How Do I Discern God’s Will?

By Julie Roys
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While researching for today’s program, I came across this video on “How Do I Discern God’s Will?” on a YouTube Channel called, “The Spiritual Howcast.” I really like this guy. I appreciate how he talks to both Christians and non-Christians at the same time. And, I like how he explains spiritual issues in a clever and engaging way. Granted, it’s a bit irreverent, but I’m guessing so is the Howcast’s target audience.

I corresponded briefly with “Spiritual Howcast” creator, Matt Popovitz, a pastor at a Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod in New York City. According to Popovitz, the “The Spiritual Howcast” launched just seven months ago. They’ve produced nine episodes and are working on more. The purpose of the channel, Popovitz says, “is to answer the practical, spiritual questions of skeptical people in a format that’s short, intelligent, respectful, and witty.” Right now the audience is small (about 10K downloads per episode via iTunes and 800-1K via YouTube), but it’s growing fast.

I’d be curious what you think of “The Spiritual Howcast” and Popovitz’s advice on discerning God’s will.



Next month, “The Spiritual Howcast” plans to produce an episode called discussing the perceived tension between faith and science, featuring NASA Astronaut Jeff Williams. Other future episodes will focus on money, the definition of gospel, understanding the Trinity, finding a spouse, and more.


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