Pastor Greg Laurie becomes 12th Person at Rose Garden Ceremony to Test Positive for COVID

By Julie Roys
Greg Laurie
Greg Laurie, pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship.

Well-known author and pastor, Greg Laurie, has just announced that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

Laurie was one of about a dozen prominent Christian leaders at the Rose Garden ceremony on Saturday, Sept. 26, for Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett. His announcement brings to 12 the number of people at the ceremony who have tested positive.

Laurie also attended a prayer march with Vice President Mike Pence, Franklin Graham, and thousands of marchers prior to the Rose Garden ceremony. 

In a video released on Instagram today, Laurie, pastor of the multisite California megachurch, Harvest Christian Fellowship, said his symptoms began with some fatigue, aches, pains, and fever.

Laurie says he’s “doing okay” and is in quarantine with his wife Cathe.

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Laurie also said that he hopes people would “not politicize” his diagnosis, but “show compassion to people that are struggling with this. It’s real.”

He also quipped that “if the president of the United States can get it, obviously anybody can get it.”

Laurie was sitting next to Jack Graham, pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church, at the Rose Garden ceremony. He also was sitting in the same row as the Rev. John Jenkins, President of Notre Dame University, who also has tested positive for COVID. 

I have reached out to Pastor Graham, inquiring about his status, but have not yet heard back from him or his church. 

Laurie said that all members of his family have tested negative for COVID and thanked his followers for their prayers and concern. 



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31 thoughts on “Pastor Greg Laurie becomes 12th Person at Rose Garden Ceremony to Test Positive for COVID”

  1. I react with frustration and embarrassment at the news that Christian leaders who were in this crowd without masking or distancing are coming up positive for covid. These would have been simple measures that not only set a good example for other religious persons but could have shown that Christian can cooperate with sensible precautions.

  2. Pointing out that a person’s choices led to their negative outcome is something the Bible does all the time.

    It is not “politicizing” the issue to do so, and Laurie’s plea seems particularly hypocritical given that the likely source of his infection was his attendance at a political event.

    I’m glad that Laurie does acknowledge that COVID is real, and that it has resulted in tragic deaths.

    But that’s a bare minimum, and it’s sad that the bar has been set so low that NOT denying known facts has become somehow praiseworthy.

  3. I wonder if Pastor Laurie flew back to California from Washington, DC? Did he meet with his church staff after that? What a mess. I just wish the White House could implement the same common sense precautions many churches have been doing outside for months: Social distancing, wearing masks, having lots of sanitizer available, no hand shakes/hugging/fist pumps, temperatures being taken or health questions being asked, no bulletins or passed communion or offering plates, basically doing outside “touchless” services. I know that our church has been doing exactly that with no reported cases. Seems strange that attending a mega church service may be safer than a WH Rose Garden event? Or do these privately invited attenders simply cave to the WH unstated but very clear political peer pressure to not be seen wearing masks, and to then sit closely side by side, happily shaking hands, or being in close proximity for flattering photo ops?

  4. In our kindergarten class (at a Christian school) we teach the children that wearing a mask and social distancing not only protects them but is also a way of loving your neighbor.

  5. “He (Pastor Greg Laurie) also quipped that ‘if the president of the United States can get it, obviously anybody can get it.’” Um, yes, but a person who consistently doesn’t wear a mask or social distance and doesn’t take medical professionals seriously – and is over 60 – is practicing risky behavior for himself and others.

  6. “We are all free to make bad choices and experience the consequences of those choices. But in a world of Coronavirus, others may experience deadly consequences from your bad choices.”

    1. Greg Laurie does seem to struggle with the “reap what you sow” law of the Harvest for which his church is named.

  7. Have God’s people gone entirely insane? I recently saw an on-line picture of many Evangelical leaders at the Rose Garden rally a few weeks ago. NOT ONE had on a mask and they were packed in like sardines. Proverbs says (I forget the chapter & verse): “Though you pound a fool on his head with a club, over and over again, yet his foolishness will not depart from him”. Can I get an Amen???

    1. I agree with your concern here. I also suspect there are more people who don’t want to be associated with many Christian leaders today, but are holding on to a local community of believers.

      I don’t agree with many of the viewpoints of James McDonald, but he did call out an excellent point when he decided to remove himself from the presidents group of evangelical leaders. He said it comes down to power brokering.

      To that point, check out this story (and others like it) asserting that Trump doesn’t actually respect and admire the Christian leaders who support them. In other words both parties (Christian leaders and the president) maintain a relationship because both sides offer the other access to power.

      Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true – I get it – but the story lines up for me.

        1. When asked for comment, the White House tried to deflect, but tellingly did not deny it:

          “The president is also well known for joking and his terrific sense of humor…”

          Meanwhile, Trump has said “I don’t kid”.

          1. Regardless of what you think of the publication’s credibility, when given the opportunity the White House did not deny the story.

            Whether you consider the White House a credible source is your call.

  8. Not from me…
    Speaking of God’s people going entirely insane…have you actually looked at the statistics/data regarding this pandemic? This covid 19, whatever it is, smells very much like a highly politicized/publicized “flu”. It is NOT the great killer that people seem to think it is. It causes many of those who are already physically compromised to die, something that “flu” does every year and we think little of it.
    I question who really has gone insane. God’s people should not fear death, nor should they simply trust “experts” who have money to be made or power to be held on to. I for one, having lived most of my life in “hardship posts” from a north American standpoint (Bolivia and Ethiopia), have been shocked at the complete trust Christians here seem to have in their doctors, the CDC and the World Health Organization. I’ve also been shocked by the palpable FEAR that spread so quickly and completely through the evangelical church. Fear itself is a killer, by the way. People in pagan cultures literally die because they think they will if they enter a certain place. How much of this is actually psychological (and spiritual) warfare? I think that is a huge part of this.
    Packed in like sardines at the Rose Garden? That is not what I saw. They were OUTSIDE!
    I suggest for starters that you do a little research into the changing views of “experts” on whether masks should or should not be worn. Fauci himself has changed his tune, as has the CDC. There is much evil afoot, and lies abound. Be careful how you judge others in this…

    1. “It is NOT the great killer that people seem to think it is. It causes many of those who are already physically compromised to die, something that “flu” does every year and we think little of it.”

      And by physically compromised you mean like the elderly? The remaining members of the greatest generation? Perhaps you refer to those with Down’s Syndrome? Or cerebral palsy? The many Americans with diabetes? Or maybe those who are merely obese?

      How DARE you say that “we think little of it”. You are speaking for yourself alone, Eli.

      I assure you that EVERY ONE OF THESE is loved by Jesus and mourned by those who lost them whether they died from the flu or from Covid. They are MUCH thought of by Jesus. MUCH, not “little”.

      Your comment has nothing of the grace and empathy of Christ, and with it you betray his commandment to love your neighbor as yourself.

      It is telling that you have chosen as your screen name that of a disgraced priest who betrayed his calling before God.

      Examine yourself, sir.

      1. Lea: I wish I had the level of intelligence you have to confront people/Christians on this post who simply will not/do not use their brains when addressing this covid19 issue. God knows I’m no Einstein but I think I have enough God given common sense (whatever level that may be I’m not sure) to recognize good medical expert advise when I hear it. This is all I have ever been trying to get across when re-butting uniformed or over-spiritualized comments about this deadly disease. I pray that an effective vaccine may be found soon. Until then EVERYONE, CHRISTIAN OR NOT, please where a mask, wash your hands often and stay at least 6 feet away from others. Simple, easy and cheap expert medical advise. Can I get an Amen???

        1. Amen, Sams, and thanks for your kind words.

          You are entirely correct, wearing a mask and distancing are simply common sense, even outside of the wise counsel of doctors and medical experts.

          It is completely normal to avoid infectious agents and disease as we would, for example, poisonous snakes or murky water or rotten food. It’s not fear, it’s common sense.

          Masks, distancing, and quarantine are methods that have been used throughout history to address diseases of unknown causes and uncertain cures. Quarantine is the subject of the whole chapter of Leviticus 13.

          The risk of engaging in common sense measures like masks may not be zero but it is very low, and the reward–of preventing infection to ourselves and our neighbors and thus saving lives–is very high.

          On the other hand the risk of NOT taking common sense measures against infectious disease is high–as the outbreak at the White House now shows–and what is the reward? Affirming allegiance to a politician or political party? Owning the libs? Looking tough? None of those are appropriate motivations for a follower of Jesus.

          We know our job–to love the Lord with all our heart and our neighbor as ourselves–and keeping that foremost in our thoughts makes our pathway clear.

    2. ELI – I’m quite confident that nothing say will persuade you to change your point of view. To name what I see though ( and what I believe others are thinking ), your comments are consistent with a conspiracy theorist. No amount of evidence or contrarian viewpoints are considered because all “experts” are discredited. It seems only a few Christians have inside information that disproves the collective knowledge of medical science today. Something doesn’t add up here.

      Looking at the world stage,the U.K. came damn close to losing their leader because of the virus. Many young people are unexpectedly coming back with secondary symptoms that can’t be explained. While some people are asymptotic, there are many characteristics that differentiate it from the seasonal flu. Look at the news stories about Putin who remains in strict isolation as a precaution. He’s taking this quite seriously. Unless he’s in on it, according to your viewpoint, he has also been conned by this conspiracy of fear.

      The point that came up on a separate thread is that viewpoints such as yours are profoundly selfish. Such views fail to take into account the burden this virus puts on frontline healthcare workers. To have your opinion on face mask wearing costs you nothing, at least while you are beating the odds. On the flip-side, the frontline healthcare workers are the ones working exhausting shifts that push them to their limits. And, heaven forbid, should YOU catch this virus (and hopefully you don’t) you will be under the care of the same scientists and healthcare workers you are essentially mocking with your opinions.

      Again, while I can’t persuade you to share the same opinion as me, I can go on record to say I can’t distance myself from your talking points ( and views similar to yours) enough. I can’t in good conscience take the position of what is effectively “Expose them all and let God sort it out”. There is more we can do for our fellow citizens as we figure this out together.

    3. “How much of this is spiritual/psychological warfare?”

      There’s something to that.
      God has a purpose for the virus. The enemy would too.

      Sure, it’s real in the natural. Yet we are spiritual being too.

      And the divisions/fear happening in wake of the virus are something to pray against.

    1. Just watched the ABC news story about how our joint chiefs of the military are mostly infected. It was explained that COVID killed more people this year than the flu has in the last five years combined.

      Either ABC nightly news is correct , or …. they are reporting propaganda (fake news) and the skeptics in this conversation have inside information information the rest of us do not have access to.

      Regrettably the circumstances aren’t different than this and social distancing ( though hard) is the kind thing to do to your neighbor.

      1. I see a lot of argument over opposing views of the “stupid virus”. Ok. We don’t agree. Over it.

        And if we’re in the Church, how can we figure out how to be brothers and sisters here?

        Cause I think there’s a way we can via Jesus.

        1. John 13:35 “”By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

          Jesus’ view is the only view that matters regarding this ‘stupid virus.’

          Christian brothers and sisters would wear a mask to demonstrate love to others.

        2. People have answered your question dozens of times here in numerous threads but you don’t want to accept it.

          “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” – John 13:35

          Jesus already settled the question of how to be brothers and sisters in every situation including ‘this stupid virus.’ You are a brother or a sister through demonstrative love of others, especially other Christians.

          A Brother or Sister in the Lord will wear a mask to protect others in the church and those outside the church.

          Jesus’ opinion is the only one that matters.

          1. I see your point Carla and I agree with you on many of your points. I politely disagree that the only way to show love to another person is based on whether you were a mask or not. I do wear them, and I don’t really mind other’s opinions about wearing them. I know thoughtful Christians on both sides who have considered this matter, and several do choose to wear a mask while some do not. It is not my place, to be critical or derogatory of the decisions they chose to make in the information before them and what maybd the Holy Spirit was leading them to do as they discerned the matter. It is my place, and our place to ask questions and learn from each other and I think that is what will be beneficial in this time when we see so much division.

          2. This is so stupid. To love our neighbor is to share with them the Good News of Christ. That without His sacrificial death for our sin they will face the wrath of God.

            To try and cause disunity over a cloth that has lots of room for discussion in its validity causes nothing but division and anger.

            Let our hearts be about glorifying our God. To wear a mask or not is not about love.

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