MacArthur Defies Late-Night Appellate Court Ruling; Mocks Social Distancing & Wearing Masks

By Julie Roys
John MacArthur Speaks to his congregation
John MacArthur speaks to his congregation at Grace Community Church on in August 2020. (Screengrab of online video)

Despite a late Saturday night ruling by a California Appellate Court, barring John MacArthur and Grace Community Church from meeting indoors, the California megachurch met indoors on Sunday anyway. And MacArthur declared:

The good news is that you’re here. You’re not distancing, and you’re not wearing masks. And it’s also good news that you’re not outside because it’s very hot out there. So the Lord knew you needed to be inside and unmasked. So He did us that gracious favor.

MacArthur took to the podium Sunday to thunderous applause from the congregation.

Just two days earlier, the church had won what seemed like a substantial victory. Superior Court Judge James C. Chalfant ruled that Grace Community Church could meet indoors, despite Los Angeles County’s restraining order against the church. However, Chalfant insisted that Grace “comply with the mandates of the Heath Orders to wear face coverings and practice social distancing.”

But late Saturday night, a California Court of Appeal issued an emergency order overruling Judge Chalfant’s earlier decision. The ruling stated that Grace Community Church could hold outdoor services, but it could not hold indoor services while the church and county’s litigation is ongoing. (In response to the county’s order to stop indoor meetings, Grace had filed suit on August 13 against the county, city, and state, and the county had promptly countersued.”)

“We’re not meeting because we want to be rebellious,” MacArthur told his congregation Sunday. “We’re meeting because our Lord has commanded us to come together and worship him.”

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MacArthur added that the church had met with officials and agreed to social distance and wear masks for “a few weeks. . . . We are not trying to be defiant. We will do what is reasonable.” 

But then MacArthur explained that officials had obtained an emergency order and stated: “They’re not willing to work with us; they just want to dumb us down. But we’re here to bring honor to the Lord.”

Los Angeles County has threatened to enforce fines of $1,000 per day and to imprison MacArthur and other church leaders.

MacArthur claims that no one in his church has contracted COVID-19.

However, deaths from coronavirus in Los Angeles County has surpassed 5,000. And in just the past two weeks, the county has had 576 new deaths from COVID-19. 



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65 thoughts on “MacArthur Defies Late-Night Appellate Court Ruling; Mocks Social Distancing & Wearing Masks”

    1. Bravo. A man of God takes a stand. Rare in the USA. Haven’t seen other pastors stand up for God’s plan for Christians. Thank God for men like JMac.

  1. MacArthur has received so much criticism for his choice, and yet he is on national media night after night unapologetically preaching the gospel.

  2. Love what Jenna Ellis has stated. “Pastor MacArthur and Grace Community church are not disobeying the Constitution; it is California’s Governor Gavin Newsom and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti that are defying their constitutional obligation to protect religious freedom and church assembly,” said Ellis. “Our American system of government specifically recognizes that our individual, fundamental right to free exercise of religion and freedom of assembly is a pre-political, God-given, inalienable right. That right is not given by the government or the Constitution, but rather, government is mandated by the Constitution to preserve and protect it for the church. Grace Community Church has every right to assemble without impossible and unreasonable infringement from the state, and the state has absolutely no power to impose the restrictions it is demanding. Church is essential, and the government has no power to arbitrate whether religious organizations are essential. This is not about health and safety; it is about targeting churches.”

  3. Praise the the Lord the congregation is honoring the Lord not man.

    Really how many of those deaths are Covid. Everyone who dies these days is all Covid really. Doesn’t anyone die of heart attack or stroke or cancer. My sister in law died they put Covid on the death certificate she had zero symptoms. How much are hospitals getting paid for recording a Covid death. My son in law went into the hospital for heart problems, they didn’t really care about him because he didn’t have Covid. We have a Big problem in this country with fake numbers.

  4. Praise God for men like those at my church that have cancelled weekend Church services until 2021. We are encouraged to meet in small groups.

    MacArthur is going to be intentionally responsible for his members contracting Covid-19 at church service and ultimately dying. What pride. What hubris.

    1. USA population 2019: 328.2 million Covid Deaths in USA as of August 16, 2020 at 168,696
      That equals .05% in America have according to these stats died from this virus.

      In 2017 Leading cause of death in America
      Heart disease: 647,457
      Cancer: 599,108
      Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936
      Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201
      Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 146,383

      1. The most important question for the entire world is not what they will die of. But rather….where will they spend eternity? Are we using this time to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a dying world who are going to hell?

      Sola scriptura (“by Scripture alone”)
      Sola fide (“by faith alone”)
      Sola gratia (“by grace alone”)
      Solus Christus or Solo Christo (“Christ alone”)
      Soli Deo gloria (“glory to God alone”)

      2. No one is being forced to attend Grace Community Church. Those who are attending in person are passionate to be there worshipping the Lord together!

      3. No pastor is responsible for people dying from the virus. They are responsible for being faithful to preach the Word of God, rightly dividing the truth!

      “I solemnly charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and by His appearing and His kingdom: preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths. But you, be sober in all things, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.” 2 Timothy 4:1-5

      “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.” 2 Tim 2:15

      4. I pray for an increase of shepherds like MacArthur who follow hard after The Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ alone.

      5. You will be blessed to listen to Jenna Ellis. I am thankful for how God is using her in these days.

      1. Covid-19 cases per day

        Germany- 500-600 cases per day

        United States – 50,000 – 60,000 cases per day

        The U.S. cannot manage the pandemic

      2. Jodi B. you’ve effectively highlighted the startling and deeply concerning fact that a previously unknown pathogen has–in just about 8 months–become the third highest cause of death in the United States.

        Covid Deaths in USA as of August 16, 2020 at 168,696
        [n.b. 176,223 as of 8/24/2020, SOURCE

        In 2017 Leading cause of death in America
        Heart disease: 647,457
        Cancer: 599,108
        Accidents (unintentional injuries): 169,936
        Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 160,201
        [n.b. note that these are 12 month statistics, and COVID deaths are at 8 months]

        Thanks for proving the point that we should be very cautious and careful regarding COVID-19, acting with the prudence and wisdom that Scripture recommends, and treating our neighbors as we would wish to be treated.

  5. Meanwhile, in other breaking news: “More than 60 emergency calls to police went unheeded overnight in Portland as officers were preoccupied with hundreds of demonstrators downtown and were pelted by rocks.”

    “On the 80th consecutive night of protests, the Portland Police Bureau declared a riot around midnight Sunday after a crowd of hundreds had blocked traffic for three hours by the Penumbra Kelly Building in the 4700 block of East Burnside Street, trespassed on the closed property and engaged in violent, tumultuous conduct.”

    Personally, I think what’s happening in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago and elsewhere is of FAR GREATER consequence than people choosing to meet voluntarily at GCC.

    Yet I know for some people who comment on this blog, their hair will remain on fire as they rage against Johnny Mac, while they keep giving the rioters, looters, and vandals a pass. It demonstrates how upside down things have become in our hyper-politicized culture.

    1. To me it is apparent that many who call themselves “evangelical” have no problem standing alongside the chief priests of old and boldly proclaiming “We have no king but Caesar!” For in turning to Caesar to get permission to worship freely, that is exactly what they are doing.

      Originally this whole nonsense started with “15 days to flatten the curve; ” now it’s over 10 times that length, with constantly moving goalposts (from “flatten the curve” – which was NEVER an issue, seeing as how hospitals were empty and medical staff had enough time on their hands to make dancing TikTok videos – to “nobody can get sick”), mask mandates enacted LONG after peak contagion (and that’s assuming the efficacy of masks in reducing the transmission of viral infection, an assumption that lacks any scientific or statistical evidence whatsoever), “social distancing” at 2 meters (again, more assumptions with no scientific basis), etc. These are no longer “emergency orders” but the capricious diktats of petty wannabe tyrants who treat the Constitution like a birdcage liner and treat us worse than dog poo.

      Where will it end? It NEVER will, as long as we keep saying “How high?” every time these fascists say “Jump!” If we don’t take a stand now, when will we? Open up your eyes and engage in some critical thinking! If you wait until they start loading us onto boxcars, it will be too late.

    2. Yes, Grace Community Church needs to declare their services as a “protest” then no one complains of social distancing!! Ridiculous


        I’m just going by the comments I regularly read on this particular issue. People comment on what they care about, and many people have expressed outrage at Johnny Mac (which is their right to do so). Not everyone agrees on this issue, which is obvious. And of course my bias will show, just as everyone’s bias shows eventually (if they’ve commented a few times). No one who regularly comments on this blog is free from their own bias. If you believe you are free from any bias, then I congratulate you.

  6. I cannot understand McArthur’s reasoning here, and I’m sure that Christian witness to a watching world is greatly weakened by a foolish, impatient act. God has provided many ways to stay connected until the virus is better controlled; no government has outlawed, curtailed or regulated that kind of assembly. This is not a religious liberty issue—it’s common sense. At age 80, I believe he is putting 1000’s of people at risk needlessly. Each person in attendance goes home to family. It is callous and foolhardy and I feel betrayed. .

  7. MacArthur knows comments will go viral. GCC is in Sun Valley, CA not Death Valley, CA. Lies when he says, “It’s very hot out there…needed to be inside.” Sun 8:30 service 74 degrees outside.10:30 service 85. At noon 90 degrees. Beautiful day. Free to meet outside. Not being persecuted. About his marketing his legend.

  8. Many commenters here engage in “them versus us” skirmishes that feel so good. The accumulated numbers undeniably show that effects of this virus are about on par with a bad flu season, if that. The percentages of death are small compared to other causes, and primarily (almost exclusively) affect very elderly and medically compromised people. The elderly population can be protected without the draconian diktats which have brought us to our knees. Though I admit it feels so good to rail against others and self-righteously predict they will burn in hell.

    1. Lisa F, I’m commenting on an old thread to leave record to any others who happen here that your statement: “The accumulated numbers undeniably show that effects of this virus are about on par with a bad flu season, if that ” is demonstrably false.

      COVD-19 deaths over ~8 months: 176,223

      [As of 8/24/2020, Source:

      Deaths from influenza over the last ten years, per 12 months:
      2010-11 37,000
      2011-12 12,000
      2012-13 43,000
      2013-14 38,000
      2014-15 51,000
      2015-16 23,000
      2016-17 38,000
      2017-18 61,000


  9. I am so happy to see links to the legal documents, such as the appeals court “order”. Why don’t all journalists do that? If they’re a good journalist, they have the links at hand anyway for writing their article, and it’s then easy to just link to them. But Roys Report is well ahead of industry “standard practice”, and is helping set “best practices”.
    One thing that could be clarified, though probably not worth changing in this article: I deduce that Judge Chalfant, the lower court judge, just gave his decision that indoor church services were OK orally, not in a written decision, or at least not in one with reasoning (maybe just in a one-sentence written “order” saying he granted the church’s petition). It would be helpful to say, “In a brief decision,” or “In an oral decision”. Readers might also benefit from some discussion of legal procdedure, tho that’s a bit dangerous for a non-lawyer to write on. I’m NOT an expert, but it looks like what’s happening here is that the first step was to go to a trial judge and get a quick yes/no for the next Sunday’s service and a date to have more serious legal briefing by both sides on something more longlasting (a “preliminary injunction”, which actually is much more final than it sounds). Then the County went to the appeals court to get a quick yes/no on whether the trial judge was right in his temporary decision. The County won there, mostly but not completely– but, again, this is just temporary, an emergency quick decision, and the real court case is scheduled with the trial judge later. That will be the big moment. Then, whichever way he decides later, the loser (County or Church) will appeal– but in fact-intensive decisions like this, the trial judge’s reasoned, non-emergency decision gets deference, so that will be the biggest decision of this case, tho maybe not the ultimate decision since the appeals court (and even the California Supreme Court) might decide to reverse it. (The big action comes in the appeals court if it’s over questions of Law, not Fact. Here, I’m not sure which it is, because a big part of it is whether the facts are such that the governor’s authority extends to decreeing things like church singing to be illegal.)

  10. Back in January, Dr. Fauci told Newsmax TV that the United States “did not have to worry” about the coronavirus and that it was “not a major threat.” This was from our national expert on the subject.

    The CDC said back in March: “CDC does not recommend that people who are well wear a facemask to protect themselves from respiratory diseases, including COVID-19. Facemasks should be used by people who show symptoms of COVID-19 to help prevent the spread of the disease to others.”

    Things certainly have changed. So many directives and mandates regarding the coronavirus have been a moving target since the beginning of all this, and things continue to be hyper-politicized. I guess we shouldn’t be all that surprised in the politically divided country we live in, as well as the influence of social media to keep perpetuating and solidifying this divide.

  11. Ah– a bit of an addition to my long comment. The upshot is, readers, don’t get too excited or confused about what the two courts have just decided. These are just the quick and dirty legal decisions that courts have to make without having time to think carefully, because they concern actions in the next few days. It would be quite possible and proper for Judge Chalfant to decide after hearing all the arguments later that he was wrong and decide for the Count, and then for the appeals court to decide later that they were wrong and decide for the Church, reversing position. The courts need to decide something right away, but they aren’t bound legally or logically to stick with their opinions later when the “real” decisions are made after everyone has a chance to think slowly and carefully.

  12. One final thought– I’m a conservative who thinks the Church should win the case. On reading the appeals court’s decision, though, I find it entirely reasonable, and might even come out the same way myself. Essentially, they say there’s a presumption that county actions are constitutional, and not too much harm from having a few weeks of services outdoors instead of indoors, so it makes sense to uphold the county for now, instead of ruling for the church before the courts have had time to carefully consider the arguments about constitutionality and figure out how the law applies to the facts. Just my opinion though– without thinking carefully!

  13. Foolish and selfish, focusing on power and control at the risk of safety to others. God has given us the means to stay safe and to worship. And MacArthur chooses to turn from it? People ultimately have a personal choice, but leadership carries different responsibilities. No, his name is not Joshua or Caleb.

    1. He’s not Joshua or Caleb, this is true however in this age and year of 2020 he is a leader. The folks at that fellowship can choose where to go and when to go. Personally, it’s refreshing to see a leader in the church not cower. We have leaders in the church falling all over themselves in sickening ways right now- Falwell and MacDonald to name a couple. Here is a leader who is leading and he’s criticized for not following these corrupt city and state officials? If the state ordered Christians to one day take a mark on their foreheads- who are we going to obey? If we can’t stand in the smaller issues how are we going to stand In the big ones?

  14. The church has a great opportunity to be the light of the world and in most cases has been during Covid; but this particular church seems more like a glaring, blinking neon sign. Certainly local governments have overreached and have been inconsistent in their directives, e.g., different standards for churches and casinos. But surely Grace can find the grace to meet in accordance with their governing authorities rather than call undue negative attention to the church at large. And congratulating the congregation on not masking or maintaining distance? I don’t get that.

  15. I agree with John MacArthur. It’s okay in the eyes of the leaders of these Democrat states to protest and tear down, loot and kill people in our cities yet people cannot make the choice to meet together To worship God? Enough of being Sheeple. There are facts to this whole COVID situation that do not add up at all and haven’t added up since the beginning. There is censorship of the truth happening in many aspects.

  16. The headline is disingenuous. What the pastor said was in no way “mocking”. Unless there is some additional words not shown. It leads me to think you disapprove of the church’s stand.

    1. Per Webster’s Dictionary, “mock” can mean challenge or decry. Julie is correct that John MacArthur is mocking social distancing and masks.


    The government is not targeting their specific church to shut it down.

    The government has not banned churches and other groups from meeting completely. Churches can still meet outside, online, in smaller groups, etc.

    Inconvenient? Yes.

    Could the rules be clearer and more evenly applied? Yes.

    So there is an outrage that people who defy the government (like protestors) are doing something the church wants to do. So is disobedience without any apparent willingness to compromise the most Christ like witness?

    Is this church assuming that government is a real threat to the return of Jesus Christ?

    Did Jesus operate this way making a very public stance to disobey government?

    What is the goal of this defiance? Is the assumption that God will be more pleased with the church for meeting in person defying the government? Or is more along the lines of “We want to do what we want to do” under the guise of protecting our governmental rights?

    What is under-reported is how many pastors, youth pastors, bishops, worship leaders have DIED from COVID-19 and how that has rocked their congregations. Sure, compared to the national population it’s a small number, but should we minimize the death of one of our leaders?

    Setup a Google Alert for “pastor death COVID-19” and go back about 16 pages of results and read the stories. They are TRAGIC. In most cases the leaders and their congregation were ADAMANT God would not let COVID-19 touch their church and after it did they BEGGED people to take it seriously.

    Should we fear COVID-19? No!

    Somewhere in between is trying to find a way to live peaceably with all men and how we do that to be a witness of the grace and mercy of Jesus.

    There is no simple answer, but making a very public matter of defying the law comes with great responsibility and accountability. If God has truly spoken this to this church then let it be. If it is of man’s anger and defiance then be prepared for the fall out, not only COVID-19 deaths, but also ongoing strain with government.

    1. John M,
      Thank you for your comment. I was attacked so vigorously on the last thread about John MacArthur refusing to obey the court order that I decided it wasn’t worth the effort to comment. I’m a frontline worker (teacher) currently teaching remotely. I am aware of people who have been ill and who have died. My niece works in a convalescent hospital where several patients have died, and where she is now self-quarantining at home. And, I work with the Spanish-speaking population of my city where many have become ill, and some of the ill have died, not all of them old or with obvious compromising conditions.

  18. Correction to the death data for LA County:

    There have been 392 deaths in the past two weeks, according to the county’s day of death data:

    In that time, the county may have REPORTED 576 new deaths, but when many U.S. counties and state’s report deaths daily, they are NOT saying the number of deaths that happened the previous day–or even that week.

    Some states – like Florida – provide the day of death for each death it is reporting on a given day. Other states – like Illinois – do not, and folks have to dig though county level sites or data records to see when deaths occurred.

    Unfortunately, many counties and state’s daily reports also include deaths that happened many weeks or months ago.

    In other words, day of report and day of death are not the same thing. I suggested changing the last sentence in this article to give the current day-of-death count for the past two weeks OR say, “And in just the past two weeks, the county has reported 576 new deaths related to COVID-19.”

    1. Thank you for pointing this out! I was going to do so myself…it is very important for the public to realize how they are reporting the deaths..

  19. I guess the other thoughts are is a Christian who meets in person rather than online more pleasing to God? What if they are both worshiping from the heart? Is either less called by God? In Acts some are meat some didn’t. Today some wear masks some don’t. What happened when Christians were persecuted in Acts and could not meet publicly? Did that thwart God or did He use it to solidify and accelerate His plans? God can reach people in person AND online. God is unstoppable.

  20. Good for MacArthur and hundreds, maybe thousands, like him. I wish we had many more who would take a stand like MacArthur has. I have several friends from CA who have told me that even small group Bible studies have been banned. It’s unthinkable that the church could be bullied into faithless obedience to such an unbiblical regulation. I am deeply troubled by younger people especially, though not exclusively, who so willingly accept zoom church in place of koinonia in the building.

  21. I have never heard/read such blatant stupidity from Christians in my life. If you want to sing the praises of a preacher who scoffs at medical protocols to assist in, at least slowing down this deadly virus while putting his congregation at risk then maybe those of you who are praising him should attend the worship service without masks and decline social distancing and see how far you get without getting sick or worse.

    1. What is concerning is the insistence on the large venue crowd with no masks and the superstar preacher up front. We are guaranteed the freedom to practice our faith (church meetings) and the pursuit of personal happiness (eating in restaurants, visiting public parks) in this country but if there are public health issues then we need to modify HOW we exercise those freedoms. why aren’t church members encouraged to meet in smaller groups of say 200 spread throughout that huge building and socially distanced? Worship as a mega church is neither a command from Jesus, nor modeled in the Bible, nor guaranteed in any constitution.

      1. Fisher, I agree with your overall point.

        However, your last sentence reads:

        “Worship as a mega church is neither a command from Jesus, nor modeled in the Bible, nor guaranteed in any constitution.”

        Of course it is guaranteed in our Constitution. I was surprised with the way you worded this. I’m not saying it’s necessarily the best idea in the current environment, but it certainly is a guaranteed right in the Constitution.

        Protesting is a right too, which is why none of the protesters are being called out en masse by the mainstream media or by most state governors. This has been obvious to everyone watching. None of the protesters will be told that their actions are “illegal” during a health pandemic. On the contrary, when the massive protests first began and then continued for several weeks, these actions were deemed patriotic and a rightful expression of their first amendment rights.

        It seems like much of the public pressure (and the most ardent criticism) is being leveled at Christians wanting to attend church corporately after many months of being in lockdown mode. I do understand their frustration, yet I also think there should be reasonable measures put in place (as you mentioned).

        However, I also think it’s up to each person at this point to decide what they want to do with respect to attending their church. No one is forcing anyone here. And while you may strongly disagree with their position, it is not your (or mine) decision to make. Just like it is not your (or mine) decision to tell someone that they can’t protest in a large gathering. I certainly wouldn’t do it, but I have no Constitutional basis to tell them that they can’t do it. Anyway, that’s my take on this.

  22. Since they’ve resumed in-person worship, has this church become a Covid-19 hot spot? It’s been over three weeks now, right? Seems to me if that were the case, the media would have been all over it by now.

    1. Pastor Bob: Your assumption of GCC not getting the covid virus by now is not only unfounded it’s ridiculous and irresponsible. In most cases,covid doesn’t manifest it’s self for several weeks or not at all like mild symptoms at best in carriers. Apparently, you have x-ray visoin like Superman and are able to look into the bodies of the congregants and make your self diagnosis of their “covid-ness” And to top it off, we have a high profile Evangelical Preacher who wields an enormous amount of influence over his congregation, not to mention the Evangelical church as a whole publicly disdaining medical professionals who know what they are talking about because they are trained medical professionals and he is not. If you or GCC’s leadership and congregants want to hang your hat on that, you are not only making yourselves covid targets but innumerable persons you come in contact as well. I hope I’m wrong, I really do. I however will follow sound professional advise, which costs me nothing by the way, except a few bucks for masks and keep my distance from other people until such time when the all clear is given, BY THOSE WHO HAVE MEDICAL EXPERTISE AND NOT SOMEONE, ANYONE WHO HAS NO MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE BUT ONLY OPINIONS.

      1. “Medical experts,” while doing their best, also have opinions, which are often wrong. Their advice for the rest of us in not monolithic by any means, and they are learning as they go, which has been obvious from the start. I don’t fault them for this, even though they will rarely admit it at the time. I guess it’s just human nature.

        Back in January, Dr. Fauci told Newsmax TV that the United States “did not have to worry” about the coronavirus and that it was “not a major threat.” This was from our national expert on the subject.

        The CDC said back in March: “CDC does not recommend that people who are well wear a facemask to protect themselves from respiratory diseases, including COVID-19. Facemasks should be used by people who show symptoms of COVID-19 to help prevent the spread of the disease to others.”

        My point here isn’t to condemn them for drastically changing their mind, since it’s obvious that they’re learning as they go. My main point is that the rest of us don’t need to take every single statement or directive as “scientific fact” or “gospel truth” just because a “medical expert” says it or because some governor or mayor repeats it (usually from a blue state, not surprisingly).

        I have also been reading many medical doctors who contend that wearing masks for long periods of time is not good for some people (not just an inconvenience). Aren’t they “medical experts” too? Thus, who gets to decide which medical experts we should trust and which ones we shouldn’t?

        You see, it’s FAR MORE COMPLICATED than merely repeating that we have to believe the “medical experts” as if none of them have their own opinions on this very difficult matter. Clearly, they do, which then confuses the rest of us.

        Yet it isn’t that difficult to notice that even our very top scientists and medical doctors have been learning as they go from the beginning of this pandemic. And there is likely a lot more that they will learn about it, which will hopefully prepare us better for the next pandemic that comes along.

        1. So Danial, now we have, from you, a statement declaring that medical experts are often wrong, even if they offer an opinion. I’m very interested in how you can assure anyone reading your post that you are not offering an opinion on an opinion! Personally, I’m on the side of the fence that expert “opinions” are far and away more informative and closer to the mark than opinions from someone, anyone, who has no experience in a highly technical arena such at the medical profession. Not that I can’t think for myself but I’ll go with a recognized expert every time, opinions from non-experts being what they are, of course.

          1. Sams, I’m merely pointing out that the advice given by our “medical experts” in not monolithic, therefore it creates some confusion for the rest of us. I’m not saying we shouldn’t listen to them, but just keeping in mind that they are learning as they go.

            As an example, I pointed out the drastic policy change by the CDC regarding wearing masks since March, even though the “experts” knew about the coronavirus at least since early January. Again, I don’t fault them for not knowing. But it makes me a bit skeptical now to take every new statement they make as “scientific fact.”

            You mention going with a “recognized expert” every time, yet I doubt you’d go along with an “expert” scientist or medical doctor who doesn’t hold your view of the necessity and usefulness of wearing masks. That’s my only point here.

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