MBI Administrators Fail to Uphold Doctrine: Hire, Then Fire Female Pastor/Oppose Profs Who Report Drift

By Julie Roys

In the wake of allegations that Moody Bible Institute (MBI) is drifting theologically, the institute has consistently maintained that there is no drift, and that all its faculty are faithful to “Moody’s stated beliefs and mission.”

Yet according to a lawsuit filed last week, Moody knowingly hired a woman who’s an ordained minister to teach at the school in clear violation of the institute’s doctrinal statement, which says the “biblical office of elder/pastor” should be “limited to the male gender.” What’s more, the lawsuit alleges that a “vice president and associate provost” reportedly asked this professor – Janay Garrick – to remove references to her ordination from her resume, seemingly trying to hide this fact from those who might take exception.

“Administrators – from vice presidents to the provost and president – regularly looked the other way when faculty members reported that a colleague was straying from the doctrinal statement.”

Taken alone, this latest revelation might be considered a fluke. Yet this is precisely the pattern of behavior I discovered during my investigation of MBI. Administrators – from vice presidents to the provost and president – regularly looked the other way when faculty members reported that a colleague was straying from the doctrinal statement.  On one occasion, the administration even reprimanded 18 faculty members when they urged the institute to reign in an employee who was posting blogs expressing “attitudes, practices, and beliefs that are contrary to Scripture.”

I take no joy in bringing MBI’s institutional malpractice to light, but am doing so for three reasons. 

One, the MBI board of trustees has failed to explain why it removed the institute’s top three officers, creating a vacuum that has allowed false rumors to flourish. Alumni, supporters, faculty, employees, and students have a right to know the truth. 

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Two, though the trustees removed the president, provost, and COO of Moody, they have allowed vice presidents and deans, who have similarly betrayed the mission of the institute, to remain. 

And three, some of the faculty who regularly confronted the administration with theological concerns are being let go at the end of spring semester, and some believe their removal is an act of retaliation. MBI needs to suspend these layoffs until the institute can determine that retaliation played no role.

Professor Janay Garrick

Why MBI hired Janay Garrick, a woman who’s an ordained minister, to teach at the institute is baffling.  I emailed Dr. Larry Davidhizar, MBI vice president and associate provost, as well as Bryan O’Neal, vice president and dean of MBI Distance Learning, for comment, but they did not respond. 

“‘I am egalitarian,’ I said to the seven program heads and vice presidents/deans of education, including one woman. I don’t think you can be much more clear than that.”

According to Garrick’s blog, she was very open about her ordination and views on women in ministry throughout her hiring process in December 2014.  When asked by administrators whether she had any concerns regarding Moody’s doctrinal statement, Garrick said she mentioned MBI’s “Gender Roles in Ministry,” an addendum to the doctrinal statement, which details the institute’s complementarian view. “‘I am egalitarian,’ I said to the seven program heads and vice presidents/deans of education, including one woman,” Garrick wrote. “I don’t think you can be much more clear than that.” (Complementarians believe that men and women are different in function, and that Scripture limits the office of pastor to men. Those with the opposite view, called egalitarians, believe that men and women are equal in function, and that women can serve as pastors.)

Reportedly, Garrick’s opposition to the doctrinal statement didn’t faze administrators.  One later told Garrick that they were willing to overlook it because she “brought things to the table.”

However, Garrick’s relationship with Moody reportedly soured in 2016 when she helped a female student bring a Title IX complaint against the school for excluding women from its pastoral ministry major. Since 2012, MBI has been receiving student financial aid from the U.S. Government, making the institute subject to Title IX requirements, which prohibit sex-based discrimination. As a result of the complaint, the institute changed its policy and began allowing women into its pastoral ministry major.  (This acceptance of government money and control is another troubling development at Moody, but that’s beyond the purview of this article.) 

Garrick alleges that MBI administrators then conspired to fire her by falsifying her performance evaluation.  When that didn’t work, Garrick says administrators moved to plan B – firing her because she held to “the egalitarian view,” which the institute had previously been happy to overlook.  Garrick said she tried to pursue justice internally by invoking the internal grievance procedure at MBI, but “encountered corrupt institutional power” at every turn.

Given what I’ve learned about the administration at MBI, nothing in Garrick’s account surprises me – and it shouldn’t surprise MBI trustees either.  Contained in a 65-page document that Theology Professor Rich Weber submitted to trustees in December are similar accounts, showing disregard on the part of the administration for the institute’s doctrinal statement, as well as deceptive practices.  Sadly, the trustees continue to withhold this information from the public, so I feel compelled to disclose it here.

Administrators Oppose Profs Who Report Drift

As I recently reported, two vice presidents failed to do anything when two professors at MBI revealed that they hold a view of truth seemingly at odds with the historic, evangelical understanding of biblical inerrancy.  Then, when Professor Rich Weber appealed to then-President Paul Nyquist to clarify the institute’s stance, Nyquist skirted the question, leaving serious questions as to where MBI stands. 

Similarly, Moody Theology Professor Kevin Zuber told me that he appealed to a Moody dean after hearing audio of a sermon by a colleague promoting a social gospel, seemingly negating the importance of personal conversion and evangelism. According to Zuber, the dean didn’t seem to take the complaint seriously, but dismissed it after talking with the professor, who appeared unchanged.

But these incidents are just the tip of the iceberg.

Weber told me that on another occasion, Associate Provost Larry Davidhizar intentionally attempted to hide the fact that a theology professor had expressed to students that the human race had evolved from a sub-human race of hominids. This view appears to contradict the MBI doctrinal statement, which states that “the first human beings were a special and unique creation by God as contrasted to being derived from any pre-existing life forms.”

Weber learned of this professor’s view when a student taking an online Moody Distance Learning course approached him in church and expressed concerns about his online professor’s view of human origins and showed Weber an email from the professor

“I had a bigger concern concerning the doctrinal integrity of our school and regarding faithfulness to Scripture as a whole. Parents are sending their students to Moody with the expectation that Moody is going to support what its doctrinal statement says.”

In it, the professor wrote, “Scientifically, from what I understand, genetics and paleoanthropology both strongly suggest that all living humans today do not trace back to a primal pair, but from diverse ancestors in east Africa around 200,000 years ago.”  The professor then explained his “theory” that God allowed a population of homo-sapiens who were “brutish and unspiritual and non-moral — basically animals, like sophisticated apes” to evolve into being.  Then at a given time, God created Adam and Eve with souls, and simultaneously gave souls to “these other homo sapiens on earth.”

At this point, Weber said he felt compelled to take the matter to MBI administrators.  “I didn’t want to attack a colleague,” he said, “but I had a bigger concern concerning the doctrinal integrity of our school and regarding faithfulness to Scripture as a whole. Parents are sending their students to Moody with the expectation that Moody is going to support what its doctrinal statement says. We’ve got a professor teaching something that’s contrary to that.  I feel like that’s disingenuous of us, and it’s unfair to the parents who are trusting us.”

Weber showed the email to Davidhizar, who reportedly had been alerted to this professor’s view several months earlier by three other faculty.  Weber said all three had told both O’Neal and Davidhizar that they had overheard this professor tell students that based on the findings of the Human Genome Project, he believed a pool of 10,000 hominids were the progenitors of human beings. 

O’Neal and Davidhizar reportedly dropped the matter after a private conversation with the professor.  Weber said the three professors requested a follow-up discussion with the professor and deans, but O’Neal and Davidhizar refused.

Davidhizar reportedly told Weber that the professor had argued that his view on human origins, when properly interpreted, fit with MBI’s doctrinal statement.  Weber objected, saying that President Nyquist and the trustees should determine whether the professor’s view fits. He then asked Davidhizar to take the matter to Nyquist and the trustee board, but Davidhizar refused. He said if he did so, the president might fire the professor.

“I was shocked about this attempt to hide the facts from the president, rather than address a significant concern about a faculty member’s disagreement with MBI’s doctrine,”

“I was shocked about this attempt to hide the facts from the president, rather than address a significant concern about a faculty member’s disagreement with MBI’s doctrine,” Weber said.  “(Davidhizar) has a pattern of trying to be a nice guy, but doing it at the expense of the doctrinal statement of the institute.”

Days later, Weber expressed his concern to John Jelinek, vice president and dean of Moody Theological Seminary and Graduate school, and currently the interim provost. Jelinek shared Weber’s concern and said the matter should be reviewed by the Provost’s Cabinet.

Shortly after this discussion, President Nyquist issued a clarifying statement affirming MBI’s position that the entire human race descended from Adam and Eve – a view that clearly conflicted with the professor’s written views. Weber asked Davidhizar about the apparent conflict, and Davidhizar said the professor had changed his position and it now fit with MBI’s view.  

Today, I am relatively confident that this professor is no longer teaching something contrary to MBI’s stated doctrine.  However, I am not confident that the administration will act appropriately when faced with a similar challenge. 

Clearly, the faculty who care about doctrinal integrity face an uphill battle when they report theological drift at the institute.  What’s worse, as I reported in a previous article, professors often feel like the administration views them as “suspect” after bringing concerns, and some faculty have even been reprimanded for doing so.  Sadly, a number of the more than 30 professors being let go at the end of spring semester believe they were singled out for elimination because they spoke up. Godly leadership would welcome and thank those who defend right doctrine; unfortunately, the opposite appears to be happening right now at Moody.



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63 thoughts on “MBI Administrators Fail to Uphold Doctrine: Hire, Then Fire Female Pastor/Oppose Profs Who Report Drift”

  1. I mean it doesn’t matter, what you’re saying. What people will see is bashing. I could be wrong, but thats what I get in conversation, and I don”t actually read entire blogs anymore (yours) a couple of paragraphs and it’s tiring. Sorry, praying for you all.

  2. Al – it absolutely DOES matter what Julie is saying – and the fact that it cost her her job makes it all the more so. She is exposing what I have seen too many times in my life in ministry – the rot which enters at the administrative level of academic institutions. It is subtle, often ignored or excused in the name of scholarship, and deceptive, but in the end is deadly. A reread of Francis Schaefer’s, “The Great Evangelical Disaster” is worthwhile. 35 years old, but I think he still nails it. Same old problem.

    1. Ron,
      There is a global search for leaders, while the letters I’ve received from MBI say that accusation to that date are false, and Jenkin’s son responded to Julie regarding what was obviously Condo GOSSIP, and as a result of the gossip, the cost of their stay in the condo was forwarded.

      She said she was fired for going around asking questions.

      Then the blogs started.

  3. Julie have you considered taking these issues up with the new administration at Moody rather than detailing all of this through blogs and social media?

    1. Ron (saying this kindly) I don’t understand the view that anybody at moody has to explain anything to Julie. Put the issues and gossip aside for a minute. Why should Elder Thornton or anyone else take time and especially right now to explain anything to her.

      I pray they move on. I’ve been in the Founder’s Week Assemblies, I had lunch with a student I’d just met yesterday, and we sat a table with a couple who were strangers to us both. Like me they are Moody Supporters.

      I saw love between the students and their educators. Not once have I been on the campus and not felt a spirit of excellance.

      This is what’s important, impacting these minds and hearts to carry out the gospel through Jesus, and what He has enabled them with, to do so.

      As an on air host on moody radio, Julie was a part of that..

      As for the the most current accusations; has the prof who is a woman and ordained clergy preached at MBI?

      Was she hired to preach or teach, and if she teaches, is that a sin?

      I am sure there is more coming, and its just sad to see the gossip and acussations coming from Julie.

      My question to Julie would be, if the fight is for justice; why in all the years you worked for MBI, did you choose now?

      1. Al, Moody doesn’t need to answer to me. It needs to answer to you and everyone who’s ever supported the institute. When people give, they do so trusting that the institution will uphold its own principles. Certain administrators have violated that trust and need to be held accountable. I would think as a supporter, you would care about that. But even if you don’t, others do, and have a right to know what’s going on. Reporting sourced, first-hand accounts of wrongdoing is not gossip; it is responsible reporting.

        As for why I came forward now… I knew of some wrongdoing years ago, for sure. But it wasn’t until this fall that I became aware of how bad things were in education. My heart broke for the faculty who truly were suffering from an oppressive and retributive environment. I knew I had to do something. That’s when I began investigating and realized that the problem went all the way to the board of trustees and all the way down to the VPs.

        Some are happy with partial change. To me, it seems like merely rearranging the chairs on the Titanic. If more thorough and substantive house-cleaning is not done, MBI will find itself in a similar position five or 10 years from now. But ultimately, that will be for supporters to decide. I’m simply giving you the information. It’s your decision what to do with it.

        1. Thank you Julie for what Jesus did as he when He cleared out the temple. Wrong doing in any ministry needs to always be brought to the fore front. Satan tries to hide all the secret things. Lets not be a part of that by feigning ignorance and turning a blind eye.

        2. Thanks for your response Julie.
          Before I received the first response from MBI, I did send a message asking when or will they respond to your accusations.
          Since then, I’ve also received a follow-up letter.
          Additionally and as you may know, clergy affliated with MBI, some I believe trusties, all prominate, respected men of God that I’ve seen. Men who probably wouldn’t want to get caught up or attached to wrong doings. One a former IL Senator, one a Pastor of 13 Chicago Campuses. One by one, standing with MBI, standing on God’s faithfulness and I do as well.

      2. Al – as Julie stated, it’s the supporting constituency that is owed an explanation. The problem is that the allegations have not been specifically answered. It goes to the heart of the integrity of the institution. If, for example, the report regarding the “Jenkins’ suite” is overblown, as his son has reported it to be, they should explain. I’m good with that. But it’s out there. Simply being up front and honest about it all is the way forward. In that manner, what is misinformation can be dismissed, and the real problems addressed.

        It is the theological drift that I am most concerned about. The allegations surrounding this are most serious, and need to be addressed. Simply saying all is well does not do this. I appreciated Meeks’ message Monday night. That helped. I know what one trustee believes. But that contradicts what I understand others believe. The discrepancy needs to be openly explained and dealt with. Again, it’s out there. It’s very troubling.

        This is important to me. I’m not an alumnus, but have attended many conferences, and have promoted MBI and it’s ministries. How this is answered affects all this going forward – including financial support. I’m sure I represent many. So, yes, detailed answers are in order.

  4. That “new administration” fired Julie, and seems to have white washed this in their responses. The first Ron is not the same as the above Ron – I’ll add my last name initial.

  5. The events surrounding this female pastor appear to have happened in 2014. Were you aware of this situation at the time? And, a request – please set this aside during the Lenten and Holy Week season. Please. We are one body. Let us not hurt and wound one another, but rather focus on Jesus, who loved us and gave Himself for us.

  6. Things need to be brought to light. Things are obviously going on at moody because these two men stepped down or retired when all this came out with no remorse. The young adults that attend moody need and deserve to have correct doctrine taught to them. They will be leaders in our churches.

  7. nice to hear Pastor/Trustee James Meeks put Bible back as Moody’s middle name. good sermon. There are many changes I had been observing at MBI over the last decade, including the growing support for gay marriage and other similar types of things by some, and that left me very wary about who was in charge at Moody and in control of the students/staff/faculty who were being admitted. But there were also many changes I had no idea took place until just recently. Coming under secular jurisdiction by accepting financial aid since 2012? I had no idea. Moody’s middle name “Bible” was replaced with a new middle name “Global”, I had no idea. Women becoming part of pastoral studies, I had no idea. Hopefully what Meeks had to say at Founders Week is a sign that Moody Global Ministries will go back to Moody Bible Institute….Meeks gave a pretty decent definition of inerrancy: “Scriptures do not say or affirm anything that is contrary to fact. The Bible does not contain any error…All Scripture is what Daddy said..” But I agree I was disappointed he didn’t affirm the Chicago statement, which is far more precise. It’s unclear to me what was meant to be expressed when Meeks stated: “who can tell a trustee what to do.” Praying God opposes the proud in Moody leadership and gives grace to the humble in Moody leadership, whoever they may be. If Moody continues to be wishy washy on the notion of truth and admit people who do not believe in what God says about gender, sexuality, marriage, inerrancy, etc.. it’s only a matter of time before Moody thinks so little of its doctrinal statement that it changes it. Thank you for putting the interests of the greater good above your own selfish interests. Hopefully more do the same.

    1. Eric, Moody did not change its name from “Moody Bible Institute” to “Moody Global Ministries.” Moody Global Ministries INCLUDES Moody Bible Institute, Moody Radio, and Moody Publishers. Moody has had these branches of its ministry nearly from the beginning.

      1. ok. So were the separate entities always completely separate entities until they were brought together under Moody Global Ministries? Or if they were always part of the same organization what name did Moody Global Ministries replace? I apologize if I misunderstood this.

  8. Susan Vonder Heide

    Professor Emeritus Gilbert Bilizekian of Wheaton College, among others, have written about how some biblical passages concerning women in pastoral ministry have often been interpreted in an out of context way. This is something that Christians should think further about. but, this should be a discussion within the Christian community, not something dictated by taking government funds which tend to restrict the freedom of any institution.

  9. Julie are you just angry because Moody did not publish your book? All you are accomplishing is destroying the ability of an institute you claim to care about to accomplish it’s purpose of training ministry minded people by convincing people who don’t understand the situations at Moody to stop donating, therefore decreasing the institutes ability too support more students. Were you ever a student there? Are you a trustee? Why did you set up meetings claiming to present your concerns in a biblical way, but NOT attend the meetings before you moved to the next level. As a former student I wish you would just stop. You are being decitful and destroying the school I love.

    1. No, I’m not angry with Moody because MBI didn’t publish my book. That’s just silly. I decided to publish with Thomas Nelson because the folks there made me an excellent offer. That’s how things work in the publishing world. I don’t know what meetings you’re referring to, but I didn’t fail to attend any meetings. I get that not everyone agrees with my decision to expose what’s going on at the institute. I believe sunlight sometimes is the best disinfectant, and Moody needs some disinfecting, so I’m shining a light. If Moody wants to restore trust with donors, it should clean its house. Covering up and shooting the messenger is never a good, or righteous course of action.

      1. Did you not pass Dr. Weber’ document to the board of trustees before you met with Johnson (trustee emaritus) to discuss your concerns? You did not whistle blow. MBI has a totally anonymous whistle blowing system, which you did not use. Did you not take your work computer with you on your vacation to the Bahamas knowing you would be fired but wanting longer access to privileged information? Disagreeing with decisions is not whistle blowing. And using cliches is not helpful.

        1. Weber sent his document to Trustee Emeritus Paul Johnson at Johnson’s request. That was independent of me. Moody has an ombudsman through whom employees can report wrongdoing. Those reports go to the administration, which then reports back through the ombudsman to the employee. It’s a pointless exercise if an employee’s issues are with the top administrators. Some trustees, when I revealed the contents of my investigation, agreed that the system was completely ineffectual. That’s why I appealed directly to trustees with credible information in October, urging them to launch an investigation. Unfortunately, they did nothing.

          I actually was very surprised when I got fired. On one hand, I expected it because MBI exhibited a pattern of retribution. On the other, it’s illegal to fire someone for whistleblowing. Plus it validated everything I had been saying, so I didn’t expect MBI to be so reckless. But I regularly take my computer with me when I take trips. I don’t know what “privileged information” you think that gives me. It simply allows me to do work when away from home.

          1. Whistleblowing is not the same things as different oponins about administrative decisions or theopraxis. The fact that you can’t let this go and move on with your life shows a lack of true concern for the organization and makes you sound like a conspiracy theorist. You have managed to do a great amount of damage, but if you don’t stop you lose any creditability you had.

          2. The whistleblowing concerns the self-dealing at the institute, not theological or administrative issues. Instead of making ad hominem arguments against me, it would be refreshing if you’d actually engage with the facts. As is, it sounds like you just have a problem dealing with the truth.

        2. As a former employee, I can vouch that neither working through the Ombudsman or the 3rd party anonymous system result in anything from the administration. If you have been following any of what Julie has said, she tried keeping all of this in-house at Moody, but had to make it public when nothing was done. This is much braver than many of us who felt stonewalled and had to endure or eventually leave the situations that they could no longer stand to see. I love Moody and what it stands for as an institution, but that doesn’t mean the human component is infallible. And sometimes the painful course of action is the only way to move forward and grow.

    2. Heather~ Your paragraph, though full of misstatements, reveals how devastated you are by the truths you wish weren’t true. You seem to be hearing either gossip or interpreting information through blinders to fit the narrative you seem desperate to be true. Even if Julie had never publicly written about the findings of her investigation into the goings on at Moody, the reality of her findings would still be true. Those who are financial supporters of Moody expect the administration and the trustees to be transparent, honest and to address theological issues openly, especially when the teachings of several professors are public and are contrary to the doctrinal statement of the school you are attempting to defend. If you love this school as I have no doubt you do, you should be extremely concerned when it is found to be bending to secular teachings and espousing ideas regarding creation, inerrancy or other foundational bedrocks of the Christian faith that even slightly differs from what God, Himself, has revealed about these very things. The world is watching and cheering for even the slightest deviation from scripture from those who are suppose to be the pillars of the faith and who are teaching those who will be carrying the truths of the faith forward to a desperate world. I am an alumni of a school that allowed the world a slight entrance into our teachings and it was like a fire on a Texas plain, it swept through the entire landscape of our school. When issues regarding sexual misconduct were first talked about, I refused to believe the revelations of wrong doings exposed by several alumni and reporters and, like you, strongly supported the administration and the trustees, believing these men and women would never turn a blind eye to sexual misconduct let alone attempt to protect someone who had been accused of rape. I was furious at those who exposed instead of being angry at those who betrayed my trust and our universities foundational beliefs. Your anger at Julie is misplaced Heather. Your anger should be at the men who have allowed your beloved institution to be tainted by the world.

      If you go back and see the steps that were taken by Julie, some professors as well as alumni of Moody, you will see that they followed the biblical model of confronting the issues now known publicly. They each went in private to one or more individuals, then to several persons, all with the hope that these serious matters would be addressed. At every turn, they each were either ignored or worse, reprimanded for daring to express concern and to ask for action. The sad truth is, if these things had been dealt with honestly and with integrity, those who were asked to tender their resignations would still be in their jobs today. Don’t let the anger about the exposing of your institution’s issues keep you from seeing your schools issues. Those of us around the country have seen and wondered what in the world was going on at MBI for several years and now that the truth is out, we know better how to pray. Many of us will be holding back financial support until the ship is righted and the course is corrected…what has been done so far has been done to appear to address the issues and to hopefully appease those concerned. Unfortunately, it has only further convinced many that Satan’s foothold is stronger than it first appeared. Deep, heartfelt prayers are being made regarding this situation. Many tears of sorrow and fear have been shed wondering if one of the few remaining truly biblical schools will take the necessary steps to humbly search their own hearts and to repent for the allowance of worldly ideas into their teachings and into their private behaviors. The world is watching and salivating, it is giddy with the idea and anticipation that there might soon be one less truly biblical school to fight against…and that it went down without so much as a whimper. I pray, beg really, to God that Moody will fight for His truth to be the only truth that matters and for those who would teach in those sacred halls to be so sure of God’s written word that nothing and no one can shake them from that sure foundation. I will pray specially for you too Heather, that God will sooth your aching heart and that when He is finished refining Moody, He will allow you to see His image even clearer than before, throughout the Moody family.

  10. Re the “Liberal drift” theme:

    “Within evangelicalism itself, we have seen a serious erosion of biblical authority, a willingness to negotiate the biblical Gospel itself, and a widespread rejection of doctrine as being unimportant and in no way foundational to the Christian faith. Liberalism stands in every generation as a flat rejection of the faith. It must not be viewed as a simple subset or denominational impulse of Christianity; it must be seen for what it is — the antithesis of Christianity based on a complete rejection of the biblical Christ and His Gospel.”

    R.C. Sproul, The Liberal Agenda

  11. For those who say this is just about “theological and administrative” issues, those are two of the most integral parts of a school that prides itself on a certain philosophy. To have a written statement saying that you do not theologically or in practice support the appointment of ordained woman to the ministry, and then hiring a professor who is an ordained woman, goes totally against what you say you believe. To secretly allow staff to teach views opposing the doctrinal statement, while at the same time affirming the doctrinal statement publicly, is as hypocritical as the practices of the Pharisees of Jesus’ day.

    When I went to a secular university to study education, I knew what I would get. I certainly wasn’t expecting a biblically based worldview. When I went to Moody, I WAS expecting to get a biblically based worldview. That was the whole reason I chose the school twenty years ago.

    Moody seems to be attempting to project an image it no longer has as a theologically conservative Christian school. I would feel much better (although I probably wouldn’t financially support them) if the administration just came out and said, “We have changed some or our beliefs regarding___________. Therefore going forward we will_________________.” That’s the honest way to deal with the situation. The subterfuge and lying only lead to more entanglement and problems.

    It’s great to have fond feelings for Moody. I have many, although most of the professors I have are now retired or with the Lord. However, that doesn’t deny the reality that something has changed. Just think of saying, if you were on the Titanic, “what a wonderful trip this has been,” as you were slowly sinking in the murky water. All the fond memories cannot deny that Moody is slowly sinking into some very deep waters, and they need to be honest about the situation.

  12. Linda Fullerton

    Julie, I want to thank you for standing up for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (because that is ultimately what this is all about), and thank you for standing up for Biblical inerrancy and truth, for theological concerns that really do matter, for ethical behavior by administrators and trustees, for the teachers who have been treated unfairly, and for Moody’s supporters who want our Christian schools to stay true to God’s Word. I admire your courage and tenacity, and have been and will be praying for you, and also for Moody’s leadership to wake up and come clean. I appreciate your blogs, without which the many issues would have been swept under the rug. May God keep you strong in the faith and encourage your heart. We need more people like you!

  13. Sorry, you lost me on this one. I understand that these are Moody’s position on women and pastoring, but We could go round and round about why it is right or wrong on women being a Pastor, and you won’t convince me. Too many women have played important roles despite the the times they lived in, in the Bible. Paul was speaking in Titus, about women who weren’t able to learn the Bible due to their culture. It was their plight in life foretold in Genesis… not their curse.

  14. Lisa, the point isn’t whether or not you support the ordination of women (although I am personally conservative in that area).The point is that Moody claims, in written form, that they do not support the ordination of women, yet, they hire a woman who has been officially ordained, and then want her to hide the fact. That is called hypocrisy…saying you believe one thing, and doing exactly the opposite.

  15. JULIE, when you stand for the TRUTH, you usually stand ALONE. Most Christians are content with you just “going away and minding your own business.” Yet it is this ATTITUDE that has allowed homosexuality, Abortion, LGBT advances, liberal Theology, attacks against Christians, etc to flourish-with only an occasional yawn from other Christians. Our refusal to take a stand, and be “politically correct” and avoid NECESSARY confrontation is why our noise is barely audible-in both the Church AND the public square. ONE GLARING EXAMPLE is a church on nearly every corner in Chicago – and the levels of violence escalates.
    Continue to stand Julie Roys.
    Continue to stand.

  16. They aren’t very good at dealing with stuff there (i.e. confronting in love). After I resigned from MBI in Spring 2008, I received a 3 page, single-spaced email, detailing every wrong I had committed. I can’t tell you the number of times, while I was employed there, I asked supervisors, colleagues, and those who reported to me, “Please . . . if I have done something wrong . . . tell me!”

  17. Thank you for having the courage to expose what is hidden. Unfortunately, most people (including Christians) would rather have ugly realities hidden than bringing light to bear on truth. All this for the sake of saving face rather than preservation of the integrity of the Gospel. The theological drift at Moody is only a glimpse of what is happening everywhere else, resulting in the demise of many churches and denominations. You have been faithful to stand against constant criticism and character assassination for the sake of “guarding the good deposit entrusted to you” (2 Tim. 1:14). You don’t know me, but I am praying for you to continue to “fight the good fight.” There are countless people who are fighting this same theological battle on other fronts. Continue to stand, Julie Roys.

  18. I do remember hearing of professors having angst when the school started receiving government aid. There was fear that evangelical theology would be ran over in the name of compliance. I do wonder what Dr. Mohler thinks of all this, but since he has not mentioned any of this on The Briefing I am assuming he is waiting until he feels he understands all the facts – or he thinks that weighing in on this issue will just appear divisive.

    I do echo the above request to leave this topic during Lent. Maybe we alumni ought to consider using the Lenten season to fast and pray about the direction of the school we so greatly appreciate.

      1. Julie, my point is that in this season, our hearts and minds should be focused upon Jesus, looking upon His face, His hands, His side. His sacrificial atonement. His victory over sin and death, praise be to God. I can’t divide my heart at this time with issues that, although important, are not central. It makes me so sad that the Bride of Christ is in such turmoil. That being said, I believe my time here is over. I pray for healing, on both sides of these matters. God bless you and your family.

      2. Besides “Lent” having no biblical basis, our Lord had no problem breaking manmade rules and healing on the Sabbath–a day that did have biblical basis. The whole idea of “time off” from seeking truth is ludicrous.

  19. Susan Vonder Heide

    I appreciate people willing to risk being fired to say what they believe needs to be said. While I might not totally agree with every nuance of Julie’s thought I respect her greatly as somebody willing to take a stand at such a time as this even when doing so involves a personal cost.

  20. The situation at Moody, unfortunately, is not an isolated one. I’m involved in finance at a large respected evangelical church in the mid-west. At the end of 2016, I presented documented evidence to our Governing Board of serious internal problems – three financial and one ethical. I had to go to these lengths as all of my supervisors, including the Sr Pastor, refused to acknowledge or correct the problems. After several weeks of internal investigation, changes were made by the Board and I was issued whistleblower protection.

    It doesn’t end there, though, as my identify was exposed by the Governing Board to the Sr Pastor. He couldn’t fire me but has made life difficult for me. The perpetrator of the financial problems has been given even greater access to the system and I was relieved of duties where the problems took place. In other words, we needed a change in leadership and practices but they chose to rearrange the deck chairs instead. My concern is that problems will occur again if unmonitored.

    Our giving is down but leadership refuses to connect the dots to unethical and illegal practices that were brought to light. I would have liked acknowledgement of the wrong doing, demonstrated evidence of corrections made, and greater accountability going forward. Can we even say “I’m sorry anymore?” Denial and delaying never work. These problems did not occur overnight. It has taken several years of going down a slippery slope.

    I share my own experience with great sadness. It has taken an enormous toll on me as a person and has made me look at church quite differently now. My hope and anchor is in the Word of God that guided me in the darkest days of my journey.

  21. First of all, I admire your courage for speaking out Julie. But at the same time, I also would like to ask that you reconsider talking with the leadership again to bring up your grievances. We are all Christians and I pray that you would ask God’s leading and discern the proper way/venue to speak these things. Let us remember the words in 1 Cor. 6. But in the end, if you prayed and believe that God would like you to air these things out in this manner and place, then so be it. God bless.

    1. Albert~ If they won’t answer an email or a request for a comment, do you really think they are going to suddenly want to sit down and talk through their issues with Julie? Or anyone for that matter…?

      1. @denaruth – Thanks for your comment. All I’m saying is that actions especially concerning the other believers should be done prayerfully first and with proper discernment. If God did place something like this in Julie’s heart, then she should go for it. All for the purpose of glorifying God.

  22. FYI, I am not a Julie Roy knee jerker. In fact, I often called “Up For Debate” and was stiffed by the screeners for not being PC enough for the particular show’s sensitivities. That said, thank you Julie for speaking up for doctrinal truth. Moody should be squeaky clean because of their position in the Kingdom. We have seen what the effects of doctrinal drift have had and the confusion it causes in the world. Secular media identifies Presbyterians and Episcopalians as CHRISTIANS, while their doctrines do not reflect any similarities with Biblical truth. If Moody does not right its ship they will soon join them. If insiders, like Julie, do not speak up how will we know? I find it very sad that other Moody radio voices have been silent…

  23. Susan Vonder Heide

    I have caught bits and pieces of Founders Week online and the people that I have heard who have mentioned the situation at MBI have done so in a “Chirp, chirp, everything’s fine” sort of way that did not inspire a lot of confidence.

  24. Ms Roys, it baffles me that you are writing this things during and before Founder’s Week. It seems to me that you are trying to “crush” Moody Bible Institute when they did nothing to you. I am astounded with all this time writing you views on the situation at hand. As I see it you did NOT follow Matthew 18 as you claim. It was Moody Radio that fired you. You should be going after Moody Radio. You even mentioned in one of your past blogs, if Moody did NOT give you answers you were going to make this public.

    Let me walk you through what I studied in Matthew 18. If someone “sins against you”, which is Moody Radio NOT Moody Bible Institute. As I figure you lost your job as a trouble maker from Moody Radio. (As I see it you never burn your bridges with former employers, which you did). Then it says “take someone with you” to the person who sinned against you. I think I read that you did this, that’s ok. But the whole point in confrontation is to “restore” they person who sinned against you. If this were such an issue, why didn’t you go to your pastor and discuss that with him. You made this information public right after you were fired, which indicated to me that there was no prayer for your actions, no asking God to move you int he right time. You when right after the school. This your own pride that was hurt. As I said there was no prayer involved, just your own worldly wisdom. There was no beseeching Almighty God for His favor with your information. You did not seek God’s mercy in approaching the “sinner”.

    Mt. 18 also says to bring it to the “church”. Jesus used this word church three times in the gospel of Matthew. He used the word “Ekklesia” which in the NASB concordance in Greek means “assembly” or congregation”. it does NOT mean the church, the body of Christ. When the word “Ekklesia” is used in the New testament it means, “Assembly” or Congregation”. No where in Mat.18 says to take it to the public square. Mat.18 is a private confrontation. No where does Jesus say to take it to the public square and shout it from the roof tops. You certainly did not make this a private matter as you made this information public for anyone to read. What Jesus says in Mt 18 is to take this to your congregation Not make it public. I don’t see any evidence this was handled in a gentle, peaceful manner. These blogs sounds like revenge and attacks.

    You should be grateful for your time on Moody Radio and not used it as a platform to get your name out and your own fame. If Moody were to think about hiring you back, forget that. I think you make yourself look bad, and after reading these blogs Moody Radio made the right decision to fire you. Your firing was handled very poorly on your part. These blogs are something that a worldly, pagan unbeliever would do. There is NO evidence that you are a believer. You display NO evidence of faith. If you really wanted to do the right thing, after you were fired, you should have entrusted yourself to a faith Creator, 1 Peter 4:12-14. I don’t see any evidence of that either. Every school has problems, even Christian schools. You sound surprised that Dr Nyquist resigned. Isn’t that what you wanted? Since you are not a part of the process of healing at Moody, you should take you evidence somewhere else. The people you are talking to at Moody should also be fired. As I see these blogs, I don’t see any evidence of a committed Christian, but one that is influenced by demons, James 3:13-16. After this blog, you really owe Moody an apology for bring this information out to the public.

    1. Kellie I am absolutely flabbergasted by your misuse of Scripture. You talk about going to the person to talk to them about their sin and you claim demonic activity in Julie’s life.

      Kellie have you sat down with Julie and talked to her. Have you gone with another believer to talk to her.

      If not than Kellie that is no different than the pharisees.

      Julie heard of rumblings within MBI which she has clearly stated. She investigated while employed. Found very disturbing actions. Julie has clearly layed out her steps she took to follow Biblical discipline.

      Your argument of church is the Body of Christ that we submit to the leadership. What Leadership does Moody submit to but the entire Body that they dedicate themselves to train and raise funds from. So Julie’s response on this blog is very much in line with Scripture.

      One of Julie’s points she makes is the administration retribution to whistle blowers. A system of unchecked authority. MBI response is to fire Julie via email. Does that sound like the Body of Christ to you? Professor calls out discrepancy within MBI doctrinal statement and teaching by a profressor . MBI response, remove him from all teaching.

      The issues layed out by Julie, by faculty, by employees, by employees families, by parents and by students are of very serious nature. Not every school has problems.

      These issues are the very core of the trust that parents, students, donors and all employees stand with MBI. If MBI has violated any of them there needs to be accountability and transparency.

      The ball is in MBI court, but so far we are being told all is good. Trust us.

      Hard for me to do, when did MBI start receiving Federal money? Everybody knows that will tie your hands to a secular system. Why was there not clear communication about that?

      Does MBI train females to be pastors? This is not about the issue of girls in ministry but a drastic change in direction by MBI with no communication. A lot of questions by a lot of people that nobody is receiving the answers to except.

      Shhhhh trust us

  25. You can’t have it both ways on Garrick: mad she was hired for her views and mad she was fired for them. What’s more likely and obvious is that she side-stepped her positions to get a job and then outed herself. Faculty sign the doctrinal tenement every year. Also if you talk to anyone connected you would know you are fuling someone else’s lies and attention grab. Garrick failed at and didn’t want to be a professor. She could not face that so chose not to sign the doctrinal statement a third time. A mutual parting was warped into a conspiracy theory for personal gain designed to capitalize on the controversy you are fanning. You are being played.

    1. MBImember, respectfully, your first sentence seems logically fallacious. Julie CAN have it both ways, based on my reading of the text, particularly of the section “Professor Janay Garrick.
      I’ve also read the prior blog posts in this series, and many or most of the comments therein, so I have a decent grasp of the full context of the ongoing debate.

      As an outsider, but with a vested interest in the success of Moody, my assessment is that Julie is strictly following the facts (Dragnet- “just the facts, ma’am’), and many or most of her detractors are doing the exact opposite. Jesus is Truth, “Thy Word is Truth”, Truth is Truth, and FACTS, assuming they are correct, are: Truth.

      Now, has Julie been debating correct facts? The way this entire episode appears to an outsider like myself, and one who follows multiple Moody service missions, is yes. Much of everything else said in the comments which have been unsupporting of Julie or her charges, seems like conjecture, or otherwise sadness over an unfortunate situation gone awry. Conjecture and emotional attachment cannot resolve this issue the way it must be resolved.

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