Leading Evangelicals Endorse Prosperity Preacher Paula White’s New Book

By Julie Roys

Paula White, the thrice married, prosperity preacher worth millions, who chairs Donald Trump’s evangelical advisory board, was once considered a pariah by most all leading evangelical leaders.

Russell Moore, head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, said in 2017 that White is “a charlatan . . . recognized as a heretic by every orthodox Christian, of whatever tribe.” And Michael Horton of Westminster Seminary accused White of teaching that everyone can be a “little god,” and claiming that God came not to bring forgiveness of sins, but to “give us the power to claim prosperity.”

Yet this same Paula White is now receiving endorsements from prominent Southern Baptist megachurch pastors—Jack Graham and Robert Jeffress—as well as Franklin Graham, head of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse, and Jerry Falwell, Jr., president of Liberty University.

All four are endorsing White’s new book, Something Greater: Finding Triumph Over Tragedy. Jack Graham calls his “good friend” Paula White’s book “powerful” and adds, “I highly recommend it!”

Jeffress says the book is “wonderful” and urges people to read Something Greater and “give to anyone looking for hope!”

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Franklin Graham encourages people to “check out” White’s book, noting that she’s lived an “interesting life.” (see Update 2) That may be an understatement. White has been investigated by the Senate for her lavish lifestyle. And in addition to her three marriages, televangelist Benny Hinn admitted an “inappropriate relationship” with White in 2011.

Falwell says White’s book will be “an encouragement to so many” and urged people to pre-order it at a discount.


At time of publishing, White’s book was ranked at Amazon as #11 in Religious Leader Biographies, #16 in Christian Women’s Issues, and #17 in Christian Self Help.

UPDATE: Add Greg Laurie, senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship, a multi-campus megachurch in California, to the list of prominent evangelical leaders endorsing White’s book (see Update 2):

UPDATE 2: Both Greg Laurie and Franklin Graham have removed their tweets endorsing White’s book.  I reached out to everyone except Laurie for comment. (Laurie removed his post before I had the chance to do that.) Graham’s press person responded that he is not available for comment. Jeffress called me today and I will be posting his response on Thursday. The others have not yet responded.

UPDATE 3: Also appearing on the back cover of White’s book are endorsements by Johnnie Moore who sits on the executive committee of the Board of Directors of the National Association of Evangelicals; Greg Laurie; and Dr. Jack & Deb Graham.



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54 thoughts on “Leading Evangelicals Endorse Prosperity Preacher Paula White’s New Book”

  1. “Tis Pity She’s a Whore.” – John Ford | 1629 | Cockpit Theatre

    “Tis Pity She’s a Whore, of Babylon.” – Paula White | 2019 | Theater of the Absurd

    Trying to be as delicate as possible, but how to say this?…., IMO, quite obviously, as there is a less than zero other explanation possible, these three shysters desperately also want their day in her, ahem, boudoir . (Thesis: They all already have fame, power, and millions $$$ each by shamelessly turning the red blood of Christ into solid lovely almost uncountable greenback$, but, alas, they don’t have Paula. Yet.) If you have a better theory, I’d love to hear it.

    American “evangelicalism” has definitively crossed over into the Theater of the Absurd.

    1. The alternative to accusing someone of prostitution is to say something that’s pretty obvious with Graham, White, Jeffress, and too many others; people love bigness, and Paula White is big.

  2. Do not miss the irony of the whole “swamp” thing. These leaders promote Trump, ostensibly because he is “draining the swamp.” That is, in fact, very much needed, as we are seeing every single day. But what about the Church? These promoters of PW and the swamp in the Church. What does light have in common with darkness? Separate yourselves … or at least do not promote a known heretic who swindles people out of their money through a false gospel!!!

    1. *ARE the swamp in the Church.

      Oh, and I forgot, and in even more irony and “swampiness,” the supremely swampy Russell Moore–who is directly connected to George Soros (and his money), and who praises the ever-escalating-in-error Beth Moore–actually condemned Paula White!

        1. 6 of one, half-dozen of another. They may not have the exact same false teachings (e.g. prosperity gospel vs social gospel/woke gospel), but a false gospel is a false gospel. And perhaps one has more false teaching than the other, but Moore’s trajectory will soon pass Paula White, if she has not already. At least PW is more open about her actual teachings.

  3. The old Jewish leaders at the time of Christ would have their hands full trying to keep up with the carnality within Christendom today in our country. Try to counsel a church staff member to return to the “old paths” and see how far you get. They know it all and will let you know they do. Everyone chases someone else who appears to be further along the road to success than they are, so what has been shared here about “Leading Evangelicals” is no surprise to me

  4. Has she had a change of heart? I haven’t heard that she has but just praying that maybe she had since these men have endorsed her book. If not this is very sad.

  5. I ghostwrote two books for Paula many years ago that were pretty squarely evangelical and she didn’t change a word. Admittedly she was mostly known to be preaching the “word of faith” gospel of her mentor TD Jakes (who I also carefully wrote for), but at least back then it didn’t depart much from the pure Gospel of redemption. But even then, I looked at her as a bit fringe and feared she was motivated more by career success than lifting up Jesus. I was totally astounded to see her offering one of three prayers at Trumps inauguration. I’d like to know who helped her make that happen. And I wonder what was going through Mike Pence’s mind.

  6. This has been ongoing for a number of years. How many groups of teachers at various conferences have we seen with people that were respected and others that were extremely questionable as to what they teach? In a nutshell, someone somewhere has a formula to give you what you want or allow what you want in terms of God. Who knew math was moral? More importantly a platform of mixed messages, which one is true? Or is it whatever one prefers?

  7. I’m not a boycott person, but Franklin Graham’s vague / half endorsement really floored me. Last year someone wrote online about Franklin’s rather hefty salary. As a long time supporter of Samaritan’s Purse I contacted the ministry about the allegations. To their credit they did have an official in the ministry contact me back.

    I was extremely underwhelmed with the explanation. Basically I was told, “Well we have to pay Franklin a lot more upfront because of how property and taxes are deducted from his earnings. So when all that is taken out he makes a decent, not exorbitant amount of money.” I’m not an accountant, so I had no way of verifying that, but it was my first red flag.

    Then to see his post on prosperity teacher Paula White today was the second and final red flag I needed.

    I contacted Samaritan’s Purse and told them we were done as contributors and our shock and disappointment with Franklin’s endorsement. I asked them to remove every trace of us from their donor database. I know my couple of hundred dollars a year is like a grain of sand to a big ministry, but I always loved thinking how it might comfort a disaster victim or feed a hungry kid or train a pastor. I just can’t in good conscience give money to a man who makes a lot of money and is cozy with a prosperity teacher and apparently doesn’t care if people he influences fall into her errant theology.

    What a shame! All this stuff is just accelerating and the fall of the ECFA is just a part of it.

    1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. And some people, craving money, have wandered from the true faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows.

    1. I viewed Franklin Grahams comment with sadness for several reasons….people of wisdom and discernment take great pause before vouching for the character of someone known to be of questionable motives..Franklin failed to take pause…sad. The greater wound is to those who have in full trust answered Franklins call to support Samaritans Purse in the past…….now,all for someone else to make profit off of a book , Franklin overlooks those same supporters who are thinking, reasoning people, rightly dividing God’s Word. Sad that he overlooks those people. As night follows day, Samaritans Purse will suffer some collateral damage, worse because there is much need presently. Yes , I will forgive him as I too would want to be forgiven, so I can work out my repentance……but sadly I will be wary and far less trusting. It’s never been that I put him on a pedestal, yet I did see him as a trusted resource…….. that’s changed now.

  8. Julie, have you read the book? I appreciate your work as a whole, which makes me wonder if you would have posted this article otherwise. The book presents a true heart transformation, and a life full of mess, surrendered to Jesus.

    But Trump.

    1. B, I’ve looked at the preview and I’m not sure why anyone needs to read about Paula’s teen romances including anxiety over losing her virginity. My guess is the juicyness of it sells books. Like other “Christian” books it’s just rambling anecdotes and poor writing. As a former buyer for Christian retail I’m glad Christian bookstores have gone out of business. We need good teaching and vertical worship, but we don’t need all the trashy and worldly content with a Christian label on it.

  9. This hurts my heart and I am certain it is hurting the heart of our Lord. Money, fame, political position, power, these all take away from the true Gospel of Christ. Everyone must be discerning. Don’t follow false promoters, prophets (or in this case perhaps, “profits”). Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you. Don’t be fooled. And God will not be mocked. Keep your hearts in Christ Jesus.

  10. Julie, I’m still stunned by Franklin Graham’s endorsement and was hoping to see some remarks from him explaining this. I’ve noticed in the comments some are already cutting ties with Samaritan’s Purse. I’m waiting it out to see what he has to say. I just Googled his name along with his endorsement and so far the only hit that popped up is this blog. Nothing said at all. Praying it’s not as it appears.

    1. Pamela,
      Franklin did support Paula White’s book on Twitter because I read his tweet last night as well as the many who tweeted their disappointment and rebuke. He has since deleted his tweet. I have also seen where Pastor Greg Laurie and Ralph Reed tweeted their support of Paula White’s book. This is all very disturbing and all of these men need to repent.

  11. Yes–we are truly living in the time of the great apostasy. It seems not a day goes by without something sad like this happening in the Christian world. As a nation we need to get down on our knees and pray for revival. Long over due.

  12. Charles Despeville

    These endorsements are far more significant than most will perceive or recognize. In fact, this is a brief flashing of the true colors of the synagogue of satan.

  13. The Twitter endorsement by Franklin Graham has been deleted. Perhaps made by a wayward social media manager without checking with the boss first?

    1. What do you base this on? Have you read any of her books or completed any of her studies? None of her responses are anything but biblical. She is the real deal!

  14. FrnklnG makes about $500,000 from SPurse for very part-time work. In one year alone, he made over $1,000,000 from them for this part-time work. They gave a similar your-too-stupid-to-understand-his-retirement-needs total BS excuse for that year. Just another very fake Christian and very fake charity that found out that we make exceedingly good suckers. All available via Google.

    1. joe d would you explain more about how samaritan’s is fudging the numbers with franklins salary?

      also does anyone know what the connection is with all the endorsers of paula’s book? same publisher?

  15. Just another example of what I think Julie R. has called all of this the Industrial Christian Complex. And that’s all it is.

    Some fantastic actors/con-men/women that have used the Cross of Christ as their con-platform to steal billions – yep, billions $$ – from us suckers over the last few decades. And instead of getting better, it is growing exponentially out of control. When the average informed Christian with any discernment whatsoever can rattle off literally dozens of fake Christian teachers with a national platform and mega-bank account without even trying, you know we have crossed over into very dark times.

    And to our discredit, I have not heard one practical solution to this. Every other “industry” (medicine, accounting, engineering, investment professionals, etc.) drives out its rats, but we just seem to breed more and more of them. Probably why they chose the Industrial Chri$tian Complex to do their dirty work in the first place. No oversight with very gullible customers. (Note: adding insult to injury, the one fake oversight we suppossedly had, the EFCA, turned out to be a con led by another fake Christian conman. You just can’t make this stuff up.)

    As for me an my house, we have jumped the shark and now attend a PCA church for the sole reason that maybe just maybe the pastoral disciplinary system in place there will help prevent the MacDonald/Furtick/Driscoll/Osteen/White/Moore/Jakes/Moody Bible/Warren/(insert 100 more names here) cancer that is eating the US “evangelical” every-pastor-is-a-pope church alive. We’ll see.

  16. Ever since I saw Jeffress speaking in tongues while texting on his phone, his opinion means less than squat….run screaming from him

  17. I find many of these comments rude and offensive. Sounds like many of you are obsessed with who has or doesn’t have money. My understanding of the Bible is that God knows the heart of all of us. Please pray for these people in authority. Have some Christian love and if they are doing wrong, pray God will convict them of their wrong doing and bring them to repentance .


      There’s nothing wrong with having money that you earn by offering people goods or services they are willing to pay for. It’s a whole other thing to take an exorbitant salary for yourself from donations that were intended to be passed on to people in need, especially those needing to hear the gospel.

    2. misterjesperson

      “Sounds like many of you are obsessed with who has or doesn’t have money.”-MD So was Jesus, so what is your beef with Him? Jesus told the rich young ruler to give up his money, which meant giving up his power and then the man walked away from the chance of a lifetime. Then Jesus (God in the flesh) said that it is basically impossible for a rich man to enter heaven and be saved. He also plainly stated that you cannot serve God and Money for you will have to choose one of the two to despise. Those who choose not to despise money and worldly fame and power despise the real Jesus. This is what Jesus was saying. Are you saying that Jesus lied?


    Why would you think their endorsements might be due to some change of heart on her part? They continue to endorse and defend the President’s ungodly behavior with absolutely no visible fruit of repentance. They had already lost all their credibility long before endorsing her book.

  19. Jalaine Chansler

    I know now that Franklin Graham does not have the gift of distinguishing between spirits! 1 Cor. 12:4-11. (Since there can also be false prophecies that come from evil spirits, this gift is necessary in order to distinguish the true from the false. 1 John 4:1-6.

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