James MacDonald Announces Return to Pulpit with 8-Part Series at Calvary Chapel South Bay

By Julie Roys

Disgraced Pastor James MacDonald last night announced that he’ll be returning to the pulpit on March 22 with an 8-part series at Calvary Chapel South Bay in Gardena, California.

Calvary Senior Pastor Jeff Gill introduced his “dear brother” James MacDonald to the Calvary Chapel congregation at services last night and told them that MacDonald would be teaching at Calvary for the next eight Sunday evenings. Gill encouraged congregants to invite people to the services who “don’t know the Lord” or who need “a special word from the Lord.”

MacDonald then addressed the crowd, telling them that he had pastored a “wonderful church in Chicago,” but adding: “God has seen it to be fit to allow us to be separated from the church that we loved for our whole lifetime. And it has been a real crucible of suffering for us.”

Neither MacDonald nor Gill told the congregation that MacDonald’s former church, Harvest Bible Chapel, had disqualified MacDonald from public ministry for a “substantial pattern of sinful behavior.” They also did not mention that an audit conducted by Harvest found that MacDonald had misused millions in church funds “for improper financial benefit.”

MacDonald said that over the past five to six months, “God has really begun to stir within us a hope and an expectation that he had something for us still to do, and that  he wasn’t finished with us. And that our—uh, my—failures, were not such in relational matters that he couldn’t forgive those things.”

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MacDonald said the new series would be entitled, “The Power to Change,” and would feature lessons from “my own life and the things God has been teaching us.”

MacDonald remains in arbitration with Harvest over rights to his former broadcast ministry, Walk in the Word. MacDonald also recently sued Chicago radio and TV personality Mancow Muller for alleged defamation.

Video of MacDonald Announcing He’ll Preach at Calvary:



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65 thoughts on “James MacDonald Announces Return to Pulpit with 8-Part Series at Calvary Chapel South Bay”

  1. One can only hope that with Covid-19 restrictions, everyone will stay home and Old MacDonald won’t have an audience.

    1. Last time I looked at MacDonald’s YouTube channel and his “40 Days of Preparation”, it looks like he’s living in an RV.

    2. His Internet hits will be down and it won’t be long until he’s given his walking papers. An ‘Eight Week’ series? I’ll bet dollars to donuts, he’s gone before Easter

  2. Jenny Lynn Kanalas

    Nobody on the west coast has any knowledge of his shenanigans? I thought the internet reached everywhere these days!

  3. He has a great deal of nerve. We are to be watchful for those who come who say they are from the Lord, but are anything but that. A sign of the end times, along with COVID-19? Perhaps, but regardless, MacDonald is out to fatten his bank account, not save souls. There is evil in this man, and anyone who has ever been around him should be able to feel that.

    1. Carlito’s Way Out of Harvest

      Sickening he has no shame. He just didn’t fatten his bank account. Look. At the size of the man!

  4. The Power to Change? Did disgraced pastor James Macdonald who was fired with Cause reach out and apologize to authors of The Elephant’s Debt website for lying about them? James told others that Julie Roys was spreading lies about him…..yet over time with documentation and multiple witnesses the whole world came to realize what a wicked, ravenous wolf in sheep clothing James Macdonald really is. Has James apologized to Julie for slandering her name earlier? Of course, we know the answers to these questions are all “no”. So, why is James, contrary to 1 Timothy 3, permitted to teach on this topic of “the power to change?” Seems like James has no authority and no character to talk about “change”.

  5. He should not be allowed to stand and preach! Total fraud and all about the money. He’s realized he can’t maintain his current spending so he’s looking for a door back in. What a clown!

    1. Tsk, tsk….don’tcha know he’s got lawyer fees to pay? Plus, that hideous house in Elgin still has mortgage payments due.

      A man’s got to make a buck, right?? /snark

  6. Not surprised at all. Didn’t take MacDonald long to find another preacher to enable him. “Pastor” Jeff Gill is giving his congregation over to the disgraced James MacDonald. The good news is that the whole trailer trash MacDonald clan has moved the clown car out west to California and Arizona. Good riddance!!!

  7. Sadly, this has been a pattern in Calvary Chapel for decades. Remember David Hocking? Same thing. He was excommunicated for defying his elders corrective discipline over an affair and Chuck Smith welcomed him to teach at Calvary Chapel. Very sad indeed.

  8. MacDonald preaching is also a violation of Matt. 5:23-24. He claims that his relational failures “were not such… that he (God) couldn’t forgive those things.” MacDonald also needs to ask forgiveness from all of those he hurt before proceeding.

  9. Similar pattern of many who leave a church in disgrace. Months go by after no real accountability to anyone with real knowledge, or after any public repentance. Then a new “forgiving” congregation picks him up- totally ignoring those previously hurt and the Biblical qualifications of an Elder/pastor/overseer found in I Timothy and Titus.

  10. Charles Despeville

    “Gill encouraged congregants to invite people to the services who “don’t know the Lord” or who need “a special word from the Lord.””

    Not so special blatant lie repeated ad nauseam in most of Evangelicalism by manipulators praying on desperate and hurting. All words of God are special and they are contained in the Bible and nowhere else.

    Romans 16:18
    For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.

  11. LeBrenda Vance

    Jesus forgave the woman who was caught in adultery and her accusers stand with rocks in their hands to throw it her and his statement to them was he who he is without sin Let Him cast the first stone. In a time so we are living in now forgiveness is necessary all the way around. Because I felt it necessary to forgive us by sending his son Jesus Christ to die for our sins that we may not perish but have everlasting life with him. Let us put aside any animosities and learn to forgive no matter what unconditionally just as we have been forgiven.

    1. Carlito’s Way Out of Harvest

      I find it interesting that you use a portion of scripture that is not found in the original manuscripts. Anyway in the account Jesus tells the woman to go and Sin no more. James Macdonald by being on the stage preaching is unrepentant and continuing to sin. The elders from Harvest have disqualified him and he continues to sue another brother in Christ. He has never confessed to the guys from ED or Julie Roys for what he did to them. He needs to repent and do it publicly. Until then he is a fat wolf who fleeced the flock. Forgiveness does not meant you condone or enable a sinner to continue to sin.

    2. Lebrenda – you are correct, Jesus does forgive, unconditionally. But there first must be repentance.

      What is being demonstrated here, with MacDonald specifically, as well as the many others that have demonstrated a spirit of pride, is instead of repenting they shift blame, become the victim and find ways to circumvent accountability. This is not a spirit of humility and repentance – as scripture teaches – it is instead is a spirit of pride, self-glorification, self-preservation and a blatant act of rebellion.

      Those that serve in a public ministry and have influence over many people have a greater responsibility to live out these truths in their lives.

      By MacDonald taking on an active ministry again- he is very publicly stating, by his actions, that accountability does not apply to him. This action essentially makes him above accountability of others and sets him as the authority.

      This is a very grave act of sin and rebellion against God.

    3. Doo Wop Coke Fan

      Does the scripture say that ALL forgiveness is to be given “unconditionally?” I refer you to Luke 17:3, where our Lord says, “If your brother sins, rebuke him. And if he repents, forgive him.” Notice the conditional clause, IF HE REPENTS. It appears that if a fellow believer sins against us and does not repent, we are not obligated to extend “unconditional” forgiveness.

  12. Forgiveness is based on confession – God does not “blanket forgive” every person. If He did, everyone would be saved. Confession of sin is a prerequisite to forgiveness. Most Bible students understand John 8 and woman caught in adultery to include her confession (though not stated specifically, but Jesus certainly points out her sin which she does not deny) and then instructs her to “go and sin no more.” Many passages in the Bible also point out that if you have wronged someone, that is to be made right (Matt 5:23-24 for example).

  13. James MacDonald does not know the Lord so maybe he should be preaching to a mirror. He has not repented to anyone that he has wronged including Julie Roys, Ryan Mahoney, Scot Bryant, etc. Since he has not repented for his sins, he is not any different than his non believing neighbours. He is the man who needs to change so stop preaching about it and do it himself.
    Romans 8 is perfect; But if Christ is in you, then even though your body is subject to death because of sin, the Spirit gives life[d] because of righteousness. And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies because of[ his Spirit who lives in you.
    IF is the conjunction and the evidence reveals that James is devoid of the spirit. All his talk about God and heavenly things is just lofty talk and vain imaginations.
    Jesus says “You will know them by their fruit. MacDonald does not have the fruit of a regenerate man and so is nothing more than a false prophet, a spiritual wolf.

  14. Along those lines, the funniest thing I remember from his book “Authentic” was his claim that he’d overcome his addiction to food through fasting. Um, James, look in the mirror, man.

    (seriously, that whole book was a waste of time that had me wondering if Moody actually employed any editors to check his logic and sources, and my apologies to my gracious hostess, but my conclusion was “no”)

    1. Carlito’s Way Out of Harvest

      James Macdonald is so fat….When he sits around his 1.9 million dollar mansion, he sits AROUND his 1.9 million dollar mansion!

  15. I listened to James MacDonald’s teaching for years and felt edified. I still believe that God’s Holy Spirit was using his teaching to mature and refine me. However, if the man now cannot admit to his misdeeds, if he will not accept proper and rightful church discipline it proves he is unrepentant. I dare say it proves he is not listening to the Holy Spirit, who convicts any & all of us of our sins. May God have mercy on him and may the Holy Spirit continue to reach James MacDonald’s heart.

  16. misterjesperson

    As someone who used to attend a Calvary Chapel, this is disappointing to say the least. I now see that this denomination is just as lost and has wondered as far away from Christ as any other. It looks like God may not let anyone go and listen to this white-washed septic tank murderer with a plague of pestilence being released upon our world. We really lack the Fear of the Lord in our days. I know I do not have enough, and yet I see no one else willing to admit the obvious. God’s patience has run out and here comes the consequences. A brood of snakes like JMac and Gill are the least of our problems at this moment. If we just returned to God all things would be made crystal clear to us. And yet will we? Will we stop worshiping our celebrity leaders and calling them good when they are very clearly not according to God’s standards? The way we are doing church is not what Jesus wants very clearly according to the scriptures. Time to come out of denial and face the light…

  17. Does the pastor and church know anything about Jmac? If they do why on earth would they invite him as a guest preacher? He told them that he and his family felt they had to separate from HBC which is a lie! He didn’t voluntarily separate, he was fired and the proof of why is on the HBC website for anyone to read. Don’t know what to make of this. Is the Evangelical church in America headed for extinction because of a huge lack of discernment or does it just not care? Either way I don’t see a very bright future ahead for evangelicalism in America with well connected frauds like Jmac running around.

  18. Amen. Many will continue to ignore Romans 16:18, 2 Timothy 4:3, Matthew 10:16 & similar verses. God told us there are wolves among the flock. Many are fooled into embracing false teachers because they make us feel good & put on a good show. So many of us want to be part of the in crowd down at the local mega church. Even when false teachers are exposed & show their true colors many continue to follow them.The false teachers are doing exactly what they were sent out to do: deceive, kill, steal, and destroy. MacDonald is totally unbothered & has moved on. Many of his former congregants are still angry, hurt, and disillusioned. This is not God’s will for us.

    1. Carla: I agree with you.

      It saddens me that behind the news of “JMAC joking about child p0rn” or his multiple revenue streams of millions of dollars, or his profanity-laced speech, or his abuse and harm that he caused to many……

      the fact of the matter is that there are many former HBC members who will Never attend church ever again. This is because they came face to face with a Ravenous Wolf James Macdonald who personifies everything that is wrong with the Un-biblical and wrong and immoral, “Evangelical Celebrity Pastor Industrial Complex”.

      Personally, I know several who no longer attend church because they view church through the lens of their HBC church experience.

  19. I’d bet enough money to fund an exotic game hunting safari that during PJ’s voice-cracking, faux-repentant appeal, he was trembling with rage at the “B-level” guitar playing behind him. It was driving him CRAZY, guaranteed. While he was looking down at his feet (stomach, whatever), no doubt in his head he was screaming a thousand insults and threats at that poor guy naively strumming on the stool.

    Good luck, CA church. In God’s mercy maybe you’ll have to “shelter in place” instead of fill the stands at the JMac Show this weekend. :(

    1. My thoughts exactly – just from looking at the picture. I bet J MacDollar was like “How dare this lowly teenager look upon my awesomeness! How dare he!”

      1. It was an arpeggio around maybe two chords. Agreed – it must of drove MacDonald bonkers. Bet he had a few choice words for that guitarist after the service.

    2. I don’t think it was the poor fella strumming the guitar that bothered JMac; I’d bet he barely heard him. But he sure was angry about something.

      It was that he AGAIN had to feign repentance by hanging his head in shame. Reduced to being the low man in the food chain is not a position JMac is used to – he was the Big Dawg at HBC, with a fat, black checkbook and a bodyguard so he could avoid people he didn’t want to deal with.

      Re-watch the tape. It’s written all over his face.

  20. I believe God is using jwac as a vehicle (motorcycle) to expose like minded wolves (so called pastors) every time one of them gives him access to the people they are to protect. Remember jwac saying as long as he controlled the pulpit at Harvest he controlled everything? Sit back and watch the house cleaning God will accomplish in any church that lets jwac speak in his current ‘ walked out on the word!’ Wonder why he can’t find another ‘PRODUCT”
    to sell…..like Flex Seal….great demand in million dollar mansions!

  21. Hey Wayne. Do you have an articles supporting the Hocking thing? I’m interested because he once preached at a church I used to attend. Would like more info if possible.

  22. What is wrong with James Macdonald joking in front of multiple witnesses about placing child p0rn on computers of those who publicly dared to confront him about his narcissism and his un-Christian ways?

    What is wrong with James orchestrating the firing of Florida pastor John Secrest for questioning His Royal Highness ?

    What is wrong with James preaching on the need to tithe while him and his family are living large like kings and royalty?

    Answer: everything is wrong with the above.

    But apparently…so few people in the church care anymore. As a result, wicked men like James continue to run rough-shod over unsuspecting sheep.

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