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  1. I believe Ravi was a true man of God. He has contributed hugely to the body of Christ as one of the greatest Christian apologist of this time. I was surprised not more came to his defense at the thin allegations or so called evidence. Great men are often attacked posthumously. If alive, he would have torn to shreds the allegations and see who would have the guts to stand up to him, especially with the Spirit of God that was with him. I hear a lot are dumping his books. Well, send them to me. I read a lot.

    Missionary with under ground house church In China now based in Seattle area.

    1. @ Scott Clinton. Don’t be selfish, as I would love any of Ravi’s books also. I have sent copies to people around the world. In recent years, I have enjoyed listening to many of his sermons and public addresses thru being posted. But alas, RZIM in their wisdom have ensured that they have also been taken down. A big error IMO. In becoming a Christian, my committment was not to Ravi, my committent is to the Lord Jesus Christ and Ravi was not only a friend to me, but also a servant of the same Lord Jesus. So now I have to dig into my archives of tapes amassed during sermons from the 70’s, 80’s and some in the 90’s. They are every bit as meaningful today as they were at the time God used him to speak thru.

  2. It is very difficult to believe these allegations against ravi zacharias. I have been greatly disturbed . Many christians have been very fast to fill their subscriptions to their youtube channels with a sizzling story .

    I understand what Truth represents and Ravi Zacharias understood what Truth was . A person who knows the Truth and denies the Truth is in great peril with his soul .

    Jesus said In the Book of Matthew (12: 31-32), we read, “Therefore I say to you, any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven men, but blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven. … The same idea that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is unforgivable.

    And Jesus was talking to the pharisees who new the truth but denied HIM . Such was the case of Lucifer who stood next to God and thought he could usurp the Most High’s authority .

    Ravi knew the Truth and he knew very well that if he were to do any of these things that were alleged against him , his soul would be in peril .

    All of us know this Truth that if we jump into fire we will get burned and killed .

    So what I ask people to think about is Truth .
    Ravi Zacharias spoke about the Truth not as a false prophet but with a complete understanding of who Jesus is . Ravi Zacharias knew the Truth about the hell fires he would have to contend with and the soul that would perish . That Truth was embedded in his life .

    Ravi knew this Truth as any common individual who knows the truth about the fact that fire will burn and cause death .

    I do not know Ravi or Margie Zacharias , but I know what Truth does to a person . You can preach a fake Truth ( a lie) but to the one who knows the TRUTH it is life transforming .Even Judas who betrayed Jesus knew the truth within himself that he went and hung himself .

    Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess this Truth that Ravi Zacharias knew that Jesus Christ is Lord!

    1. I have never for a second believed the lies brought against this man of God after he could no longer come to his own defense & I believe it is a tool of Satan. I am heartbroken that more people have not stood up for him against the rumors. It is heartbreaking to me that people care more for how they might appear to man than to God Himself. The devil is a liar from the beginning & he always will be. I hate him & his deceitful words of accusation against men of God who I know would have withstood them to their face. They know it too & that is why they waited until his death to bring these railing accusations against him trying to destroy the ministry he labored in love for.

  3. I think that Ravi gave me so much of what helped me through some very dark times in my life and he did it because God used him to help me, the timing was the Lords and it lined up perfectly.

    I am shaken but not moved by these allegations against Ravi and I am very aware of how in the end times these types of things will be multiplied everywhere. I do not buy the story that his most open accuser has laid out and that’s my truth.

    Lovers of money and livers of self come to mind and fit quite nicely. I think it’s time to quit with the character assassination of someone who moved mountains of lives for the good of the Kingdom of God.

    I personally have not lived a perfect life and I think we all know that God will judge the hearts of men. I say thank you Ravi for sharing the truth so clearly it helped save my life.

    It Margie I say your strength is true, your an inspiration and my prayers are with you and your family!

    God is in control and I rest with my faith solely in Jesus and no one else!

    God bless!

  4. I pray that you continue to seek the truth about Ravi. I know in my heart this was created to destroy his ministry. Death was not enough-they wanted his lagacy to fail.

    1. I have sought the truth for more than a year and the evidence is overwhelming that Ravi sexually abused numerous women. That was also the conclusion of the independent investigation conducted by Miller & Martin. There is no conspiracy to bring Ravi down–just numerous abused and wounded women who deserve our support, not our skepticism.

  5. I believe Ravi Zacharias I innocent. He Is being framed by anti christians coz he spoke out in what he believed. Jesus Christ is Lord

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