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OPINION: Phil Johnson’s Defense of MacArthur’s Salaries & Nepotism Raises More Red Flags

By Julie Roys
Phil Johnson John MacArthur

Phil Johnson, director of John MacArthur’s broadcast ministry, Grace to You (GTY), argued in a recent videotaped interview with Justin Peters that MacArthur’s large salaries don’t reveal greed, but instead restraint, and his alleged nepotism is a farce. Yet when examined, the arguments Johnson presented are full of holes and raise even more red flags.

For example, Johnson’s argument that MacArthur was magnanimous when he declined to take a 10-percent royalty on the sales of his sermons is surprising, given that doing so would violate IRS rules.

Also, Johnson’s argument that MacArthur’s $400K+ compensation from GTY in 2012 was not exorbitant because it included a rare Bible that MacArthur “turned around and gave away” is misleading. It seems MacArthur didn’t give away the Bible until four years later—after news of MacArthur’s $400K+ compensation from GTY became public.

In addition, Johnson omitted key facts when explaining MacArthur’s practice of stacking GTY’s board with family members. And he made dubious claims when dismissing questions of nepotism for GTY paying MacArthur’s son-in-law millions.

Plus, as is his pattern, Johnson accused me of having a motive “that is totally evil and probably rooted in bitterness” for raising questions about payments to MacArthur’s son-in-law.

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The apostle Paul commended the Bereans for searching the Scriptures to see if what he was saying was true. But apparently to Johnson, even daring to question MacArthur and/or his ministries is a grievous sin.

I addressed Johnson’s distressing pattern of bullying, name-calling, and assuming evil motives in part one of my response to Johnson’s video. I also showed how Johnson’s allegations against me are demonstrably false.

In this article, I explore how Johnson’s defense of MacArthur and his financial dealings doesn’t resolve any of the issues in my original article, but actually raises more.

The King James Bible Gift

In the year ending 2012, GTY paid John MacArthur $402,444 in compensation for working 20 hours a week. That’s in addition to the $103,280 MacArthur received from The Master’s University and Seminary (TMUS), the undisclosed salary he received from Grace Community Church, as well as book royalties and speaking fees. (Johnson states in his video with Peters that MacArthur makes “millions . . . on book royalties.”)

In the video with Peters, Johnson explains MacArthur’s large 2012 GTY salary the same way he does in a statement he released in 2014: MacArthur’s salary topped $400K in 2012 because the ministry gave MacArthur a rare, first-edition King James Bible worth about $200,000.

I reported Johnson’s explanation about the Bible in my original article, so this was not new information. The new claim is that MacArthur donated the Bible, seemingly, in short order.  

“He’s not a very good miser if greed is his motivation because he turned around and gave it away,” Johnson said. “He put it in the seminary’s rare book collection.”

Johnson said nothing about MacArthur donating the Bible in his 2014 statement. And after examining TMUS’ 990 tax forms, it’s clear why he didn’t. In 2014, MacArthur apparently hadn’t yet given away the Bible.

Johnson said nothing about MacArthur donating the Bible in his 2014 statement. And after examining TMUS’ 990 tax forms, it’s clear why he didn’t. In 2014, MacArthur apparently hadn’t yet given away the Bible.

From the first part of 2012—when MacArthur was given the Bible—through June 30, 2015, there are no large, non-cash donations of “historical artifacts” reported on TMUS’ 990s.

However, on TMUS’s 2015 990 tax form—the year after MacArthur came under intense scrutiny from bloggers for his large GTY compensation—it shows an “historical artifacts” donation worth $210,000.

So MacArthur received the $210,000 Bible from GTY in 2011/2012. But he apparently didn’t donate it until 2015/2016—approximately four years later. And he did so only after being called out publicly for taking more than $402K in one year for his part-time job at GTY.

MacArthur Foregoes Royalties?

Another factor Johnson cites to ameliorate MacArthur’s large GTY salary is MacArthur’s decision not to take royalties of 10% on sales of his sermon recordings.

Johnson says this in the context of trying to explain his comment from 2014 that for the first 30 years of GTY, MacArthur took no salary.

GTY incorporated in the 1980s and MacArthur has been taking a salary for at least the past 19 years, so the statement is factually incorrect. However, Johnson states that he’s dating the beginning of GTY as the year MacArthur became pastor at Grace Community Church (GCC) and the church started selling cassettes of MacArthur’s sermons.

Johnson said elders at the church suggested MacArthur take 10 cents on every dollar for the cassette sales, but MacArthur declined to do so.

“That’s the amount I’ve heard—10 cents a tape—which sounds like not much,” Johnson said. “But when you’re selling, you know, 10 million tapes, that’s a million dollars that he decided to forego right away.”

However, giving a pastor royalties on sales of his sermons is forbidden by the IRS, according to Michelle Adams, a nonprofit attorney specializing in Christian ministries and churches.

“Many people seem to think that the following one builds through one’s role in the church belongs to that person alone,” she stated. “But the truth is, in tax-exempt law your employer (the nonprofit) owns the work that you produce on the job.  Specifically, when you are paid to be a pastor, the intellectual property produced through your pastoral duties (which certainly includes sermon-making) belongs to the organization that commissioned you to create it.”

“(W)hen you are paid to be a pastor, the intellectual property produced through your pastoral duties (which certainly includes sermon-making) belongs to the organization that commissioned you to create it.”

Similarly, Frank Sommerville, a Dallas-based attorney specializing in nonprofit law, states in Christianity Today that if a sermon qualifies as work for hire, the intellectual rights for that sermon belong to the church.

He adds that intellectual property rights are considered “charitable assets” and by law, must be used for “charitable purposes” not “private inurement.” (Despite this, the article notes that some celebrity pastors, like Chuck Swindoll, have been able to negotiate contracts with their churches, granting them ownership of their sermons.)

Clearly, MacArthur taking royalties on cassettes of his sermons would be an abuse of the law. But the intellectual property issue also raises another question.

Adams adds that books, study guides, and commentaries resulting from time working for a nonprofit belong to the nonprofit, as well. Given that MacArthur is paid a salary for jobs at three nonprofits, this raises the question: On whose time did MacArthur write all his books, study guides, and commentaries?

As I wrote in my original article on MacArthur’s wealth, MacArthur claims to work from 30- to 60 hours/week for just GTY and The Master’s University and Seminary (TMUS). Assuming MacArthur works a mere 20 hours a week at GCC, MacArthur is then claiming he works a combined 50 to 80 hours a week for all his nonprofits.

Given this fact, it’s almost inconceivable that MacArthur wrote all his books, study guides, and commentaries on his own time and that none contain intellectual property that belongs to his nonprofits.

So, MacArthur isn’t being magnanimous when he takes three salaries from his nonprofits, as well as millions in royalties.

What would be magnanimous would be to forego royalties on books like John Piper. Or, like prosperity preacher Joel Osteen, MacArthur could have stopped taking a salary from his church. Even more magnanimous, he could have followed the example of Rick Warren, who reimbursed his church for his salary once he began making millions in royalties.

Instead, MacArthur for decades has not only taken sizable salaries from every ministry in which he’s been involved, but also has pocketed millions for the many products that bear his name.

All in the Family

Johnson similarly obfuscates and misleads when he defends MacArthur’s practice of placing his sons on the GTY board and paying his son-in-law millions in contracts.

MacArthur’s two sons—Matt MacArthur and Mark MacArthur—have served on the GTY board for decades. Matt MacArthur has consistently served as treasurer for GTY. And Mark MacArthur just rolled off the GTY board last year after being charged with fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission for his involvement in a $16 million investment scheme.

Yet, in the video, Johnson makes it sound like the practice of having both sons on the board was a one-time thing.

Johnson repeatedly states that “one of John’s sons is on our board” and “there is one family member on the Grace to You Board.” Then, almost as an aside, he mentions, “At one point, two of (MacArthur’s) sons were on the board.”

But both MacArthur’s sons didn’t serve on GTY’s board “at one point”; they served on the GTY board for decades. And Mark MacArthur stopped serving only after being charged with defrauding investors of millions.

But both MacArthur’s sons didn’t serve on GTY’s board “at one point”; they served on the GTY board for decades. And Mark MacArthur stopped serving only after being charged with defrauding investors of millions.

Johnson also defends Matt MacArthur’s role as GTY treasurer with a dubious argument. He says the reason Mark was chosen to serve as treasurer was simply pragmatic: “It has to do with geography,” Johnson states. “He’s the one who’s close by, who can sign check and do things like that when it needs to be done.”

Johnson adds that it would be a “logistical nightmare if one of our board members from, say Atlanta, was our treasurer.”

Yet other GTY board members live in Southern California where GTY is headquartered. This includes longtime board member Christopher Parkening and Peter Coeler, who owns a business in nearby Studio City, California.

Johnson’s explanation seems yet another attempt to obfuscate, rather than deal with the concerning reality that Matt MacArthur, who clearly has a conflict of interest, controls the finances of GTY.

A similar conflict of interest exists with the longstanding contract GTY has with Kory Welch, John MacArthur’s son-in-law. From 2009—2019, GTY paid more than $8.3 million to Welch’s businesses to produce videos for the ministry.

Johnson says my motivations clearly are “totally evil” for questioning this nepotistic arrangement, which is absurd. Anyone who wouldn’t question this arrangement is foolish.

In fact, Welch’s similar contractual relationship with The Master’s University and Seminary (TMUS), another nonprofit MacArthur heads, was a main reason the accrediting body for TMUS—the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)—placed TMUS on probation in 2018.

In its report, WASC stated: “The team notes with concern a pattern of operational irregularities, including the 2017 auditor’s specific finding on appearance of conflicts of interest with the President’s son-in-law supervising a contract from which he benefits . . .”

“The team notes with concern a pattern of operational irregularities, including the 2017 auditor’s specific finding on appearance of conflicts of interest with the President’s son-in-law supervising a contract from which he benefits . . .”

Johnson justifies GTY hiring Welch by explaining that “the great advantage to using Kory is he can get John to videotape special things at a drop of a hat, whereas John, you know, he’s gonna say ‘no’ if some Hollywood producer . . . says, ‘I need you to come down here and sit for a three-hour video thing.’”

This is essentially arguing, “We’re not hiring Welch just because he’s MacArthur’s son-in-law but because he’s MacArthur’s son-in-law.”

If GTY must hire a family member of MacArthur’s so that MacArthur will cooperate with the demands of his extremely lucrative, part-time job, that’s a problem.

However, Johnson also argues that hiring Welch saves the ministry money.

Johnson asserts that GTY had conducted a cost-benefit analysis before hiring Welch. And the ministry determined that hiring Welch as an independent contractor to produce videos was cheaper than employing Welch as a GTY employee and producing the videos in-house.

This is a dubious claim, given that GTY employed Welch for $84K in 2008 to produce videos and paid his wife, Melinda Welch, a mere $17K. But in 2009, GTY paid Welch’s company $741K for “post-production services.” Also, at the time, GTY had already purchased the video equipment necessary to produce the videos, according to Johnson.

I contacted Johnson and GTY CFO David Fisk, specifically requesting documentation for the costs to produce videos in-house at GTY in 2008, but they did not respond. I also asked for documentation for the alleged cost-benefit analyses Johnson referenced in the video, but they did not respond to that request either.

Johnson additionally asserts that when GTY first hired Welch, it collected bids from other video companies and Welch’s bid was competitive.

I asked Johnson and Fisk for documentation of those bids, but neither replied.

Red Flags Remain

Sadly, Johnson’s interview does not resolve any of the financial issues raised in my article on MacArthur’s finances, but instead reveals Johnson’s continued pattern of deception and false accusations.

Equally sad, Justin Peters, who posted the video of his interview with Johnson on his ministry’s YouTube channel, has refused to interview me so I can present the facts to his audience. To date, the video of Peters’ interview with Johnson has received more than 214K views.



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175 thoughts on “OPINION: Phil Johnson’s Defense of MacArthur’s Salaries & Nepotism Raises More Red Flags”

  1. I hate to bring this up, but with all the discussion here I came across this video of MacArthur touting the new Legacy Standard Bible. Listen to what he says about the proper name of God in Bible translations at around 3:45 in the following clip:

    Untrue statements like this, among others, just undermine MacArthur’s credibility and GTY, and it is why Phil Johnson’s comments and responses to Julie’s reporting are so inadequate at addressing the concerns she brought up. There is a basic lack of trust here.

    1. Maybe you should point that out to KC because if John MacArthur cannot right divide Scriptures, then maybe his competence/credibility/trust is suspect in other areas.

    2. People don’t need to walk away from John MacArthur, they need to run! What, the MacArthur Bible wasn’t good enough? Now he’s selling a New and Improved book and a whole new brand name for God Himself?!!!

      “Then we will no longer be infants, tossed about by the waves and carried around by every wind of
      teaching and by the clever cunning of men in their deceitful scheming. Instead, speaking the truth
      in love, we will in all things grow up into Christ Himself, who is the head. From Him the whole body,
      fitted and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love through the
      work of each individual part.” — Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians

    3. As noted, MacArthur’s grandiose, dramatic, self-promoting claim about the new translation is ridiculously, factually false advertising, and during what is supposed to be a worship service no less.

    4. Darren and CM,
      Just as a student of God’s word, what is wrong with listing Yahweh for example vs Elohim in an English translations it just gives specificity? I also heard that they translate the Gk word Doulos as slave vs Servant or Bond servant. I’m not sure the issue. I’m happy with the ESV. I appreciate the goal of accuracy. But after 25 years in linguistics. It is a very difficult task and we do not have the same tenses in our English language as we do in Greek.

      1. KC, I do not have an opinion about the translation using the name Yahweh, but MacArthur asserts that no English translation has ever done this before. What about the LEB? My point in raising this issue is that MacArthur’s statement is simply not true, and it calls into question his credibility, yet again.

        By the way, at one point he also said that the ESV was the best translation. Oddly enough he never preached from it.

        This is why his statements about the pandemic and about the MLK assassination are also concerning, and it is why Phil Johnson’s statements about MacArthur’s income are a problem. There are too many questions concerning MacArthur’s credibility on these matters.

        1. Regarding a different matter MacArthur lied about repeatedly, see my comment from Feb. 28, 8:39 PM, and the article linked there.

    5. To help break it down further for those not clear on the issue here, MacArthur states in the video clip: “There has been no version of the English Bible that translates the Hebrew name of God….” This is glaringly false. There have been many versions that do this. Do a search of “Sacred Name Bibles;” Wikipedia has an article listing a lot of these translations.

      How would self-purported Bible expert MacArthur, or his well-compensated hatchet hireling Phil Johnson, try to weasel out of this enormous difference between basic, long-standing facts and MacArthur’s claim?

      1. Exactly. The issues behind the Tetragrammaton ( and whether or how to pronounce it are nothing new. But Pope John MacArthur seems to be issuing a new MacPapal Decree that this is the name people should be speaking and his new bible is what people should be reading from (buying$).

        Is there any evidence that Jesus referred to His Father as Yahweh? Did Jesus tell us we needed to speak anything in Hebrew? Were the New Testament scriptures written in Hebrew? Did any of the NT writers refer to God the Father as Yahweh? No.

  2. Wow. Megachurches w ultra rich leaders( family also employed, multiple homes,) Does any of that resemble the life Christ lived or his apostles? I hope the scales fall off of more eyes and we get ears to hear- what is going on in evangelical industry. Those of us attending need to know personally what is right or not in Gods eyes. I attended a church w/o oversite and people pushed to give sacrificially until their pensions were gone, it didnt end well. That was a church back in the 70’and 80’s. “It “seems to have flourished nationwide. It needs to be addressed. Im sorry for people ,but faith can survive- and will- if one walks w God
    and not man. This is not our home- but leadership has built up incredible mass fortunes- to what end? What a shame. Thanks Julie, God bless the truth.

  3. Acts 4: 32-35
    Now the full number of those who believed were of one heart and soul, and no one said that any of the things that belonged to him was his own, but they had everything in common. And with great power the apostles were giving their testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great grace was upon them all. There was not a needy person among them, for as many as were owners of lands or houses sold them and brought the proceeds of what was sold and laid it at the apostles’ feet, and it was distributed to each as any had need.

    Acts 2: 44-45
    And all who believed were together and had all things in common. And they were selling their possessions and belongings and distributing the proceeds to all, as any had need.

    I can’t find anywhere where it says anything about the Apostles and the three houses each had because they worked so hard and of course they deserved to be wealthy off the contributions from their followers.

  4. I think there’s something in us (worldliness, the flesh) that desires to single out special leaders in whom we boast. We can see this work itself out in the defense of MacArthur by those who boast in him. Paul makes this argument in 1 Cor. 1-3.

    For anyone who is really disturbed by perceived “attacks” on MacArthur, I just want to say, “It’s okay.” It’s okay to have been encouraged by this man’s teaching (I have) and at the same time accept that the way he conducts himself in his businesses is unhealthy and he should probably be avoided.

    MacArthur’s suspect business/church/financial management doesn’t take away from any way in which God “caused the growth” in your life through anything MacArthur taught that WAS true. It may just be time to hold this man accountable in the only way you can, by avoiding him.

    MacArthur isn’t Jesus. Jesus’ reputation doesn’t rest on MacArthur and never has.

  5. What I’ve learnt in these strange time on our planet, the pandemic of Covid-19, the exposing of many, the greed of many, is this, God is at work. When our sins are shown out let’s repent and not defend. That defense attitude is pride and pride makes the Christianity status of many stink.

  6. a Macarthurite is one who worships Macarthur as God’s messenger and that he is the only one who is RIGHT. Outside of his teaching is a damning false theology. Its a shame that John used to shun the sound of that term.

  7. I agree with Broder. There are a lot of MacArthurites. I’ve been to churches where 90% of the congregations Bibles were his Study Bible. Years ago 17 years ago replaced a a pastor, with a congregation that had a doctrinal statement exactly the same as GCC. He almost 50 years older than I and had 80% of his preparation materials were by John MacArthur’s Commentaries, John MacArthur topical books and a lot of authors in that camp. That is very dangerous. It is important to read a voluminous amount of theological and hermeneutical backgrounds. Christian believers need to be careful not to follow a man. I grew up, studied under, worked for men like Peter Charette, Steven J Lawson, Dennis Johnson, Joseph Stowell, Jim Erb, Ralph Hathaway, David Buckley, Mark Dever, Randy Alcon, Jonathan Leeman, James Macdonald, John Piper, Sam Storms, Wayne Grudem, John MacArthur, Doug Moo, D.A. Carson, Mark Driscoll, Philip Graham Ryken, Steve Lehrer, Erwin Lutzer, R.C. Sproul Ray Pritchard, Jerry Bridges, Les Ollila, Marty Herron, Sam Horn, Bryan Chapell, Mark Barlow, Charles Price and Graeme Goldsworthy (Many more). Some of these men you may know or have heard of. Some of these men are disqualified for ministry for various reasons. Some men I would never ask to fill a pulpit that I would pastor at. However, their teaching, how they ministered, reading their books and watching how they put together a sermon was so helpful.They all have different biblical views. But be careful that we do not exult these men. Who like you and I are 1 mistake from destroying our lives. Just 1!
    They all have at times demonstrated careful hermeneutics to the Bible and of life.

    The same hermeneutic also is needed with articles and prejudices that we all have. I have asked a few fellow Godly men to evaluate my view at this time on the Julie/John/Phil saga. I ask them for this…
    The ability to be objective or wise. The book of Job talks about an upright man. The word “upright” in the Hebrew had the idea of being able to walk life on a teeter totter. Or when building a foundation keeping it level. It requires the ability to constantly balance what we think or believe with every day to day thing. Another way of viewing life is the New Testament’s view of wisdom. It says to walk circumspectly. To walk around the whole situation and gather all the facts. While I agree with the dangers of a MacArthurite.. I dislike that his name is on a Study Bible. It isn’t a sin, but a preference. Study Bibles in itself may be a hinderance of exploration of what the Bible says and what it means

    There are Biblical issues that I biblically (not experientially) disagree strongly with J-Mac. Some of his books fails at teetering or balance. Strange Fire for example exposed the charismaniacs but didn’t allow for text in their context to be looked at. It had a theological view (cessationalism) Put scaffolding on the Biblical Text. On the other side of the coin. This ministry has stressed exposition of the Word and has been going on for over half of a century. John was a cavalier in this idea of exegesis, exposition and proclamation word by word, line by line, chapter by chapter and book by book.

    I do not know John MacArthur. Although I have known Dr. Sam Horn for over a 1/4 of a century. The information that was given to me is that the narrative from the Sam Horn article. Especially the comments, aren’t accurate.

    I am sure the point is not exactly related to the article by Mr. Broder. There is this sense in the ministry of GTY that they are “right”. However accurately handling scriptures by fallible people doesn’t always rightly divide the truth. On the flip side, wisdom is needed before declaring a judgement or putting in the final nail in the coffin.


      With all kindness to you KC and your life experiences, my question is……

      Why when I am trying to read and taking the time to understand what you are saying do I have to hold a
      dictionary in one hand and continually make reference to it just to try and make it through your well thought out
      words that became your comment ? AND THEN I STILL DON’T UNDERSTAND…… I think you mentioned on one
      or more of these articles that you desired open dialogue , May I join in or ?

      I’m confused ……. does that mean I don’t know enough? does it mean I’m not at a certain elevation? does it mean
      that I am less than all those that know and use those words? Am I disqualified from that group? Is the love that I
      have for you now not good enough? Does it mean you don’t love me? Did I miss the memo after nearly 40 years?

      One thing I am certainly not confused about is that none of those words are in the bible that I know of and that I
      have NEVER felt a need to even hear them much less spell them. There might be those out there that like sharing
      those words and with over 42,000 “Christian” DIVISIONS I mean denominations in this world today…. there has to
      be SOME. Hey! Maybe they are the “FEW” that Jesus talked about entering the narrow gate.
      In which case …. I’m screwed.

      Would you think it to be weak to speak to us in a manner that we might understand in a couple of minutes rather than 30 ? Here’s Paul’s words in 1 Cor 9: 22

      “To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some. And this I do for the gospel’s sake, that I might be partaker thereof with you.”

      “By this shall ALL men know that ye are my disciples, IF ye have love one to another. John 13:35
      (that one just slipped out cuz I love you)

      1. 25 years in linguistics and still not able to construct a sentence, but hey he’s got people…30 of them and many more.

      2. I’m not sure what “words” you are referring to. If hermeneutics, copious, or voluminous are big words. I apologize. I disagree about the “love” part. It is not fair think we motives or an emotions others posts. BTW, If you are using a dictionary to learn a new word… I mean this with all care. But is that a bad thing? I’m not very intelligent. I just read a lot. Biographies, commentaries, theological books and just about anything. My mistake, I actually use my phone for what I write. It does corrections and I don’t notice them without my reading glasses. Would you say the same to JMN.

        I listed many different types of men to give a bigger picture of what God does in truth or those who preach the Truth. They are all just as flawed as you and I.This page has a lot of cynicism. It is sad that miss Roys gives birth to that. The world is full of cynical people. I pray for the church to do better. Because in some responses I am not sure if it is the heart of the church writing or the heart of the world which in biblical terms is the system run by satan. I would never push people away who love the Bible. When I read things that just put someone in a category and labeled that makes me sad. You can’t discuss when you are labeled. I’m not a Calvinist, but I love people who are. I think labels need to stop and I agree I’ll talk on the issues as I see them through a biblical grid. [email protected].

        1. I knew the victim would show up. We teachers know about kids like you. You poke and poke and poke and try to aggravate with words and when you finally get a thump on the head you run crying to teacher because someone finally smacked you.

          As a minister with 25 years in linguistics and 25 and more important people, you don’t own a computer to type your mountains of arguments on nor have the sense to put on your glasses?

          If you want respect quit playing games and treat others with respect.

          1. JMN
            It’s not about respect. But, the Bible states this about “We teachers”.

            “But with me it is a very small thing that I should be judged by you.”


          Yikes KC , copious and voluminous I don’t need a dictionary for…..

          Julie has not “given birth to a lot of cynicism here” and it certainly is not “sad” because this vehicle or
          avenue that has been provided through her hard work offers ALL of us an opportunity to express
          ourselves sometimes copiously and voluminously as each one sees fit.

          I’m pretty sure that the topics will be coming fast and hard as the son of perdition is revealed day by
          day by day in and through the “christian church” because as I have shared before ….. some fruit you
          can see instantly from the outside that it is rotten and other fruit might take years to see it’s rotten ….

          Maybe you KC are mistaking cynicism for outright hatred and rage, maybe some people hate the
          things God hates and have the outlet here to express it instead of keeping it all bundled up inside.

          For they speak against thee wickedly, and thine enemies take thy name in vain.
          Do not I hate them, O Lord, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee?
          I HATE THEM WITH PERFECT HATRED: I count them mine enemies Psalm 139:20-22

          Don’t you think that calling yourself a “christian” and living like the devil and producing rotten fruit is
          taking His name in vain ? Why yes it is


            Excuse me JMN but do you have any idea what he is talking about?

            “It’s not about respect. But, the Bible states this about “We teachers”.
            “But with me it is a very small thing that I should be judged by you.”

            BTW I also was wondering how many lifetimes does it take to “grow up, study under, and work for 30
            plus “many more” ….. 50 +? different men in total from all over North America ? At least more than … one do you think ?

            I’m thinking that we have got a very live religious spirit that is trying to steal OUR time in helping
            and caring for others…… you?


            I do not know what word (s) you are referring to. On the flip side I disagree with you. “ Julie has not “given birth to a lot of cynicism here” and it certainly is not “sad” .

            Reason is…Somewhat with the article but by some of these responses on this page. I’ve been called as a**hat, fat 19 year old who lives in my father-in-laws basement and a few other things in various articles. Others have had worse things about them in different articles. Mainly those who do not agree with Julie Roys. I am not a Calvinist but people with that theological perspective are put down.

            Also, in her interviews she gets angry about some of the things stated about her journalistic integrity or her level of journalism. Some of the sources and the timing of responses are questionable. She stated she is objective in her interviews and yet she supported some of her reasons subjectively.

            Maybe I am wrong. I do not have to be right. I am just not ready to make a judgement on a situation with out all the facts. If there were facts like the James Macdonald case, the Ravi Zacharias case. Then, I will agree. I respected the content of their ministry.

            I am praying for the church, people involved, John MacArthur and Julie Roys. It is wrong to be a MacArthurite and at the same time it is wrong to not text what Mrs. Roys is saying. I am sorry but I have red flags.


          3. I do not know what or who he is but I have thought myself that his goal is to “steal time”.
            I suspect he is one of JM’s dirty half-dozen playing dumb, but with so much pride he can’t help hinting who he really might be, the linguistics boast narrows it down for me. They are also master manipulators.
            They have had free rein for years and now they know their very lucrative gig may be up, so we should definitely not take up his repeated offer to contact him via email, even with an address that we think is anonymous.

      1. Honestly CM it just shows ignorance. My point of linguistics was why I do not agree with John MacArthur and the dangers of being a MacArthurite. I have zero stake in the MacArthur organization. All I have done is when I see things on both sides of the issue is point it out. But CM it shows you have zero valid points due to the name calling and typecasting. It is really not a boast of linguistics it is that I have my own mind. I do not care if anyone respects my opinion in a fake world. The cyberspace culture. I am a man who loves the WORD OF JESUS CHRIST. I need grace every hour I need Him. I so do not have it all figured out. I have a long ways to go and a short time to get there.

        I’m amazed by Jesus every day. My goal is to be cognizant of His will every single day. It is hard to read emotions on line. But it just seems cynical spirited words are in your posts. Especially to those who do not fully agree with July Roys. I think she has conflated a few issues. I have listed them. I know John MacArthur has issues. But the $$$ issue I think is a bit slanted. Based on subjective statements and personal intuition that has been said and written by Mrs Roys. James Macdonald was a slam dunk case.

        I also believe that it is unbiblical to have insiders in the ministry relaying messages. Leave if it is that bad. The Bible is clear about creating conflict in the body. That is not all Julie. But these anonymous sources.

        There is also petty issues. The flat out are petty. They actually hinder the strong points in Julie’s case. She thinks it creates a pattern, but really it has a false dilemma. This is my opinion and if I am wrong time will tell. But notice I have never called Julie a name or injected motives. I clearly have just examined her articles via the Bible and apologetically.


        Thank you JMN , it is pretty wacky isn’t it , with incoherent sentences and “VOLUMINOUS” amounts of whatever AND like you said the PRIDE that just CAN NOT help but squirt out , Yuck !
        Quite disturbing in so very many ways and so void of the Spirit , I think they call that , wait for it , big word coming……….. REPROBATE and ICHABOD

  8. We really all need to get back to reading the bible. Feeding on it and let the Comforter guide and direct. Our time is going to be filled with the sins of other alleged believers. Good thing OL’ man mcarthur is a Calvinist.

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