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Margie Zacharias Breaks Silence, Defends Ravi

By Julie Roys
Ravi Margie Zacharias

Margie Zacharias, the widow of the disgraced apologist Ravi Zacharias—and former board member and chief cultural officer for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM)—has broken her silence regarding her late husband’s alleged sexual abuse. 

In an email to her extended family, Margie Zacharias defended her husband, saying that after searching through all of Ravi Zacharias’ personal belongings, she did not find anything “suspicious . . . absolutely nothing to support the claims being made or the charges against him.”

She added: “He could never have kept a secret like they are alleging (alleging, I say, as there is not one whit of evidence to support what they are saying). At the very least, with all the medication he was on at the end and his hallucinations something would have come out.”

Margie Zacharias’ email was posted in a Facebook group called, “Friends who like Ravi Zacharias.” The email was also forwarded to me by a former RZIM director.

In her email, Margie Zacharias also reveals that she’s recently moved out of her home because RZIM had told her that she had to vacate it. She adds that the house “had been promised to me specifically in the case that Ravi died for as long as I wanted it.”

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As The Roys Report reported in October, the house in which Ravi and Margie Zacharias lived was bought in 2018 by an LLC managed by an RZIM executive. RZIM’s 990s also state that RZIM provided a “housing allowance or residence for personal use” to Ravi and Margie Zacharias.

Margie Zacharias’ defense of her husband flies in the face of an investigation by the law firm Miller & Martin, which concluded that Ravi Zacharias had raped a female massage therapist and sexually molested several others over a span of many years. 

It also contradicts the testimony of Lori Anne Thompson, who has provided emails, phone records, and gift receipts confirming her story that Ravi Zacharias had groomed and sexually exploited her.

Ravi Zacharias’ former business partner, Vicki Blue, has also claimed that Zacharias abused her and other therapists at a spa they co-owned, and then threatened to “ruin” her if she spoke.  Anurag Sharma, who co-owned spas with Zacharias and Blue, has similarly testified that Zacharias had a pattern of exposing himself to therapists and masturbating.

Yet in her email, Margie Zacharias is adamant that her husband’s “failures were not in this area.” She adds, “He was spectacularly self-disciplined in his conduct, especially where it would reflect poorly on the Lord. He denied himself every single day in order to fulfill his calling and be pleasing to the Lord. . . .

“Such a man could not be guilty of what is being alleged and there is no evidence at all to support those allegations, not in his personal effects, his financial records, his correspondence, his actions observed by all who knew him over 74 yrs.”

In addition to damning personal testimony, the Miller & Martin investigation also found that RZIM used ministry funds to financially support women Ravi  Zacharias abused, who in turn, felt indebted to Zacharias. This included using a fake humanitarian effort, called Touch of Hope, which was “purely a discretionary fund” and provided wire payments to benefit four of Zacharias’ massage therapists.

According to RZIM organizational charts leaked to The Roys Report, the person who directed Touch of Hope was Ravi Zacharias’ personal massage therapist, who was well known to RZIM insiders. While Ravi Zacharias was alive, his massage therapist reported directly to Ravi Zacharias. After Zacharias died, his massage therapist reported to Sarah Davis—Ravi and Margie Zacharias’ daughter—along with Margie Zacharias and only five other RZIM employees.

It has not been revealed if Margie Zacharias is the Executrix of Ravi Zacharias’ estate.

According to the Miller & Martin report, the Executrix refused to cooperate with their investigation by granting investigators access to a notebook of evidence Ravi’s lawyer had compiled related to allegations by Lori Anne Thompson. The executrix also has refused to release Thompson and her husband from a non-disclosure agreement they signed with Ravi Zacharias.

Margie Zacharias’ Email:

Margie Zacharias’ Email Redacted


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103 Responses

  1. The headline is slightly misleading in that Margie Zacharias has not, at this time, made a public statement. She sent an email to family members, and the message was later forwarded to Julie Roys. Because Margie’s husband was a public figure, her comments are of interest to all who have followed this scandal. The content, however, should be analyzed in its context as private correspondence intended for an audience of fewer than twenty persons. Please understand that I am not defending her actions or rationalizing her attitudes. Let’s hope that Mrs. Zacharias does truly break her silence with a public announcement of restitution for survivors and release of Lori Ann Thompson from a nondisclosure agreement. Continued coverage by Julie Roys and other reporters is necessary to achieve such ends. .

    1. Another possibility is that it was written to family members with the intention for someone to leak it. The purpose being to make a statement to the public under the guise of a private family letter in order to add credibility to her narrative.

    2. Once an email is posted on a private FB group with 31K members, it’s a public statement. Also, given that the FB group consists of supporters of Ravi and Margie’s, that indicates that it probably was shared with permission. But if there was any doubt, Nathan Zacharias has Margie’s letter posted on his defending Ravi website.

      1. Thanks for that information. Then the purpose is to advance their narrative that if there was evidence she would have found it. I hope her followers see that her claims are unprovable and fly in the face of credible hard evidence discovered by an independent investigation.

  2. Margie’s hyperbolic lies in Ravi’s defense would be just slightly more believable if she had cooperated with investigators, let them search all Ravi’s old devices and personal effects long ago, released the Thompsons from the NDA Ravi then manipulatively broke, done her job as a highly-paid employee and board member of RZIM and come clean about Ravi’s many lies, and developed her character over a lifetime. She now proves herself further to be an active accomplice in abuse, deception, and treachery; old habits die hard.

    Her twisted behavior does have precedent in the lives of such women as the wives of Bill Cosby, Jerry Sandusky, and Jerry Falwell Jr., or Ghislaine Maxwell, who have continued to proclaim the innocence of their repulsive, perverted men, and themselves.

    She should be thankful she’s not (yet) moving to a different form of subsidized housing at the Big House for defrauding and misleading donors.

  3. Was Margie not on the board / some section of the board? Was she the one who misled Lennox and Orr Ewing (who enjoy influence at camps and conferences) into thinking Ravi was procedurally sound – as if they couldn’t take their own trouble? If one takes care not to be deceived by Nathan’s pretended “tone” it’s clear to me he is pointing his finger at the trustees and the Oxford clique that fronted Ravi (Ravi was “clever” but his “apologetics”, apparently the main product, were flimsy ramblings). (Even if we’re not yet clear why Nathan and Naomi stayed in the firm so long.) And why doesn’t Margie hand the contents of the bags to a relative for a RZ Memorial Museum / a biographer – it is an interesting story anyway?

    And why would her own firm cheat its most famous employee’s widow out of owning her home, which she and Ravi surely owned at one time, even if on a mortgage – it is usual for employers to NOT have any stance on how employees own or rent, and there were other office premises. Did she or some fellow directors (behind her back) know the firm wasn’t making ends meet? Should Orr Ewing and / or Lennox not have split their earnings with her, and helped her cut the firm adrift? And why is Margie shredding company business? And who hired M&M – was someone trying to turn coat at that early stage?

  4. I actually think that both Margie and Nathan (I’m following Nathan’s blog) are making good points. Ravi isn’t here to defend himself, and he deserves a defense to be heard.

    1. In truth, you have to go back several years to the beginning of this whole saga in order to understand all that has happened. Ravi actually did have opportunities to defend himself. Evidence clearly reveals that he lied and covered up other evidence and silenced victims with threats and payoffs. He had the chance to be heard. Now it is the victims’ chance to be heard.

      Luke 12:2-4
      2 Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. 3 Therefore whatever you have said in the dark shall be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in private rooms shall be proclaimed on the housetops.

      1. Not defending Ravi. Just pointing out that you’re using Luke 12:2-4 way out of context, as most people do. Go back and study the chapter, and you’ll find that Jesus is talking to His disciples about the gospel. Just thought you should know. ♥️

        1. Not so. Luke 12:1 provides the context of verses 2-3: “In the meantime, when so many thousands of the people had gathered together that they were trampling one another, he began to say to his disciples first, “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, which is hypocrisy.”

          Like the Pharisees, Ravi, Margie, Nathan, and others in Zacharias, Inc. have some head knowledge, but in their practical lives are gross, abusive, lying, money-grubbing hypocrites whose evil deeds continue to be brought to light.

          Let others claiming to represent God take warning.

        2. Keith
          Thank you for your desire to see the word of God handled properly and for seeking to correct in a spirit of gentleness. The last several verses of Luke 11 are about Jesus’s indictment of the Pharisees’ hypocrisy. This theme is continued in Chapter 12 and establishes religious hypocrisy as the context for the statement in Luke 12:2-4. I should have included verse 1 in the quote I referenced in order to reflect the context.

    2. That is something I can agree with. Have any of the accusers filed civil or criminal law suits against RZIM? If so, and the case(s) go to trial, RZIM would mount a robust defense and we would be able to see/hear it. If law suits were filed and settlements reached before going to trial, then the results of Miller & Martin’s investigation and subsequent public release were part of a legal/crisis management/public relations strategy designed to optimize the board’s desired outcome. One thing is sure, we do not know the whole story and likely won’t ever know it.

    3. Nathan’s blog would laughable if the whole mess wasn’t so sad. The misrepresentations, red herrings, and conspiracy theories are just really bad and he consistently never addresses anything of substance. Same for Margie’s weird letter. I engaged Nathan on his Instagram account last week (since he doesn’t allow comments on his blog). He could not coherently answer my questions. His puts forth a narrative of a shadowy “leadership team” at RZIM out to get his mom when sister Sara is CEO and still a director. He claimed Sara only partially believes the report. When I asked why did she publicly denounce her father to Christianity Today, he couldn’t answer. Either Sara has no integrity by saying things she did not believe or she fully believes the report after reviewing the evidence. It’s one or the other. He also made a very bold claim that an M&M attorney didn’t believe there were any victims. He tried to some how say that M&M used poor digital security, a complete non sequitur. M&M didn’t get paid more to find dirt and RZIM didn’t want them too. My counsel to him was to address the real issues like the suicide note, the $250k NDA, etc. Then I pointed out that RZIM could not legally kick his mom out if it’s her house. So the ministry must own it. She’s had the benefit of living in a $700k house for 3 years rent free. The ministry stopped taking donations so they probably can’t keep paying the mortgage. Then he said they have a ton of cash due to an insurance policy on RZ. I had to explain how those things work too. Apparently that was the last straw as he threw a fit, “yelling” for me to stop. Then promptly deleted his Instagram account to delete the public conversation we had. Unfortunately I am now responsible for both him and Naomi for deleting there Instagram accounts. Sigh. I feel bad for them but they really need to not make entitled public statements that presents themselves as victims from boogeymen out for the family (except big sister….still CEO) and takes away from real victims. Ugh. The cognitive dissonance is mind numbing.

      1. Ummm, both Naomi’s and Nathan’s Instagram accounts are still up and running. You may have been blocked by both of them, which would hide their accounts from you.

        1. Lol…got it. Thanks! And of course you’re right. I have a second account to promote my music and confirmed that. These two don’t want to live in the same world as us. Funny as he told someone else that he’d never block someone for asking questions or disagreeing but only if they were cruel. I was certainly not cruel and even gave him advice that I said that I hope it would help. Lord knows he needs it. On Naomi’s post I didn’t even comment…only left a link to an article at Christianity Today by a former RZIM apologist that was about how we must believe women. A beautifully written piece that tied in the Easter story and taking care of victims in our time. That got me blocked.

          1. Sounds like the final diehards (Margie, Nathan, and Sara) circling the wagons and readying themselves in the Ravifurher bunker. If the cognitive dissonance causes them to stroke out and die or they end up eating a bullet to make it stop, at this point I do not care.

  5. BRAVO Margie Zacharias, I’ve never believed these false accusations. Your husband is innocent. If you can, hire europeans experts and journalists to do conter investigation; hire black lawyers in USA to defend your husband. The report made by experts under conspirators of RZIM is weird like a piece of garbage and not true. Insist that identities of all accusers be revealed then they will face journalists to unmask them. Require that independent experts check devices of your husband to verify when pictures of naked women were loaded. Real Experts should question all female accusers and all naked women if they know Ravi Zacharias…
    Don’t be afraid of the harmful former collaborators and evangelical Christians churches of USA. They are jealous, liars, violent, merciless , shameless, greedy, vicious and racists. They want only steal money and followers of RZIM and scratch Ravi’s popularity to make money. Sadly, They are ravening wolves. They use bible, religion and the name of Jesus as cover only.
    You will win. We support you. God also is in your side. Move forward. Be strong. I’m sending you waves of love and harmony. Be blessed.

    1. Victoire Victoria

      The boards and staff of RZIM Africa do not align with your opinions.

      They are devastated by the findings of the Miller and Martin investigations and they welcome the statement of repentance by the International Board of Directors as well as acknowledging the courageous women who came forward.

      I have posted the statement of sorrow and regret by the board of RZIM Africa below:

      Please read it.

      1. The board of directors denied Ravi’s legacy but not financial legacy he left. I believe there are people who benefit from this scandal. I really hope Ravi’s family will initiate another investigation. I pray about this situation and I am not convinced the evidence presented in the report proves Ravi was a sexual predator and a rapist. I am shocked how easily the Christian community was persuaded that Ravi was guilty. No scepticism about this report was publicly expressed by any former Ravi’s supporters.

        1. It’s suspicious that any elements that were true weren’t made public years earlier, indeed:

          – far from being sole machinator who was Ravi’s machinator? First YFC and the sad denominations that dogged his parents, later the Oxford element (Oxford again as usual). Did someone give him a chance to get a career?
          – why was it thought degenerate of him to play cricket? In the real world we even have evangelical rugby players!
          – why would he not admit (as he has) it was needless, for its meaning, to exaggerate the Daniel issue just to tickle the fundamentalists?
          – I put down his books, in the shop, after 2 minutes browsing rambling non-sequiturs on several more subjects also, thinking this is yet another lightweight eccentric to ignore. I regret not warning my peers: millions of uncritical and ignorant English families have been led into shallow waters at the firm’s camps.
          – Old fashioned Irish call any clergy “Dr”. RZIM calculated to hide the credential nonsense behind this sort of thing just like the latest “sri” red herring, cloaking a deception Ravi doesn’t know whether to inflate or puncture, not being sure of any of his views about anything anyway.
          – Mock-scandalised evangelicals are replicating Ravi’s own errors in claiming to comment on Ravi’s “salvation”. Assurance of security is a matter of inference between him and God. He has made them look silly: why don’t they like that?
          – Why oh why oh why was this INTERNATIONAL group of firms managed so APPALLINGLY badly – a VERY bad witness. Why don’t they want to do their “apologetics” any more? It was always clear that could be done without Ravi.
          – Nathan (apart from about the phones) and Margie are saying very different things.

          To me these smoke screens that just hide smoke screens would be a heinous scandal WITHOUT the bad sex: all these aspects have got to be made to unravel too.

    2. Thank you for the link Jackson.

      Merciful and Just God, we come to you in this time of need.
      Teach us to sit with the pain of the many women who have been broken and wounded by the devastating actions of Ravi Zacharias.
      Out of the depths we cry to you, O Lord. Have mercy.

      Teach us to sit with the pain of the continued brokenness of humanity which we see when men act in sinful ways, offending the image of God in the other, and abusing women sexually, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
      Out of the depths we cry to you, O Lord. Have mercy.

      Teach us to sit with the pain wrought by the systems and structures of Christian ministry organizations that seem to lend themselves time and again to gross abuses of power, moral negligence, and ethical abandon.
      Out of the depths we cry to you, O Lord. Have mercy.

      We confess that we have chosen reputation over integrity, power over love, preservation over redemption, arrogance over humility, secrecy over truthfulness and devastation over life, serving our own sinful desires over honouring the God we claim to serve.
      Out of the depths we cry to you, O Lord. Have mercy.

  6. There is no battle. It was just a matter of telling the truth for God, other victims and my daughter.

    There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

    An RZ Survivor

    1. I would appreciate your public statement on YouTube. As a survivor of Ravi’s crimes you should not be silent. For the sake of justice and truth, please, tell your side of this story to the world.

        1. Vicki Blue,

          Why would victims address the predator as “most precious Mr. Ravi Ji” and “my dear Mr. Ravi Ji”? Why have you been texting him all along knowing that he has abused you? This is a genuine question.

    2. Dear Ms. Blue, Thank you for your statement and courage. I defend you and other victims and the LORD defends you more.

  7. I do not believe what they are saying about Ravi, I have the highest respect for him. There is no way, that any man who serves Jesus Christ can live the life that they are accusing him of. NO WAY. John MacArthur should be ashame of himself for what he is saying. Ravi has had more love for Jesus Christ than any man on this earth. It has to be a setup. I know that there are many who would like to see Ravi Ministry and testimony destroyed. As well as his reputation. I pray that God will expose those who are behind this false accusation. When I first heard about this, I was very upset and angry with Ravi Zacharias.. then as days went by, I got to thinking. No way, this is not Ravi… NO WAY. May God expose the true identity of those who are behind this. In Jesus name I pray… amen.

    1. In her letter, it sounded like she was implying people who take metamucil don’t commit sex crimes. All it does is add fiber, not prevent anything. And I guess when the company owns the house, they can tell you when to move. After all, who’s paying the taxes on it? I feel sorry for all the victims. Of course he hid evidence. There might even be a different storage spot she doesn’t know about, although I doubt it. I feel sorry for the victims, having to deal with the abuse and then all this crap.

      1. There is plenty of paper shredders out there to hide unwanted documents!
        One can delete material from computers and cellphones.
        Oh I know there is ways to bring it back up. But once again it can be deleted!
        And there is other possibilities too. Did he have OFFICES at either RZIM ministries or elsewhere?
        But paper and document shredders can take care of stuff you don’t want anyone else to see!

    2. “There is no way, that any man who serves Jesus Christ can live the life that they are accusing him of. NO WAY. ”

      That’s exactly the point, Brian. Ravi was not serving Jesus Christ, as evidenced by the life he was living…and concealing.

      “On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.”

  8. As an abuse survivor from my pastor father, my mother is steeped in denial as well- she through me under the bus to be complicit to the crimes of her husband because acknowledging the truth would rock her world to dust. I have and am forgiving them both – as they continue to deny and have now disowned me. Denial runs deep and to acknowledge and take accountability would cause such psychological upheaval ( with narcissistic roots ) it most likely will never happen. Yes, somedays are harder (think Holidays) than others but God’s grace is sufficient. Where would I be without Him? Thank you Jesus! So. Having experienced this helps me understand the deep-roots of denial Margie seems to be experiencing, though this is not righteousness exemplified showing humility and grace to the victims and makes her complicit to RZ’s crimes. Ugh. She will have to give an account to all she has done here on earth t the Heavenly Father. As will we all.

    One other note: I remember before the final report came out in February, the previous December she was seemingly ‘bragging’ that donations were still flowing in and that people were still supporting and liked RZIM. This gave me a sick feeling in my gut- as if this was the most important thing to her. And then yes, reading in her first paragraph in this new email- how she is being ‘forced unfairly so’ to leave her mansion gifted to her by donations and patrons of RZIM and her lavish lifestyle, seems to depict where her treasure lies and perhaps her heart. The love of money is the root of all evil. She has many a reason to want to continue to live in the lap of luxurious denial and try to maintain her status quip and quo. That which she may be in denial about as well. So so sad really.

    One of the best definitions of denial I’ve heard is: lying + pride = denial. Yup.

    But may this be a stark lesson and warning to us all lest we fall!

    Praying for Margie that her eyes may be opened- praying for the victims as I am sure they are reeling from this email laced with denial and continued abusive assumptions.

    May the Lord get the glory for all of this!

  9. Sadly, all of my comments have been unjustly deleted. So, let me phrase it this way: John Maxwell, Charles and Andy Stanley, and Michael Youssef visited Ravi in the hospital on many occasions. Ravi repented of what he was guilty of.
    However, what he has been accused of doing and what he actually did is about 5%

    1. I’ve searched the trash bin and haven’t been able to find any comments by you, so perhaps something went amiss with your submission. I did find some submissions by a Samuel Isley. Is that you? Here’s a sample of one I deleted: “You are a liar and a devil! Ravi is Innocent!” I do delete comments like these that just call names and are inflammatory.

  10. Thank you for dealing with Margie Zacharias’ recent email.
    I do get Nathan Zacharias Defending Ravi and I did read it!
    He has not convinced me yet of Ravi’s innocence. I really wish he was but I believe RZIM did the right thing of having the situation investigated!
    Here is my stand,

    (1) I think it would be foolish for any man to leave behind incriminating letters, cards, ect.
    That is why they have paper shredders! Plus texts and emails can be deleted!
    I think it takes a complete fool to leave stuff behind!
    I am NOT impressed with Margie saying she found nothing at the home!
    Plus did he by any chance have an office at the RZIM headquarters? Was anything found or not found?
    Understand things can be deleted or destroyed!

    (2) About the hallucinations.
    My late first wife’s mother had a child born because she was raped younger. She would never tell anyone including the born conceived and born through that criminal act!
    She kept it a strong secret.
    Finally after my first wife passed due to cancer in 2008 her Mother got progressively worse! She had dementia.
    She even went and stayed with her oldest daughter who was conceived in rape. We actually hoped she would be tell the name of her oldest daughter’s dad. She to be the best of my knowledge never did!
    So I believe it is very possible that he never revealed any of his crimes while hallucinating!

    (3) It is nothing unusual for a preachers wife to stand by her man even though guilty of sex sins!
    I know of a “church trial” for a preacher I know guilty of adultery. His wife stood up for him at that trial!

    (4) And where’s the NDA? That is what we want to see. And I really think that will shed light one way or the other!

    So I am not impressed with Mrs. Margie Zacharias’ email!

    1. I will make this my last reply to this particular writing. And I would like to say that I have reread the report from MILLER & MARTIN today. Inspite of my strong views of Ravi Zacharias being guilty I can honestly say I would LOVE to be found wrong and it turns out to totally false about Ravi Zacharias!
      That he was completely innocent!
      Well I reread it and to be honest I am more convinced of his guilt not less! And for those who say, “you ought to hear both sides!”
      Answer:. I get Nathan Zacharias blog DEFENDING RAVI!!!
      But here are my feelings,

      (1) RZIM hired Miller and Martin as a result of what the stories going around about Ravi.
      I agree that it SHOULD have been done!
      For they needed to look into the claims! You don’t ignore something this serious!
      The real issue is they should have done it while Ravi was alive.

      (2) The report Miller & Martin
      gave is based on the investigation of what they found. I think they found plenty in the light of what they could do!
      They were reporting their finds of their investigation!

      (3) And keep this in mind. If they gave false information or did a lying report they could be easily sued for liable! It is liabless to print such a report and they could easily sued for a false report!
      So I am sure they had to make sure of their facts!

      So in light of these facts I have little reason to doubt them.
      The problem is there is too much “muddying” the waters on both sides. I feel that some actually WANT Ravi either guilty or innocent.
      One last thing. I just wish Margie’s name was not drug into this. Why?
      Because I have lost TWO wives to cancer! I understand what it is like to have your companion pass away.
      And to be truthful I would hate it if now that both my wives are gone for someone to bring up evidence that either of them was involved in gross immorality! And I can understand how hard it would it be to accept a report like that!
      And if it would be proven true all I can say it would take the Grace of God(2 Cor.12:7-11) and the strength of Christ to accept it(Phil.4:13)!

  11. As a woman that has endured the pain of having an unfaithful spouse I can empathize with what Margie is going through, and at the same time feel angered by her words on behalf of the victims. Infidelity is traumatic for a spouse, there is a good video here if anyone wants to understand why: There could be many different reasons for Margie to defend Ravi, but if people think about it from her perspective this is probably extremely humiliating for her. A lot of betrayed women go to great lengths to overlook or not believe that their spouse is not faithful to them because it is a huge threat to their own value as a person in their perception.

    I believe all of the women that have come forward and I also can believe that Margie probably did not find paper evidence of Ravi’s infidelity, (unfaithful spouses are often very careful to cover their tracks-especially if they have a lot to lose) but she is clearly in denial to refuse to accept the other evidence. I hope that she and the children can find healing and acceptance so that they do not continue to question and hurt the other victims of Ravi’s transgressions.

  12. Just a question; so we have passed judgement on a dead man, with charges brought by “un-named” persons, advocated for by a secular, third party law firm! All of whom stand to gain monetarily in big way! Where were these accusers when “me-too” was an unstoppable movement a few years ago? The plaintiffs and the defendant Must be present in order to reach a verdict! We Christians have fallen for it again, and destroyed the work of a man on technically hearsay…

  13. GOD IS LOVE! In HIM there is no darkness at all! What we need to do is GUARD our own hearts and PRAY Dr. Zacharis had time with the Lord before his going. ALL OF US!

  14. Her title is Chief Cultural Officer? If there was ever a feather bed job created to get a family member on the payroll this has to be it. Joel and Victoria have to be thinking, Why didn’t we think of that.

  15. People [who] embrace Protestantism with no proofs of ordinary or extraordinary mission or jurisdiction or Heavenly Mandate to preach (miracles greater than those of Christ Himself) deserve to be robbed and conned like this. If this doesn’t make them wise up, nothing will.

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