Jerry Falwell Jr. Sparks Controversy After Posting Racy Picture & Video of Party

By Julie Roys
jerry falwell yacht unzipped
Jerry Falwell Jr. appears in a video seemingly shot aboard his yacht. (Vimeo screengrab)

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. is at the center of controversy once again, after posting (and then deleting) a racy picture of himself and a woman seemingly at a party on his yacht.

In the picture, Falwell and a woman, described as a friend, appear with their shirts hiked up and pants unzipped with the caption: “Lots of good friends visited us on the yacht. I promise that’s just black water in my glass.”Jerry Falwell unzipped yachtA video of the party also showed up on the internet, featuring Falwell and others at what appears to be a Trailer Park Boys themed party. The scenes are surprising, given that Falwell is the president of a the largest Christian university in the country. One guest in the video makes a vulgar gesture toward the camera. Some are wearing tight clothes with bellies exposed. Many have cigarettes dangling from their mouths. 


Initially, some on social media questioned whether Falwell, a married father with three children, was truly the person in the photo with the woman. 

At one point, Malachi O’Brien, a fellow with the Falkirk Center, a think tank launched by Liberty University, tweeted that the picture was not Jerry Falwell. But  O’Brien later retracted his statement, saying, “It was Jerry, so I was wrong. It was a photo taken out of context of the other photos w/ it.”

I emailed Scott Lamb, vice president of communications at Liberty University, early Monday morning asking for comment, but he did not respond. In the meantime, several media outlets, including Relevant magazine, reported the photos. 

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Other Scandalous Photos

This is not the first time Falwell has been embroiled in a scandal involving photos.

In October, Falwell paid an undisclosed amount to settle a lawsuit brought by a former pool attendant who had become a part-owner with Falwell and his wife of a gay-friendly hostel in Florida. According to news reports, the attendant—and potentially others—may have had sexually compromising photos of the Falwells, which the attendant used as leverage in the case.

Also, in 2019, pictures of Falwell and his wife at a Miami nightclub sparked controversy after they were published in an article by Politico.

Initially, Falwell denied visiting the nightclub and said that the images were manipulated.

However, Seth Browarnik of World Red Eye, who took the photos , later published even more pictures of Falwell at the nightclub. Browarnik added that when he sold the pictures to Politico, he didn’t even know why Politico wanted them.

“We . . . were as surprised as anyone to discover that Mr. Falwell was among the partygoers we photographed,” Browarnik said.

This latest controversy involving Falwell comes just two-and-a-half weeks before classes resume at Liberty. 

Earlier this summer, 35 black alumni called on Falwell to resign after Falwell tweeted a racist image, mocking Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. The leaders said Falwell’s tweet was a “microcosm” of his divisive rhetoric over the past several years and did not display the “Christlike leadership that the University deserves.”

A petition posted with the letter from the alumni has nearly 40,000 signatures.



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63 thoughts on “Jerry Falwell Jr. Sparks Controversy After Posting Racy Picture & Video of Party”

  1. I’m genuinely confused as to why he needs to explain his drink (I swear it’s black water! It’s only a prop!) with no mention of why he (or the woman with him) have their pants unbuttoned! I couldn’t care less about the drink.

  2. BLM burning Bibles in Portland…with BLIND support from Christians who believe this group us actually “standing against racism.”

    Now we have Mr. Fawell again…still being propped up on the altar by his supporters with deep pockets.

    God ALWAYS reveal/expose who we really are…and YES, there are consequences.

    O God, kick us off the fence and into the heat of the battle.

    1. Jerry the Pimp needs to be fired. That video showed a lot of young girls.
      If the board doesn’t fire him over this then the board is just as bad as he is.

      1. It’s a costume party – the guests on the yacht attended a themed costume party where they were dressed like the characters from the show “Trailer Park Boys.” The guy in glasses is Bubbles from the show, another guest is dressed like Rick, and another (the guy with the football jersey and gaudy gold chain around his neck) is dressed like J-roc, The lady with short red hair is dressed like Barbara and the young girls are Jerry’s daughter in law and other family members. The cigarettes are props as the characters on the show chain smoke. The woman showing her belly with her pants unzipped is pregnant so Jerry Falwell thought it would be funny to do the same and show his belly too. They were all goofing off at a party. Was it in poor taste? Yes, but the media doesn’t explain the photos and doesn’t point out that all the photos are labeled with the names of the characters they are playing from the show. That being said the theme of the costume party isn’t one that people expect a reverend to participate in. He made a mistake and apologized and explained the nature of the pictures.

  3. *** “what appears to be a Trailer Park Boys themed party” on a yacht ***

    Maybe the world can be divided into “People Who Do This Kind of Stuff” and “Everyone Else.”

      1. Agree that Jerry Falwell Jr looks terrible but at least he did not put students at risk and is with consenting adults. Thomas White (from Cedarville University in case you haven’t followed) knowingly hired a sex offender, mislead the Board and the faculty and put the sex offender in close proximity to the students as a Professor and as a coach for the men’s basketball team.

        Dr. White is dangerous to students and the university community.

        But as with the good old boys network demonstrated with the Board of Cedarville reinstating Dr. White as President, Jerry Falwell will be protected by his “boys”. Nothing will happen to him over this and if it does, it will be like Cedarville……independent investigation + continuation as President.

        1. I take back the consenting adults comment. Those could be students or people that Jerry Falwell has authority over. Just disgusting all the way around.

  4. W. Don Seaborg

    Several questions:
    1) If it is his yacht, why does the President of a Christian University need a yacht?
    2) Without knowing the context of the video and stills, one wonders what kind of spiritual leader would be involved in activities such as are portrayed?
    3) How does behavior such as is portrayed here glorify God?
    4) Having seen this (and lacking at present “the rest of the story”) why should sincere Jesus followers and Godly parents provide any resources to Liberty University or pay to send their children there to study?

    Looking forward to seeing more information so as to formulate answers to these questions.

    1. 1) If it is his yacht, why does the President of a Christian University need a yacht?

      Really depends on the definition of Yacht. I know most “Yachts are expensive. But, my family was on a lower middle income level and my dad still managed to own a 30 soime foot boat. Obviously his Yacht may be larger ands more modern. But nonetheless Dr. Falwell is a University President so i would think his income does give him some ability to have some luxury items. Now, if it was excessive it may be a problem. But, I do not see a problem with a U.S University President owning a Yacht. Maybe he inherited it from his Father?

      2) Without knowing the context of the video and stills, one wonders what kind of spiritual leader would be involved in activities such as are portrayed?

      Seen some Drama Shows at Chapel of my Christian College that were probably as bad.

      3) How does behavior such as is portrayed here glorify God?

      I know some may have problems with this. I did not see any outrageous immoral behavior that I do not see almost every day. Other than maybe touching a Woman not his Wife I may have an issue with. But, that’s about it.

      4) Having seen this (and lacking at present “the rest of the story”) why should sincere Jesus followers and Godly parents provide any resources to Liberty University or pay to send their children there to study?

      I personally thought the video was humorous. No one was Smoking. No one was drinking hard drink and no one was obviously drunk. Other than the gestures I do not see a spiritual issue just from the video.

      1. I don’t think that Liberty students and employees are allowed to drink alcohol per the honor code. Technically, he is an employee and should be held to the same standards even if you or I are okay with drinking.

      2. Thank you, Dirk for being a voice of reason among so many self righteous people. I laughed at the video myself, and now I wanna go watch Trailer Park Boys. Lol Loosen up people. Humor is excellent medicine for the stresses we’re all facing. ❤

        1. Michele you appear to be unaware of the strict rules which liberty university students are required to follow if they wish to remain on campus. The self righteous person here is Mr Falwell himself who presides over an institution which requires paying students and staff to follow rules which he himself flaunts. That is what many in the secular world call the height of hypocrisy.

          1. I’m actually a student of Liberty University online. I’m delighted to see that the President of the University has a sense of humor. He’s not doing anything in this picture that breaks any rules in the Bible. It’s his fault people have their minds in the gutter?

  5. The Liberty University Board should immediately suspend Falwell’s contract, after it immediately determines the photo is authentic (and most likely it is). Then begin a thorough investigation. Was the “morals” clause of his contract violated (if such a clause even exists)? Any other Christian university (and probably secular as well) would do the same thing. Are Liberty’s presidential standards lower than that of a SEC or Big10 school? If the Liberty Board does not act, their Board of Trustee’s governance will become a laughingstock if not legally challenged. It does not help that the President’s brother also serves as a Trustee (which most secular universities would not tolerate either). Disappointing and obviously sad on so many levels.

      1. He should be fired immediately! Such poor character for a christian, husband and Christian University President!

    1. I feel bad for the girl. I know how easy it is to be coerced by those in control particularly if they were in the middle of the ocean

    2. “ . Are Liberty’s presidential standards lower than that of a SEC or Big10 school? ”

      Sadly, yes. Falwell Jr’s behavior would have already gotten him fired at a secular university.

      1. There was a famous college coach who had to step down as a picture surfaced of him at a college party with two Beauties with, and his arms around them. That photo was tame compared to this. Falwell Jr. should not be President of any college. Shame on him.

      2. He should be Fired Immediately!!! Poor example of a christian and husband! What a disgrace, glad God exposed him!

  6. We do a face palm when a “youth pastor” does something like this. Surely the face of America’s biggest and loudest Christian University should surely have the “smarts” to walk a finer line. Or at least have the sense to keep the phones sitting on the dock of the bay!

    It may be that the walk of shame might be on a short gang plank off of said yacht..

  7. At the very least, this is unwise and bewildering behavior—at the very least. I agree with the comments of those who have already posted.

    1. “this is unwise and bewildering behavior”

      Well said. First, there’s doing the thing. Then, there’s taking pictures/video. Then, there’s posting them online. It appears common sense – if one could expect nothing more from a person in Mr. Falwell’s position – was absent every step of the way.

      1. In fairness, he should have a chance to respond.
        But if a church member who declared him/herself to be a Christian were to do this, the leaders would have every right to talk about it with the person. If someone in the worship band or other place of publicly representing the church were to do this, the church would have every right to remove that person from the role.
        I have no affiliation with Liberty, but I’m sure the board and the school’s community is looking for some sort of action.

        1. He can respond at any time. For example, he could phone Julie Roys or another reporter right now and honestly answer questions such as Who? What? When? Where? Why?

  8. Anyone with this little common sense has no business being the president of any institution, never mind a Christian university. He is a disgrace. As a professor of the Liberal Arts at another Christian college I never much cared for his father’s reportedly controlling ways over faculty and ideas, but I suspect he would be appalled by this foolishness.

  9. There is not a worthy explanation for such behavior by a Christian man much less the president of a “Christian” university.

    Every serious minded Christian parent should remove their child or children from Liberty and enroll them in Christian colleges with moral and spiritual credibility. The only thing that shakes schools like Liberty is a loss that hits them financially. A massive decline in enrollment might force them to act in keeping with what they profess to be.

    It is all sickening and an embarrassment to everyone who believes that He who is holy calls His people to be holy as He is holy.

  10. Margaret Tornga

    The Bible says….”and be sure your sin will find you out…” God is Holy and wants us to be salt and light in this evil world–set apart! We are called to be Holy–not like the world, the flesh and the Devil. I am praying Falwell will be convicted and fall on his knees before a Holy God and repent. Any institution that calls itself a “Christian school” will never exceed the spirituality of it;’s leaders…may God help Liberty University and the Godly students that attend there. My granddaughter is a graduate and disgusted and angry because of this news. I am so sad. May God help us all. People need the Lord–in a world where wrong is right and right is wrong. But praise God, He never changes, loves and forgives. But He will hold us all accountable for our actions. By your fruits, you will know those that our His.

    1. I am truly sorry for your granddaughter. Many employers are already wary of hiring people with Liberty University on their resume, and this latest travesty further diminishes their reputation.

  11. Isn’t Falwell Jr the one that had his photo taken with Trump…with Trump’s Playboy cover on the wall behind them?

    That was enough to know that he had no commitment to the ways of Christ or to a virtuous and holy life. This is merely more confirmation.

    He wasn’t held accountable by the Christian community then, and I doubt he will be now, either.

  12. This is beyond stupid – it is disgusting. I can’t believe that someone would act so foolishly. When i was a student at Dallas Theological Seminary, my godly professor and friend Dr, Stan Toussaint described some behavior as “temporary insanity.” This fits that. Shame on Jerry Falwell Jr and all those who participated in such behavior!

    1. Doug, as a fellow DTS person see my comment below. I can remember some Chapel Drama Shows at Christian School that were a lot worse. Admittedly, would not expect it at DTS. .

  13. As one who grew up in a very dysfunctional “Trailer Park type Family environment”. I can see quite a bit of humor in this and would probably think higher of Jerry Falwell Jr. for doing this. Though granted, it could disturb some. I find it quite humorous. However, the depiction of the female characters is way off. Their are no pretty Women living in a Trailer Park. At least the ones I knew. The Women I met in a Trailer Park are at 300 Lbs, Chain Smokers and have a Raspy, Loud obnoxious voice. The other ones are skinny drug addicted who are every week having the Police visit for a Domestic Issue in which the guy comes out screaming “I Love You!” as his Cohabitating Girlfriend or Common Law Wife runs after the Police Car after she was beat up by the guy begging the Cops to let him go. The next day he is back at home with their children in the yard in poopy diapers with food all over their face. When the kids grow up they vandalize their neighbor trailers who do give them a few $$ protection money. That is the reality of Trailer Park Living. But, then again the Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian show. So it may be a bit different.

    1. In my area, many dwellers in trailer parks are from Mexico or Central America, and many of the ladies are gorgeous. They are very poor, but they work hard and move from trailers to apartments and eventually to houses.

      There is also alcohol abuse, crime, and other disfunction, but your generalizations are a bit overdone.

    2. Dirk: Please excuse my pun-Did you enjoy trashing people in your comment? Sad comment IMO. I think you are one of the few that think Higher of Falwell after this incident.

  14. Wow, people…
    1) Watch the video;
    a) at around :30 you can see that the lady in the photo with Jerry is pregnant, and has her pants unzipped. I’ve never been pregnant, but I imagine it’s a lot more comfortable, more convenient and less expensive than buying maternity shorts. So, in the picture, he’s “posing” like her, as she is showing off to the camera being pregnant (with pants unzipped and shirt hiked). Out in the open, with/to friends. Racy? No; he is being funny. Be serious, or at least, put some serious thought into that accusation. And try being goofy once in a while, especially if you consider yourself a leader; you may find people like you better.
    b) he surely needs to promise he’s holding a “prop” of black water, because of judgmental Christians who make major (even salvific) theology out of minor, biblically unclear, debatable opinions, and judgemental non-Christians who don’t have any idea what the Bible says about Christians drinking alcohol — but sure know what Christians think about the subject. Even if it’s Guinness or a black russian, so what? Are you that sure that God will bring that up on The Day?
    c) the cigs are props, clearly, and most seem to be wielding them as humor. A few of the guests may be (as in, you can’t tell one way or the other) smoking theirs. If some are smoking, so what? Who are they? I don’t know either, so it’s better to keep your anti-helpful opinion about them smoking to yourself.
    d) what seems clear is it’s of scenes from someone’s birthday party. Whose birthday? I don’t know, either. How can you tell that the pre-planned theme of the birthday party was “Trailer Park Boys”? I don’t know, either. Is the person who created the video also the one who planned the party? If so, who was he/she? I don’t know, either. Who, exactly, were each of the guests, and are all of them claiming to be Christians? I don’t know the answer to either of those questions, either. Did Jerry sanction every person’s every action, or did he post a set of rules on the gangplank for everyone to sign off on and follow? I don’t know, either (but I agree with you that it seems unlikely). And since we don’t know all these things, why do you feel so comfortable before God and man acting as if you do, therefore making your judgements about the one man?
    2) Who created the video which, as so astutely mentioned, “showed up on the internet”? Who made it “show up” “on the internet”? I think most people would say good reporting would investigate and report important details like that, especially in a “Christian” piece that condemns (or at least “inspires” condemnation about) one’s character?
    3) The photo here is hardly “scandalous”. I’m not going to delve into the story photos that worldredeye swears is of Jerry Falwell, Jr. which I can’t make him out in, and can barely make out Seth in some of them. But maybe someone who better knows what he looks like and can highlight him in those grainy photos of a large crowd can prove what appears to me to be a he-said-she-said-and-besides-like-father-like-son-and-neither-CAN-be-a-decent-person story.
    4) He has a yacht. So what? He probably has a nicer house than you. Most of you probably have a nicer house than I do. So what? What makes your judgementalism, materialism and envy that is causing your judgement of Jerry better than his supposed materialism and greed? I’m being judgemental by calling you materialistic and envious, and you are, in fact, not materialistic and envious? Okay, perhaps you’re right. Prove you aren’t materialistic or envious, then prove he is materialistic or greedy.

    Non-stories like this and particularly the burgeoning plethora of breathless long jumps to sanctimonious judgements subsequently puked out below it, are why I don’t blame the world for thinking we’re all a bunch of embarrassing turds and not loving ambassadors . Jesus have mercy on Your ekklesia. Jesus have mercy on me.

      1. “Surely,” Mike is a part of his PR team. But as someone said above he will be given a mulligan by those in charge. The standards for some christian leaders these days is so low.

    1. Evidently my earlier reply didn’t post, or else I just can’t find it. Mike you pretty much summed up all of my thoughts on this whole blown out of proportion subject. I’m starting to understand how narrow the way to Christ is after all. Many of these comments are from people who don’t appear to know anything at all about the grace of Jesus. It actually makes me sick to read all the holier than thou b.s. So thank you for your post! :)

  15. When I was leading a sinful and selfish lifestyle (worked on a cruise ship), I was training a colleague on a project and thought the video that he took of a bikini clad women in her wedding shoes was funny-she was also surrounded by her girlfriends on a sunny island. The buck stopped with me though. The Cruise Director did not like it and it got back to the main office. I had to have a talk with my big boss in Miami. I do not know why he did not fire me.

    Basically, I realized that my Lord was giving me a chance to get out. I knew it was time for me to leave.

    A person who displays the behaviors that Falwell Jr. exhibits is due in part, to the fact that he is enthralled with lust, money, power and drink. This is crazy stuff for him to be showing this crap on social media, especially when he is the President of Liberty. When a man is involved in these issues, things do not go well.

    Leaders are especially vulnerable to Money, Power and Sex.

    I do not know the man, but I can attest to the blindness or stupor one enters into, when no one calls you on it earlier in your life.

    I am sorry for the Liberty students and their parents. May the Lord be with them.

    I want to add that I do not find it evil to have a drink and go dancing. I am not prudish.

  16. First Kings 22. The younger Mr. Falwell has been listening to a lying spirit. That is the only explanation I can think of. The Liberty board of trustees will now either be trustworthy or they will not, it is their choice. In the chapter that I quoted only one prophet got it right.

  17. Jessica Hockett

    Just an observation: the woman in the photo is also in the Trailer Park Boys video, with a title on her part that indicates she is pregnant, and her shorts are unbuttoned in the frame as well

    We’ll see what excuses are made by Falwell or on his behalf, but I can imagine him saying that he was unbuttoning his pants to be funny, to imitate his pregnant “friend.”

    Posting the photos on his Instagram account seems like something he might do in the wake of having a few of those beverages he’s holding.

    Behavior unbecoming a Christian college president, no matter how he wants to spin it. Long past time for Jerry Falwell, Jr. to step down.

  18. The photo’s looks like their where only playing around or acting playfully to the camera like faking the non smoking cigarettes because I saw no smoke or implying alcohol drinking. By the way the photo with the pregnant employee with his paints open to low was meant for funny but stupid thing to do! What are you thinking? Your acting alike a drinking sailor. ( I was one years ago.) However, my concern was the big money for the his own yacht! Was this yacht inherited from Jerry Sr.,or does the school own it as a non for profit organization like expensive homes can be parsonages? The article read’s that it is “His” yacht. So this does imply that Jerry Jr. does own the yacht from using his own money. My issue with this whole thing is, the money involved to provide the rich surroundings. The job as president of Liberty Univ is real good, is it not? Where is the sacrifice for the gospel.?… none that I can see. Many say God is good when the money flows into the offering plates then some use their big money’s allowed by ministry boards (shame on them) to give extra large pay checks. This looks like multi- millionaire status on the video… is it? Last time I checked the salary’s of the biggest ministries, these guys are living the high life. Yes God is good when the money flows in. But I’m one of those preachers for the last forty years who as sacrificed all my money for the gospel sake to win souls and educate the church with sound bible doctrine. I have worked in the world as a bi-vocational multi-bible degree real ordained christian minister in order to pay to preach the gospel by buying radio time slots all over the world to win souls. I had to sleep in my car many times while earning the M.div degree because I could not afford hotels when driving to the modular weeks at school 300 miles away. (Not Liberty) I had to work weekends to afford gas and some general restaurants when going to bible college for the Bachelors bible degree after I spent eight years in the military serving my country honorably during the Vietnam war era . The G I bill could not pay for everything but I earned it. it appears to be no sacrifice worth mentioning for those high paid positions of the church non profit organizations. No sacrifice for the Lord. Yes Jerry Jr. and all the others, the Lord is good when the money pours into the pockets given by church members tithes and offerings. BUT WHERE IS THE SACRIFICE TO GOD FROM YOUR LIVES?. Maybe those have recievd your reward already like Jesus implied. Everyone will have to give an account of their lives on judgment day. Every Christian, every preacher and every person in the entire world ever born will give an account to Christ for how they lived. This is why I have been saying for many years to the church, Examine your lives by Bible standards then REPENT TO GOD FOR ANY SINS! Only the Blood of Christ will cover all those wicked selfish sinful sins that you have acquired over the years, just like mine where acquired during backsliding many years ago. Where is your sacrifice ministers for the souls that need Christ? Regards Rev. G.J. Hammond B.A., M.Div www. christian missionary radio

  19. Gross. I could have gone forever without seeing Jerry Falwell Jr.’s gut and underwear. This man is nearly 60 years old and routinely behaves like a teenager. You can tell he’s proud of himself by the grin. Lol @ his fan club egging his ridiculous behavior on.

  20. Whyyyy would they as Christians want a trailer park boys themed party? That in itself is a major issue.

    Why does he still have a decision making job at a Christian university and a voice among Christians? What does that say about the church?

  21. His latest “apology” is really weak… but might be enough for the board and many parents who are probably as nominally “christian” as the Falwells, and head-over-heals in love of americanism and its gods…

    The students at Liberty really need to start raising a ruckus like kids did in the 60’s but directed at tearing down the worldly syncretism and hypocrisy of the so-called leaders over them…

    I suggest for any current LU students who may come upon this story… some action! instead of the cowering… this is your opportunity… God is asking you, if you have the courage, to stand up and hold this institution, your institution accountable…
    – if any student fails in some area of the handbook/school guidelines related to the areas exposed here… then, even if it’s wrong/something you wouldn’t condone, at the least you need to join with others and say, “No, you can’t punish that student until Jerry Falwell Jr is also punished for similar things…”

    – student marches and sit-ins denouncing this hypocrisy should be expected until Jerry Falwell steps down or is fired and do it in large enough numbers that parents/admin can’t crack down without large ramifications

    – any school official, RA, etc who tries to maintain moral, good Christian conduct on campus via the in-place systems now, should, at the least, be confronted with the remark, “well, this school’s President gets away with…”

    – if you have any chance of doing so, you need to transfer or find some other place to graduate with a degree. Show the way for others so that a trickle becomes a wave and Jerry Falwell sits up and notices his cash cow starting to die. Money/power seem to be his only motivations and that would probably get his attention.

    – start prayer meetings, all-night vigils, public vigils, praying for the lost Falwells… and their worship of other gods. Pray for their repentance and return to the fold of Christ (I’d love to see them crack down on a prayer vigil!)

    – start asking more questions of profs, employees, administrators, Lynchburg locals… why do the Falwells live that way? What is the Falwell reputation in these parts? How come they have a yacht, but can’t pay you… or give you tenure, etc How…? Why…? Ask and ask and ask…

    You have more power than you know kids… get to it. You don’t have to live under the power of these sleazy, faux christians…

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