James MacDonald’s Home Listed for $1.9 Million; Possibly Moving to West Coast

By Julie Roys
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The upscale home of disgraced former pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel, James MacDonald, has just been privately listed for $1.9 million, according to recently obtained documents (listing below).

Also, an Instagram comment by a person who appears to be the wife of a well-known Christian figure states that MacDonald is heading to the West Coast. 

In a video released on February 14, MacDonald announced that in 40 days, he would have his first “public opportunity to preach,” but did not give any further details.

However, over the weekend, someone with the Instagram account chelseacameron8 commented on a post by MacDonald that she was praying for MacDonald and his wife’s “move.” She added, “Welcome to the West Coast. Can’t wait to see you and to be front and center to receive the gift of your teaching.”

Chelseacameron8 is a private account, but appears to be owned by Chelsea Noble, the wife of popular Christian actor and TV host, Kirk Cameron.

I reached out to Kirk Cameron through multiple avenues to confirm his wife’s account, but he did not respond. However, the Camerons are known to be friends of the MacDonalds and appeared in a picture that Kathy MacDonald posted to Instagram in August of last year.

Also, an Instagram comment by “ahnacameron,” who appears to be a daughter of Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble, states: “love u mom and dad” and tags both Kirk Cameron’s official Instagram account and @Chelseacameron8.

The home that MacDonald just listed is the same one that he claimed in an interview for my 2018 exposé on Harvest was smaller than his previous 6,700-square foot home in Inverness, Illinois. This was significant because in 2014, the elders at Harvest announced that MacDonald had made “several personal lifestyle adjustments,” including “downsizing” from his home in Inverness (which sold for $1.8 million in 2014) to “a smaller home in Elgin.”

Also, during the 2018 interview, MacDonald refuted claims that he had “only pretended to cut back on his lifestyle” in 2014, calling such claims “false.”

The current listing does not give the square footage of the house. However, an appraisal that an attorney for MacDonald submitted to the tax assessor’s office states that the home has 6,891 square feet of gross living area, plus a 2,600 square-foot garage and a more than 2,000-square-foot finished basement.

The listing also notes that the home has “extraordinary finishes throughout,” “custom built cabinetry,” and a “gourmet kitchen with walk-in pantry and top of the lines appliances.” It adds that the “master retreat on the main level features a den, walk in closet, en suite, and workout room.”

The listing says the second floor has a loft, library, three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The home also has a finished basement “perfect for entertaining” and an outdoor in-ground pool.

According to the listing, the home also sits on 10 acres. Presumably, MacDonald bought an adjacent five-acre parcel, which was vacant.

The agent listing MacDonald’s home is Wincy Mathew, a local realtor whose husband, Philip Mathew, serves as the director of information technology at Harvest Bible Chapel.

UPDATE: MacDonald’s home listing is now public and can be viewed here.  I have taken down the photos of MacDonald’s home per the request of a real estate listing company. However, you can see all the photos in the public listing. 


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131 thoughts on “James MacDonald’s Home Listed for $1.9 Million; Possibly Moving to West Coast”

  1. Jeanine you’ve got to be kidding. Can you say “drinking the koolaid”? And he’s not a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He’s a wolf in wolf’s clothing.

  2. misterjesperson

    A large number of the earlier comments here have been posted up by a troll for JMac. I am getting really tired of people calling out and shaming others who have done no wrong. It is a very popular bullying technique, just the kind of thing that JMac still excels at. A picture is worth a thousand words. Look at all the pictures posted here and compare them against ALL of the words in Red letters. Trolls have to be abusive because they like it! There is no justifying even one of those pictures let alone all of them! Jesus – “You cannot serve God and Mammon for you will love the one and despise the other…”

  3. Susan Vonder Heide

    Last I heard, Kirk Cameron was living in California so he may not be very well informed about events in the Chicago area.

    1. As close as he is with JMac I am pretty sure he is aware of what’s been going on. Kirk Cameron has chosen to stand by JMac’s side, regardless.

    2. We don’t want JAMES MACDONALD IN CALIFORNIA!!!! He needs to go to a remote island with all his $$$$ so that he can’t damage any more people!

    1. Same. I gave to Harvest, even at times when I had close to nothing. To see where my tithes have gone is sickening. To think the times my power was shut off, my car broke down, I could barely put food on my table to feed my family all the while my “Pastor” was living in this and making those who sought financial help from the church jump through hoops to get even the smallest amount of help. Beyond disgusting! Sad so many still buy into his scam.

  4. Well the listing is live now. 14N306 Highland Ave, Elgin, IL 60123. Check it out to see where your tithes and offerings went. Did Harvest buy the property for MacDonald? Does MacDonald own it? Man, I can’t believe that I feel for Harvest’s pleas to fund various campaigns – all the while using the money for this monstrosity of a house. The Rolling Meadows median income is 65K. Lots of folks gave sacrificially. Heck Harvest even encouraged people to take out a loan and donate the money. I am just so angry. That I fell for that shyster MacDonald. He talks in all flowery bible speak, your blessed this blessed that blah blah blah. Who talks like that in real life? Maybe I need therapy. What can you do. Con men are a dime a dozen.

    1. Joe…super sorry that you were one of the ones conned by this guy. I had a similar thing happen a long time ago now…meaning a pastor who was a major narcissist. I didn’t realize it at the time; but, eventually I was able to figure that part out. In short, he was banned from that particular denomination from preaching…ever! Know what he did?
      Yup! Started his own church with some of his devotees. James is a far more serious malignant narcissist who is highly unlikely to ever acknowledge any wrongdoing. He’ll always be the victim and some people will buy it:( It’s tough stuff to work thru and process. I echo the thoughts of many others as to how he got away with it for so incredibly long. Best to you:)

  5. As a pastor of a smaller church I am extremely conscious of the sacrifice many in our church family make to paying our churches expenses. Their giving is truly sacrificial and an act of worship. It is incomprehensible to me to imagine someone who is a pastor living in such extreme luxury and opulence and having such a calloused disregard for the sacrifices made by others. What’s more to leave a church with a debt of millions of dollars is beyond words. No one is against a pastor being paid well and being able to provide for his family. However, Pastor MacDonald’s lifestyle and greed is sinful and shameful. I only wish that men who once were supportive of and encouraged others to support his ministry, would speak up.

  6. Interesting about the Cameron angle. I am no longer Evangelical but I tuned into Wretched Radio when Julie really started getting some traction and the wheels were starting to shake loose at Harvest. The host went out of his way to make it look like James just went a little overboard at Men’s Wearhouse.

  7. Jennifer LaFave

    Since MacDonald has resurfaced, I send him letters and email about how rotten he is. I like doing it and hope the USPS forwards the mail to his “new life” on the West Coast.

  8. Day 23 of James MacDonald’s Reputation Repair Tour is up on Youtube and is videotaped from an RV – you can see a steering wheel in the background. My, how the mighty have fallen – from that big mansion to a camper!

    He says he’s in CA but who knows, right? March 22nd is his supposed “re-launch” of preaching. He’s so cowardly that he won’t permit Comments to be posted on Youtube.

    That rat needs to be harassed for the rest of his life. And what’s with the movie reference of Apocalypse Now?

    I pity the people who fell for his nonsense.

  9. The fruit he bears is not that of a pastor. So sad he had a tremendous gift to use for God and decided to use it for himself. He lives right down the street from Harvest. He could have easily called a meeting to tell all the people he was sorry for how he took advantage of them and used Jesus to do it. But that has not happened, because he has no character or concern for Gods people.
    You can not escape God. Where does he think he’s going? A rude awakening awaits.

    1. The sad part is everybody thinks this is from harvest they forgot that he wrote many of books that he had walk in the word I think they’re all just jealous I think he deserves everything that he has there’s not a single person in this thread that is even Christian just by reading comments casting stones clearly you guys are all God and don’t make any sins at all. The biggest piece of work is Julie the devil

    1. In JMac’s first five minutes introduction of “woe is me” lamenting; I had to stop watching and take a hour shower to cleanse myself. He lied in that he was unprepared and asked the congregation how many verses were in Acts chapter 16. “I was going to study that and got super busy…. “freshly prepared for today. ” There is nothing more important than a preacher being prepared and “diligent to present oneself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.” (2 Tim 2:15) A new and fresh sermon would not make one unaware in how many verses are its exposition. JMac should win an Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role for this performance which should be titled Parasite 2. Unsure why Calvary Chapel – South Bay (CCBC) would let JMac preach; but sure the late Chuck Smith would not be happy. CCBC only have themselves to blame if they allow JMac to continue ministry there and contaminate the church.

  10. “Jeannine Linder” its pretty amazing how your twin JMAC twists God’s word while preaching last night at Calvary. So now he is comparing himself to Paul.What I learned from YOUR— I mean “his” sermon last night: 1. All this trouble JMAC left behind in Chicago can easily be compared to Paul and Barnabas quarrel?!? Never mind that JMAC is thief, lier, defamer…. Paul wasn’t. 2. Give up your “Rights to fight”- You must not follow your own advice as you go after Mancow in courts but are super quiet about the $$$$ you stole. Man up!!! and face the congregants on stealing money from the church. 3. “Find a new calling and give”(generously like Priscilla did to Paul): So you’re using this bible reference to justify asking people with money to help you in your “new Calling” to financially support you huh? 4. Suffering will happen because you’re on the right track for Jesus i.e. (Paul’s incarceration) So what’s next “Jeannine” are you going to say if the IRS takes you to jail that this was comparable to Paul getting incarcerated for the gospel?!?! Its mind-boggling how you tell congregants at Calvary to pick and choose the Bible verses that matter most to their situation—just like you did when you had trouble with your daughter A. and now. To equate your suffering with Paul’s is pure lunacy. To justify your removal from the church as minor squabble like that of Paul and Barnabas is completely narcissistic. To have this pseudonym “Jeannine Linder” and berate other pastors is weird!!! (BTW don’t think I haven’t seen your posts on fb as you casually explain JMAC’s thoughts to others commentators under “Jeannine Linder”.) I really think you need professional help. I hope to God you read this as you block away anyone who tries to knock in some common sense into that hard head. Really get help and find another line of work…….

  11. Beautiful home!!! I am glad I was able to Tithe and give to the Ministry when we lived in Illinois and attended HBC.
    But NO MORE!! To think he is everything that he preached against.. Glad I am following GOD and not a man who is a Wolf in a Disguise!

  12. Somebody please explain to me what happened to this guy. I met him 25 years ago. He was an excellent preacher. He has such wise insights. And he was so skinny.

    Now he is a wreck of a person with that unkempt look, all the weight, and now the corruption.

    I am not trolling here. When I met him 25 years ago I was really impressed. He had such a twinkle in his eye as this tall, young, skinny guy.

    I no longer recognize his look or his actions.

    Was he the phoney from the beginning, or was there a particular year in which she took a turn

    1. Yes, I did know this guy 25 years ago. I can assure you that he was the same guy then as he is today. The only wonder to me is that it took HBC and all their associate campuses this long to get on to him. All the arrogant and selfish traits he has been manifesting for 25 years. Elders and HBC leaders just overlooked all of this through the years. Guess they thought that JMac was entitled to such self serving actions, since it was obvious that God was “really using him…”
      Fruit of the Spirit was obviously lacking. Sad…

      1. Thanks for your comment. I had only met him at a workshop, and he preached at my church. as I said, he looked completely different, physically. Tall, skinny, funny, and appeared very genuine. but again, that was the one time I saw him so it could have been a canned speech with corresponding emotion.

        I think there are a lot of guys like that in the church, but he just got real powerful, real fast. Some of these other guys cannot grow their church so they don’t cause as much damage.

  13. Charles Despeville

    Thief MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O
    And on his farm he milked thick sheep, E-I-E-I-O
    With a baa-baa here and baa-baa there.
    Here cha-ching there chi-ching
    Everywhere moolah ching.
    Thief MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O

  14. I have a theory about men who shave their heads like this creep. They are total narcissists, filled with supersized egos and they are without doubt the biggest BULLIES around. James MacDonald, Jeff Bezos, Todd Bentley, just to name a few. Maybe even Jim Nicodem at CCC, who put his kids through a private Christian school in Geneva for FREE but tells his congregation to NOT send their kids to a Christian school, instead give the money to HIM. In fact, I’ve never met a head shaving male who wasn’t a bully. They are wretched people…

  15. The greatest tragedy is just how incredibly tacky and hideous this monstrosity is! How in the world do you spend that much money for such garbage?

  16. James MacDollar

    I just want to say that I have truly enjoyed milking the fat cow that is HBC. Being your pastor has been a true blessing in every sense of the word! $$$ I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on life in the Golden State. So long, suckers!

  17. I am not sure that Chuck Smith would be unhappy about James McDonald speaking at Calvary Chapel, South Bay. Calvary Chapel has a history of give second chances to fallen pastors, i.e.David Hocking rapidnet.com/~jbeard/bdm/exposes/hocking/times.htm

  18. I knew JAMES&Kathy MacDonald 25+ years ago when Harvest was in infancy stages.They offered me shelter during a terrible storm in life and treated me and my young children kindly. I shall always be grateful and appreciative of their love and care. They blessed me.

    1. See. That’s what I mean. 25 years ago he was doing something right. I sensed that too when I met him. again, for me it was just a workshop so it was not a lot of time. But he did seem very loving, caring, and competent.

      I’m just trying to put the pieces together. When did this skinny guy start putting on all that weight? When did he shave his head? When did he start getting big houses and motorcycles?

      I remember him saying they had no money and a bunch of people from a church that was closing came to him and decided to donate the land to harvest, and that gave them the money to build the bigger church. He talked about how blown away he was by that, and how humbled he was. It really did seem genuine.

      Is this transformation something that has occurred in the last five years? 10 years? Longer?

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