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New Liberty University Campus Pastor Jonathan Falwell.

Liberty University Names Jonathan Falwell as New Campus Pastor

By Julie Roys

Liberty University announced today that Jonathan Falwell—the brother of former Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr. —will serve as its new campus pastor.

The announcement comes one day after David Nasser, former Liberty vice-president for spiritual development, announced his resignation in a video posted online and shared on social media.

Nasser has served in his role at Liberty since August 2014.

Falwell currently serves as the pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church (TRBC), the church his father, Jerry Falwell, Sr., founded. It is unclear if Falwell will continue in that role.

The board of TRBC has a supervisory role over Liberty University, at least on paper. According to Liberty’s articles of incorporation, TRBC has the power to remove Liberty University trustees if it believes they are failing to protect the school’s mission.

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Jerry Falwell, Jr., was added to TRBC’s board in April 2020. The Roys Report reached out to TRBC, asking if Jerry Falwell, Jr., remains on the board, but did not immediately hear back. 

Today, Save 71, a group of Liberty alumni advocating for reform, tweeted that a “good first step” for Jonathan Falwell would be to “apologize for the spiritual abuse that Liberty has endured for years.”

The group added that Jonathan Falwell “has never once acknowledged the controversies and shame that his brother heaped on Liberty for the past half decade.” Noting that pastors are supposed to “protect their flock from wolves,” and “at LU, wolves have been in control for years,” the group urged Falwell to “lead in bold, uncomfortable ways.”

In response to Nasser’s resignation, Jonathan Falwell yesterday on Twitter thanked Nasser for his “consistent and impactful ministry” at Liberty. Falwell added, “I appreciate Jennifer and David and look forward to seeing what God does through them in the future as they take their next steps in ministry.”

Similarly, Liberty University President Jerry Prevo said, “(Nasser) has done an amazing job with helping our students to develop a closer walk with the Lord. He will be missed.”Former Liberty University VP of Spiritual Life David Nasser

However, Dustin Wahl, co-founder of Save 71, sharply criticized Nasser.

“David Nasser has weaponized grace at the expense of justice and he has weaponized kindness at the expense of truth,” said Wahl, “and he has quashed dissent against Falwell, Jr. for years, and that’s his legacy at Liberty.”

Save 71 also tweeted that Nasser’s statement was “dripping with the same spiritualized language he used to defend and legitimize Falwell Jr for the past seven years.”

In addition to taking a salary of $384K in 2018, Nasser also lived in a newly-built house on Liberty University’s Candler Mountain, valued at more than half-million dollars.

Nasser’s wife, Jennifer Nasser, was paid more than $96,000 by Liberty in 2018. Nasser’s son, Rudy Nasser, and his sister, Nastaran Morgan, also received salaries from Liberty.

Nasser said he is moving to Nashville to lead a nonprofit, but did not name the nonprofit.

In its statement regarding Nasser’s departure, Liberty said Nasser is moving to an opportunity where he will minister “on the behalf of orphans and foster children.” The university added that its parting with Nasser is “amicable and on good terms.”




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12 thoughts on “Liberty University Names Jonathan Falwell as New Campus Pastor”

  1. Robert Fritch

    Hmm, I wonder if he was asked to resign and they did this to cover things up for why they are leaving.

  2. Ahh once again the evangelical industrial complex continues the family run and tax dodged grift of churches and colleges. I’m Two rules. Never let a Falwell near money or pool boys. You sheep deserve to be dipped of your money.

    1. But it looks like Jonathan Falwell will take a more active role, unlike Jerry Jr. who preferred to sit back and _WATCH_, as everyone knows.

  3. Jennifer Eason

    This kind of thing (making ministry hereditary) never seems to end well. I imagine a history professor or two at LU could provide some examples. And speaking of the professors and other staff, I feel badly for them…

  4. How could they make such an obvious mistake after all they’ve already been through? The optics alone..

          1. Same here! Just my brother and a few friends are hip to them. I used to be a King’s X evangelist after I discovered their first album…told everyone about them. Great band. I’ve met Dug a few times over the years. Super cool and down to earth. They really have something unique.

          2. I always wondered if the “Gretchen goes to Nebraska” story was inspired by G.K. Chesterton’s story about him going to Battersea, in _Orthodoxy_, I think it was.

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