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  1. the minute I read Julie’s first article about the audit findings, I told my husband that I bet James comes out with a rebuttal because of his pride and ego within the next 24 hours. Bingo!

  2. There is one thing he is guilty of and that is greed. Also he often said he never got a salary from the radio program. Well he certainly found other ways to reimburse himself. It was all about money, and it still is. Got to maintain that millionaire lifestyle.

  3. Rj not in Chicago anymore

    There he goes again hiding behind scripture to justify what in my mind is nothing short of embezzlement. Sheesh, does he ever give it a rest?

  4. Not until he truly repents, MacDonald will never be restored. He relies on past elder approval that he forced or manipulated to be granted for his own selfish greedy interest. He will always be a wolf in sheep’s clothing to me. I will never trust him and/or any of his words again.

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