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Leading Evangelicals Endorse Prosperity Preacher Paula White’s New Book

By Julie Roys

Paula White, the thrice married, prosperity preacher worth millions, who chairs Donald Trump’s evangelical advisory board, was once considered a pariah by most all leading evangelical leaders.

Russell Moore, head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, said in 2017 that White is “a charlatan . . . recognized as a heretic by every orthodox Christian, of whatever tribe.” And Michael Horton of Westminster Seminary accused White of teaching that everyone can be a “little god,” and claiming that God came not to bring forgiveness of sins, but to “give us the power to claim prosperity.”

Yet this same Paula White is now receiving endorsements from prominent Southern Baptist megachurch pastors—Jack Graham and Robert Jeffress—as well as Franklin Graham, head of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse, and Jerry Falwell, Jr., president of Liberty University.

All four are endorsing White’s new book, Something Greater: Finding Triumph Over Tragedy. Jack Graham calls his “good friend” Paula White’s book “powerful” and adds, “I highly recommend it!”

Jeffress says the book is “wonderful” and urges people to read Something Greater and “give to anyone looking for hope!”

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Franklin Graham encourages people to “check out” White’s book, noting that she’s lived an “interesting life.” (see Update 2) That may be an understatement. White has been investigated by the Senate for her lavish lifestyle. And in addition to her three marriages, televangelist Benny Hinn admitted an “inappropriate relationship” with White in 2011.

Falwell says White’s book will be “an encouragement to so many” and urged people to pre-order it at a discount.


At time of publishing, White’s book was ranked at Amazon as #11 in Religious Leader Biographies, #16 in Christian Women’s Issues, and #17 in Christian Self Help.

UPDATE: Add Greg Laurie, senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship, a multi-campus megachurch in California, to the list of prominent evangelical leaders endorsing White’s book (see Update 2):

UPDATE 2: Both Greg Laurie and Franklin Graham have removed their tweets endorsing White’s book.  I reached out to everyone except Laurie for comment. (Laurie removed his post before I had the chance to do that.) Graham’s press person responded that he is not available for comment. Jeffress called me today and I will be posting his response on Thursday. The others have not yet responded.

UPDATE 3: Also appearing on the back cover of White’s book are endorsements by Johnnie Moore who sits on the executive committee of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Evangelicals; Greg Laurie; and Dr. Jack & Deb Graham.



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55 Responses

  1. I tried to give a link, but it did not go through. Just search Russell Moore and George Soros (especially ERCL and EIT) … and see how GS pays for so much anti-Christianity, particularly through certain Christians and self-proclaiming Christian organizations

  2. Monika, I’ve suffered through several of her cringeworthy hearing-the-audible-voice-of-God vids on YouTube. She is a clown sheister who has been able to con millions of women. Don’t fall for her bizarre performances.

  3. JohnM: SP is too smart to commit outright fraud with FG’s salary. They’ll give you a million complex and idiot words say why they just absolutely have to give FG $1,000,000 in one single year; instead of simply and plainly saying, “That greedy pig demanded it.” See how easy that was. But that doesn’t keep the donations rolling in, does it?

    They also conceal the fact that he’s a very part-time employee. These two points – let alone all of their other shenanigans should cause any discerning Christian to say, “What the….??!” and run as fast as they can from both SP and FG. Sad and disgusting.

    Just one of many articles. Not how politically correct they try to be here too:

  4. Run away from the mega church and run away fast ….I haven’t seen one yet that wasn’t shady …most of the pastors leading these FAKE CHURCHES are MULTI MILLIONAIRES……everything is for sale…having marriage problem they’ll sell you a book or charge you mega bucks to go to one of their bogus conferences…ofcourse they endorsed paula whites book , and I’m sure she will help to sell their books too….if you’ve ever seen them when they are speaking at a conference together…. and it doesn’t matter which mega church pastor your talking about ….they spend at least 5 minutes giving each other a solid butt kissing…it quite embarrassing. …. millionaire and pastor are two words that DON’T belong together….and all of the guys mentioned in this article are millionaires….notice I said guys Not pastors.

    1. I really liked some of the mega-church pastors, and still do to an extent for a select few. But what really started throwing up red the flags to me was a few years ago when many buddied up to the slime known as mark driscoll. Then james macdonald – same thing – like they were all part of some fraternity no matter what. Even Moody pushed macdonald – but we all know they had their own issues. The good thing for me coming from macdonald finally getting the recognition he so justly deserves, which had me evaluate others more closely – is that it drove me back to the local church – thank you Julie. And the Bible. It can be too east to follow these charismatic preachers when we should instead put our focus on Jesus and the Word of God. I am grateful for the local church we found a couple years ago. The pastor won’t end up on TV or have a megachurch – but he is humble, bible believing, Jesus following, and he preaches from both the heart and the Bible.

  5. SO disappointed in today’s “evangelicals.” They are either weak and desire to hobnob with famous and rich Christians or they themselves lack the theological training that would alert them to errors in those that hold them. So sad.

  6. I am sure it is just a coincidence that all these endorsers are on Trump’s Evangelical Council that Paula White chairs. But then they are court evangelicals following their god, lord, and savior Donald Trump and mammon.

  7. ” Basically I was told, “Well we have to pay Franklin a lot more upfront because of how property and taxes are deducted from his earnings. So when all that is taken out he makes a decent, not exorbitant amount of money.” I’m not an accountant, so I had no way of verifying that, but it was my first red flag.”

    It’s not a red flag. It’s a lie. Even if they took 70% (they don’t), he’s still getting $180,000, which is a lot more than most working people, and he’s already filthy rich from his book sales. But actually, he’s getting a lot more than that.

    I don’t begrudge anyone the profits from writing a book, but there is no justification for a $600,000 salary for a non-profit.

  8. “I’m praying for God’s people to use His wisdom to discern His truth.”

    Start with His Word, which makes this all pretty clear.

  9. “Has she had a change of heart? ”

    There is zero evidence of that. She does not claim that.

    So, no, she hasn’t.

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