesday hearings was unilateral divorce, making it obvious the Church is about 45 years tardy in “protecting marriage”. If we’d fight as hard for Matt. 19:6, as we do for Matt. 19:4 (including cessation of weddings that Jesus would have called adulterous per Luke 16:18, Matt. 5:32 and Mark 10:11-12), we could rebuild holy matrimony in place of the sanctified serial polygamy we’ve all grown so comfy with.

    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg smugly (and naively) asserted that it was the move toward “marital egalitarianism” between the sexes that was suddenly making marriage so attractive to homosexuals. We daresay, if we returned to biblical permanence, and worked to change the laws that incentivize the petitioning spouse while brutalizing the non-offending spouse whose God-backed belief in the indissolubility of the original marriage bond (Greek “deo”, as in Romans 7:2 and 1 Cor. 7:39), THAT kind of marriage would become decidedly unattractive to the same-sex attracted.

    The kind we have now is voidable at-will, and invites the government to intrude without warrant into the sovereignty of a home. We shouldn’t wonder that young heterosexual couples are saying “no thanks” in increasing numbers.


  5. I wonder if anyone is asking the question, when gay unions attain the status of official marriages, what role will gay couples play in the evolution or development of family laws? will your family laws be made in such a way that heterosexual couples have a set of laws governing them while homosexual couples have another set of laws? Can marriage survive its re-definition? Be sure that not only gay unions are issues of opinion but so are the possibilities of human to animal unions. throughout history homosexual relations have received various forms of sanctions and tolerance by the human race, but family have been protected as a necessary biological and social institution(it is not only a social institution) If those advocating gay unions want the state to regulate their relationships they should realize that state regulations of social contracts such as friendships and marriages are largely protected by cultural and religious traditions all over the world. Even if the USA approves it , it will only be a very temporary gain, the Homosexual population may be surprised at how nature fight its own battles.

    1. Great question, Solomon! Make no mistake, the redefinition of marriage in the U.S. occurred NOT in 2003 or 2015, but on September 5, 1969 when Gov. Ronald Reagan signed the first unilateral divorce law in the U.S. which arbitrarily deemed the civil charge of “irreconcilable differences to be beyond legal evidence or defense, and which excluded all consideration of marital fault (in most states) henceforth from court-ordered property division, child welfare & custody and spousal maintenance. This not only removed all consequence for the guilty party in dissolving what God says is indissoluble in His eyes (per Jesus and the Apostle Paul), but it actually had the effect of cancelling several crucial Constitutional protections from the non-offending “respondent” who would oppose dissolution of the marriage on moral or biblical grounds.
      The fallacy fed to the voting public, of course, was that this law reflected only “mutuality”, and like the LGBT movement, a HEINOUS false analogy was employed in the moniker it was given. Also like the LGBT movement, absolute totalitarianism was constructed within the legal system to protect this lucrative cash cow that pays and pays long after the decree comes down. Liberal churches already had a heretical supportive theology, and conservative churches who previously held to a faithfully biblical theology and practice, rushed to change their doctrine and to start requiring their pastorate to begin to do what their policies previously removed pastors from fellowship for doing: preside over blasphemous, adulterous weddings (example: Assemblies of God, 1973 and 2002, as reflected in the Minutes of their annual General Assembly).

      Make no mistake about something else: any reprieve God may grant in the sodomization of marriage will be temporary, while God waits to see whether Christ’s bride is sufficiently chastised to the point of repentence before He completes His judgment on this nation for several abominations of which the idolization of “sanctified” adultery is only one. We believe He is seeking for the Church to exercise patriotism and citizenship to oppose unilateral divorce as vigorously as she opposed abortion and legalized sodomy. He will be watching to see whether the desecration of marriage through what amounts to serial polygamy continues in His House, or whether she folds to performing sodomous weddings as well to avoid persecution. He is looking for prominent media ministries to repent as publicly of THEIR apostasy as they’ve promoted it for the past 3 decades, and to put their tremendous clout and resources toward legal and church reform. We shall see….”standerinfamilycourt”

  6. Mrs. Roys
    Im a confirmed roman catholic and ive never been harassed or felt like ive hade my religion marginalised from homosexual relations and or marriage. However, I have been harased at my church by my fellow Catholics for holding onto the belife of love and acceptance twards homosexuals as in line with the first comandment. Its because we as a religion have sined. We have denied the first of the ten comandmets that we try to live by. What we should realy be doing is living godly lives and just let god decide. Its not our place on this earth to judge them for who the lord made them to be. Lets let them live their lives and let God decide.

    What do you think Mrs. Roys?

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