Jerry Falwell Jr. Appears at Event & Invites Students to “Real Liberty Graduation” at His Farm

By Jackson Elliott
Jerry Falwell Jr.
Jerry Falwell, Jr., seeming intoxicated, appears at a party at a private residence and invites seniors to "real Liberty graduation" at his farm. (Source: Twitter)

Disgraced, former Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr., appeared at a comedy show at a private residence near Liberty’s campus last night, seemingly intoxicated, and invited seniors to the “real Liberty graduation” at his house.

“All the seniors, our farm, on May 8, we’re going to have the real Liberty graduation,” Falwell said with slurred speech into a microphone in front of a crowd of graduating students.

In the background, one girl eagerly whispers, “Let’s go!”

In a longer clip provided to The Roys Report without permission for release, the students cheered after hearing Falwell’s announcement. Falwell also invited people who weren’t seniors, but were dating seniors to the party.

He added that his daughter, a Liberty junior, didn’t want Falwell to come to the event last night with her. “My daughter’s probably so pissed at me right now,” said Falwell.

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Falwell told a reporter at Religion News Service that he was joking about the party being the “real” Liberty graduation. He said the scheduled event at his farm is “my way of saying thank you” to students who have supported him throughout the scandal-ridden past year.

“I just want to thank the students because they’ve shown me so much love through all this ordeal. Everywhere I go, they’re so forgiving. They’re so loving. And I want to reciprocate by having them out to my farm,” he said.

When asked about the appropriateness of the former president hosting such a party, Falwell said, “I live right here, and I’ve got I’ve got a big farm, and I got a bunch of students that I love and that love me, and I’m going to do it.”

The event where Falwell appeared was a comedy show with multiple families present, according to Save71, a group of Liberty alumni advocating for reform. The group noted that Falwell’s wife, Becki Falwell, has been accused of sexually preying on a Liberty student.

In light of Falwell’s invitation last night, Save71 noted in a tweet that Liberty University President Jerry Prevo has never addressed the allegations and asked if he would address them now.

Liberty University did not provide a comment on the record for The Roys Report.

According to Giancarlo Granda, a former business associate who alleges he had a sexual relationship with the Falwells, Jerry Falwell, Jr., also once took pictures of a female student exposing herself at his farm. Falwell admits that he shared the photos, but disagrees that they were sexual.

Falwell has also “liked” several pictures of bikini-clad students on Instagram. On his own Instagram page, he posted a video of himself lifting two female students on a bar with pelvic thrusts.

Many of these allegations violate Falwell University’s code of conduct.

Liberty reportedly agreed to give Falwell $10.5 million in severance when he resigned last year. However, on April 16, Liberty sued Falwell for conspiracy and breach of conduct.

UPDATE: Jerry Falwell, Jr., has cancelled the grad party at his house due to being admitted to the hospital. He issued the following statement through his wife:

Last week at an event with Liberty University students, I announced that we would have a big picnic on our family farm for graduating seniors. Unfortunately, this weekend I encountered another bout of symptoms resulting from the respiratory emboli that were first diagnosed last year. For the fourth time this year I was admitted to the hospital for a series of tests to address my labored breathing and other effects of the emboli. As a result, we regrettably must cancel the picnic this weekend. This is a major disappointment to us since we wanted to celebrate the success of the graduating students and show them our appreciation. To them, our entire family extends our sincere congratulations and fond farewell.

Jackson ElliottJackson Elliott is a Christian journalist trained at Northwestern University. He has worked at The Daily Signal, The Inlander, and The Christian Post, covering topics ranging from D.C. politics to prison ministry. His interests include the Bible, philosophy, theology, Russian literature, and Irish music.



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21 thoughts on “Jerry Falwell Jr. Appears at Event & Invites Students to “Real Liberty Graduation” at His Farm”

  1. Liberty needs to give Jerry Jr. a warning that if either he or Becki show up on campus or any off campus function again they will be arrested.

    1. Warren Millard Roy

      I agree 100% plus with that. They need to be put under restraining orders and banned from stepping foot on the propery of Liberty University and/or any of its off campus functions! They have no business going to any of its functions!

  2. Lord God how far the mighty have fallen. We need to be praying for all Pastors and Christian leaders that they will stand strong in the Lord and if they have fallen into sin that the Holy Spirit will convict their spirit to return to the Lord.

    1. “The mighty fallen” phrase comes from 2 Samuel 1. It is as lament of David about the deaths of Saul and Jonathan, two guys who were “mighty” in that they were great warriors. It is true that there are many who (like Jerry Jr.) had great power and now they have little.

      Was Jerry a spiritual giant who fell into sin? Was he previously strong in the might of the Lord? Or did he lose his “power” because he couldn’t keep up the facade? I would suggest that Jerry may have been very much like Saul who never really had a heart for God. And in that sense didn’t “fall” at all.

      So I ask… Should we see “pastors” and parachurch leaders as “mighty?” Why do we give them all of this “power?”

      And if I may say it, will we ever learn from the Jerry’s of this world that they will always “fall” in one way or another, but will never “fall-well?”

  3. I trust Pastor Bob that you praying for Jerry Falwell Junior ! What purpose do you feel would be served by arresting Jerry jr. For trespassing! I guess your assuming that he is coming on the campus grounds! Do you really think the school has any jurisdiction at off campus events? Do you know Jerry jr or are you making assumptions or judgments based on media reports! Did you watch this video are you suggesting the claims he was slurring words were true! I can’t make assumption based on thiscvideo

  4. What a revolting and sinful display. But the important thing to remember is that Jerry Falwell’s conduct was just as revolting before his sin was revealed…while “conservative Christians” were praising him as a standard-bearer for the faith, and an exemplar of Christian principles.

  5. Warren Millard Roy

    I think the students need to stay 100% away from that “real liberty graduation!” It makes one wonder what is up the Falwell’s sleeves!

  6. If the local authorities want to bust somebody for providing alcohol to the underage, I’m guessing that May 8 event would be ripe for the picking.

  7. I also understand they will also be conducting interviews for the positions of pool boy, “workout and aerobics partner”, “physical and massage therapist” and resident bull at this party.

      1. Christine,

        I was been snarky there.

        But I would not put it past them to do that given their previous activities with the pool boy.

  8. Messrs Save 71, well done for spotlighting Prevo’s attitude to predation against those under his care. A lifetime ago, I and my pals sang “He sets me free, He gives me liberty” (but it wasn’t as much “fun”). This is cuddly ecumenism: on the par with others who also allow the predators to continue on site and in harness, post 2002. I hope the daughter will set her opinion in concrete about being called “pissed”. The trustees liked him in place because now they can go to their next iteration of Manifest Destiny – without a critical studies department.

  9. We are seeing alarming trends in ‘evangelicals’. James MacDonald and his son’s bad behaviour, John MacArthur and his son’s bad behaviour, John Piper and his son’s bad behaviour, R.C Sproule and his son’s bad behaviour and Jerry Falwell and his son;s bad behaviour … What an embarrassing trend.

    1. All five of those fathers behaved badly in teaching and dynamics. Not all the sons did. “Embarrassing” is a weird word. No offspring of a preacher should volunteer in church. Piper publicly abused Abraham.

  10. Jr. sounds like he might be a functioning alcoholic. Liberty should start questioning him and his wife on their alcohol usage. Let them answer the questions on the AA website to self evaluate but do it before he drinks anything.

  11. I guess I will chalk this up to the list of religious epic shallow things to make someone with a clean conscience stomach churn. This man’s sins were tolerated by his board for years because the only things that mattered were Mammon, worldly success and the fact he is the son of the founder. But once the sins started to interfere with the Mammon, he was out of there. Mammon is still the high god of much of what sacrilegiously calls itself Christian.

  12. Most trustees have little or no idea what is going on. Most of the information comes from the President or other administration staff.

  13. Jerry Jr. is the hospital. It doesn’t mean his wife isn’t still “interviewing” candidates for the resident bull.

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