John MacArthur
Pastor John MacArthur preaches at Grace Community Church in March 2021. (Source: Video screengrab)

John MacArthur Claims Current Criticism is Persecution for Preaching the Gospel

By Julie Roys

John MacArthur recently claimed that the heat he’s facing for his expensive lifestyle, millions in contracts to his son-in-law, alleged embellishing of stories, and handling of COVID is persecution for preaching the gospel.

In a sermon entitled, “The Benefits of Suffering for Christ,” MacArthur complains that people are “doing everything (they) can on the internet” to “silence me” and to convince people that he’s “just another spiritual fraud.”

MacArthur has not directly addressed any of the issues against him that have been raised.

Instead, he suggested that he’s become a target because he’s “out there, proclaiming the truth.” He also suggested that those publishing information harmful to his reputation “hate the gospel.”

He states:

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Nobody’s trying to take my life that I know of. One time, one person did on Easter Sunday morning in the office. While they’re doing everything they can on the internet to take away my reputation, to silence me because they have convinced people that I am, like so many others, just another spiritual fraud. You sort of leave your life out there. That’s way it is. . . .

I mean, we got to be out there, proclaiming the truth, right? You can’t say, “Well, I’m afraid that might cost me my reputation if I’m bold about the gospel. And those who hate the gospel are going to try to destroy me. And there are a lot of ways they could do it without killing me, especially in this internet era.”

But you don’t really have a choice. The glory of God is shining in the face of Jesus Christ. And Christ lives in you and shines through you, as He puts himself on display in the evident virtues of your life.

However, according to image repair analyst, Dr. Julia Dahl, MacArthur is using image repair tactics that leaders commonly use when caught in a crisis.

Dr. Dahl says MacArthur’s statements are a “form of denial via deflection”—a way to insure that the charges against the “offender/person in crisis” are ignored and attention instead deflected to the group making the charges.

“It is a way of saying, ‘The charges are not what matters. What matters is that these people are evil and trying to destroy me.’ Bill Hybels did this. James MacDonald did this. Yes, MacArthur is behaving like other frauds.”

Dahl added that MacArthur, by crafting a narrative that evil people are attacking him, is employing another common tactic: triangulation.

“He is at the pinnacle of the triangle and those close to him are on the side of good (by association)—and those against him ore on the side of evil. Narcissists get attention by pitting people against one another and soaking in the tension/conflict.”

She adds, “Let’s remember that what is being questioned is the virtue in John MacArthur’s life. By the end of the brief statement, he’s completely deflected the very tangible concerns about financial malfeasance, nepotism, abuse of authority, and positioned himself as the champion of the gospel full of virtue.”

As Dr. Dahl notes, Bill Hybels, when accused of sexually abusing women at Willow Creek, labeled the women liars and the accusations a “calculated and continual attack.”

Similarly, in response to my initial exposé on James MacDonald, Harvest Bible Chapel called the piece an “attack that comes with God’s kingdom moving forward.”

Dr. Wade Mullen, author of Something’s Not Right: Decoding the Hidden Tactics of Abuse and Freeing Yourself From its Power, stated at the time that Harvest’s response was an example of spiritual abuse.

“Not only do the whistleblowers lack credibility, good motives, or support from others,” he wrote, “but they are apparently working as agents against God’s kingdom. They are not just made out to be the enemies of the church. They are cast as the very enemies of God.”

MacArthur’s recent comments have proven very successful with his audience. A YouTube channel called, Exposit the Word, posted video of MacArthur’s statement. It received more than 134,000 views and nearly 1,600 comments, largely supportive of MacArthur.

Those commenting called MacArthur “amazing,” “pillar of Christianity,” “most honest preacher that exists,” “proven God fearing pastor,” and “GREAT MAN OF GOD.”

They called those reporting MacArthur’s misdeeds are called “snakes,” “demons,” “anti-Christs,” “EVIL,” and “ravaging wolves.”

MacArthur’s close confidant and executive director of Grace to You, Phil Johnson, has also labeled those who have published pieces critical of MacArthur “rancor monsters,” “gossipmongerers,” and “busybodies.” Johnson also doxed me by including my home address on a document he published online.



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136 thoughts on “John MacArthur Claims Current Criticism is Persecution for Preaching the Gospel”

  1. Another fraud trying to save his sorry rear end.

    I really hope someone drops the hammer on this guy and he, his mini-me Phil Johnson, and his cult implode liek RZIM.

      1. Also, Julie’s expose on RZ shouldn’t be used a predictive factor on the supposed takedown on JM. Like JM and the rest of us, Julie is a fallible person. Anyway, I think it’s sad reading some of these snarky comments. I’m guilty of it myself as well.

    1. How is it petty, childish, and prejudiced?

      Ephesians 5: 10 – 11
      10and try to discern what is pleasing to the Lord. 11Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.

      1. I’m sorry to hear that. To me, it’s critically important how leaders respond to criticism and they need to be held accountable for those responses. This pattern of vilifying whistleblowers/reporters is deeply concerning and there’s nothing petty about calling it out. This is basic accountability.

        1. Thank you Julie. Much appreciated. It is natural to put trust in man or in this case a trusted spiritual leader. But important to open our eyes to what is in front of us – take off the blinders. Only God can do that. Unfortunately I stopped (or maybe fortunately) even considering him after listening to part of a racist demeaning sermon last year. It was appalling and it took me some time to recover. God’s chosen leaders are to feed His sheep, not destroy them. I still pray for him to be healed, forgiven and used.

  2. It would be better for Pastor MacArthur to just take a look at what is being said and take steps to better his actions rather than just deny, deflect and cry “persecution!!”. No pastor, you’re not being persecuted, you’re acting foolishly. There’s a huge difference. You’re not “suffering for Christ”, you’re just being criticized, and you’re already whining. What will you do in the face of real persecution?

      1. Thank you… My thoughts were with the 21 Christians who were beheaded in Libya for Jesus. That is what I would consider more severe persecution.

        1. Brian,

          That was kind of my point. But it was all those whiny Trump cult followers who loved to deride those on the left and call them snowflakes. Methinks they were projecting.

          Kind of like how Jerry Falwell, Jr. was calling all the GOP and conservative opponents of Trump cucks when he was in fact, a REAL ONE.

        2. I agree CM. That’s why leftist positions on abortion, gender and etc. are sinful. The right is sinful as well. The Right have made morality the opposition to the left. Morality is a death sentence! The Gospel of Jesus Christ needs to be vehicle by which we need to confront the sin of the left and the right. Paul saw his heritage as being the “Cat’s Meow” of Jewish people. If anyone could boast it was him. However, Paul said he was a wretched man, that he needed to be delivered from this body of death, chief of sinners and checked his heart regularly to see if he was actually a follower of Jesus Christ. That is what the left and the right do. They are both an affront to The Gospel. Sad. My fear is that this page indirectly (I am not judging the motive) perpetuates that.

    1. Emily, very very well said! Truly, John MacArthur is not being persecuted. He’s being criticized for things that many people see as excess, opulence, avarice, narcissism etc. etc. etc. (Fill in the blanks!). To be persecuted for the Lord Jesus means to put everything about yourself, everything, on the line, and even be in immediate danger of torture and death. And all this, including your family. Unless I miss my guess, John MacArthur and family are not in a position of immediate danger, somehow being threatened or worse for the sake of preaching the gospel. Seeing Mr. MacArthur in person many times at speaking engagements, I can say of my own observation of his demeanor, I have never once detected one speck of humility in this man. MacArthur and McDonald have to be twins!!!

      1. Thank you Sams. Oddly, I once wanted to join GCC, I filled out my application twice, and shredded it both times because I felt in my gut and in my heart that something wasn’t right in this place. I too see that this man thinks very highly of himself…no genuine humility. I am so grateful to what I now believe was the prompting of the Holy Spirit not to go anywhere near this church. I pray things get better there and the Lord continues to work in the hearts of His true believers that are still at Grace Church.

  3. I could not agree more with Alicia. Julie, your credibility is going down the tube. What makes Julia Dahl the authority? Please get over this obsession of trying to destroy John MacArthur. Pastor MacArthur is nothing like Bill Hybels or James MacDonald. It’s time to move on.

    1. Agree with Alicia and Douglas. Petty, childish, waste of time. I get it… in terms of covid response, Julie takes the view that we should listen to the government, restrict church services, wear masks, socially distance, etc. MacArthur and many, many others do not share that view. But just because he has a different view on covid response than you doesn’t mean he is a false prophet. Geez.

      1. I guess his lies and tall tales about where was when MLK was killed have no bearings on his credibility and Biblical qualifications to be a pastor or elder. Funny people said the same thing that about RZ when people brought up his bogus academic credentials.

      2. Didn’t Paul mention something about listening to the Government?
        And who said he was a prophet let alone a false one? John doesn’t even believe there are prophets today.
        And you close with Geez? Not petty or childish at all.

      3. These comments make me truly sad. The way that Christian leaders respond to criticism and legitimate issues being raised is huge. For too long, leaders have gotten away with saying, “There is no problem,” and instead making the whistleblowers/reporters the problem. Until this pattern changes, reform and restoration will not happen. If you care about reform, you should care about this issue.

        As for my view on COVID… I’ve never stated my view, so I don’t appreciate you putting words in my mouth. I’ve simply reported on the issue. It’s a story when church members and leaders say an organization is pressuring them not to report COVID cases, as happened at Grace Community Church. It’s also a story when a seminary is flagrantly violating its own COVID guidelines and then a student contracts COVID and dies.

        1. Julie, I’ve read your work for months, and I see nothing but telling the way it is, just as you were called to do. Problem is, when the “perps” are caught at whatever the issue is, they get defensive as do their followers and back to you it comes. I was on Twitter when Phil Johnson “Doxxed you”. Once a week I am here and yep, I was there then. I was stunned, but glad you were also there to have caught it. That is insane, especially on a letter he never sent in the first place. None of us are perfect, but when resorting to the lowest way to hurt others while professing Christ, well, it’s just too much in my opinion. I feel the hour is late, and all need to get away from false teachers. ALL he has to do is admit he made mistakes and correct them, as we do every day. We’re just not Pastors, and that is a higher calling than yours or mine..God bless you, sister.. I realize these are older posts, but I try to get people to see truth as I do believe the last of days are upon us according to Scripture. Be safe, be blessed.

    2. How is Roys trying to “destroy” MacArthur? She’s just reporting facts. She also included some analysis of MacArthur’s response. Pretty standard reporting.

      It’s really up to the people reading these articles to decide whether or not they want to continue to support MacArthur. I suppose if many do not he may suffer some financial loss. But the man has a lot of money and a massive following. I doubt he’ll lose all of that because of a couple Roys’ articles.

      And maybe, just maybe…he doesn’t really warrant his following. Maybe he’s not the type of leader the church needs.

    3. Douglas,

      “Pastor MacArthur is nothing like Bill Hybels or James MacDonald. It’s time to move on.”

      No, he’s worse because he has more of a following than those two do.

    4. Douglas, you and those of like mind who think Julie is trying to destroy various individuals with her ministry of investigative reporting are sorely mistaken. People like John MacArthur, James McDonald, etc. etc. destroy themselves. Julie’s job as an investigative reporter is to present facts and not opinions (presenting opinions would make her posts nothing more than a gossip rag) and let the readers decide what they want to think. And as far as Julie having an obsession, well, if you want to call integrity, commitment to excellence in one’s work, and a badly needed ministry of reporting on the sorry state of the evangelical church in America, I suppose that’s up to you. However your position on Julie’s work and what she does and why she does it could not possibly be more off-track. Lest you forget, she was the only one with enough guts to step forward, with her first story, about the enormous mess at Moody Bible Institute. And all the dirt that she reported on afterwards on various situations within other churches and with other Christian celebrities, i.e. James McDonald, Ravi Zacharias, Bill Hibel’s, Crawford Lorentz, (fill in the names!) instead of ignoring what information she had to be able to warn God’s people about the wolves that were prowling around, cannot be anything less than a call on her life from the Lord to do what she does in the manner of excellence and commitment in which she does it. Anyone with any amount of common sense and sound judgment can see that Julie’s work and those who have a similar ministry are badly, and very badly needed for what they provide which could not be received by God’s people in any other manner.

      1. Without people like Julie (amongst others), people like Ravi, James McDonald, CJ Mahaney and now JMac will continue to get away with coverups, lies, hypocrisy and in many cases, abuse. Someone once asked in the comments on a post not long ago how exactly Julie was restoring the church. I would argue that without people like Julie, the Western Christian witness would be dead in the dust. If churches and parachurch ministries wont be open and accountable, someone has to start digging.
        We should invite and demand accountability and transparency so that we can all be above reproach. No Church or ministry should have anything to hide.
        Unfortunately, the Western Evangellyfish churchianity (which I find myself in) loves money and loves power. Anything which threatens either of those in villified – even if it’s a sister or brother in the faith.

        1. Alex; amen, amen, and amen!!! Anybody reading this please don’t think that any of this makes me happy because it doesn’t. The Lord’s church (specifically in America) should not and never be in the state that it currently finds itself in. That was the reason for the Reformation. Sorry to say, now we need another one, and another one, and another one.

    5. Douglas, Julie’s credibility is not “going down the tubes” because she is obeying the word of God to expose evil – and sorry, but like ALL of us who are sinners (Many saved by grace), evil sneaks in even if we don’t ourselves think so. JMac cannot tear down Joel Osteen for his wealth and then do the same thing. There’s a word for that – hypocrisy. How WOULD he work that estimated 85 hours a week and write all those books, commentaries, and even Study Bibles? Myself, I’ll not stop doing what Jesus commands us ALL to do: Beware of and expose the false prophets/false teachers. JMac has denied the blood of Christ – which is ALL throughout Scripture, He has denied Christ’s eternal Sonship though he is back and forth on that one. He’s said (with NO “misunderstanding) that one can take the Mark of the Beast and still be saved. Revelation 14 tells you the opposite. Some of these are on video and cannot be denied, and yet people are all over him like he is an IDOL. What does the Bible say about idolatry? No, it’s NOT “time to move on” when the actions continue. JMac preaches a works Gospel where a young man I spoke to was in tears as he said that he “could never live up to that Gospel”. Why should that be so? Saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone, clearly Christ did ALL the work! Took me a while to calm him down with the TRUTH from Scripture. This was a man in his 30s, not a child who was suffering from that false works Gospel. I’m sorry, but as HUGE a platform that man has, that’s all the more reason people need the discernment to run away – but they idolize him instead, just as you are saying Julie “Is trying to destroy him”. Did you know that he runs a summer camp for kids that is Druidism? At least 9 years ago he did, and those videos are on YouTube, Druid flag flying, kids messing with REAL pig heads, and all. (If they haven’t been taken down yet). Do your own research. Meanwhile, like Julie, I will be obeying Jesus Christ and I neither trust with Scripture or “idolize” any man. NOT even John MacArthur. .

  4. Sorry, your headline made me chuckle. He’s not a victim. If he thinks he is being persecuted, then he shoud leave his $1000 suits behind and go preach the Gospel in North Korea. He’ll gain a new appreciation for the word “persecution”.

  5. If doesn’t go away because they refuse to provide evidence or speak to it.

    On the MLK and football hero lies, maybe JMac should say, “Hey I appreciate the evidence and first person interviews that counters what I’ve said about these things. I remembered wrong and stand corrected. I’m sorry.” How hard would that be?

    If the millions to Kory Welch were legit, then maybe produce the invoices, showing the hours and the rate, and detail the projects. If all this is innocent , why won’t they? It’s not going away because this issue alone, involving millions of dollars of ministry donations is a form of theft, theft for a least a decade and intentional. It is disqualification from ministry. If any of us were involved in such a fraud we’d lose our jobs and probably be charged criminally with fraud/malfeasance.

    1. Well for the first one (MLK and football) lies that would require humility. Something MacArthur lacks and something is required in order to be Biblically qualified to be a pastor or elder.

    2. Based on what I’ve read, he makes between $750K – $1MM+/year, preaching the Word of God. I don’t begruge him making this level of income, but I do think he should be giving away most of it.

      1. Bill….How do you know he is not??? My pastor worked at grace community and knows him very well. They can testify to his generosity and his giving back to his church.
        Also he makes money in commissions from his books, being a pastor, seminary etc…he is not making that money and not earning it.
        When you, or anyone else, does the amt of ministry that he does what right have you to accuse him?? Would you have accused spurgeon of the same with all that he was involved in for the work of Christ. I have known some to ridicule him for being fat BUT do some research into what he did and started with his churches and its ministries… same for macarthur..he has done more for the kingdom of God than all of us commenting on this board, and yes you too Julie, put together.

        Julie as I challenged you on another posting, the most recent, that Jackson Elliott wrote on Voddie Baucom I challenge you here too. Please let us know how many books Macarthur has written….how many sermons he has preached, the amount of time he puts in as a pastor to prepare his sermons, the amount of time he has spent getting the masters seminary up and running and being a voice for the gospel…what you do does it compare to what he has done??? Has anyone else here even done a 10th in their christian life as he has???

        So Julie as you corrected the article on Voddie I think you should either correct this one or take it down. Or better yet research some of the items i suggested above rather than just tear down. Even Jesus in His letters to the churches of Revelation said nice things about most of them as well as the bad…


        1. Julie writes about facts.
          This is what is called hearsay.
          “Bill….How do you know he is not??? My pastor worked at grace community and knows him very well. They can testify to his generosity and his giving back to his church.“

          “same for macarthur..he has done more for the kingdom of God than all of us commenting on this board, and yes you too Julie, put together.”
          How do you know what people commenting here have done for the kingdom? Are you a seer or a mind reader?

          If you are going to challenge people let us see some names and facts.

          1. Jmn…I am not using hearsay. I am quoting from my pastor. Since I didn’t ask him if I can reveal his name I just quoted what he said. Also in regard to what I mentioned as to what he has done for the kingdom all one needs to do is look at what he has done, the myriad books he has written (fact), the thousands of sermons and talked he has given (fact), the missionaries his church has supported (fact), those whom he has taught and mentored and have gone onto be a a force for the kingdom to multiply it (fact…look at expositor seminary as an example..I could go on and on giving further examples…
            Also yes I do challenge others here to think about what THEY have done for the kingdom. If they wish to disparage MacArthur then pray tell why don’t you let us know what you’ve done for the kingdom…how many lives have you spoken into etc…
            I guess you don’t like the mirror being turned in yourself??
            I am not saying MacArthur hasn’t done anything wrong. All of us have and he like us are sinners. WhT I am saying though is that those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

          2. The Lord God can and does use us, filthy rags, for the kingdom. Praise Him. Let each of us, sinners, find His will. Not for our glory, but His alone.

          3. Jim wrote: “I am not using hearsay. I am quoting from my pastor.”

            Jim, repeating what another person has said is the definition of “hearsay.” A person says, “I know [some information] because this other person told me about it.”

            Hearsay is generally not admissible as evidence because the person “quoting” another person has no personal knowledge of the underlying facts and can’t be cross-examined about them.


            BECAUSE BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER @ gty SO THERE IS A VERY VERY GOOD CHANCE and you deserve to know Jim , don’t you ?

            2) also this just in …… ” same for macarthur..he has done more for the kingdom of God than all of us commenting on this board, and yes you too Julie, put together.”
            MUST BE THE WRONG GOD JIM , are not you frightened? I am.

            3) “Has anyone else here even done a 10th in their christian life as he has???
            Jim , as Reba has so eloquently said many times ….. Are you a MOE RON ???

            The condemnation of the extra 90% is really really going to be painful, OUCH

        2. Jim, he has served Calvinism, which many argue is “another gospel”. And is your argument SERIOUSLY that “doing things in the Christian life” equals setting up a seminary preaching one’s doctrine, writing books with one’s name on them and the Calvinist doctrine and a study Bible with one’s name on it and a Calvinist perspective on most verses?

          Most people in Heaven will have been UNKNOWN in the world. They will have lived lives of sacrifice (Romans 12:1), sharing the Truth of Jesus with everyone despite mockery and hostility and in anonymity, caring for widows, orphans and foreigners in their affliction while expecting NOTHING back.

          Spurgeon didn’t own three luxury homes and pay children and in-laws six and seven figure salaries. Come on. Be serious. If the Sermon on the Mount is raken out of the Bible, there is a hole in Christianity.

          What is all this modern nonsense about it being somehow “okay” to “lay up treasures on earth” contrary to Jesus’s words in Matthew 6:19-21 and Luke 6:24??

          Nobody is “forced” to purchase three houses worth millions. And, as has been noted elsewhere, he could NOT take a salary and instead live off his book sales, as Joel Osteen and Rick Warren do (which still amounts to millions).

          By the way, Julie initially wrote about MacArthur’s wealth after he rebuked prosperity preachers and implied Ravi Z and Carl Lentz had been in it for the money.

          The millionaire lifestyle is incompatible with Biblical Christianity. Those turning to the Old Testament and the example of kings of Israel to defend it just reveal their own covetousness as well as disingenuousness (or maybe they really don’t understand the difference in the New Covenant and why gifts and blessings are spiritual).

          Christianity is not academia or a philosophy where the “qualified” text writers are idolized. Christianity is a heart change. It’s being born of the Spirit (John 1:12-13 & 3:3-8). It’s Jesus indwelling (2 Corinthians 13:5). The flesh “profits nothing” (John 6:63). We are supposed to have “crucified the flesh” (Galatians 2:20, 5:24). The spirit does NOT crave money, comfort, material goods, intellectual status and wealth. Period.

          “But godliness with contentment is great gain.
          For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.
          And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.
          But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition” (1 Timothy 6:6-9)

          1. Jim,

            Your idolatry doesn’t fly well over here. Let me guess, next you will whittle a figurine of MacArthur out of wood to make supplication to?

          2. Calvinism is another gospel and another god. Its no wonder that Calvinist leaders have such a hard time with basic concepts of justice and ethics when they believe that God held a lottery to predetermine who would be saved and who would be damned. Babies included. For no other reason than God needs to prove how powerful he is. And to support their theories, they have to change the very definitions of words in the Bible like “world”, “all”, and “whosoever”. They have truly missed the whole point. Noisy gongs and clanging cymbals.

          3. Christian brothers and sisters can have legitimate debate over the merits of Calvinism vs Armianism, but it hurts when I hear either of these traditions called a different gospel. I lead a small Bible study made up mostly of Arminians. I am Reformed, but I have learned much from these Godly women.

            I support Julie’s investigative reporting on John MacArthur.

            We are currently reading Susannah Spurgeon’s book of devotions and love it so much we have bought copies for others.

            “It is no novelty, then, that I am preaching; no new doctrine. I love to proclaim these strong old doctrines, that are called by nickname Calvinism, but which are surely and verily the revealed truth of God as it is in Christ Jesus.” —Charles Spurgeon

          4. Not too point too fine a point on it, but the only thing Calvinist about John MacArthur is his soteriology. Every thing else is a Chinese menu of baptist theological positions.

            Please try to distinguish between these Neo-Calvinists (aka Calvinistas) who are mostly baptist types with Calvinist soteriology (and that’s it) and those “classical” Calvinists like the Presbyterians and Continental (like Dutch) Reformed.

            I have said as much in other posts when you confuse the groups.

            There is a big difference between people like MacArthur and Spurgeon, James Montgomery Boice, B.B. Warfield, and so on.

        3. Jim,

          There’s nothing you’ve pointed to that needs correcting. My facts are accurate. John MacArthur said what he said. And sadly, he continues to attack the messengers instead of responding to the issues I’ve raised.

          I don’t need to prove that my life or his life has produced more fruit to report about him. That’s a ridiculous standard, not to mention unhelpful. We each should follow our calling and not compare which is more valuable to the kingdom.

          1. Julie you missed my point…my point simply is that all I have seen lately from your blog here is attacking others and not also talking about the good they have done. That is why I raised the issue in looking at ones life. Has he done wrong, I am sure since he is a sinner like us all. But he also has done much as well. Please take a look at the tenor of your blog. How many has it uplifted??
            As I pointed out in my previous post some of your blogs have been attacking or caring innuendos on others, as Jackson Elliotts did on Voddie in wondering what he was going to do with the money he raised and then pointing out that what his procure cost versus what he raised had a big difference to it. That person as I pointed out did not do any research into what further needs issue may have going forward and just made a blanket innuendo on the finances, and even tries to contact Voddie about it as he was recuperating.
            Granted you took that section down after I pointed it out but if I didn’t then point it out I am sure it would have been left up and raised false innuendos against Ascol and Voddie.
            That’s my whole point Julie. Most things have been negative. Basically all I have seen is JMac is bad. But he has done MUCH MORE than you or I for the kingdom of God and that IS RELEVANT!!!

        4. It clearly doesn’t matter what evidence is revealed- JMacs cronies will continue to fawn over him and defend him. Its idolatry- plain and simple. Only a matter of time before the MacArthur empire comes crumbling down- and still people will be crying out that their idol is innocent.
          JMac lacks humility. He degrades people he disagrees with. He has embellished stories to puff himself up. If he was my pastor or elder, I wouldve left a long time ago. I guess this is the fruit of celebrity/Corporate Christianity.


            Jim you said ” and not also talking about the good they have done”
            Why is it that you do not understand that “good” AND evil are wrapped up in the SAME tree ?(ask Adam)
            Please hook up your zip line ASAP and get on over to the TREE OF LIFE , you will think and speak and feel much better than you do now

          1. JACOB — We are ALL “still a sinner” and will remain so as long as we are in this flesh. Some of us are sinners who are saved by Grace, we who are in Christ. A sinner will sin, but it shouldn’t be with any intention of sinning. Failing to correct false teachings, telling whopper stories proven not true, and putting young men in tears after reading his “works Gospel” as he “can never live up to that” are all wrong. When not admitted to and repented of, that’s intentional – no matter how you slice it. The Bible is clear about how a Pastor is to be of upstanding moral character and to teach TRUTH. Then there’s humility..


          BY THE WAY Jim, do you really think that johnny WROTE ALL THOSE BOOKS ??? as well as ALL the other stuff your pastor said johnny does ? REALLY ? Johnny must already be living in eternity WHERE THERE IS NO TIME…….

  6. There is much more to this story as I pointed out in an earlier post. Let’s recount some of the concerns, some longstanding:

    1. Touting false credentials – honorary doctorates don’t count and he’s not “Dr.” MacArthur. His highest earned degree is a masters degree.
    2. Embellishment, misremembering, lying, whatever it is characterized as, about his involvement in the MLK assassination. The reporting and evidence on this story is extensive and compelling enough to call it into serious question.
    3. TMUS getting a warning by the regional university accreditors for having a President, Mr. MacArthur, without an earned doctorate and displaying poor leadership systems including nepotism and bullying tactics. MacArthur calling this warning an attack of Satan.
    4. Stories of sex abuse at TMUS being swept under the rug and victims being shamed/expelled.
    5. Recent firing/resignation of Dr. Sam Horn as President of TMUS after less than a year. Such action is very unusual in higher education and needs explanation.
    6. Lack of disclosure of expenditures, contracts, and salaries for high level leaders at all of the related organizations. And then pulling out from the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability so nothing has to be reported.
    7. Taking government PPP money during the pandemic and then refusing to follow local health safety guidelines.
    8. Lack of response to COVID at TMUS with students concerned that published safety guidelines were ignored and those who wanted to follow guidelines were openly shamed.
    9. Stacking boards with family members and insiders who have clear conflicts of interest.

    This last issue is the one that will keep any appropriate action from being taken unless things get worse, pressure keeps coming from the church at large, or income drops precipitously putting the systems in danger.

    Finally, a quote from a book written years ago may apply to this situation.

    “In a place where authority is grasped and legislated, not simply demonstrated, persecution sensitivity builds a case for keeping everything within the system. Why? Because of the evil, dangerous, or unspiritual people outside the system who are trying to weaken or destroy “us”. This mentality builds a strong wall or bunker around the abusive system, isolates the abusers from scrutiny and accountability, and makes it more difficult for people to leave – because they will then be outsiders too. While it is true that there is a world of evil outside the system, there is also good out there. But people are misled into thinking that the only safety is in the system” David Johnson and Jeff Van Vonderen, The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse, 1991, pp 73-74

    1. Forgot, the embellished, unsubstantiated football stories about college career and being recruited to play for the NFL.

      1. And another, MacArthur’s recent insistence on not fighting for religious freedom. Don’t even want to think of the implications of that.

    2. Additionally, the telling reflection of MacArthur’s (lack of) character and integrity by having Phil Johnson as his chief over-paid hireling for abusive, lying, illegal dirty work for decades.

  7. He said that believers can take the mark of the beast and still repent afterwards and be saved: in direct opposition to Revelation 14:9-11.
    He said this because to say otherwise would compromise his Calvinist doctrine. Anyone who has seriously studied Calvinism would argue that it’s a false doctrine that has to compromise God’s Word to exist. Dave Hunt’s book “What Love is this?” does an excellent, serious and detailed job of exposing the contradictions inherent in Calvinism.
    And PLEASE don’t say MacArthur “never said it”. The recording is readily available and Phil Johnson defended him saying it in his interview by Doreen Virtue (on YouTube) several months ago…

  8. Problem with reporting on a narcissist is that they have a whole army of supporters willing to fight for them at the drop of the hat. All they have to say is, ‘I’m a victim!” and they go onto the attack without asking about what is actually going on.

  9. Amen! to Isaac.

    So…Jesus is shining through MacArthur and he is full of virtue (slightly paraphrasing his own words here).
    Right. Got that.
    “Let another praise you and not your own mouth…” Proverbs 27:2

  10. MacArthur’s narcissistic whimpering and attacking of those who tell the truth, unlike him and his mercenaries who are flummoxed by facts, makes a mockery of true persecution, suffering, and taking up one’s cross to follow Jesus.

    Anyone who would feel at ease being a vain dictator over 3 “non-profit” organizations while living a luxurious lifestyle like MacArthur would be thrilled with what he calls persecution. He’s been doing an excellent job for a long time of destroying his own reputation in many ways, some of which are listed by Isaac above.

    Note to MacArthur: I love the gospel, but not the false gospel you preach with your life that speaks much louder than words. You might want to review how Jesus addressed religious figures like you whose lives testified against them before you meet Him face to face.

  11. I think there is a very simple way to put it…how about the criticism isn’t “persecution” as John MacArthur puts it, but rather God telling him to “Pay Attention here.” I sensed “pride” coming off MacArthur before much of these things were revealed.

    Pride comes before a fall. I pray MacArthur listens to God and humbles himself. Come to Him with humility.

  12. Observations…

    1. Using the GCC pulpit as a bully pulpit to herald your “no pandemic” views and claim persecution…that’s not the proper place for shifting blame and pontificating on your political views. As MacArthur has told his seminary students often…your opinions do not belong in the pulpit. So take heed to your own admonitions.
    2. Using the pulpit at TMU and TMS to attempt to discredit WASC, claim Satanic attack, tell students they’ve got no right to ask questions etc. Again, not the right use of a pulpit. And that’s pugnacious snd wuick tempered to boot (take heed Abner Chou!)
    3. I’ve heard he brought a pulpit into the boardroom to excoriate the board members who dared to question the suitability and competence of his son in law Kory as a COO of TMU. How on earth could Kory be a COO of a university?
    4. Instead of owning up to misstatements regarding the MLK assassination he just shifts the blame to persecution

    I really have to ask…where are the GCC elders in all this? Do they not see their responsibility to preserve the honor of their pulpit and the integrity of their chief pulpiteer? If they truly loved John they’d intervene.

    MacArthur has a legacy which is very much at risk. I’m reminded of Hezekiah who did well for years and ended up badly because of pride.

    1. GCC is an Elder-Rule church. All the elders are interdependent on each other for their position. There is no independent accountability. The elders couldn’t do anything even if they wanted to. This is MacArthur’s little red wagon and he gets to pull it.

  13. When the prophet Nathan confronted David with his sin, David didn’t ridicule, dismiss, insult Nathan and claim that he was being persecuted, that God’s kingdom was being persecuted and that satanic forces were at work. David humbly and immediately admitted his sins and asked God for forgiveness.

    Julie, if its any good comfort to you Plato once said “No one is more hated than the one who speaks the truth”. Keep up the good work.

    John has preached the truth but is he living by the truth ? Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

  14. It is interesting that the naysayers will not look at the facts or even dispute them. I was talking about this situation to someone and they said, “It seems like this person has a character flaw”, particularly in the area of telling false narratives. There was no need for him to do so. Mr. Mac played football in college and he went to the South to preach to students and I am sure he saw racism first hand. Confronting Jim Crow laws did not win him any popularity contests. Also, if he does not have an earned Doctorate then he should not be called Dr. Earning a doctorate is difficult, time-consuming, and requires great sacrifice-it is a slap in the face to any Phd when a pastor uses this “honorary” title. Again, Mr Mac has accomplished so much that he does not need the “Dr.” title. It seems that this is a particular issue with ministers in the Evangelical Church.

  15. Supposing a pastor has been faithful for 40 years then fails on the above reproach test on his 41st , According to John, he is permanently disqualified and can no longer hold office and even serve as an elder. John’s definition of above reproach is also defined as even an unbeliever cannot bring a charge against a pastor/elder. He is so hard on others but never on himself or his merry men i.e. phil johnson, abner chou. Its obvious from all these expose, John is no longer above reproach. Just wondering if is he willing to drink his own kool-aid or perhaps his fans will drink it for him.

  16. Since when is one being ask to explain himself persecution ? John has made a name for calling out others which can also be termed persecution. John also wrote a book on integrity , when can we start seeing some walking the talk ?

  17. I wonder why someone on Rev. MacArthur’s team didn’t look at the recent situations involving Hybels, MacDonald, Zacharias, etc., and say, “Maybe we shouldn’t react to reporting on our organization in *exactly the same way* as those guys did. It could make it look as if our guy is just as guilty as those guys!”

    Or maybe they did, but the Big Cheese wouldn’t let them take any other approach.

  18. There is a wide chasm between knowing the truth and living the truth, knowing about Christ and having met Christ. God reveals this in time when he puts those who name His name to the test.

  19. john, no one is attacking the church. No one is attacking the gospel nor you preaching it. You are just being ask to give an account to what you said about money and only because after you called out others for profiteering from the gospel you end up in the same alley. I don’t really care how much people decide to give you just as long as you are consistent.

  20. Paul Lundquist

    In Acts chapter 5 Ananias and Sapphira lied in order to make themselves look good, and God killed them instantly. Their lie seems minor by our standards: “We sold our property for this amount and donated 100 percent of it,” when actually they kept some of the money for themselves. In modern terms, they misremembered the percentage of what they had donated.

    If you attend or support GCC, don’t you understand that if John MacArthur and Phil Johnson had been there in Acts 5, their dead bodies would have been carried out and buried to await the resurrection of the just and the unjust? Their lies, whether about football or MLK or the date on which a document was written have now been thoroughly documented. When confronted on their lies they did not repent but rather vilified those who told the truth.

    Acts 5:5 says that great fear seized those who heard what had happened to Ananias, and Acts 5:11 says that great fear seized the whole church in response to these events. Let holy fear seize you as well. Fear God. Repent. Do not lie. Do not maintain in places of spiritual authority the Ananiases and Sapphiras of our day.

    1. Paul Lundquist,
      That is an abuse from the narrative in the book of Acts and make correlation to the duty of John MacArthur or Phil Johnson. Just the meta-narrative of the Bible debunks that.

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