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First Cases of COVID-19 Reported at John MacArthur’s LA Megachurch

By Julie Roys
John MacArthur preaches at Grace Community Church

John MacArthur’s Los Angeles-area megachurch, which has defied county orders banning indoor worship services, has three confirmed cases of COVID-19, according to LA County officials.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has not said whether the confirmed cases involve Grace Community Church staff or congregants. However, public health officials say they are investigating the “outbreak” and “will work closely with the church to support outbreak management strategies that can limit transmission of COVID-19.”

Grace has an estimated attendance of 7,000. And under a county health order, places of worship must report to public health when at least three coronavirus cases are identified among church staff or congregation within a span of 14 days.

Grace Community Church was not immediately available for comment and there is no information about the confirmed COVID cases at the church website.

Grace has been locked in an ongoing legal battle with county officials about holding indoor services since July. For the past several months, MacArthur has claimed that no one at Grace has gotten sick with COVID-19. However, two people who attended the Shepherd’s Conference at Grace in early March were diagnosed with COVID-19 shortly afterwards and died. 

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Grace initially complied with California and LA County’s ban on large, indoor gatherings. However, in July, MacArthur said he believed the government had exaggerated the risk COVID posed and that failing to gather for worship was disobedience to God.  

Grace began holding indoor services again on July 26 and masks and social distancing were not required. Los Angeles officials then sent a cease and desist letter, threatening the church with fines and arrest. The county noted that it permitted large, outdoor gatherings, just not indoor gatherings.

MacArthur and Grace responded by filing a lawsuit, claiming that the state-issued health restrictions “violate the California constitution.”

Since then, the battle has intensified, with the county evicting the church from a parking lot Grace has leased for 45 years.

The county also sought to get the Los Angeles Superior Court to hold MacArthur and Grace in contempt for violating the ban on indoor worship. Last month, a judge refused to decide on the contempt request because social distancing rules prohibited people from being present in the courtroom. The judge instead scheduled a hearing on the case for November 13.

MacArthur continues to defy the county orders. Two weeks ago, he spearheaded a petition aimed at deeming the church “essential.”

UPDATE: In a newsletter today, Grace Community Church said it had three part-time employees who tested positive for COVID-19. The church said the three have not been hospitalized and are recovering at home. Grace said it will meet for worship this Sunday.

UPDATE 2: According to the LA Department of Public Health, Grace Community Church now has four confirmed cases of COVID-19.



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59 thoughts on “First Cases of COVID-19 Reported at John MacArthur’s LA Megachurch”

  1. I don’t think I would consider 3 out of 7,000 an outbreak. I think the state is looking for any excuse to shut them down.

    1. So they should wait until the virus has had a chance to spread even farther through the mostly older congregations? I don’t think you understand just how easily Covid-19 spreads through a congregation that is willfully ignoring every commonsense precaution.

      Every new infection is another chance of a superspreader wreaking havoc through their ranks. Remember the church choir from Mount Vernon in Washington? One infected person managed to infect 52 out of 62 people in at single two hour practice, hospitalizing three, and killing two.

      Here in Texas, El Paso has just ordered refrigerated trucks to hold bodies as the morgues are filling close to capacity. This is not a joke. The local health officials are offering to work with the church to help keep the outbreak to a minimum, despite the fact that the scofflaw MacArthur has told them to get lost on multiple occasions. Who do you think is displaying the most Christ-like behavior here?

      1. @Tacitus – please give us a verifiable link to your statement about refrigerated trucks — I have seen this being posted by individuals over the past months, but no one has yet supplied a verifiable link. Thanks

          1. Same in Detroit, Michigan.

            One of my neighbors lost 5 family members to COVID. My mom’s doctor told her that although she lost no patients to COVID yet, one of her patients lost 11 family members.

            I know of at least three churches that have practiced “herd immunity.” 18 dead from one (attendance of 300-400?); 2 dead from one (attendance of 60-80); and 2 dead from another (attendance of, maybe 100).

    2. They are not going to shut down his church. No one is going to stop worship. So much fear about what is going to happen to churches.

  2. I think this is ridiculous! We know this virus now. Keep the elderly and people with other health conditions away from people but everyone else live your lives. Right now we have church like ordinary, no masks. I’m sure there may be some cases but it is not a big deal. Let’s not live in fear.

    1. The average age of church congregations in the US is over 50, meaning at least half of attendees are at a heightened risk of injury or death from the virus, and for the oldest, a very significant risk. In North Carolina, churches have been the third most commonly identifiable cause of Covid-19 outbreaks in the state, behind colleges and meat packing facilities, and have the second highest associated death toll.

      If you haven’t had any issues in your congregation so far, you got lucky, that’s all. I hope your luck continues, but you’re playing with fire. “Church ike ordinary” is nothing to be proud of in the middle of a raging pandemic — it’s ignorant and irresponsible.

    2. J.No big deal-just over 223,000 deaths from COVID-19. Nothing to fear-no masks-church as ordinary. You know who would be very pleased with yours and your churches approach IMO.

      I never knew until 4 years ago how CRUEL those that profess to be Christians and voted for Trump could be. I do now.

    3. Lose a couple of elderly relatives to Covid as our family has – a second dear Uncle just this week – and you might view it differently. Asymptomatic low-paid caregivers often with no medical insurance benefits unintentionally pass this around.

      Also knew a 67 yr old with no underlying health conditions and exercised daily who died.

      Know a 16 yr old travel soccer player – with no underlying health conditions- who was in the hospital for months this summer and was close to death for a number of days.

      Having gotten an auto immune before my 24th Birthday puts me at risk for an illness I did nothing to get… non-smoker, very light drinker, etc

      This virus is tricky and there’s still much we don’t understand about it… and long term side effects can be very troubling.

    4. Completely agree. Three cases in a church is not news, in my opinion. I applaud McArthur for doing his job, as a pastor. Not a single report anywhere that I recall on how many cases came from shopping at Costco,Walmart, etc. There are more people in line in a Costco at any given time than are in attendance in some churches. Something like 99% of people under 50 survive. The initial goal was to flatten the curve. We did that. Now we know it will spread and everyone can decide for themselves how to manage their lives and their health.

    1. Being sarcastic-it will never happen to them or their loved ones. These three are just statistics and not people i guess.

  3. If the Roys Report is going to continue posting these “news” items regarding COVID-19 cases in churches and religious organizations, I would like to request for more balanced reporting. Please also begin report the number of congregants with reported influenza cases, diabetes, cancer, heart trouble, and any myriad of health issues.

    COVID isn’t going away, no more than influenza is going away (and we even have a vaccine for influenza). With a 99.99% survival rate, COVID is no more a threat to our health than other health issues.

    So please stick to YOUR investigative reporting. I fear you’re going to start loosing readers and financial supports who follow and support you for this very reason. We can get general news elsewhere. But there is only one Roys Report. Please don’t dilute your platform.

    1. I hope that your “99.99% survival rate” is just ignorance (or bad math) and not willful lying.
      If every single person in the U.S. got COVID, a 99.99% survival rate would be about 30,000 deaths, but already it has killed well over 200,000.
      The actual survival rate is more like 99% (it kills 1 in 100 who get it). Which of course is an average — for healthy people in their 20s the survival rate might be close to 99.99% while for senior citizens, diabetics, and other categories more than 1% die. And of course a number of those who don’t die are left with greatly worsened health.

      Hard to believe somebody who can’t do basic math and can’t spell “losing” is really a Professor …

    2. Keep in mind not all “COVID’ deaths are actually COVID related, as we know. It is hardly an ‘outbreak’ when only 2 people have died from gathering at the church house since March.

      1. Lyn H. How do you know all Covid deaths are not actually Covid related? Where does your information come from and what source are you using? If you’re that sure please provide a link so any of the people on this post can verify your statement. You are giving an opinion rather than facts backed up by statistics.

      2. An outbreak is declared when there are at least 3 new positive cases of COVID within a 14 day period all coming from the same church, school, business, etc. The three cases need to not be obviously related to each other. For instance, when 3 children from the same family who go to the same school get COVID that is not an outbreak. The word outbreak refers to a sudden start of the virus in one location. An outbreak may or may not lead to deaths. It just puts the local health department on alert that the virus could spread more widely and prompts them to do contract tracing and ask people to isolate.

    3. Source for the 99.99% survival rate? I think that’s the supposed germ kill rate for Lysol wipes, not the COVID-19 survival rate.

  4. 3 of of 7000 is an extremely low number. It would not hurt the church to have distancing and other precautions, but California has gotten ridiculous with restrictions, they have been allowing many other activities with more crowding, but are singling out churches. Grace is right to push back, but maybe be better about precautions.

    Ohio never told churches they could not meet. Many did so on their own, but most have resumed services, observing cleaning and distancing.

    1. Undoubtedly folks like Steve M and others like Trump just downplay these cases. They want to use simple statistics to minimize the suffering and death of real people. Trump has really made it popular to just dismiss the cases and deaths. Trumps words not mine-It is what it is. Not to those that get a full blown case of Covid-19. It just saddens how Christians react to these statistics and minimize them..

      1. Tom, I assume you no longer drive a car or get on an airplane? You are living your life in fear when the science doesn’t demand it. I choose not to do that. And here is another lame aspect of your answer…you bring Trump into it. Are you that soft mentally and intellectually that you have to make it political? Sad.

      2. Dear Tom. As a follower of Jesus Christ, my deepest desire is that those who have not yet trusted in Christ and His sacrifice on the cross for sinners like me, may come to know Him as their Savior, Lord and Greatest Treasure! Every person that has died….whether from this virus or another virus, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer are valuable. They are made in God’s image and He created each of us.

        I long for those who do not yet know the Lord, that they would trust in Christ alone. The issue is that all will die Tom someday. It’s not IF but WHEN. But it’s important to know WHERE you are going. Eternity is long.

        Sadly Tom, some will die from this virus. My heart grieved recently to find out someone I know who died (not from cover but from old age) and yet he did not profess to follow Jesus but was depending on his “good” works to save him. That is so heartbreaking to me Tom because I cared deeply for this person. And for many others that I have known that have died without Christ. I grieve because their best life was now.

        But the problem with what’s going on in our country is that the major shutdowns don’t add up. Masks don’t add up (if you read what’s written on your mask, it will say “not intended for medical use”). Viruses will still enter these masks. But no matter what, God is in control and sovereign over every part of this too.

        “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23

        “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8.

        Care for all those who have suffered Tom and lost their loved ones.

        I believe that if you asked others, that is their heart too!
        My mom has severe dementia Tom. I grieve over the sadness of seeing her brain shrink.
        And yet not without hope! Because her best life is yet to come Tom! And I am so thankful that she has CHRIST!!!! Someday, she will get a new mind and a new body! But for now, we live in a world with sickness and disease. There is sadness, loss and grief. But one day…..for all who have put their trust in Christ alone….will be worshipping the Lord forever and ever. What a wonderful Savior is Jesus my Lord!

  5. Right now it’s three. We have no idea how many people the three infected ones have come in contact with either inside the church building itself or outside of it. Here we have a high profile evangelical preacher who wields an enormous amount of influence over his congregation and the evangelical church at large, defying easy, common sense expert medical advice to keep his congregants out of harms way of this terrible virus and he won’t do it. But also, the congregants bear the circumstances of their own decisions in regard to this. I am one of those who came out of the Harvest Bible Chapel mess. And our mistake was that we regarded James McDonald on equal footing with the Lord himself. Ravi Zacharias at the act like men conference just two years ago said and I quote, when you get a call from James, it’s like getting a call from Jesus, unquote. I can assure you John MacArthur is not Jesus, and he has no right to use his influence in such a reckless and irresponsible manner.

    1. It’s not “reckless” and “irresponsible” to hold church services when a virus exists in which 99.9% of people survive even if they contract it. I think you may be forgetting what is at stake here. Every day people die from natural causes, accidents, and old age and are thrown into Hell for rejecting Jesus the Christ. At church, the Gospel is proclaimed and Christians gather together to pray and encourage one another with the Gospel. The Church is rescuing people from the fires of Hell. The Church is absolutely essential. If church is merely an activity for the saved where you attend, I suggest you find another church. Better to hear the Gospel and accept Christ and be forgiven and contract Covid than to stay physically healthy but spiritually dead. And if your response is, “they can have church online”, I would point out 2 things… 1) as far as I know, GCC still offers online services, so that option still exists for those that want to attend church in that way, and 2) online services do not have the same depth and meaning as in-person services. They just don’t.

      1. Paul, you say that if the church I attend is merely an activity for the saved then I should find another church. That’s really a very ignorant statement. You know nothing about me or the kind of church I attend. And we’re not talking about natural causes of death. Were talking about a virus that has circled the globe, made millions and millions of people sick and also taken 1.5 million lives worldwide. So I guess if you want to over spiritualize your position on the mission of the church and the covid19 virus, you remove yourself from sound, common sense, expert, medical advice and parallel yourself next to John MacArthur’s position. That is the reason I said he is reckless and irresponsible. Your statement in this post smacks of that as well.

  6. *May we remember….no one is being forced to attend Grace Community Church. Their members long to be there! Why? Because they long to worship the Lord together with other believers and to hear the Word of God being preached faithfully by faithful under-shepherds! We need the body of Christ to encourage one another and to fellowship! It is what the Lord has given us on earth! A taste of heaven! What we will be doing for all eternity!!! We need to live out Hebrews 3:13.

    *Our churches in America (and sadly, here in DuPage County Julie) need to come in repentance for having strayed so far from the truth of God’s Word. We applaud women elders/ pastors…..we endorse seeker friendly churches that draw large crowds but where the Word is missing….and we have no shame nor blush at sin that happens in our churches. You know this well….as you have reported on controlling leadership for a long time now. These are serious matters.

    But then we oppose a faithful man like John MacArthur who is living out Hebrews 10:25. He is not afraid of man but rather fears God above all, knowing that it is to Him alone that he will stand before one day in eternity for how he shepherded God’s sheep. MacArthur is this generations modern day Paul. He is not ashamed of the Gospel….willing to preach the whole counsel of God in season and out of season.

    Should we be surprised when people hate those who follow the Lord and stand for truth? There is always a faithful remnant. But sadly, there are false teachers in the church. And many who sit in our churches who do not yet know the Lord. It’s not the wide path but the narrow (Matthew 7:13). (side note….the new Pilgrim’s Progress movie is an excellent picture).

    Should we be surprised that men hate those who stand for truth? Jesus was despised and rejected too. This is the way of the Cross. “If I forget that the way of the cross leads to the cross and not to a bank of flowers, then I know nothing of Calvary’s love.” (Amy Carmichael)

    “For He will be handed over to the Gentiles, and will be mocked and mistreated and spit upon” Luke 18:32
    “He is despised and rejected by men, A Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. And we hid, as it were, our faces from Him; He was despised, and we did not esteem Him.” Isaiah 52:3

    *I understand the world living in fear. But why is the church living in fear? Do we not know where we are going friends? We are all going to die. But as Christians, our best life is yet to come when we shall be with the Lord forever! Absent from the body, present with the Lord (2 For 5:8)!! It is not now. We do not live by luck. God has numbered our days (Psalm 139). We should weep for any unbeliever as their best life is now. Most will not die from this virus. But all will die one day.

    *We as believers need to be faithful to use these evil days, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. People need the Lord! Someday, a far greater persecution will come. If we are not faithful in the little, how will we ever be faithful with greater persecutions. Have we counted the cost of being a Christian? If our Perfect Savior Jesus Christ suffered, why should we not? Reading stories from Voice of the Martyrs is life changing. A recent article was on a girl from Eritrea who counted the cost during her senior year of high school and was imprisoned. She lost all of the people in her life. But she knows that if she has Christ, she has everything. Have our riches and our desire for comfort in America blinded our eyes to what’s eternal?

    *The numbers don’t add up friends. 3 out of 7,000. Sounds like what IL did today. 20 new people just got the virus out of almost 13 million people in our state and DuPage County is as of today being restricted to a max of 25 people in a room….restaurants no longer dine in.

    1. Jodi, I TOTALLY agree with you. I’ve been behind MacArthur from day one. The church today is unprepared for real trials that could be around the corner if certain political operatives are able to pass the Equality Act. Our religious liberties will die quickly. That one bill, passed by the U.S. House (but not the Senate…yet), is the greatest threat to the church, and practically no one knows anything about it.

    2. Jody and Pastor David, how do you know the church is living in fear of Covid? Do you speak for the entire church? I don’t think so. I haven’t been in fear of Covid and neither has any of the people in my congregation. Our pastor and staff have exhibited great wisdom by going with the expert medical advice of masks and social distancing and also providing hand sanitizer at the doors of the church. Also, our church services are on YouTube for those congregants who just aren’t comfortable being in crowds of people just yet, especially the elderly who are more susceptible to the virus. Your broad sweeping statements of the church is living in fear is completely unfounded. Please speak for yourself and not for others.

  7. I contend that no one, absolutely no one, knows when or how he contracted the virus. Because someone is a part of a church doesn’t mean he got the virus in the church. We’ve had about 10 people in our church of 1000+ who have gotten the virus, and not one of them can say they got it at the church. Our worship pastor asked his doctor how he could have gotten the virus, and the doctor said, “Did you touch a gas pump? Did you carry a plastic bag from the store, etc?” Friends, it’s impossible to tell where someone gets sick. Do your best and live freely. If you die, and you know Christ, you win! As a wise old spiritual leader once told me, “You know, heaven isn’t so bad!” Yikes! I just had a dry cough! Really. What if….

    1. Pastor Dave, what possible difference does it make where a person gets the virus? The fact of the matter is one person can infect hundreds of people and this is easily verified by medical experts who have put the protocols in place to at least slow down the progression of the virus until such time that a vaccine can be implemented and it begins to taper off. If you die you know Christ and you win? So that means that we do nothing and let this virus run rampant, just because we know we are Christians and going to heaven? Over spiritualizing people like you give me migraine headaches. I once had a leader in our men’s Bible and prayer group that called us and said he was stuck in a traffic jam and wouldn’t be there and said that the cause was God just didn’t want him there that night. Then he called about three weeks later, said he was stuck in a traffic jam, and wouldn’t be there that night and said the reason was because Satan really had a way of getting him off-track. This man is 65 years old. And one would think that he would have more sense, at that age than to say something as ridiculous as that. Over spiritualizing a situation, any situation is an easy way of describing what is happening by making God’s word say anything you want it to say, even if it’s an irresponsible statement like if you know Christ and you die, you win. Someone, anyone with any brains, please give me a break. Can I get an amen??

  8. Of the ten, or so, who got COVID who attend our church; they got their virus before we went inside, when we were all outside with great social distancing. So, did they get COVID at the church? Again, no one knows. Thank God none of them offered me up in the contact tracing process.

    1. @Mickey F – our church’s contributions have stayed solid so far by God’s grace and those who are invested in the ministry of the church. In fact, we could show more “profit” without opening back up with those expenses than if we stayed closed and people just continued to invest — if they would. But meeting in person seems to be the best way for us to carry out the mission of the church — especially at this time when many people are fearful and seeking hope. Of course our purpose is not to “show a profit” but invest resources in God’s Kingdom here on earth.

  9. Thank you, Jodi and Pastor Dave. Well put.
    I am disturbed by how people talk about “covid 19” and viruses as if so very much is known and we can trust the experts. We also hear about the testing as if it is conclusive. I question the narratives on both, due to personal experience and the experiences of many friends all around the world.
    I live in Western NC, Tacitus. Don’t take what you hear out of this state as truth.
    Our county was ahead of the state in following CDC/WHO/Fauci guidance to protect everybody from this “plague”.
    My daughter worked at a nursing home/rehab center here, and they had followed the CDC guidance to the T – double masks, gloves, suits..incredible PPE…exhausting for all those who were caring for the residents. They also stopped anyone else (like the residents’ own family) from coming in (for the protection of these elders).
    Well, somehow, despite all the precautions, Covid “got in”. Eventually 30 of the 100 or so passed away. They say it was from covid. I wonder…’ I know the director was distraught, because they had taken all the precautions and were fastidious about it, yet covid came anyway.
    My daughter tested positive soon after the “outbreak”. Once it got into the home everyone was tested, (and retested, week after week…my daughter had to keep getting tested even after she’d had it and then tested negative again). She never had any symptoms.
    My husband and I were both tested because she lives with us (contact tracing, you know). We both tested negative.
    Imagine yourself an elderly person in assisted living in 2020, and one day you wake up…seemingly in a different world. You are kept alone in a room, not allowed to socialize with anyone. Your family never comes to visit (or if you are lucky, they come sit outside your window, but they never come in and hug you). You are cared for by people who seem to be dressed in space suits. Your only entertainment is the television. The space people who come and go are rushed, don’t have time to chat, just help with your necessities, and you never feel the touch of their skin against yours…only the plastic which is ever present.
    I would contest that these elderly people died of “covid”. More likely they got the seasonal illness we usually call a cold or flu, but combined with no human contact, confusion, & isolation, had no will to live. I know I would quickly lose my desire to stay in this world in those conditions. Sounds like hell to me.
    I know that there have been “bodies” piling up in various places, but I sincerely doubt you can say it is all due to this “virus”. Frankly, there are evil forces at work, and there is a lot of money being made and power wielded. If you look closely at this whole thing globally, it is pretty obvious that we have been set up.
    The solution to the “pandemic” has been far more deadly than whatever it is that started it. God only knows how this will end. Well, I guess we do too. Let’s look to love our neighbors without fear; the day of Jesus’ return is surely drawing near!

    1. I appreciate what you have to say, Eli, good points. My mom has health issues which necessitate her needing caregivers daily, and I’m grateful that she is at home, where she can receive visits and touch…we can’t discount the toll it’s had on human hearts and souls. God be with those seniors your daughter helps care for, and all the caregivers.

      1. I don’t sense that from Eli’s words. I take the common sense and science into account AND I sense a fear driven element into how people can react to this.

        Possible to have common sense and feel bad for the effect this has had on people’s hearts and spirits which is part of the fallout of this virus situation.

  10. Momento Mori. Remember you are mortal. Or have we forgotten that? Listen to some blues music and be reminded from sacred and profane singers how ALL OF LIFE has been cursed by sin. “Death don’t take no vacation in this land” is one chorus that immediately comes to mind.

    And if all we do is to follow the science and the marketing and do not consider that this plague may be divine punishment for the corruption all around us and in us, we are fools and are wasting our time.

  11. I never dreamed in my 50 plus years that I would read on a Christian blog such cold and uncaring comments. I do not believe in Fatalism and that is surely what I got from several of your comments- some comments almost dissertations. I do not know your Jesus and do not wish to. He is nothing like the one I believe in. If I am smart I will not come back hear to read your heartless uncaring comments. Those that think this way I pray you never get in a position of authority.

      1. Agree to disagree and then let it go. “Their Jesus. My Jesus.” It makes my heart heavy.

        Compared to what may be coming, we might look back on Covid as as the calm before the storm. Now is the time to prepare by delving deep into the word and seeking His face. It grieves me that so many are squandering the time. I’m asking God to cleanse and refine me and use me for his glory so that my latter days are better than the former.

    1. The feeling is mutual – we pray that an ignorant person such as YOU never get into a position of authority.

      This “virus” is NOT the Black Death, and it is NOT going away. Better learn to LIVE (not merely “exist”) with it, rather than cower in a corner somewhere. If you’re that afraid, please stay home. Your little mask won’t protect you or anyone else from this disease with a 99%+ recovery rate. (Fun fact: you have a better chance of dying in a car crash. Uh-oh… better leave the car in the garage, since driving is so risky. You might die!!!)

      Meanwhile, the rest of us need to continue living rather than being held hostage by politicians who are using this “virus” as an excuse to wield dictatorial power over us, destroying jobs and livelihoods and families and lives, trampling on the Constitution, using the virus smokescreen to bring about the NWO.

      This current script is different than the “Thief in the Night” scenario we grew up with, but make no mistake – the end goal is the same. I shudder to think how many “Christians” wouldn’t hesitate to hand over us “heretics” who refuse to bow the knee to the “commonsense” diktats of our overlords. Judging by the disturbing willingness to shame others over the superstition of mask-wearing and the unscriptural prohibitions against worship, it seems there are far too many who would not think twice about doing so.

      All in the name of “love,” of course.

      Christ is Head of the Church, not Caesar. I wish the Church truly understood that.

      You may now proceed to excoriate me because I won’t go along with the narrative you’ve chosen to buy into….

        1. Not exactly…excoriated how? You have your view, Askeladd has their view, and I have no problem if you disagree.

          It is the shaming and arguing those with opposing views to do each other that bothers some of us here.

      1. I bow to the commonsense diktats of the overlords when I ride in my car. I have seatbelts (which I wear), airbags, antilock brakes. My chances of dying in a car crash would be far higher if I didn’t engage in commonsense risk mitigation, some of which is enforced by legal authorities.

        I would hate for my carelessness to endanger another human being.

  12. Amen Jodi to all you said. People need Christ. Thankful heaven is forever. People don’t have hope who have not put trust in Jesus Christ. One thing is 100 percent certain we all will die. My son was only 7 when he died but Noah asked Jesus into his life and asked Jesus to forgive his sins. Leukemia did not win. Jesus conquered death and Noah went straight into Jesus’s arms. We miss Noah greatly but what Hope to know we’ll see Noah again.
    Thank you Jesus you conquered death. Let anyone who doesn’t know you Lord come today to the cross to find forgiveness of sins and hope in You Jesus.

    Love song from keith and kristyn Getty …called Hope in Life and Death

  13. What makes the reported infections a concern regarding Grace Community Church relates to the potential of asymptomatic transmission. It’s one thing when someone catches something with clear symptoms like the flu and then separates him/herself from others for the time being to prevent the spread of it to others. But with covid-19, where someone infected may not show any symptoms at all, if that person is sitting closely with others in an assembly of a large gathering of people for more than an hour, that’s a concern because of not knowing if and how the virus will affect others that are part of that assembly. Earlier in the year, one of the elders of my church who is in his 30s was hit very hard by covid-19 and had to separate himself from others with the exception of his wife who was also infected and experienced very mild symptoms. As we just began resuming indoor services with limited capacity and social distancing protocols in place, he and his wife, who just recently had a baby, have had to hold off from coming to services for now in order to protect himself and his family.

  14. I don’t understand why Christians act like covid is not a big deal …..why cant churches like macarthurs just wear masks and use a little han san when they meet?? Is that so hard to do?? Get together but for crying out loud use some precautions!!

  15. Steve the Engineer

    An attorney for Grace Community Church is quoted as saying, “Three very mild positive tests among more than 7,000 people is hardly news”, and, “0.0004% is not an ‘outbreak.’” Their percentage calculation is incorrect. While 3 cases divided by 7,000 people yields “0.0004…” as pointed out by Steve M, this equates to 0.04%, not 0.0004%. Perhaps the same attorney has made the oft-quoted 99.99% (and erroneous) calculation of COVID-19 survival rates. Please “do the math” before making public statements. It helps establish your credibility.

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