Harvest Bible Chapel Naples Is Getting Kicked Out of Its Virtually Rent-Free Building

By Julie Roys

In January, Harvest Bible Chapel (HBC) Naples kicked its founding pastor, John Secrest, out of its church. Now, some eight months later, HBC Naples is getting kicked out of its virtually rent-free building. And the building owners are declaring their loyalty for disgraced former HBC Chicago pastor, James MacDonald.

For the past 10 months, Harvest Bible Chapel (HBC) Naples has rented its 500-seat church building from Doug and Joyce Bartholemew, a couple in the church, for a mere $10 per month.

But on Sunday, HBC Naples Senior Pastor Jeff Donaldson announced that this sweetheart deal is coming to an end. The owners, he said, had decided to leave the church, and had told HBC Naples to vacate the building in six months.

“I would say, um, that was pretty hard news for me to hear on Tuesday morning,” said Donaldson, who took the Naples position in May—two months after resigning from his position as lead pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago. “Like your stomach’s in a knot,” he said, “and I just moved here and now, what are we gonna do?”

Joyce Bartholemew

Joyce Bartholemew declined to comment on why the couple had left the church and rescinded the rental agreement with church. Bartholemew said the couple doesn’t have any plans for the building right now.

However, she volunteered that she and her husband are “huge James (MacDonald) supporters—very pro-James.”

MacDonald—the former senior pastor of HBC in Chicago—was fired from the Harvest in February amid accusations of financial misconduct, bullying, and lying.

“We don’t believe all the news that’s gone out,” Bartholemew said.

In the spring, Russell Taylor, the former interim pastor at HBC Naples, told me that there was no way MacDonald would be invited to pastor HBC Naples. I asked Bartholemew if she and her husband were talking with MacDonald about using the building to start a new church, but she did not answer the question.

I called Donaldson for comment, but he did not respond. I also contacted MacDonald for more information, but he did not respond either.


The Saga Continues

This recent news is just the latest development in a long saga involving HBC Naples.

The church was planted in 2016 by John Secrest as an independent Harvest-affiliated church. However, in 2018, MacDonald reportedly approached Secrest about merging with Harvest in Chicago. Secrest later would say that he had reservations about this merger. But in September 2018, Secrest signed an agreement making HBC Naples an eighth campus of HBC in Chicago.

In November, HBC Naples began meeting in the building the Bartholemews own at 3855 The Lord’s Way in Naples.

Pastor John Secrest

In December, WORLD published my exposé about James MacDonald and Harvest. And in January, the elders of HBC in Chicago announced that MacDonald would take an indefinite sabbatical from leading and preaching in Chicago, but “may continue preaching” in Naples, where MacDonald was spending the winter months.

Secrest strongly objected to this plan. And after days of failed negotiations with leaders in Chicago, Secrest sent an email to the elders in Chicago requesting that HBC Naples be allowed to return to “self-governed autonomy.” The elders denied the request and then fired Secrest after he told his church about his objections.

Reports about Secrest’s firing sparked major controversy in Naples and Chicago. But even after firing MacDonald a month later, and then returning HBC Naples to self-governance, the elders in Chicago remained resolute that HBC Naples should continue without Secrest.

In March, Secrest planted a new church in Naples with a core of former HBC Naples members who had left over Harvest’s handling of the matter. This church, called Compass Church Naples, began meeting at a local YMCA.

Meanwhile, HBC Naples hired Russell Taylor as an interim pastor, who was replaced in May by Donaldson—someone who for decades had been a very close associate of MacDonald and integral to the Harvest system. HBC Naples continues to be led by Elder Scott Stonebreaker, who also was close to MacDonald. Just last month, Kathy MacDonald, James MacDonald’s wife, posted pictures of James and her socializing with Scott Stonebreaker and his wife.

Major Turnover at HBC Naples

However, over the past few months, HBC Naples has experienced major turnover among leadership. Travis Doucette, the original worship pastor at HBC Naples who was hired by Secrest, is no longer listed on the church website and has put his house on the market. Also, HBC Naples apparently has a new elder, Michael Kennell, the owner of a broadcast video company, whom Donaldson referenced in his family chat on Sunday. (The building at 3855 The Lord’s Way is equipped with a studio, as well as radio and cell towers.)

But in just the past couple of weeks, some potentially open discord between the Bartholemews and the church has begun to surface through somewhat cryptic posts to Joyce Bartholemew’s Instagram account.

One post states, “A false witness will not go unpunished and whoever pours out lies will perish.” Another reads, “The first to state his case seems right, until the other comes to examine him” and “Do something bc God is convicting you and not out of pressure or coercion . . .”

Despite these difficulties, Donaldson says he’s confident that “what God’s gonna do in the life of our church is gonna be pretty amazing in the next six months.” He added, “I have found myself praying more this week than I’ve prayed in a long time. I have found myself flat on my face seeking the Lord this week in ways I haven’t in quite a while. I, um, I’m not fearful about our future in any way.”

Donaldson also announced that Meredith Andrews, who used to serve as a worship leader at HBC in Chicago, will be performing a concert at HBC Naples on November 8. Donaldson, who’s gone on numerous hunting trips with James MacDonald, noted that “(Andrews’ husband) Jacob and I have gone hunting together.”

Donaldson also announced that Amanda Jenkins—the wife of former HBC executive leadership team member, Dallas Jenkins—will be speaking at a women’s ministry Christmas event at HBC Naples. And on the evening of December 7, Dallas Jenkins will be visiting HBC Naples for a Southwest Florida Regional Event for his new movie, The Chosen.

Below is a transcript of Donaldson’s “family chat” on Sunday:

I have some news here that I need to share with you. Some of the news is gonna be hard for you to hear. And some of the news is gonna be AMAZING NEWS FOR YOU TO HEAR! If you’re visiting, there’s some good things in here for you. If you’re a regular, uh, you’re gonna get this. Um, okay, a couple little, family chat. 

I always like to start with the hard news first. Cause, you know, work hard, play hard. I want to end on the fun. Uh, here’s the hard news: uh, we, um, um…I really want to say this right. We moved into this building—what Scott, October/November last year? October/November last year we moved into this building. And, um…so we haven’t even been in this building for a year. Frankly, we got this facility, um, uh—it isn’t isn’t owned by us. We have a landlord. Um, they gave us an insanely great deal. They were super, super generous to our church, and basically we’re here for nothing, is basically the reality of it all. And that’s, um, pretty amazing and everybody’s been super thankful. And the people who own the building have come to our church, and they’ve made the decision they’re not going to come to our church anymore. And with that decision to not come to our church anymore, they have invoked their right—according to the lease we have signed with them—that they’ve, um, on Tuesday, they gave us notice that we have, uh, six months to find a new place to meet. I’m just gonna let that set with ya for a sec. (Pause.) Good, now, um, there’s your sec. That’s what ya get. 

Now, I would say, um, that was pretty hard news for me to hear on Tuesday morning. That was pretty hard. I had a pretty bad day on Tuesday cause we’re just gettin’ to this like, “What are we gonna do?” like your stomach’s in a knot, and I just moved here and now what are we gonna do?” And I woke up Wednesday morning with like…I am so fired up. Because I think what God’s gonna do in the life of our church is gonna be pretty amazing in the next six months. I am like…I have found myself praying more this week than I’ve prayed in a long time. I have found myself flat on my face seeking the Lord this week in ways I haven’t in quite awhile. I, um, I’m not fearful about our future in any way. I’m reminded in 2 Timothy that he says, “For God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power and love and self-control.” And, um, honestly I’m very hope-filled about our future. We’ve already been to work this week. Like, already been looking at properties and thinking about like what could possibly be next, uh, for our church. I, um, am exicted to see what that is. 

And so here’s what I’m asking for you all to do: I’m asking for you to you to just pray for us. I’m asking for you to pray for your leaders—that we would have tons of wisdom and discernment, of course. Um, when you are in a building that doesn’t cost you anything, um, that will be a change in our budget, as we think through a building that does cost us something. So we have to make some really really wise decisions about that, and then a location and a place to meet. And in six months from now, we have nothing, um, you can come to our house, and we can have great Sunday services at our house. It’ll be wonderful. Ugh. We’ll make you breakfast, come on in, it’ll be fun. Uh, no, but I really believe that the Lord will really lead us to something, [til] there. It doesn’t matter where we meet; it matters that we’re together. 

But I gotta say this: I am just so confident that the Lord is gonna provide for us. I don’t know what, I don’t know where, I don’t know anything. But I know He’s good, and I know He loves us and He is for us, and I just know He’s going to provide for us. I’m not concerned about that in the least bit. But here’s the thing that I’m excited about: Because I know that what God wants to accomplish in us is far greater than what He wants to accomplish for us. And I think what He’s going to do IN us as we find our dependence on Him in the days ahead, and our trust in Him and our hope on Him, to see what’s He’s gonna do, is gonna be pretty amazing. 

So, um, I’d love for you to pray about this in your small group each week when you meet. Love for you to commit to pray about this in your home. We’re gonna have some prayer meetings set up at the church. We’re gonna just come and pray that God would give us wisdom and discernment, and what and where and how. I promise we’re gonna keep you posted in the days ahead, like as this whole thing unfolds, where are we going, what do we need to get there, and we will just keep you posted. 

But our, um, goal by the way is to, as the Lord would allow, to find something that’s very close to here. If you’re curious, our goal is to find something very close to this location, as close as we can get. And something that can—whether we lease or buy or whatever—we don’t know yet, you know. This happened on Tuesday and we don’t have all the answers. I like to give you everything when I have all the answers. I just don’t have all the answers. And that’s what’s making me more and more dependent on the Lord. So, okay? So there that is. If you have any questions, you can ask me at anytime. Any questions about any of it—or Scott Stonebreaker is here, he’s one of our Elders. And, uh, I think Mike’s back—oh hi Mike, right there. This is Mike Kennell, one of our Elders. You can ask one of us anytime. We’d be happy to tell you.

Other Announcements:

  • Trunk or Treat
  • Free Meredith Andrews Concert, November 8th. (Jeff: “Her husband Jacob and I have gone hunting together.”)
  • Women’s Ministry Christmas Event, December 7: Amanda Jenkins (Dallas Jenkins’ wife)

Evening of December 7: Dallas Jenkins Southwest Florida Regional Event for The Chosen


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50 thoughts on “Harvest Bible Chapel Naples Is Getting Kicked Out of Its Virtually Rent-Free Building”

  1. So much to say where to start? First what comes to my mind the old saying you reap what you sow. Keep thinking positive there Jeff, but your toast. Done, burnt, over, the golden calf of Naples has been ripped from you too. There is not a second shot for you to be hired somewhere else and your congregation will not support you in another building.
    Secondly, if you look into the history of that land and building it’s aweful! Nothing has ever succeeded from that land, why?? Because the money for all land and that building was swindled by a greedy pastor from a widow years and years ago. Nothing will grow from the injustice done to an elderly widow even though it was so many years ago, God bless Mary Troub

  2. The HBC Naples saga is never-ending.

    Harvest’s Closer Campaign raised tens of thousands of dollars last fall to upgrade the ironically-addressed 3855 The Lord’s Way building. Those improvements inured to the benefit of owners Doug & Joyce Bartholomew. These landlords are “very pro-James [MacDonald],” which suggests that their loyalty literally had a price.

    HBC Elder Scott Stonebreaker and his wife also appear to be pro-James. In early August, Kathy MacDonald posted pictures of herself, James, the Stonebreakers, and others at Elgin Country Club. Is Mr. Stonebreaker going to stick with Jeff Donaldson as the church seeks a landing spot?

    A lovely property equipped with a studio and radio tower, support from wealthy donors – which might include the newest Naples Elder (Michael Kennell), who just happens to be a video broadcast profession – & decades of sermon content at the ready points to the perfect place for James MacDonald to relaunch. I hope I’m wrong.

    Southwest Florida, consider yourselves warned (again).

  3. Thank you for this. Hope the people will wake up and not tithe and attend and worship a type of King Saul.
    Ann, would like to hear that whole story. Send it to Julie Roys please.
    It’s a smarmy B.S. Pyramid Scheme and people need to wake up and not tithe to these Hucksters, Charlatans, Snake Oil Salesmen/women, Con-Artist, False Shepherds, False Teachers, Con-Men/Women, Wolves etc.
    So, Joyce B. doesn’t want to live in truth and cursing people operating like a pentecostal charismatic witch, obviously doesn’t know her Bible?
    Fruit, be fruit inspectors, what are they doing with all money taking in and who they do the help? Have they helped the Fatherless, Widow (instead of taking), Orphans, Poor, Homeless, Single Parents and their children; have they built Shelters to help those? People need to get unbrainwashed and think for themselves period. It’s a Business as you will NEVER learn anything except to keep all these hucksters and habitual liars in their lifestyle. SO VERY SAD as God doesn’t get any money but the prostituting and the whoring of his name and who he is!
    Wonder how much the Bible was ever taught and Prayer rather than PREYING on people?
    Derek Prince wrote a book about Lucifer Exposed and Blessing and Cursing you Choose about Churches like this.

    NOTE: Ask this group if funded by satanic/luciferian regimes, if masons belong to the masonics and how many times read their Bible completely through. Sending this out to Report Church Abuse List and to Media (rumormills.com). So, another “#@*# Country Club Church that carries a Bible”. That’s all the USA needs another dead leadership preaching to the dead audience. Obviously, NO Holiness, NO Righteousness, NO Repentance, NO Prayer, NO Bible, NO Humility and living in truth IF this is ALL going on!

    You should send this to D.A.’s, State Attorney General, Governor, Mayor, get all Gov’t Agencies involved and Media to look at this Regime, Movement, Dynasty etc. Send it to the House/Senate to be investigated under the guise of 501c3 Non-Profit, when they are really for Profit of course NO PROPHETS if this is all going on! Another self-serving organization in the guise of false church. All these false pastors just know to be used car salesmen selling their dead religion and religion is NOT of God!

    Please, anyone come forward with what they know to time-line to Media, House/Senate for Investigation. The Government needs money, they might go back and tax them for all the years of non-truth.

  4. Jeff Donaldson (JD) needs to expose the corruption at HBC Rolling Meadows (RM) NOW. JD has both the right and responsibility as the Pastor of HBC Naples to expose the Jimmy Mac cult before he starts his evil empire in FL.. The Church of Latter Day James and his radio ministry must be nipped at the bud before it blooms and flourishes like wild weeds. Prior to JD’s departure at HBC (RM), he kept his mouth shut and protected him. Now JD is rewarded for his loyalty by getting stabbed in the back. Indirectly by Puppet Master Jimmy Mac via the hands and feet of The Bartholemews (aka as Annias and Sapphira 2019) Jimmy Mac’s original intent last December while on “vacation” in Naples was to secure that church building and studio w/ radio and cell towers for his empire. Now it is coming to fruition with the ouster of Pastor Secrest, now JD and the possession of the property. Reminds me of Ahab in 1 Kings 21. Someone needs step forth with the truth to stop this cult.

  5. Sadly, with all of the years of cover ups, I’m left to wonder if J.D. isn’t a victim at all, but perhaps complicit in “this ouster”, in an attempt to raise funds. Using the ruse that people should pity his church “for losing its home”. I truly wish I didn’t have so many years of reasons to doubt the actions of these folks…

  6. I attended Harvest in Elgin for about 10 years, in my opinion almost all the people in leadership at Harvest have been corrupted by Jmac and his Henchmen, and are unfit to lead, and most of the so called pastors are Not pastors but in reality are hirlings just collecting a big paycheck and Yes that includes Jeff Donaldson….I will not be surprised if Jmac takes over harvest Naples and installs Jeff Donaldson as his campus pastor (incharge of doing whatever Jmac tells him .) Just like he did at the Elgin campus …and Jmac will probably double his salary.

  7. I think that those text messages from Joyce Bartholemew are threatening someone’s life. I think she should be arrested immediately! Julie, do you have protection from the likes of these people? Does anyone know how many people are blindly following this cult leader? Does anyone know how many firearms (legal and illegal) James has? I pray that someone in law enforcement is investigating this whole thing thoroughly. I won’t be happy until I see him in chains on the 6 and 10 PM news, being led away to prison. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE STOP HIM BEFORE OTHER LIVES ARE THREATENED????!!!!!!

  8. I have no insight into the things going on in these churches, just an outside observer. It is interesting that among the things Paul lists that had put him in danger (lashes, stonings, shipwrecks, rivers, wilderness, Jews, Gentiles) he includes “false brethren.” See 2 Cor 11.

  9. I’m just astounded that the elders signed on to a property where one couple had all that power. Harvest churches (not just those loyal to James MacDonald) need to seriously consider their culture, as it appears their elders are chosen to be lapdogs, not sheepdogs or guard dogs.

    1. We need to consider the “church” culture in general. If I understand correctly, that building has had several congregations met there. All of them have failed due to poor leadership and unhealthy decision making. The truth is that the building is not the problem, the culture that incentivizes that type of decision making is. There is no lack of leaders that will sell their morals for the sake of a building and a wealthy patron.

  10. What strikes me as I read Pastor Donaldson’s ‘chat’ is the lack of thoughtful preparation, and the almost juvenile pattern of speech- it reads like a 12 year old speaking to 8 year olds and is rather painful and cringeworthy. When Christian men behave like boys we expect to find dissension, the wisdom of the world, immorality, and lack of godly leadership. All these sins were evident in the immaturity of the Corinthian church.

  11. White evangelical country club Christianity strikes again. James MacDonald and his associates are serving up mafioso vibes in that pic. I’m sorry. They look smarmy to me. All of this looks and feels very smarmy and gritty. It’s like a bad soap opera that won’t go off the air. I pray that God rids the church of these sort of people and their very ugly “religion.” Shameful.

  12. Kevin said “painful and cringeworthy”

    Yes. the video was difficult to watch. I couldn’t watch all of it. Jeff Donaldson appeared awkward, to the point of barely concealed panic.

    My impression is that Donaldson is deeply shaken from what appears to be a betrayal; not just from the Bartholomews, but possibly, and more importantly, James MacDonald. After all, Donaldson was known for years of stubborn loyalty to James MacDonald.

    But now it looks as if Donaldson has been abandoned and played. Time will tell, especially *IF* the Bartholomews announce future plans for their facility that end up benefiting MacDonald and his “ministry”.

    Of course I could be wrong. However, from what I can tell, Donaldson is no longer in a position to be of much use to James MacDonald, and the Bartholomews are positioned quite nicely. The inner circle of a ruthless, Machiavellian-type person (MacDonald, IMO) is always morphing for his advantage, and it’s never a safe place to be.

    1. Donaldson is of use as he is now leading the congregation. IF James is going to come back he will need the people that have remained at Harvest Naples. Goodness, we all know that discernment is not really a “thing” for those that remain. I don’t want to sound crass, but it seems to me that “sheeple” would be the only ones remaining. Many of them would simply welcome James back as a savior on a donkey, riding into save their holy city. I could see Donaldson being part of this plan. Remember he has taken directives from JM for a long time. Is it crazy to speculate that this is all one elaborate plan? That James will swoop in with the Bartholomews just in the nick of time to save the church and restore their relationships. It would be a natural fit for Donaldson to again be under the leadership of JM. Just saying, I wouldn’t think this out of the question, that in six months no building will be found, James and Jeff will make nice, and new congregation will be formed under their joint leadership.

  13. We left HBC RM after Elephant’s Debt confirmed our suspicions regarding JMAC’s lavish lifestyle, and revealed evidence that HBC was not the elder-led church we thought it was. I remember the Jeff Donaldson from the old days. He had an accent and his own mannerisms. Watching this video was bizarre. It was like watching someone who had been trained to specifically emulate JMac’s mannerisms and tone.

    I cannot even imagine what it would be like to be Jeff Donaldson today. Prayers for truth and authenticity to win, and for mental health problems to subside.

    Jeff, I feel for you. You can get through this with the help of an expert therapist. You need a safe place to unload the secrets and burdens you may have carried for years. No shame in seeking help.

  14. The soon to be homeless church is now free to re-merge with Compass Bible Church and Pastor John Secrest bringing them all back full circle to meeting at the YMCA.

  15. This is textbook James MacDonald. It only took him minutes to “zero in” on his new “VanKampens” to finance his big return to ministry in Naples. Doug and Joyce Bartholomew are multimillionaires with no evident discernment skills whatsoever. It is Joyce who apparently wears the shorty-shorts in that family and dictates what will be done. James has masterfully played into her weaknesses. Let’s take a closer look into who will be funding James 2.0

    This move of kicking Donaldson out of that building does have a pricetag. That $3.8M building sat vacant for 3 years. Once the use of the building was donated, the Barts could deduct the FMV rent price as a deductible charitable expense. They will lose that this Spring, UNLESS, it suddenly does become occupied by a new non-profit (run by a white bearded “church celebrity”)?

    Joyce was taking photos with staff at HBC Naples and bragging about being on platform and teaching in the youth group as recently as a couple of weeks ago. So why the sudden and abrupt change of heart and departure, when the posts were about how great the future of HBC Naples is? It’s almost like someone else NEEDS that radio and television production studio vacated in order to launch a replacement ministry there…

    Joyce’s obsession in life is to become a major CCM star. She tags everything she posts with #singersongwriter regardless of content. Unfortunately, her talent only rises to a certain level.. You can see her performing live here without the aid of strong post-production. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUaQDUFiGK4

    Joyce writes songs about Christian hot topics so they can get some traction based solely on the news value. Her husband Doug bought Joyce a film and production company and he pays enormous sums so she can professionally produce her own music videos. Joyce then enters these videos with theologically complex lyrics like “I’ll fight, fight, fight with all my might, might, might” into teeny weeny limited topic “film festivals” so she can claim to be an award winning artist. That is a lot of money and effort for a very tiny glimpse of psuedo-fame.

    Her song “Battle is Spiritual”, for instance, is set to the backdrop of a healthy, well-fed suburban white girl, wearing makeup to look like she’s somehow a heroin addict. Joyce’s real life children call the suburbanite a cab (which is puzzling, since she is sleeping inside of what appears to be a nice, immaculately maintained, late model sedan). The prom girl then returns home, from the magic cab ride, free of her heroin addiction, where her parents inexplicably trip over their well-manicured lawn so they have to crawl across the yard as if scaling the beaches of Normandy in order to embrace the actress.

    Joyce is shamelessly exploiting the opioid crisis for attention, despite the song having nothing to do with drug addiction. Her implied message that heroin addiction is a “supernatural struggle” and “spiritual battle” is also dangerous, since opioid addiction involves very severe physical and psychological addiction and responds best to professional treatment. Depicting this as something than can be cured with a song and an Uber is counter productive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwxQ7eqvcDg&list=PLwYKW04bSTLHH9ymdg6KT8yjbM9DYJxBQ&index=1

    This quest for recognition and fame is behind the Bartholomew’s support of James and his upcoming attempt to rise from the ashes.

    Joyce and husband Doug have been WITW fans for years. The Barts only joined HBC Naples after Joyce heard that it would be a link to the “Famous Pastor Dr James MacDonald”. They were willing to leave their $3.8M building vacant for 3 years prior to the Harvest connection.

    James’ top gifting in life appears to be manipulating really wealthy people who have the theological depth of a puddle. It’s kept him living the life of Croesus for decades. The Bartholomews are just his newest mark. And they are buying his Malarkey hook, line and sinker. Joyce claims she has seen James’ home – which is a nearly $3M ten-garage newly constructed mansion – which she defends publicly writing “I would expect more for someone of his age, status, position, and a founder! Did you see his house? It looks like a glorified barn made out of mostly WOOD, with after thought appendages added to it for more space. Hardly living it up!” You can almost hear James and Kathy cackling diabolically as they sift through pictures of hillbilly hide-aways in the <$150,000 section of Realtor.com

    For a look into the true nature of the most powerful person James is manipulating to fund is comeback, readers need look no further than to her own YouTube video about "Arrogance and Pride" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0wEx9omaPY&list=PLwYKW04bSTLF0BCxbXT5i_HOJyeZo10Cu It's five minutes of her reliving how angry she is when she is not the absolute center of attention. She says it's all forgiven, but watch her palpable bitterness and condescension as she recalls times when she was not hailed as the most significant person in the room. The haughtiness is followed by excuses like how those other charity donors only treat her like "chopped liver" because Joyce (in her 50's) is so young and hot looking. Just like the only reason she was never chosen to lead worship at her "really large church" was strictly political. She likens not being chosen to lead worship on platform to God "crucifying my flesh for many years".

    It's not really going to be much of challenge for James and Kathy to play into all of her insecurities. Donaldson did allow her to worship on platform, but Travis still led. Now Travis is out looking for another job. One has to wonder why a worship leader would resign without having another job lined up first? That is not an industry norm. This could be a preview into the future culture of James' new Naples church.

    1. What is going on nowadays?

      Amy: I see and understand your points. Throwing a long-time MacDonald fan ( named Jeff Donaldson ) over the cliff and getting rid of him does not make any sense to me. I could be mistaken here……but has Jeff Donaldson ever criticized HBC culture? Has Jeff Donaldson ever said anything negative about King James? He has deep ties to Rolling Meadows, and I always perceived that he was SENT to Naples to prepare the return of King James….with James being slowly ushered into a different role/title as “Preacher of Vision” …..blah….blah…..meanwhile, long-time JMAC supporter Jeff Donaldson would still remain as Senior Minister of Harvest Naples Florida. I could be mistaken here…… perhaps the ongoing bad finances and the growing deficit up north in Mother ship caused some consternation among some leaders up there….. I am wondering if Harvest Naples will re-emerge and remain INTACT 6 months from now with all the same leaders ( Jeff Donaldson included ) and with same building….but with 1 difference: the word “Harvest” is stripped from the organization.

  16. What is going on nowadays?

    Isn’t Jeff Donaldson related or have family ties to Harvest Rolling Meadows mother ship? Is it possible that he knows more info than he is letting on? Maybe he will keep his job and King James will preach with a different title? It is hard for me to believe that Jeff ( with his deep Rolling Meadows IL HBC ties ) was blind-struck by this new news? Or perhaps I am mistaken ??

  17. What is going on nowadays?

    Agree. Jeff Donaldson is a friend of King James. He has many, many years at Rolling Meadows Harvest . It is hard to believe that he was surprised by this “new news”? I think something else is going on……beneath the surface….

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