James MacDonald Signals Return to Ministry In Facebook Post

By Julie Roys
UPDATE: Greg Bradshaw, Harvest Bible Chapel (HBC) lead ministry pastor, says James MacDonald has filed for arbitration against the church. Bradshaw says “among the things (MacDonald) is seeking is Walk in the Word. HBC is in the preparation stages of our response.”
Disgraced former Harvest Bible Chapel pastor, James MacDonald, just posted a message to a closed group on Facebook called Walk in the Word Partners, indicating that he’s returning to ministry. Here’s the message, which was just sent to me from a member of the group and is posted without any corrections to grammar or spelling. (I believe the picture is of MacDonald and a man who reportedly approached him in Wyoming and tearfully urged him to start preaching again.):
Just this week I met a man at a gas station in Casper Wyoming (while travelling to see our grankids) who approached me with a strong word He knew it was me and I wouldn’t look up but just began to weep as he said boldly: “James, I love you and many others do too. I can’t make sense of all that has happened in your ministry – just seems like it all could have been worked out. God is not done with you yet
– get back to preaching God’s word, as we all need to hear from you.”
Wow – i cannot tell you what these suprise  and very kind words, so on point and from the Lord have meant to me. I am so thankful for a faithful messenger. In God’s time we desire to be that messenger in your life again, afresh.
Great days of triumph and victory always follow days of testing – we look forward to sharing with you in brand new ways – all the Lord has been teaching us and what His calling is for us.
Much love to you in Christ,
James and Kathy

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58 thoughts on “James MacDonald Signals Return to Ministry In Facebook Post”

  1. Jessica Hockett

    James MacDonald is a wolf. It’s way past time that Harvest Bible Chapel Elders publicly name his sins and state that he is disqualified—whatever the cost to the “brand” & deeply-in-debt church.

    Forever the victim, never the offender, we are hearing James blame others, fail to practice the repentance he preached, and implicitly solicit money by giving the address to send personal mail.

    Many of us know that James has had this statement prepared for months. The question is, what exactly prompted him to post it now? What is the status on his request for arbitration over Walk in the Word content? Has he been signaled or told that he will receive what he believes is rightfully his? Once again, the HBC Elders will be forced to react—most likely with a statement that mixes legal-ese with Christian-ese.

    To those who are still attending and giving money to HBC: spare yourselves the heartache/headache of the drama. Find another church–one that is free from self-enriching leaders, child abuse cover-up, embezzlement, deer herds, delusions, and debt.

  2. Unrepentant.

    Like his fellow Monster, Donald J. Trump, Big Mac has no Self-Awareness, no sense of shame, no clue of the depths of his depravity.

    You wanna ‘teach God’s Word’, Jim? First trying WALKIN’ in it…for once.

    1. Dave Larson is a special kind of stupid. What does the POTUS have to do with James MacDonald. I can only say you have no clue. Go back to your safe place with your crayons.

  3. There’s only one reason Wolfman MacDonald listed a mailing address: so all his naive followers can send him checks. This guy has no shame.

  4. I agree God will bring justice to light and healing to those whose hearts are humbled before Him. There is no one, even JM, that can stop the will of God. Just keep praying.

  5. Liars lie. Who even knows if there was a man from Wyoming who spoke a word from him? Just another narcissistic post, self edifying, self-loving, the world can’t go on without my preaching, don’t worry folks I’ll be back, and turn to your neighbor and say no shame.

    He is eagerly waiting to get his hands on the legacy accounts and willed $$$ from past WITW faithfuls to rebuild his empire. Traveling commercial flights economy is getting old

  6. Christ Follower

    It has been my sad personal experience that when a previously lying, denying and then exposed pastor in extremely gross immoral sin leaves his church after “resignation” (if not fired first), he may threaten to sue the church (while on the way out the door) if anything more is said about him on the basis he is no longer a member of that church. What then happens next is Biblical discipline by the church is immediately discontinued: there no real accountability, no followup, no public discipline, no excommunication. Furthermore, even if the person as an individual is forgiven as all of have been many times over, there is no independent informed judgment made later whether the person has ever been restored to ever serve again as a lead pastor and/or is fully qualified per I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. Being “forgiven” as an individual and being qualified to serve as a pastor are two completely separate Biblical matters.

  7. Heaadless Unicorn Guy

    Complete with Signs and Wonders, AKA the guy in the gas station in Casper Wyoming (who I very much doubt ever existed) with a direct Word from The LOOOOOORD Himself! God Wants JMac back in the Pulpit, and who are we to Stand Against God?

    Mancow needs to release some more of those tapes of his — not only on-the-air, but viral on social media.

  8. I thought I had left a reply related to Al Mohler’s comments on Josh that were relevant to this discussion as well…

  9. This is now the FOURTH time I have tried to comment and my comment never gets published. I am trying to give a scriptural perspective we believers can use in contemplating the potentiality this article presents. It appears as if it is purposefully is not being published.
    So for the fourth time:

    “Some indeed preach Christ from envy and rivalry, but others from good will. The latter do it out of love, knowing that I am put here for the defense of the gospel. The former proclaim Christ out of rivalry, not sincerely but thinking to afflict me in my imprisonment. What then? Only that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is proclaimed, and in that I rejoice” (Philippians 1:15-18)
    Desiring God has a very good article on this entitled: “Can you please explain Philippians 1:15-18?” Google it!

    1. Sandra: I don’t think your comment is being blocked. Julie Roys has far too much Integrity and Honesty to simply block people whose opinions may be different from hers. Julie is doing a much needed work here. But those 2 character traits above, unfortunately, are sadly missing in the lives of Wolves who financially fleece the Flock for monetary gain.

    2. Sorry Sandra. All new commenters require approval and I’ve simply been swamped lately and fell behind. I’m glad your comment finally got through and I apologize for the inconvenience.

  10. Does anyone remember the good ole days when men saw Ministry as an avenue to serve God instead of getting rich !! James Macdonald said publicly, “I would rather lose thousand members than to reveal my salary”……remember when men saw Ministry as an honor and NOT as a way to FLEECE the Flock !! Will James MacDonald remove the lucrative “Estate Planning” mechanism that is attached to “Walk in the Word” program? Will he notify all the widows and senior citizens that he is returning all their money? Will James offer to pay the owners of THE ELEPHANT’s DEBT (TED) website their legal expenses when the rest of the Universe discovered that TED all along were telling the Truth……..even though they were being Shamed and ridiculed by James and his Followers?

  11. ForSuchATimeAsThis

    Does anyone know if he really is coming back and to what physical church edifice? Based on the PO Box listed, they must be back “home” – unless the contents of the PO Box are forwarded elsewhere. Are there any attorneys or officers of the law reading Julie’s blog posts – especially this one saying that he is coming back? I would be curious to know if there is anything that can be done to keep him away from all the HBC campuses. Have any charges been placed against him? It’s not hard to imagine that he still has his fortune(s) and also some bodyguards.

    My heart is still breaking over this whole grisly reality soap opera! I was tired of the 5 years I spent in RM and all the injustices and sins that have been exposed to us…but apparently not to him – unless he just chooses not to believe them.

    I can only keep giving this whole thing to the Lord, because it’s making me sick to my stomach. Lord, not MY will be done….but YOUR WILL BE DONE! Amen and amen.

    1. Forsuchatimeasthis: You have asked some good relevant questions. I admit I do not have answers to them. Sadly, there are so-called charlatan Preachers who know that no matter how much they Financially fleece the flock, there is ……as the saying goes….”another Sucker born every minute.” How many poor and middle class believers still give $$$ to TV preachers? How many poor and middle class people still are interested in giving $$$ to King James? It baffles the mind…. What ANGERS me is the UN – TOLD countless numbers of people who once had a vibrant, active Christian faith, but over time, lose hope and become spiritually apathetic when confronted with the ugly reality that what they have ingested for years and years was simply ……..LIES for financial gain and profit !! Praise God for Julie Roy’s ministry for boldly speaking out and warning the Flock of the evil, money-hungry wolves in the midst of un-suspecting sheep!!

  12. Mom always said the worst person to lie to is yourself. So sad that he has no remorse or concern for all the people who supported him who he and his pack took advantage of and abused. Maybe he needs to start with that message first!

    1. And James has never publicly stated that the owners of THE ELEPHANT DEBT website were spot-on and being truthful the entire time. Instead, King James has shamed the TED authors and called them liars and yet the whole universe knows otherwise. Why won’t James apologize to THE ELEPHANT DEBT owners and pay their legal expenses? Unlike James, the TED website owners do not live in luxury mansions and cannot afford lawyers.

  13. How can James MacDonald who was caught joking publicly about weaponizing child porn then go ahead and file legal notices to obtain Walk in the Word ministry ? How can you leave Harvest church with tens and tens of millions of dollars in DEBT while you go and live a life full of exorbitant Luxury all paid by your lemming followers !! How can you publicly lie and SHAME those who call out your sin? And then you later sue them for telling the Truth on your unbiblical conduct? James is a TV preacher enjoying his millions while appointing his children to key leadership positions in the church and paying them BIG bucks……all the while publicly shaming and lying to others about people who are bold enough to tell the very truth about who James is. Where is the discernment in the church? Do people even care about Wolves getting away with misconduct? Does the alleged “man at gas station in Casper Wyoming” care or even know about the fact that James MacDonald FIRED a preacher in Florida for raising good biblical questions about James’s unbiblical conduct? Sad to see a wolf make a comeback.

  14. misterjesperson

    You forgot one important item on your list. A psychopath founder who searched more than once for a hitman to kill his enemies. While the other items are not minor, this one really hits the ceiling on Satanlike personality qualities…

  15. misterjesperson

    Do saved people try to hire hitmen to kill enemies? I would think this is a no-brainer. If Pharisees were destined for hell then merely teaching from the scriptures does not count for much by itself.

  16. Agree. MULTIPLE people on multiple occasions at different times have already publicly communicated that they have heard and knew about King James and the “hitman” issue. I remember reading somewhere in Scripture that even Demons know that God exists and the Bible is God’s Word, but they shudder and cower in fear at that same very truth because they know that Judgment awaits them. So the very fact that King James may know “some Scripture” provides no Biblical justification for permitting King James to return to the ministry……otherwise Demons should be promoted as Pastors. But King James and his lemming followers ( including some still at HBC ) lack common sense and also have no idea of Biblical discernment. Also, it is interesting and very James MacDonald-like to have a Facebook page promoting the idea of giving $$$ to establishing Walk in the Word…..while in the very same Facebook page it states that WITW is all digital and at NO COST whatsoever…..yet James is asking for money still …..hence the Facebook group!! Also, notice that there is a line there that prohibits solicitation of monies for anything OTHER than James Macdonald WITW. The Orwellian “Double Speak” of James and his ongoing FUND – RAISING continues……while James himself is living in exorbitant Lifestyle in a mansion paid for by tithes and offerings !! You got to give James credit though !! That was a smart NON – BIBLICAL move to promote your children and Rick Donald to the Executive Committee ( in charge of salaries and compensation ) in order to maintain his lavish lifestyle !! Hey man from Caspar Wyoming gas station: wanna give several thousand to King James in order to pay for the cost of his several garages?

  17. Per Acts 29 ministry there are 17 biblical qualifications for a person to be a pastor.


    Of these 17, James possesses 4, maybe 5, significantly disqualifying himself from pastoring anyone. The Lord blessed him and entrusted him with quite the ministry and he destroyed it and took thousands of casualties and millions of dollars with him. James, it’s time to publicly repent, then come join the rest of us commoners in the regular seats on Sundays. Anyone that follows you from here on out is a fool, just like the rest of us we’re for decades.

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