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Mark Driscoll Supports Arizona Gov. Candidate Kari Lake at Freedom & Faith Concert

By Dale Chamberlain
gov candidate kari lake
On October 27, 2022, several local ministers including Tommy Barnett and Mark Driscoll prayed over Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake at a “Freedom & Faith” concert in Scottsdale, Arizona. (Video screengrab)

On Thursday, Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake held a “Freedom & Faith” concert in Scottsdale, an event that was attended by notable evangelical leaders, including megachurch pastors Tommy Barnett and Mark Driscoll.

Lake, who has earned an endorsement from former president Donald Trump, has repeatedly stated her belief that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen” from Trump and that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president, even at one point suggesting that journalists who have said otherwise should be imprisoned. 

In a video that began circulating on Friday, Lake can be seen surrounded by a group of men and women prior to the rally, as Barnett, pastor of Dream City Church in Phoenix, anoints her with oil. Driscoll, known for his brash demeanor and allegations of abusive leadership throughout his pastoral tenure across two megachurches, was among the leaders laying hands on Lake.

“The anointing is a very, very sacred thing,” Barnett can be heard saying in the video before leading the group in prayer. 

“Great to hear your testimony re Jesus changing ur life (sic) in the past year,” Driscoll later wrote in a Facebook post alongside an image featuring himself, his wife Grace, and Lake. “Thanks for listening to sermons as you study the Bible. Grace & I love you. Our family is praying for your family.”

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mark driscoll arizona gov candidate
On October 28, 2022, Mark Driscoll posts about meeting with Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake. (Screengrab)

The event, which also featured an appearance by worship leader Sean Feucht and the worship band from Dream City Church, began with the national anthem before Feucht led the crowd in singing praise songs. 

Lake, who later walked onstage as speakers blared “I’m Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and The Waves, said that during the pandemic, “I handed my life 100% over to God, truly, for the first time. And I can tell you, he has brought me on the wildest ride. When I said, ‘God you take me and do with me what you want,’ look what he brings us when we hand our life over to God.”

“We had some amazing pastors tonight—they led the most incredible prayer,” Lake said. “I know that prayer is just going to propel me through the next 12 days and beyond.”

Lake continued, “But if your pastor tells you to hand over your life to God; amazing things will happen, believe them, people. Amazing things will happen.”

Lake went on to credit God for the traction her gubernatorial campaign has gained, her endorsement from Trump, and for her ability to “expose the fake news media.” 

Referring to her campaign as a movement, Lake pointed to the sky and said, “It’s God. It’s not me. It’s not me. It’s us and God. It truly is.”

“He’s just using me right now, as we want to be used by God,” Lake said. “I’m running errands for God right now. How many of you are willing to run some errands for God?” 

The crowd broke out into applause.

“We’re on the right side of things. You know that, right? We want to do what’s right,” Lake went on to say. “And we’re going to do that.”

Lake is running against Katie Hobbs, a Democratic candidate who has served as Secretary of State of Arizona since January 2019.

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Dale Chamberlain (M.Div) is the Content Manager for He is also a blogger and podcaster who is passionate about helping people tackle ancient truths in everyday settings. He lives in Southern California with his wife Tamara and their two sons.



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72 Responses

  1. Another “campaign conversion” in the GOP?

    It’s easier for GOP candidates to convert to Christianty than it is to change cell phone providers.

  2. I’m not sure we could expect someone like Lake to know/vet all the people who are trying to jump on her bandwagon or showing up at an event.

    1. I don’t think this article was intended to say that Lake was somehow remiss in letting someone like Mark Driscoll attend this event but rather highlighting the unfortunate liaison between a disgraced formally prominent evangelical leader and a political candidate that has enthusiastically embraced untruth for political benefit.

        1. Well, for one, she said: “I handed my life 100% over to God, truly, for the first time.”

          That’s a lie, or “an untruth,” if you prefer. Because none of us has handed our life over “100%” to God. “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” We always keep something for ourselves, even when we commit to do otherwise.

          She lies even when she doesn’t have to. That’s a red flag.

        2. Sara, really! Her unfounded claims about the election and her lies about the legitimacy of our president for starters. Maybe you should listen to all the Republicans and Trump supporters who testified at the January 6th hearings that the Big Lie is just what it is! Horse bleep!

        3. “what untruth has she embraced”?

          well…standing next to and welcoming widely disgraced ‘pastors’ would be embracing an untruth that there doesn’t need to be accountability for those in the pulpit, not to mention her election denials and spreading dangerous and objectively false lies.

          They both clearly known their audience…

      1. “unfortunate liason” -> who knows what that phrase really means, let alone how you could have a “liason” if in fact she didn’t seek out his attendance.

  3. It would be a real stretch for any Bible believing, born again child of God to figure out a way to support any Democrat, given the things they support.

    1. It would be a real stretch for any Bible believing, born again child of God to figure out a way to support any Republican, given the things they support.

      1. Quite right, it doesn’t matter the political party, but it reflects on the real beliefs of ALL participants!

        Hebrews 2:3-4

        Barnes New Testament Notes
        It is great, because it was effected by infinite displays of power, and wisdom, and love. It was procured by the incarnation and humiliation of the Son of God. It was accomplished amidst great sufferings and self-denials. It was attended with great miracles….. The whole series of wonders connected with the incarnation and death of the Lord Jesus, was such as the world had not elsewhere seen, and such as was fitted to hold the race in mute admiration and astonishment. If this be so, then religion is no trifle. It is not a matter of little importance, whether we embrace it or not. It is the most momentous of all the concerns that pertain to man; and has a claim on his attention which nothing else can have. Yet the mass of men live in the neglect of it. It is not that they are professedly Atheists, or Deists, or that they are immoral or profane; it is not that they oppose it, and ridicule it, and despise it; it is that they simply neglect it. They pass it by, They attend to other things. They are busy with their pleasures, or in their counting-houses-in their workshops, or on their farms; they are engaged in politics [(!)] or in book-making; and they neglect religion NOW as a thing of small importance–proposing to attend to it hereafter, as if they acted on the principle, that everything else was to be attended to before religion….”

    2. I am a Bible believing person who has voted Democrat in many elections; for me, it had to do with helping the poor and elderly as scripture instructs us to do.
      I watched Republicans support gutting WIC, school lunch programs (where many poor children get their ONLY adequate meal) and Medicare. I kept waiting for Bible-believing Christians to raise a concern over what this would to do to poor mothers, their children, and the elderly. It’s like they were so obsessed with keeping the LGBTQ community out, supporting the police, and making sure their children don’t have to read about Ruby Bridges that they were overlooking a basic Biblical command to care for the poor.
      I also recall when I was a broke, uninsured grad student and – after months of pain and spotting – was able to go to Planned Parenthood, where I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts. PP provided me with treatment – including all necessary referrals, exams, procedures, and prescriptions – for $5. I still give thanks for being in and out of medical appointments for over a month without the added stress of mounting medical bills.(And I’m proud to say that I am able to have children because of the care received by PP).
      It is frustrating that so many who profess to be Bible-believing Christians are unable to see nuance and make oversimplified, aggrandizing statements that demonize entire platforms and populations, while blindly supporting many with VERY questionable morals only because they have an “R” after their name.
      I’m also a “live and let live” person; I believe living out one’s faith is a personal choice and commitment, and should not be mandated by laws. God doesn’t force us to love Him; He calls us to.

      1. I think the issue Republicans have with the type of social service programs you reference are that they are provided by the government through tax funds. I don’t think Republicans as a group are anti-feeding hungry children, helping the poor, etc., I just don’t think they see that provision as an appropriate role for the government. The general Republican viewpoint seems to be that provision of those services should come from church or other community non-profits.

        As you point out, living out one’s faith is a personal choice, so is the government essentially forcing people (via tax collections and the programs they fund) to support activities that could be considered living out one’s faith? Perhaps we as the church need to look internally and see why the government assumed those responsibilities in the first place.

        1. “The general Republican viewpoint seems to be that provision of those services should come from church or other community non-profits.”
          “ Perhaps we as the church need to look internally and see why the government assumed those responsibilities in the first place.”
          Please do.
          Maybe it would be possible if so much of the money collected by churches wasn’t spent on the leaders lavish lifestyles.
          In the meantime while you attempt to pry the vast wealth out of their hands could we please just take care of the poor and the sick?
          Kari said on Monday that she wants to get rid of Obamacare. How long has the far right been saying this? We still have Obamacare because replacing it would involve actual work, unlike constant outrage and owning the libs.

        2. I understand your point, Amy.
          IMO it’s about priorities. What do you hear Republicans shouting about the most? “Election integrity”, the LGBTQ “agenda”, CRT, supporting the police (who are funded by taxpayer dollars), patriotism and Christian nationalism, etc. I wish I could see this much passion about helping the poor and downtrodden, especially in an economy rife with rising inflation.
          And I do think that the church should examine why the government took over those responsibilities – especially since on average, professing Christians only give 2% of their income to churches and/or charities (with the exception of Mormons who average well over 10% giving; it’s a joke in my household that if we’re ever in financial trouble, we are headed to Utah, because I have watched Mormons give fully furnished homes and jobs to those in need). I’d get it if conservatives don’t want the government to care for the poor because churches and nonprofits were already doing so. But when you’re not even giving to churches or nonprofits, then where should aid come from?
          And as there are faiths (like Judaism) that believe life starts at birth (not conception), is demanding we outlaw abortion forcing our faith on others? Food for thought.

        3. I don’t think Republicans as a group are anti-feeding hungry children, helping the poor, etc., I just don’t think they see that provision as an appropriate role for the government. The…provision of those services should come from church or other community non-profits.

          Amy, let’s look at how churches *actually* do those things.

          The average SNAP food benefit is approximately $250 per month.

          The average two bedroom apartment is $750 per month.

          Ten percent of each congregation does not have health insurance. Average cost $1200.

          Is there a single church in America that will commit those kind of dollars to hurting families in their own congregation to cover those expenses? Plus education? Transportation? Child care?

          Personally, I would like to see all those churches whose pastors preached against Obama care at least pick up the health care subsidies for everyone in that church and return those taxpayer funds to the Treasury.

          1. How about people CHOOSING healthy lifestyles so they don’t need so much “healthcare”.
            Of course these are many exceptions, but the majority of health problems are self-inflicted.
            I have no healthcare “insurance” at all.
            I eat right and take care of myself and am not overweight.
            If someone else was paying all your car insurance, you may not be such a careful driver, either.

          2. Greg, I recently moved, so I just lived it and when I read your comment I did a little googling. The average rent for a two bedroom apartment is around 1295.00 a month.
            Unbelievable I know.

          3. Jim,
            We all wish it were that simple.
            In many poor neighborhoods, there are “food deserts”, where you have to travel for MILES to a grocery store, which are not always near public transit. But you know what is on every corner? Fast food, liquor and convenience stores. Do you know it costs MORE to buy fresh groceries than it does to get a burger? To those who are living paycheck to paycheck and/or work on an hourly wage, this is a big deal.

            You should read the book “Upstream” which includes a great case study on how the US spends more on health care (treating us AFTER we get sick) than preventative care (e.g., addressing food deserts). The money isn’t in preventative care, unfortunately. In other countries, you know why there are fewer doctors? Because there’s a lesser NEED for them, because there’s more investment in preventative care and people aren’t getting sick at the same rate they do here. Sheds a different light on that “you’ll have to wait a year for a dr. appointment” argument we like to throw at other countries, huh?

            Let’s remember Michelle Obama tried to address childhood health and obesity through her “let’s move” campaign (to bring physical education AND nutrition requirements for lunches back into schools). We have kids attending schools that don’t require PE, have vending machines of junk food on every other hallway, and give pizza and fries for lunch. But the GOP was in an uproar over Ms. O “forcing” healthy lifestyles on their children. We ignored rising diabetes rates among children – all over politics.

  4. I am new to the Roys Report and have been encouraged by your investigative work regarding church leadership. I was disappointed, though, to read this article. I fail to see how it pertains to your objective to reform and restore the church.

    1. One could make a very strong argument that the mixing of faith and politics (especially with the pandering that goes on from both sides in this equation) is absolutely something that needs to be reformed.

    2. This is a journalistic site and has many articles relevant to Christians that simply report the facts and allow the reader to draw a conclusion. That’s what this was. I trust if I equip people with facts, they can engage in the same discernment process as the Bereans in Scripture.

      1. Julie, this article is more than facts. There is a bent in this article. To what, I’ll let you and others decide. But let’s be honest enough to say this article has a clear bias. I don’t fault anyone for their biases. I have them and I pray others’ perspectives shape my own. Nonetheless, clear bias is present in this article.

  5. I couldn’t care less about Driscoll and his opinions. I do support Kari Lake and find your article to be pejorative in this case. Why bring up the “news” that ghastly Driscoll supports her? Is it to denigrate her? She is a brave woman who stands for herself. Lots of questionable people support many candidates from different parties. It would need a long article to enumerate them all, but in fairness perhaps you should do so.

  6. If you want to fix the Church one of the first questions a pastor should ask is “Are any of you apart of the democrat party or have you voted for a democrat to be president of the United States? Raise your hand.” Then tell them all to get out of the Church and repent before they attempt to come back. Just because someone’s got an R next to their name doesn’t mean they’re not a democrat at heart such as Liz Cheney. If you disagree then stop pretending to be a Christian. Jesus Christ hates what Democrats stand for because they stand for Satanism. Everything they do is exactly the opposite of what God says to do and it’s on purpose.

    1. What? This is absurd and unBiblical. All who have a relationship with Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior are Christians and should be treated as such.
      Your comment is also inflammatory, prejudgmental, bigoted, and downright self-righteous. The blood of Christ makes you righteous, not your political affiliation. Riddle me this: are those who are Republicans but known adulterers and liars to be expelled (Herschel Walker, Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump, Marjorie Taylor Greene)? Or does their political status “cover” such sins? I thought the blood of Christ did that.
      I don’t agree with Liz Cheney on many things from a policy perspective, but I will say that she has demonstrated courage and integrity by holding to what’s right versus being favored or liked by her party. It says a lot that it is getting her vilified by “Christians”.
      It is this sort of nonsense that has turned so many away from the church.

      1. If you want to vote for someone that likes to kill a baby then I don’t consider you a Christian. I don’t think Jesus Christ will be welcoming you into heaven too.

        1. Bob –
          Who likes to kill babies? Please give sources names and quotes. You should not need to lie with exaggerated statements to make a point. Especially as a Christian.

          I have repeatedly said MY issue with abortion is the medical procedures defined as abortions that would be outlawed, especially by some of these extremist “no abortion by ANY means” stances. Treating a septic uterus (which can kill a mom and/or her baby), and removing a stillborn or the remains of a miscarriage are all medically defined as abortions. I also don’t like Bo Hines’s idea to make rape victims tell their story at a hearing so the government can decide if she can terminate her pregnancy. That is humiliating, traumatic, and the very definition of government overreach. We need to talk about these nuances, and hear from women who have been in these situations (and their doctors). But that’s not possible when you make exaggerated statements to demonize others rather than to discuss a solution.

          Let’s remember Trump was openly pro-choice before running – and Herschel Walker has paid women to have abortions. Did they “love killing babies”? (Even I would say no, but that’s your language). Will they see Jesus?

      2. Liz Cheney’s father lied to get us into a $5 trillion global war on terrorism. 20 years later Biden cut and run in Afghanistan. Now women there aren’t allowed to go to school. Liz Cheney supported that. She doesn’t have integrity. If she did she wouldn’t disrespect her voter base. That’s why she was kicked out of the republican party in Wyoming and lost her primary to run again for congress. No one but people such as you like her because she’s a democrat with an R next to her name.

        1. Bob –

          I judge people by their own actions, not those of their parents – isn’t that what scripture says? Or would you like to be judged by your parents’ behavior?

          I stated I don’t agree with Liz on much. But I THOUGHT what makes a Republican is one’s support of limited government. I thought it was about conservativism. Apparently it’s about if one supports Trump (who actually holds views that are more left than Liz). So we won’t agree here. He is not my litmus test for what makes a Republican. But if that’s the hill the GOP wants to die on, then be ready for the party to splinter. Not everyone thinks it’s all about Trump.

          I will say it again; holding to one’s principles in the face of name calling, threats, and loss (of job and popularity) is integrity. Liz believes Jan 6 was wrong, is holding to it, and wants to get to the bottom of it – no matter what personal cost. Meanwhile, we see other Republicans change stances and fall in line to win votes and despite Trump insulting their families (hey Ted Cruz).
          It’s obvious who I find to have more integrity. I don’t have to agree with all someone has done to acknowledge when they are demonstrating character.

          1. Liz Cheney’s constituents judged her by her own actions too. Since she decided to lie to them and play footsie with democrats by joining the January 6th committee she was voted out in the primary. Now she can’t be on the ballot to run for Congress. She’s going around funding democrat campaigns too. She supports those who are pro-abortion.

          2. Bob,

            The Jan 6th committee SHOULD be bipartisan, because BOTH parties should be appalled by what happened, and want to do what is necessary to get to the bottom of it and prevent it from EVER happening again. But since “pro Trump” conservatives were doing it, you think Republicans should turn a blind eye? Let me guess: you would’ve been in an uproar if those storming the capital had been Democrats, BLM activists, or Muslims, huh? It’s hypocritical. It’s also a “no-win”: if the committee were all Democrats, you’d claim bias, but you want to make sure any Republicans who join it have their careers ruined. That’s bullying.
            Our country – including the American church – has lost a sense of right and wrong all over politics. The need to be right, the need for power, the idolizing of political parties, the moral relativism – it’s all PRIDE that is gonna bring us to our knees.

        2. You’ve got it exactly backwards. Integrity is doing the right thing despite what your base is cheering you on to do, even if it means losing your job.
          She was kicked out of her party because she was willing to criticize people in her own party for wrongdoing.
          She is not a Democrat with an R by her name. She is a middle-of-the-road Republican. About 1/3 of congressional Republicans have a more liberal voting record than her.

          1. Liz Cheney didn’t do the right thing. Saying January 6th is the same as Pearl Harbor is a lie. Thousands of people died at Pearl Harbor in a horrible way. Stop telling us lies and that’ll be the right thing to do. Liz Cheney got kicked out of the republican party in Wyoming for telling lies.

          2. Are you even aware democrats funded Kari Lake’s campaign because they thought she was so right-wing they could beat her? Now Lake is probably going to win. Democrats do fund those “middle-of-the-road” republicans as you claim because they know those RINO(Republican In Name Only) will break with the republican party and vote democrat. That’s why I call them a democrat with an R next to their name. We rarely see democrats breaking with their party to vote with republicans. Liz Cheney is a part of the uniparty.

          3. “Liz Cheney didn’t do the right thing. Saying January 6th is the same as Pearl Harbor is a lie.”

            I had never heard that, so I looked it up. Again, you have it exactly backwards. Here’s what she said:

            I think when you look at what happened, and at the attack that happened on January 6, I think it’s different from what happened on 9/11, different from Pearl Harbor. – Liz Cheney


            I won’t accuse you of lying. You probably just have a faulty memory.

          4. Bob –
            You said, “We rarely see democrats breaking with their party to vote with republicans.” Tulsi Gabbard just did this.
            You are quoting a lot of Fox News talking points that are factually incorrect.
            “Middle of the road” Republicans are not RINOs. RINOs are those who blindly fall in line with the party, or vote for anyone with an R after their name with NO regard for if what they are supporting is ACTUALLY conservative.
            That describes A LOT of Trumpers.

  7. Kari Lake and the state of AZ desperately need to block the anti-Christian Democratic party. This article does nothing but harm. Stay out of politics especially now at this crucial time across our nation not just AZ. We need to recover our unity as one nation under God. Quite surprised and disappointed in the Roys Report. America is truly at a dangerous crossroads.

    1. Doug: What in the world are you talking about? Evangelicals 100% supporting trump and those like him. I would call that anti-Christian.

      1. Trump didn’t tell people they had to take an experimental injection or lose their job. It’s anti-Christian to try and make a family homeless for not taking an injection that doesn’t stop an infection while telling lies about it stopping an infection. The Pfizer director said recently the injection was never tested to see if it would stop an infection but people were guilt tripped by claims if they didn’t take it they would spread infection. Trump is much better than any democrat and RINO such as Liz Cheney, Mitch McConnel and Lindsey Graham. The uniparty are Satan worshipper working towards one world government that’ll be run by Satan.

  8. I find this article fascinating. Since 2009, I’ve been writing about Driscoll and trying to figure him out. It appears that he is now using his notoriety to endorse a political candidate. Does he encourage or notify his church about his support? This may signal a change in his direction but who knows? Great article TRR!

  9. Kari Lake has been one of the strongest supporters of denying the 2020 election results. Julie Roys ministry has been consistent in pointing out the problems with that and Christian nationalism that has pervaded so much of the American church despite (and arguably because of) her own conservative ideological and presumably Republican background. I have been very thankful to see her and a few other dedicated Christ followers put Truth before party and ideology. Obviously only God knows the true motives of someone like Kari Lake and God is in control no matter what happens with this country but it seems so dangerous that too many well intentioned Christians ( which I would have expected less with people on this site) are not aware of the power governors will have over accepting the results of the next presidential election. Kari Lake has refused to say she would accept the results of her own election while denying the results of the last presidential election. As I said only God knows her motives but it is very concerning and I would strongly encourage this ministry to communicate the Truth of such things as it has been so done so faithfully regardless of pushback.

  10. It’s interesting to read this thread.
    If Driscoll were supporting a Democrat, the same people who feel this article goes “too far” or is an attempt to “denigrate Lake” would be saying “See! That’s proof that Democrats are corrupt!”
    If our faith is to inform our politics, it is absolutely relevant to highlight and question these affilitations.
    Unfortunately, it’s too much of our politics informing our faith.

  11. “The event, …, began with the national anthem before Feucht led the crowd in singing praise songs.”

    So they worshiped the country before they worshiped God?

  12. It’s interesting when evangelicals support a liar. It calls into question every single thing they say. It’s enough to make one think every single thing they say and believe is a lie.

  13. this article seems very strange. why does anyone care which politicians driscoll supports? really, who cares? as to kari lake everyone in az should support her. she’ll be a great governor and is going to will by a landslide.

      1. two things: 1) i’m 100% certain that lake has no clue that driscoll is a disgraced pastor. 2) politicians curry favor from everyone all the time, really by definition.

        1. Could you please tell me how you can be 100% certain that Kari Lake has no clue that Driscoll is a disgraced pastor?
          Also didn’t Kari throw her Trans friend under the bus when it was politically expedient to do so? Now I am not 100% certain that this is true.

          I am a life long Democrat and I am not nor have I ever been a Satanist. I am sinner saved by grace. Really…. how dare you and who do you think you are?
          I think the right likes to own the libs, hoping we become as angry, violent and miserable as the far right mobs.

          1. because md is an obscure pastor that very few people outside the tight evangelical circle know about. what he did and what happened is really a lot of inside baseball. there would be no reason for her to know. i’ll bet that if you did a nationwide poll of americans that less than 1% has even heard of the guy.

  14. Lake has embraced the life of a stolen election. This is in response to a comment above. Again, it is lies and disproven conspiracy theories.

    1. not true. the election was stolen, but probably not how you’re thinking so i’ll explain it to you. the us constitution clearly and unambiguously states that ONLY the state legislatures can make election law. not governors, not state supreme courts, not other courts, not unelected bureaucrats. but what happened in 2020 is that many states changed their election laws in the name of stupidity or covid, outside of the legal method. meaning their laws were changed by governors, courts, etc. this is not a conspiracy theory but a matter of historical record. these illegal changes to state election law means that all those votes are invalid and certainly changes the outcome of the election.

  15. For those who don’t think the election was stolen, just watch the movie 2000 Mules. Compelling. So what if we think the election was stolen–Dems say that after they lose too!

    1. So what if we think the election was stolen?
      Have you watched the videos from January 6th? Don’t remember Democrats doing anything even remotely like that.

    2. Scott –
      I saw 2000 Mules, and if you’ve followed up on its theories, you’ll know all have been debunked and disproven.
      Also, Republicans have taken this too far for too long. We have a (former) President who never conceded (Hillary did); we sat in horror as our Capitol was stormed by those trying to disrupt a peaceful transfer of power, leading to tragic injuries and a preventable death (Dems never did this – and if those people had been Black Lives Matter activists or Muslims, conservatives would’ve cheered for them to be mowed down); and we are STILL listening to conspiracy theories from the congressional floor and podiums of election rallies TWO YEARS later (Dems moved on).
      It’s time to let go and move on. A lot of people are going to land on the wrong side of history with this.

  16. I view the whole “anointing by oil” ceremonial thing as something quite offensive. It’s as if they are calling down the power of God to help elect their preferred candidate.

  17. So this is what the evangelical movement in the U.S. has come to… praying over and anointing liars and election-deniers such as Lake, Walker, Trump etc…..

    When the Barna Group published their findings that only 6% of adults in the U.S. have a biblical view, I thought at first it was a little low… but now I think 6% is much too high……

  18. I’m wondering if we are coming to the wrong conclusions with this article. We know that Mark Driscoll cares about one guy, and one guy only: himself. Does MD as a person actually support this candidate or care about Arizona politics at all? Do we actually think that MD does anything where MD doesn’t benefit? How much was he paid for this photo op and this public appearance? I’m wondering if the real story isn’t that MD supports this candidate, or at least is willing to be paid to support a candidate. I’m wondering if the real story is why, after all of MDs history, is he still a desirable brand/persona to support a candidacy? Why does this guy still have a platform?

  19. Wes,
    “ because md is an obscure pastor that very few people outside the tight evangelical circle know about.”

    So you don’t have anything to back up your words. That makes it an opinion.

    1. i think that’s obvious, but thinking the opposite is also an opinion. but i’d wager money that i’m right because it’s just flat obvious.

      1. But Wes, I didn’t make the statement, you did. I just asked you to back it up.
        I didn’t offer an opinion either way.

  20. Normally I hesitate to argue a point by quoting scripture, but Jesus really does say it best.

    Then the Lord said to him, ‘Now then, you Pharisees clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside you are full of greed and wickedness. 40 You foolish people! Did not the one who made the outside make the inside also? 41 But now as for what is inside you–be generous to the poor, and everything will be clean for you.
    42 Woe to you Pharisees, because you give God a tenth of your mint, rue and all other kinds of garden herbs, but you neglect justice and the love of God. You should have practiced the latter without leaving the former undone.
    43 Woe to you Pharisees, because you love the most important seats in the synagogues and respectful greetings in the marketplaces.
    44 Woe to you, because you are like unmarked graves, which people walk over without knowing it.’
    45 One of the experts in the law answered him, ‘Teacher, when you say these things, you insult us also.’
    46 Jesus replied, ‘And you experts in the law, woe to you, because you load people down with burdens they can hardly carry, and you yourselves will not lift one finger to help them.
    Luke 11:35-47

  21. Kari lake made a joke out of the horrific attack on Pelosi’s husband, then doubled down on defending said joke. No sympathy or empathy or love of neighbor. I’d say she and Driscoll are birds of a feather.

    I see the whole thing as a play to get votes, not as any genuine expression of Christianity.

    1. that is not true. you’re mischaracterizing what she said in that presser. i just rewatched the video and she absolutely did not mock pelosi. she simply made a comparison of security situations in a light hearted way — joking. you need to be a lot less sensitive to things like this. and also what she said is 100% factually correct, so no speaking the truth is bad?

      1. Wes –

        What’s there to joke about when a man ended up in the hospital with a fractured skull?
        Would you be ok with someone making that same “joking” comment if it were YOUR spouse who ended up hospitalized after an attack?

        It’s exhausting to see Christians respond to mean-spirited comments, jokes, and behaviors by attacking those on the receiving end for daring to call it out or be offended. Sadly, it’s become par for the course in Trump’s party. Anything to avoid admitting “that is unkind, unBiblical, and not of Christ.”

        The Christ I serve came to help and heal the broken-hearted, not to tell them “you’re being too sensitive, suck it up”.

      2. Wes

        Lake’s audience made up largely of “Christians” erupted in laughter at her comments.

        This was after a week of Republicans making up then repeating the lie that Paul Pelosi was attacked by his gay lover who was wearing only his underpants, and having a out of fun doing it.

        Sitting Senators and members of Congress got in on the fun. Don Jr posted a joke about a Halloween costume of underpants and a hammer. One Republican candidate in New Jersey on Halloween dressed as the attacker, complete with a hammer, and a t shirt that said, “Where’s Nancy?”

        So yes, Lake knew exactly what to say to get her Christian Republican audience to laugh.

        (I can’t imagine the same people getting such laughs if Trump’s house was breached and Melania’s head was smashed with a hammer.)

  22. I forget this sometimes….many times.
    “Some of you young folks been saying to me,” Hey Pops, what you mean ‘What a wonderful world’?

    How about all them wars all over the place? You call them wonderful?

    And how about hunger and pollution? That ain’t so wonderful either.”

    Well how about listening to old Pops for a minute. Seems to me, it aint the world that’s so bad but what we’re doin’ to it.

    And all I’m saying is, see, what a wonderful world it would be if only we’d give it a chance. Love baby, love. That’s the secret, yeah. If lots more of us loved each other, we’d solve lots more problems. And then this world would be a gasser.
    —-Louis Armstrong

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