Mancow Interview: Former Worship Leader at Harvest Accuses James MacDonald of Inappropriately Touching Her on Private Plane

By Julie Roys

This morning on Mancow Muller’s radio show on WLS/AM 890, Anne Green, a former worship leader at Harvest Bible Chapel, accused Harvest founder and senior pastor, James MacDonald, of touching her leg near her crotch during a trip on a private plane in 2005. The plane reportedly was one that MacDonald formerly shared with Bill Hybels, the founder of Willow Creek Community Church who recently stepped down amid allegations of sexual harassment and assault.

Green said she responded by saying loudly, “You can’t touch me there!.” She said MacDonald laughed and replied, “I never would’ve thought Anne Green would be the one to bring down my ministry!”

Anne actually told me this story months ago, but I haven’t reported it because I’ve been seeking to get corroboration for her story. I’ll be publishing her complete story soon, including the testimony of others who were on staff at Harvest at the time. In the meantime, here’s the audio and transcript of Anne’s conversation with Mancow today.

Mancow: Anne, welcome to the program.  Are you there? Anne?

Anne: Hello?

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Mancow: Yeah, hi.

Anne: Yeah, hi.

Mancow: Gotta be very careful. I got hit with a flurry of letters denouncing you. Of course. Uh, from the church.

Anne: Okay.

Mancow: But, uh, look, I know, I understand they’re denouncing me too. Anyone that asks questions, you know, you get a knife stuck in your back, and then they say it’s covered with love.

Anne: Yeah.

Mancow: Right?

Anne: Exactly. Protect, protect James. Alienate the victim.

Mancow: Protect the cult leader, James Macdonald, at all costs. And there’s a lot of great people there. I want to make that clear. But when his best friend is still in charge, and all of his other hand-picked goons, it ain’t a church. It’s a family business. And if you’re fine with giving 10% of your income to that, tithing, and I believe in it, I’m saying this to the other folks, great. I met with a psychologist yesterday. I met with one when my father died, and he helped me ride through it. And uh, yesterday I’m talking to him and he’s like, “wow, you’re going to need a lot of help. You’re going to need a LOT of help. This guy really screwed you up royally.”

And, when you put your trust in this sort of guy, and you find out he’s an abusive, manipulating liar, it messes you up. Anne had a horrific thing happen, according to her. Her story is going to be on next. We’re going to have the victims of this cult on the show, until they fix things. And what is fixing things? Well, it’s open the books, tell us where the money went.  Millions of, tens of millions of dollars I believe are, in my opinion, sitting there for James MacDonald’s retirement. And remove all of his hand-picked goons, and family members, and then let it start as a church. Let it really be a church. And set the people free.  It’s time. They’ve waited long enough. And there are thousands of abused people. “But what about the people in the church?!?” What about the thousands that aren’t in the church? And what about the thousands that are in the church that deserve to know the truth?

Anne: Harvest Church

Mancow: Harvest cult.

Studio voice: Harvest cult.

Mancow: And I call it that because if you look up what a cult is, that’s a cult. So anyway, what Anne went through, Anne is loved by everybody. She’s beyond reproach. She was someone that everybody knew. Thousands and thousands of people knew. And her story, next. By the way, it’s on the cover of the paper today, right John?

John Dempsey: Yes. People walking out of church yesterday, because they were upset that MacDonald’s right-hand man delivered the sermon via video.

Mancow: He fake fired himself because he got caught doing all kinds of stuff. And so, then his best friend stands up, and they went, “WHAT?!??!  OH COME ON!!!!!”  

John: The Tribune said, “Dozens of people walked out of the service.”

Mancow: Yeah, and I’ll bet it was more than that.



Mancow: Let’s go to, . . . Anne, how are ya?

Anne: Hi, Mancow.  Good morning.

Mancow: So, this is not the right place for you to be doing this, but nobody else is doing it. And I want everybody to know that this is not what I want to do. This is not what I want to do with my time, with my life. But I do see a lot of injustice going on and a scam. And so, I want to let people know what they’re dealing with. And look, he bamboozled me. James MacDonald. Con artist. I don’t believe he believes the Bible.  Anne, do you?

Anne: I believe he is a false prophet.

Mancow: Yeah. He uses it as a tool to manipulate and to get money.  He can quote the Bible to get money. To make you feel guilty.

Anne: He has an agenda. It’s hard to say. It’s really hard to say. I mean, I was with him in his good days, and then it got really bad. So, you know, it’s hard to say.

Mancow: I know you and your husband have been through a lot. By all accounts, everybody that I talked to, everybody still at Harvest goes, “Oh yeah, Anne Green was a major leader in the church. Everybody loved Anne.  Hey, what happened to Anne? Anne used to be . . . what happened to her?”  So, I tracked you down on the internet, and what happened?  Why did you leave Harvest?

Anne: Oh, my gosh. Well, ultimately, I mean, he fired my husband when he was on staff. And so, you know, we were no longer being paid on salary. So, we stayed an extra year. And I was able to start seeing through it, without having my whole life supported by him. And I really just started seeing through it and I really started understanding that he just to seemed have an agenda that really wasn’t about Jesus.

Mancow: You want to talk about what happened on the plane?

Anne: Yeah, sure. You know, I mean, it was back in, around [the year] 2005, and I was on a Walk In The Word trip to California and back. And James MacDonald’s on the plane, along with Trei Tatum, Andy Rosier, who’s a worship leader,  and Sandy Song. And we flew to California and back, to the Lake in the Hills airport. It was all in a 24 hour time.  And I was sittin’ in the back seat. And James, uh, moved over by me, and he snuggled up to my right side, and leaned his head onto my right shoulder. And then, uh, he reached across with his right hand, and put his right hand on my right upper thigh, right next to my crotch. I, uh, I was shocked and immediately said, “You can’t touch me there!” And I said it loud. And I heard giggles, from the others, I thought. And James kinda got flustered, pawing his hands on my shoulder, laughed and said, “I never would’ve thought Anne Green would be the one to bring down my ministry.”

Mancow: Well, a lot of that syncs up with a lot of different things. He told me, uh, he told me that he was, uh, see, the Seedorfs run N-Jet. And N-Jet ran the plane for MacDonald and Bill Hybels. They shared a private jet. So, I kinda heard stories. And I’ve heard stories about this, for probably two years. And I asked James about it when we were friends. And he basically said that you’re a holy-holy type, and that’s not the words he used, that you’re just holier than thou, easily offended and that there was some turbulence, and he brushed up against you because the plane shifted, and you made it some kind of sexual harassment thing. That’s what he told me, and I remember clearly. Just this weekend, he was texting people, people were forwarding it to me. And it’s basically, “He’s on an island. He’s suffered such injustices.” And again, him and his goons that he hand-picked, he’s still running this as a PONZI scheme, in my opinion. And he’s still the victim, Anne. He’s still the victim!

Anne: Yes.

Mancow: And I just wonder . . . and the guy could have ended all of this, James MacDonald could have ended this, ALL of this, again, on the cover of the paper today, with a phone call. Had he shown any kind of care for people like you, people like me and my family, and thousands of others, things would be different. So, he slid his hand up to your crotch, your story, then I’m sure he cried. Then he fake-cries when he gets caught. (Mancow imitates sound of person crying) “What have I done?” And then, when nobody’s looking, he tells people like me, “(Mancow imitates James’ laughter) Hilarious.” And you heard the tape I have, which is allegedly him, “I can earn a hundred thousand dollars in a minute with my act.” And it is an act, folks, it is an act. She says she doesn’t know. Well, I think I do. I don’t think someone that believes in a God, and knows that there’s heaven and hell, feels up women, lies, berates people and destroys families and chases people away from God. I don’t think that’s what someone who believes in God does.

*Below is Harvest Bible Chapel’s response to Anne’s allegations, which were posted Monday evening:

Harvest Bible Chapel received a report in September of 2018 of an alleged inappropriate incident, which took place on a private flight in 2005, between Dr. James MacDonald and Mrs. Anne Green. The Elders took the matter seriously and began investigating immediately.

After hearing of the accusation, the Human Resources department of Harvest Bible Chapel proactively reached out to Mrs. Green on September 30, 2018, via email and text. Below is the email. Please note, for privacy, the name of the other woman on the plane has been omitted.

Dear Anne:

We have been made aware that you may have a concern about something from your time of employment or ministry involvement at Harvest. 

We care about all who have labored for the Lord with us, past and present and since it was not reported at the time, we want to offer an opportunity to tell your story to a couple of women who remain here and remember you fondly. 

I would like to schedule a call with you and [other woman on plane], maybe an Elder’s wife and myself, as I work in our HR department. We are offering a safe environment to share your story without fear and understand if you choose not to. Also, be assured this offer does not expire should you wish to talk with us in the future. 

Just know that we care for you and would appreciate some response at your earliest convenience – at least to know we have connected with you to express our care and support.

Mrs. Green did not respond to the email or text invitation. Additionally, Mrs. Green never filed a police report regarding the alleged incident.

The three other passengers from that flight were interviewed. The passengers stated that they did not recall seeing or hearing anything suspicious or inappropriate.

With no complaint filed by Mrs. Green, no report to the police and the testimony of three witnesses on the flight, Harvest Bible Chapel closed the investigation with the Elders considering the case appropriately vetted and no further action required.

In light of today’s radio interview that Mrs. Green provided to WLS Radio, Harvest Bible Chapel would like to reiterate a sentence from the email sent to Mrs. Green in September, “be assured this offer does not expire should you wish to talk with us in the future.”




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122 thoughts on “Mancow Interview: Former Worship Leader at Harvest Accuses James MacDonald of Inappropriately Touching Her on Private Plane”

    1. Is this the same Andy who led worship at the main campus, and was fired to inappropriate sexual conduct, then rehired 2 years later? You are using him as your impeccable witness? Good Grief.

  1. This is a bunch of BS! James would NEVER do that. Give it a rest, Julie! He doesn’t go places without Kathy AND when he did, he always had another man with him. This complete crap. Just stop!

    1. Lacy, Don’t blame Julie, this interview was recorded on WLS 890. If this was not true, why would the honorable James Sherwood McDonald not come forth like Lazarus and deny all these allegations against him. Why is he hiding and keeping us in the dark? Let the Light shine show evil can be exposed.i

    2. Lacy, please open your eyes. JAMES SAYS HE DOESN’T GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT HER. That’s probably a lie. And he had people with him on the plane and he was bold enough to try to make a move on Anne anyway.

      As a woman, please open your eyes. Anne’s story was not an easy one to tell. It’s painful and she had MANY people who can vouch for her character. James’ elders couldn’t vouch for his anymore. What does that tell you?

    3. Lacy, stay tuned. With all the other evidence against James, you’re having trouble believing Anne’s story?
      Have you followed Julie and No one wanted this but it’s all on James and the elders.

    4. You clearly have no idea what he did in 2005 and what he’s capable of. And if his wife travels with him everywhere these days, perhaps this is precisely the reason she feels she has to.

    5. So he says…

      He also says repentance is the most important message he can preach and yet he clearly has no idea how to do that either…

    6. Dear Lacy, You have no idea what you are talking about. This ain’t the only story in this vain. Get ready to be embarrassed.

      1. Someone once said something along those lines to me, but I doubted it – thinking that would have come out by now. I’ve never repeated it – ever- since it was just heresay. I think that would be the nail in the coffin.

  2. Anne, very sorry to hear that this happen to you. For some MENcow spin “at least he didnt hit on another male” (that we will know of as of 2/18/19 1:05pm CST)

  3. It was reported that Trei T left HBC a couple of weeks ago to go into the private sector after 15 years. Although Andy R is listed as Elgin’s worship leader, he was not involved in the 9AM service on Sunday.

  4. Michelle Van Loon

    I understand that the MacDonalds and Hybels of the world feel they need access to a private plane so they don’t have to rely on the vagaries of commercial carriers. But do they?

  5. For me, a former member, the continued demolition of James MacDonald’s character should not be the issue. The real issue is why didn’t those who were entrusted as leaders of the church, specifically the pastors and elders, do anything? Why didn’t one of them speak up or speak out? Someone must have known that what was going on was not in alignment with the Word of God.
    So. how can the rebuild include and be lead by those who feared man more than God to speak up?

    1. Because James MacDonald is the only reason why they are there. He’s a charismatic personality founded the church and grew it into a very successful megachurch. His wife and kids are on the staff, and no doubt the elders are mostly good buddies of his, and he’s most likely the reason they’re in a leadership position in the first place.

      And then comes the circling of the wagons…

    2. Former member…I’ll tell you why because it would all be turned back against the victims and the victims lives end up ruined instead of the perpetrator. Being powerful and having money carries a lot of weight when trying to swing opinions in your favor. My heart gets more sickened each day. I rode motorcycle along side of JM and how he just ditched all of us who love him so dearly is far beyond my comprehension. The more that comes out the more courage others will have to step forward. My heart breaks for the MacDonald family and I hope somehow repentance will be sought. As much destruction that is already taking place in the Harvest family I don’t ever want to see the fall of a marriage, children, and grandkids. So sad.

        1. And our hearts should be breaking for the things of the LORD not the enemy of our souls or those of the enemy, this was not something that went wrong recently , this is premeditation
          at the highest level in this world system

  6. Carlito’s Way out of Harvest

    Trei Tatum will be leaving as of February 28 2019. According to the Harvest website he decided this January 4th. Guess he saw the writing on the wall. Cowards! Harvest leaders time for you to Act like men!

  7. Lacy, James does indeed go places without Kathy. He has never said Kathy goes everywhere with him. However, he has stated multiple times that he is never in a room alone with just him and another woman. He has stated that when he is traveling without his wife he does have an accountability partner. He was on the plane with other people. Anne did not lie and say she was alone on the plane with him. Clearly these other people failed to do their jobs. Look, I am a member at Harvest. Have been attending for 15 years and have been serving for many of those. There are genuine Christ followers that attend. And as much as I have learned from James’ teaching and my walk with Christ has grown since attending Harvest, I will not continue to lie to myself and stand up for a man who is CLEARLY disqualified. I 100% believe Anne’s story and am even more disgusted with James AND the others who were on that plane. James is a conman. His words and actions do not match the words of the man who stood up and preached week after week. This is just one instance. I have heard many stories of the years of how he is not qualified as a pastor or elder. There is no sense of lying to ourselves. The evidence is literally right in front of our faces. I pray that James will one day reach a state of repentance, but from what I have heard from those who know him and see him on a daily basis, he is currently far from repentance.

    1. Hi Brother Jim, be not deceived…. For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel: for satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.THEREFORE it is no great thing if his ministers ALSO be transformed as the ministers of righteousness whose END SHALL BE ACCORDING TO THEIR WORKS
      2 COR 11:13-15
      If you come out from among them, you will hardly believe what the LORD shall show you
      unless you dont want to , free will and all.

        1. Hebrews 4:12 King James Version (KJV)

          12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

  8. It’s time for everyone to realize The Atranctional Model of the church is not working for the glory of God on the long run (Mars Hill, Willow Creek, Harvest, etc.). It’s time Harvest transition to a more missional/biblical model and stop placing so much authority on a single man. Only a through a radically Jesus Centered/Gospel Centered approach to ministry and church life will the Holy Spirit bring healing and restore the testimony that is now damaged. Wake up. Do the right thing. The whole world is watching! The way you – the true spiritual leaders of the church – will handle this will be remembered.

  9. MacDonald has been fired because he is unfit for ministry. Piling on with salacious gossip serves what purpose? True or untrue, it’s a little late in the game to be dredging up every past sin, especially if the alleged offender wasn’t confronted at the time the offense occurred. What possible good can it do at this late date? We already know MacDonald is if low character…why beat a dead horse. Hopefully, everyone who idolized this man and kept his secrets have learned a valuable lesson. If he had done to me what this woman alleges, he would have been preaching with a few less teeth.

    1. The horse isn’t dead yet. As long as Rick is still preaching, Andy leads worship, Trei gets a “get out of jail free card”, and all the other shady leaders continue in their positions, the horse is very much alive.

    2. Cks,

      I don’t think people’s intentions or desires are to pile on. But I do think people are taking a stand for righteousness, exposing works of darkness with the hopes that James MacDonald will not be able to “set up shop” elsewhere and play his con on others who have not been adequately forewarned. I also think that the more that’s brought out into the light will make it crystal clear that those in James’ inner circle (i.e. Rick Donald and Jeff Donaldson among others) should be entirely disqualified as elders too.

      Rejoicing that God is purifying His Church,

      Mike Medow
      Former HBC Member (1999-2011)

    3. This isn’t “salacious gossip”. A woman who was sexually harassed, and grabbed at the crotch, told her story. That doesn’t qualify as gossip to me.

      The horse is not dead. There are still plenty of leaders in place who enabled James’ behavior over the years and probably made light of this act. And you better bet James going to work behind the scenes to set up his next ministry gig. He should not be back in the pulpit after just a short time-out.

    4. Carlito’s way out of Harvest

      Macdonald still has his henchmen on staff. These stories prove that there are other elders/pastors who have disqualified themselves by being complicit and not doing what is right. James 4:17. So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.

    5. You beat a dead horse so everything comes out and people learn the magintude if what happened so it doesn’t happen again! So we should rewrite all history in all the world according to your logic. Also it’s hardly a dead horse. Macdonald just left all the people complicit is this are still there and many people want to know they are heard! Do you also know other money grabbing organization like gateway may just be waiting to eat the remains and people make just allow it to happen just to keep a job. So every little bit is important to come out

    6. Cks — at least sexual assault victims now know to avoid you in their pain. didn’t know there was a statue of limitations on sin. Why don’t you share that with all the women who were raped as little girls?

      anne confronted him. he denied it. everyone else laughed along with him.

      MacDonald is in the process of preparing his escape pod & reinventing his career with Robert Morris of Gateway Church. He stands to have even greater influence. Full disclosure serves a very important purpose.

    7. I have serious doubts about his firing. Too many of his close associates still running Harvest. The Man (Sperling) who gave the Elder talk this weekend appears to be one of the Men who bankrolled the lawsuit against Ted and Julie Roys. Hmmm. And Rick giving the sermon acting the victim, please. Oh this storm suddenly came upon us? I believe James is still running this ship. This will not be pleasant , this is far from over. Harvest needs to be purged, all current Elders , Pastors and Leaders need to go. I’m sorry but this is the only way, they all are complicit and knew what was taking place for years. They can no longer be trusted. By resigning now it will probably go better for them , if not the revelations will only get worse. James was apparently not the Man we thought he was by a long shot, nor are many of the staff. If the 20/20 team doesnt come up with some answers quickly we will know its a coverup. Open the books, show the money . Joe Stowel are you listening, why did ou and your Family leave so suddenly, do the right thing, or lose my respect. Lyndsey, what say you?

    8. As an abuse advocate, it is important that this information gets out there. Was MacDonald a predator? Are there other women? A man who touches a woman near her crotch without her permission could have serous problems. It is time to remove the rose colored glasses and see things in the light of day. It may be hard.

  10. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m ashamed to be a woman. Accusations of women and the men they have decided to nail to the cross, has gotten beyond ridiculous. There better be hard evidence is all I have to say, someone that actually saw the act happening.
    I’m not saying James is innocent of what has come down up to now, but I do believe there is a line that is being crossed with this allegation and there better be hard evidence of it. We all will stand in front of God someday, I hope someone isn’t jeopardizing the truth in this situation for the world.

    1. Lori, the truth is a hard pill to swallow. The line wasn’t crossed with the allegations, the line was crossed when James put his hand on her thigh inappropriately. The line was crossed when the elders didn’t handle this correctly at the time the allegations first came up. Anne didn’t cross a line for telling her story. Please don’t shame victims of unwanted sexual advancements.

    2. Lori,
      I’m not sure if you’ll see this, but someone needs to emphatically say- no woman (or victim) should be ashamed about being abused. It’s a natural response, but don’t live in it. Don’t believe it. Try to find a tiny amount of courage and start with ONE person you trust.
      As a woman, I am not ashamed. I’m SO PROUD that those who have been victimized and taken advantage of FINALLY feel like they have a voice. And they’re using it. The shame belongs with the perpetrators.
      Statistically speaking, the number of times these stories prove false are minuscule.

    3. Lori, spoken like a true DEFENSE attorney. Not only blaming the victim of the rape so that the perpetrator is free to repeat their crime, but also issuing a stern warning that, “There better be hard evidence…”
      From what I’ve seen this is a classic Harvest defense maneuver. One that has succeeded in the past but is now being so played out as to be ludicrous. The flying monkeys of the god of Harvest are surely in damage control mode, pleading for mercy and not to judge in their manipulations of scripture. But the god has not repented and so will meet my God:

      Ezekiel 7:8-10 King James Version (KJV)

      8 Now will I shortly pour out my fury upon thee, and accomplish mine anger upon thee: and I will judge thee according to thy ways, and will recompense thee for all thine abominations.

      9 And mine eye shall not spare, neither will I have pity: I will recompense thee according to thy ways and thine abominations that are in the midst of thee; and ye shall know that I am the Lord that smiteth.

      10 Behold the day, behold, it is come: the morning is gone forth; the rod hath blossomed, pride hath budded.

      Thought you might like the KING JAMES Version.

  11. The problem here is that we have to discern the accusations from truth. Therefore, we are to believe the woman beyond doubt if there was no witnesses. I’m sorry, I won’t go this far with James in question, without hard evidence. She should of asked someone at that moment of encounter, to be accountable as a witness of the situation, instead of waiting until now to bring this to the surface.
    I’ve been a victim, so I believe I have an opinion on this, like many others on here.

    1. Lori, that is easy to say. Even if she stood up at the time she would have been humiliated, she just had a terrible encounter with someone she trusted. Even if one other man on that plane stood up for her, he would have been ridiculed by James. I am glad that you have never had a person with power over you treat you this way. I have. Although at the time I was not a follower of Christ, I knew it was over the line. But this man could ruin my career. He did eventually. But he did not ruin my life. Ann was strong enough to try to expose his behavior by being vocal at the time.
      It is time for the books of HBC to be opened.

  12. Lori…I bet you weren’t victim to a world renowned pastor. Matt Stowell never spoke up either until recently. Why is Matt gone, and Josh, and Ann, and a ton of good pastors…. the list goes on. These worship teams are probably living their dream and don’t want to suffer the cost of losing that dream by rendering accusations against someone so powerful that you would be crushed like a bug if you ever said anything.

  13. It has been just a matter of time. We’ve been waiting for it without accusation. However, MacDonald is not a man of high moral character in so many ways it is not difficult to believe. Now maybe the flood gates will open. As will other such incidences of abuse, one telling her story as Anne has will help embolden others. Revealing such stories about the wolves is a frightening thing but with others willing to do so, it will give courage for the truth that needs to come out and tear these walls of Jericho down. Thank you Mancow, thank you Julie for bringing this evil to light.

  14. This is all so heartbreaking. Yet the modern church seems to be full of these kind of scenarios. It doesn’t always have to be a mega-church either. I have had many problems with church leaders. I would love to go into those stories here. If these guys would just lead by example like the Bible says we would have a much stronger church. To surround yourselves with yes men and boot anyone who questions it is the pattern I am seeing. I tell my wife all the time that when we get to Heaven we will be surprised who is not there. We will also be surprised who is there and who God honors. I believe in salvation by Grace not by church position. Strive to be near Him and love Him with all your heart.

  15. Another reason that, just as Pastors and Elders can only be legitimate if Biblical as males, so should so-called “worship leaders” be preferably Associate Pastors–Worship and Music. Here is just one of the many churches overly influenced by the #METOO. socialization.

    1. Seriously Richard that is so midevil thinking! So it’s a woman’s fault if a man molests her?? You are so archaic it’s troubling! Men also molest other men so get at clue. This is an issue if Poor moral character fraud Christians

    2. That’s just brilliant Richard, maybe we should go all the way back to the first century and have the men and women sit separately on opposite sides of the room like it’s a junior high dance. Better yet, how about women just stay home from corporate worship so that they can cook in silence and scrub your toilet before you get home?

  16. I remember sitting with James on his back patio and over hearing a conversation he was having on the phone about making it difficult for someones singing career. Soon after Lindsay MaCaul music career quickly faded away. I always wondered if that conversation was tied to that. Today it seems more likely.

  17. Some keep asking why all this “dragging up dirt” when James was already fired. These stories aren’t dirt, they are testimonies of abuse survived. Stories need to be told so the abused can heal. So the men who allowed it are held accountable. So James cannot set up shop elsewhere. AND so others in churches like these can learn to recognize similar abuse and run from it. Keep sharing your stories brothers and sisters!

  18. I knew Anne when I was at Harvest. She is a godly woman who has nothing to gain from telling this story. I believe her.

  19. Many who are guilty of this type of abuse towards men or women, either are convicted of this sexual crime or are let off the hook by little or no evidence. Whether they are guilty or not, without concrete evidence, no one will ever know the real truth…But God and the victims in this. God is our final judge.
    Too many times, we see victims come forward after the fact, how can we, who were not sitting next to James, no the real situation. But God. We all have the right to form an opinion, But God, will pass the judgement. Those who are in the accountable seats, can do what they feel is best in this situation, but the truth is known in heaven. I believe, we come back to the one that casts the first stone, in this situation, without concrete evidence. But, we do live in a free world of speech, so throwing one under the bus, then running over them several times, will continue on.

    1. Maybe consider how your words questioning why people come forward after the fact may cause people to come forward after the fact.
      Fear. Trauma. Shame. The fear of not being believed. Fear of retaliation (particularly in the workplace). These are all reasons people come forward after the fact. ??‍♀️ We should be thankful when they come forward at ANY point and find ways to make it easier and less stigmatized for them to come forward earlier.

  20. My husband and I personally knew Rob and Anne. I worked at Harvest she came by my office to tell me something very serious and we never connected. Let’s all remember that A molestation can happen within a few seconds. Just because possibly those on the plane didn’t see it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. What does Anne, have to gain by sharing her story only that maybe other women/ if there are more, will come forward and be brave like her. Let’s not be like Willow, or the employees that are still on staff side but let’s first start with the victim and believe her.

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