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Christian Radio Host Compares Current Political Situation to American Revolution

By Julie Roys
Alex McFarland
Former Southern Evangelical Seminary president, Alex McFarland, explains Christian apologetics during an interview on November 11, 2014. (video screengrab)

Just days after the riot at the U.S. Capitol that left five dead, Christian radio host and apologist Alex McFarland compared the current political situation in the U.S. to the American Revolution. He said that those who believe force was biblically justified during the colonists’ conflict with Britain would also affirm it is justified today.

McFarland, a staunch supporter of President Trump, made the comments Friday on his talk radio program on American Family Radio.

In a follow-up interview with The Roys Report today, McFarland said, “The American Revolution was instigated on much less than this. And I’m not saying that people should take up arms. But I’m saying, if history is any predictor, the volatility is probably just the beginning.”

When asked whether he believed the American Revolution was biblically justified, McFarland said, “I don’t know that the American Revolution was completely justified from a biblical sense.” But McFarland also said, “I’m not going to say that the American Revolution was not justified.”

He added, “I would say this, that big tech, and the U.S. government of 2021, is morally, spiritually, economically, much more oppressive than Britain in the colonies of 1776. I mean that seriously. At least the Brits weren’t forcing the children of the colonists to become atheists.”

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McFarland referred to public schools as “programming camps.” He added: “Most people feel under-served, under-represented, oppressed. They feel they have no recourse. Let me just say, and I think our elected officials would be wise to note this—You don’t want to pick a fight with a man who thinks he has nothing to lose.”

McFarland’s initial comments came in response to a listener who asked during the radio show McFarland co-hosts with AFA Director of Marriage and Family Ministries Bert Harper: “(A)t what point, in light of God’s Word, are we to use necessary force to stand?”

McFarland said “the Bible clearly gives nations and individuals the right to self-defense—but more than self-defense, going on offense.”

He then noted that the Old Testament monarch, King David, “made sure all his men had a sword . . . And David said, you know, ‘The Lord trains my hands for war.’”

McFarland then compared the current situation in America to the American Revolution. And he referenced the Black Robe Regiment, influential pastors who supported the colonists in their military struggle with Britain.

McFarland argued:

Most Christian scholars believe the American Revolution was biblically justified. And we’re talking about taxation without representation. Now, the Britain that was oppressive to the colonists—the Britain that the American colonists felt justified in fighting—they were oppressive in their taxation. . . . But they weren’t pro-gay or pro-abortion. Now, here’s where it gets dicey for our times. The very same colonists that fought over taxation without representation, what do you think they would have thought about the pro-gay, transgender, anti-religious freedom mindset of leaders today?

McFarland’s complete interaction with the listener is in the clip below:

Following McFarland’s comments, co-host Bert Harper appeared to walk back McFarland’s statements.

Harper urged people to “stay on the offense spiritually” and “politically.” But he also urged listeners to “do what we can under this representative democratic republic.”

Similarly, the AFA said in a statement to The Roys Report:

AFA does not advocate overthrowing the government, either by force or by other means. AFA does not believe the current political situation is in any way analogous to the time or circumstances surrounding the American Revolution. AFA believes that our political problems are at their core a spiritual matter. While political measures can help alleviate those problems, the gospel is the solution to the suffering of humanity.

Many evangelical leaders have strongly condemned the riot at the U.S. Capitol, including Tony Suarez of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and Trump advisor Paula White. McFarland told The Roys Report that he condemns the insurrection last Wednesday, as well.



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41 thoughts on “Christian Radio Host Compares Current Political Situation to American Revolution”

  1. It’s not the same as it was during the Revolution. We have representation. The battles of Lexington and Concord happened because armed British troops marched for the purpose of confiscating the guns owned by colonists. We have representation and we do not have armed soldiers or law enforcement coming to citizens’ homes to take away their guns. We have a Supreme Court that defends Second Amendment Rights and First Amendment Rights (thanks to the 2016 election of Donald Trump to the presidency.) As American citizens and as Christians we face some grave threats from the rise of left wing fascism in our society – from mobs in the street, from a Democrat controlled government and from the far left media, technology and other globalist corporations in the private sector. But it is far from an armed conflict. Unless you’re a pacifist who believes force is never justified there is no justification to use deadly force unless it is in defense against deadly force used against you first. That’s not happening. Even with the stolen election, it was not done with violence or force. It was done through lawless political maneuvering. The Chinese virus could be considered use of force to affect our election outcome but that would have to be proven to justify use of force in return. So the only justified effort to prevent the election from being stolen was through legal and political action. There is still plenty of space to push back against the fascism of the left using the political process prescribed in our Constitution and laws and by taking our business away from fascistic corporations and giving it to alternatives who believe in free speech, equality, tolerance and basically maintaining a democratic society. The silver lining in Trump’s loss (for those of use who love liberty) is that Trump will be back in the private sector where he’ll be free to fight for liberty there. Even though our government will be taking a turn toward tyranny over the next four years, the most powerful players in the private sector are now showing just how tyrannical they are and people are waking up to the need to fight for liberty in the private sector and that might be just as important of a battle to fight.

      1. even if you consider the presidency to be occupied by illegitimates non-representative of the people we do still have representation. Conservatives gained House seats and took over control of more state legislatures. There is still democratic life in our nation.

    1. The election was not ‘stolen’. Biden legitimately won by more popular votes and electoral votes than Trump. The same cannot be said of the election 4 years ago……. and there wasn’t mass criminal activity and storming the capital and planning other acts of insurrection then as there is now.

    2. Very well said! The comparison begins and ends with statist tyranny and lawless leaders and their minions. There may eventually be blood. But the faithful must not be first to shed any.

  2. Steve the Engineer

    If McFarland were still president of the Southern Evangelical Seminary, would he have awarded President Trump an honorary doctorate? It’s disheartening to see evangelical leaders continue to defend the indefensible in the name of anti-leftism.

    1. For every real offense there are countless heinous and false accusations against DT. Yet a growing number of evangelicals (leaders or not) have yielded to falsehood and fear (eg fear of man). Salt has lost its saltiness. Leftism/evil is minimized. Anti-Christianity socialism is now compassionate and Christlike. The Church is more like the world. And one large segment who claim Christ frequently and falsely accuse and shame most others who claim Christ.

      Is it any wonder why so many people have an inverted reality?

      1. Steve the Engineer

        Please check your facts, Dewey. If you’re getting your information about false accusations from Fox News, American Family Radio, Franklin Graham, etc., then please do some fact-checking on your own. (Recall that as the riot escalated, Franklin Graham tweeted his support and blamed imaginary Antifa for breaking into the Capitol.) Yes, the facts will show that this president has done a few things right… after all, even a blind hen gets a kernel once in awhile. However, his long list of offenses, most notably and recently the claims of election-stealing and incitement of the Capitol riot, will overshadow any possible good he’s brought. Many have claimed a president as their savior who’ll bring Christ’s kingdom to this world, complete with a majority of Supreme Court justices. This seems contrary to Jesus’ statement that His kingdom is not of this world. By the way, I don’t believe Jesus ever declared allegiance to one political party.

        1. Hate to break it to you but he didn’t incite anything. As he was speaking there were people breaking into the capital. So the place where he was speaking and where the people were listening to him was far away from the capital. How did those people who were listening to him get all the way to the capital in record time to start breaking into the capital while he was speaking. Thoughts just sticks just don’t add up. You being an engineer should know that One couldn’t cover the distance that quickly to get to the capital after he spoke.
          Also in what he was saying in his speech there was nothing to incite the crowd to storm the capital. If you think there was please provide the sections where you believe hand side of the crowd. And please provide the context for what he said. We all know that we can take words out of context. When he said as we march down Pennsylvania Avenue to the capital that is not saying stormed the capital. When he referenced fighting for rights that does not necessarily mean to physically fight and storm the capital. Any rational person would understand that. Your argument could then be that well these people weren’t rational. Then that is not trumps fault either. In the same way one can look at Scripture and Misinterpret what it says. Such as the section where Jesus said if your I or hand causes you to send pluck it out or cut it off. So was Jesus implying that we should mutilate ourselves now. So therefore it is up to you to provide evidence where Trump said to storm the capital and promote violence.
          Also the election was stolen in many ways. One way is looking at big town where they did not allow stories or comments to be published On Facebook or Twitter. They also looked at certain stories that could’ve heard Biden. Such as the Hunter Biden laptop story. They squashed that from being published or commented on. In such a way they affected the election and in effect helped steel both from Trump were people might not have voted for Biden because of the Hunter Biden laptop story and Biden‘s involvement in it. Also they squashed the Tony Bobbaluski (sp) story which directly tied Joe Biden to graftfrom China. So that is one way the election was stolen from Trump was collusion between Joe Biden and the main stream media as well as big tech.
          Another way the election was stolen from him was by the states not following their own election laws. The Constitution states states shall set the time and manner of the elections in their state. The manner of the elections in several states were overturned by the Supreme Court of each state which did not have jurisdiction to do so. The state legislature were the ones that had this jurisdiction. For example allowing ballots to be counted even if the postmark wasn’t correct. Allowing Dallas to be counted even though signatures did not match up. Allowing people to request absentee ballots even though they did not meet the criteria for doing such as happened in Wisconsin. Also in Pennsylvania they had 200,000 more dollars than actual people who voted. So another words they had 2 million people who voted and 2.2 million ballots. All of the instances I just mentioned should have invalidated those ballots. It may have allowed Trump to win. It may not have. But it was all shady and irregular and therefore a revote at the very least should have been done.
          Also using one Michigan county as an example the voting machines in Antrim County gave trump votes to Biden. That was a swing of 6000 votes. Now many many counties in Michigan utilized that system. So I believe there was about 40 counties. If you surmise that happened in all of those counties then that would be 80,000 votes wrongly attributed to Biden that would then go back to Trump and that would swing the election in trumps favor because Biden only won the state by 155,000 votes.
          Also in Georgia and several other states dead people voted, underage people voted, Many people voted twice. Many people voted who were not living in the state. All of those numbers of people added up to more than the margin of victory. Those votes should be cashed out. If they were cashed out then Trump could’ve won those states.
          Again all the above that I just mentioned could have one Trump the election or could not have one Trump the election but they are all evidence of fraud in this election that must be dealt with. If we are to have elections that we can trust then these items must be dealt with. If not then our elections will be no better than elections in the old communist Soviet bloc countries or in Third World banana republics. This is watch the Democrats have let us too. Where we don’t trust our government and supposedly elected officials.
          I will be praying for Biden that he comes to know the Lord same thing for Harris. I will be praying that they lead in a godly and righteous manner. But I will also be praying that their agenda as stated in the Democrat platform fails miserably because many many many items that are in their platform are totally anti-Christian, anti-biblical, and anti-God.

          1. Jim, “He didn’t incite anything “? Perhaps you missed the words of flaming liberal Liz Cheney (R – WY): “The President of the US summoned this mob , assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack”. Everything that followed was his doing. None of this would have happened without the President. The President could have immediately and forcefully intervened to stop the violence. He did not. There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution.”

          2. Tom….nice try…where did he in his speech incite the violence…I really don’t care what Cheney said…to her I would ask the same thing…where in His speech did he incite anything?? That is my challenge to you and every one elseWHERE WAS THE INCITEMENT in the speech? If you can’t show it then you are bearing false witness.
            Also was jot the national guard offered as additional security? Yes it was. Who denied it??? The capital police!!! So that again is joy trumps responsibility.
            He did call for peace and to stop the violence..but guess who deleted his comments?? Twitter!!
            Also just having the rally doesn’t automatically make him responsible for inciting violence. That argument t is actually a very poor one. There were tens of thousands who did nothing. The rally was called and certain people acted violently. That is not trumps fault. So I guess Bernie sanders follower who shot up the baseball game practice was incited by sanders? Those at the rally are responsible for their own actions NOT TRUMP!!!
            Would you also say the same for the many Dems who incited riots this summer??? Those who encouraged the riots? Those who bailed out rioters, such as Kamala Harris? THAT IS INCITEMENT not what trump did…also would you accuse Maxine Waters and demand she resign and/or be kicked out of congress for inciting people to follow abs harass trump officials when they went out to eat etc??? THAT IS INCITEMENT. So will you be consistent and demand the resignation of all those dem officials who encourages the riots and actions such as Waters spoke about??
            Also would you demand Obama not have anything to do with politics anymore since he encouraged people to get into the face of those who disagreed with him? Remember that comment? So if you claim trump is unfit then Obama, Waters, AOC, Presley, Peluso etc…are unfit for whatever they do in govt. BE CONSISTENT L!!!
            Again I challenge you to show me what Trump actually said that caused the incitement!!

          3. Jim, it appears no words can dissuade you from your blind devotion to your “orange savior “. All the election fraud garbage that was completely rejected throughout our.court system you are still using to justify your words. I guess we’ll just have to wait for Trump’s trial for sedition that is likely to happen in the coming months! Thankfully we only need to endure one more week of this menace to our democracy!

          4. Tom…you are casting false accusations and thus bearing false witness in regards to my stance. Trump is not my saviour, orange or otherwise. I just asked you for plain pure and simple proof to show that he did not incite anything. I listened to his speech online and READ the transcript to do my due diligence to make sure i didnt miss anything. Taking his words in context he did not incite violence at all. It is hard to dissuade someone from an opinion when YOU HAVE NOT OFFERED WHAT I ASKED FOR!!!! I asked you to show me where he incited the violence. You have not done so so in that case YES YOU CANNOT DISSUADE ME since you have not offered any substance to do so…

            I can accuse you of the same thing that nothing can dissuade you from your position since you fail to look at reality!!! Regarding the election results i offered up in my first post why his concerns were legitimate that the election was stolen..when noone follows the constitution and their own state laws that logically shows fraud.

            Also lets go back 4 years. Did not the dems, the media and Hilary incite violence by calling Trump an illegitimate president. Did that lead to protests before Trump took office and were there not riots in DC during the inauguration by the antiTrumpers??? Did not Waters and the dems from day one of his administration push for impeachment?????

            Will you at least be consistent and condemn them for THEIR actions, even though they were 4 years ago, and say they were wrong for what they did??? Will you not at least be consistent and condemn the dems who encouraged the riots this past summer and encouraged the harrasmnet abd abuse of Trump officials thruout Trumps term??? If not you have no standing to make ANY accustion or comment about me.

            And again I challenge you to show me where in his speech he incited violence. If you can or wont you are nothing more than a blowing wind and not worthy of a future answer from me. Either show me what i asked for or keep quiet

          5. Thanks for your response. Their responses reveal more of the inverted reality of which our society is in.

            So much is lost on them, particularly how they have summarily condemned Trump, falsely, as has been done for 4+ years (and those who vote for him). Not only do they falsely condemn him, not only are they unwilling and unable to produce any quote from Trump, not only do these facts not give them pause, they double down on every error and false accusation, and then follow the left’s M.O. of gaslighting, shaming, falsely accusing, etc anyone who points out the truth.

            So, for the false accusers here, if you fully condemn someone, and you cannot produce any quotes that make him so evil and guilty, AND you have to resort to all sorts of evasive maneuvers then ……. are you not profoundly deceived?

          6. Jim,

            Do you have a job, or is your job being Sidney Powell or Rudy G’s minimum-wage secretary or something?

          7. Dewey,

            “and then follow the left’s M.O. of gaslighting, shaming, falsely accusing, etc anyone who points out the truth”

            Much like you do to Julie or anyone who supports her when she exposes predatory pastors or “evangelists”, eh?

            Classic projection 101. By the way, we’re laughing AT you, not with you. What’s the matter snowflake, are your feelings hurt? Why don’t you pray to your orange god to smite us.

        2. Steve you are the one making false accusations right here in front of us all. NOBODY has ever said the president is the savior who’ll bring Christ’s kingdom to this world. It is hard to even respond to that statement it is so sick.

          1. Steve the Engineer

            Jim, Eric, and Dewey, while you might not find anything critical of Trump in your social media visits, there isn’t enough space here to list the examples. If you’re giving credence to conspiracy theories like the Antrim County voting machines (disproven by hand re-counts), then it’s unlikely you’ll be swayed by a few paragraphs.

            Space doesn’t permit me to repeat the numerous statements the president made in the weeks leading up to the Capitol incident, nor those that he, his son, and his attorney made on that same day. Sure, Julie’s readers hopefully wouldn’t have reacted by donning armor and weapons, tangling with police, and racing through the Capitol corridors shouting threats. But the fact is that thousands did this with no other cause to incite them that day… no football game was lost, no notorious criminal was released, no Parler plug was pulled, no Ayatollah threatened to nuke us, no “mobs” were carrying dreaded “BLM” banners. What other explanation could there be? Anyone studying the scores of videos will see that hundreds of rioters – many more than the Bernie follower you cited from the baseball attack – were intent on harming someone.

            We all deplore violence, but please don’t try to rationalize the Capitol riot by comparing it with the summer racial protests or a lone crazed shooter. The incidents you cited never came close to toppling our democracy, while the Capitol riot came close to doing just that – at least temporarily. After all, isn’t “topple” the right way to describe a mob that threatens to harm the VP and many elected representatives from both parties?

          1. Steve,

            I can’t stand Trump any more than you can but please can your own whataboutism too. Rioting and mayhem are okay when they stem from the motive of “racial justice”? Please. Tell that to the guy whose head is being bashed in for the crime of being white or the black liquor store owner who lost everything she ever worked for in the name of George Floyd. It’s not “mostly peaceful protest” when your side does it and “treason” when the other side does.

  3. James Lutzweiler

    I shudder to take exception with my friend Alex McFarland in re: the American Revolution (AR) and Christians taking up arms. But I must. A few thoughts:

    1. The AR was NOT fought over taxation without representation. That is an old wives tale and kindergarten concoction as well as the very effective cover story of the colonists. The AR WAS fought over land, western –i.e., trans-Appalachian land– in particular. Pure and simple. George Washington and Company could not stand the prospect of King George claiming all that property for old England and chose to claim it for what would become America –and to some degree themselves.

    2. The same is true of the 1861-1865 War of Southern Aggression. It was fought over who got the benefits of the western territories. Land is always the issue.

    3. The Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and Korea were all fought over land.

    4. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has nothing to do with religion. It is a real estate issue. Pure, rather impure, and simple.

    5. I find disappointing the prospective raising of weapons by Alex not only to run counter to the plain commands of Scripture but the core of the apologetics mandate to go to war over ideas and not over flesh and blood.

    6. Regardless of one’s political views, in his book The Hornets Nest, which is about the AR, Jimmy Carter floats the idea that the bloodshed of the AR was unnecessary and alternative solution was possible.

    7. Alvin York, perhaps WWI’s most decorated or celebrated American soldier, basically called WWI a waste and returned to his youthful pacifism –until Hollywood got hold of him and used him to promote that city’s passion for WWII to pull chestnuts out of the fire that we had not put in the fire.

    8. People like Alex should be making better known people like Franz Jägerstätter and movies about his life like A Hidden Life instead of trying to raise a crop of Dietrich Bonhoeffers who find in firearms and force instead of Christian philosophy the fruits of the spirit. After all, whom would Jesus assassinate? Paul? John?

    9. Loving enemies is hard work, especially when they are symbolic people like Donald Trump or Nancy Pelosi. I stand ready to offer them and their followers a cup of cold water but preferably a Budweiser-turned-back-into-water after I bless it and after it has passed over my tongue and through my esophagus.

    10. For additional perspectives on war and peace, Alex and readers of the Roy’s Report should read my book entitled On Keeping My Mouth Shut in Sunday School, highly recommended reading by no less that pastor Erwin Lutzer (who admires Bonhoeffer,as I do not), Minnesota Viking Doug Kingsriter, and a former U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia.

      1. Hi Scottie,

        Happy to respond to your question about Bonhoeffer.

        Short answer: I am not much of a believer in assassinations and even less of a believer in abstruse language. I talk about this a bit in my book.

        If you send me your email address, I will reply more fully to your question with an 800-word essay I wrote about him for a book entitled Churchfails. The essay was banned from the book, as was my expose of C I Scofield, but I would be happy to send you the essay.

        You can write me at [email protected]



  4. To anyone else who finds the connection to now and the Revolutionary War interesting, check out the intercessory prayer app,

    Give Him 15 [dot] com.

    Lots of Revolutionary War/founding Fathers imagery coming up in the prompts and prophetic dreams shared. What comes clear through the prompts is that this isn’t a “war” over a man or political party, but God’s purpose for America.

    Rev. Rev. Robert Hunt said over America in the early 1600s at Cape Henry in Jamestown, “From these very shores the Gospel shall go forth to not only this New World but the entire world.”

    Maybe that’s a promise God still wants to keep. :)

    Robert Hunt

  5. S, Dutch Sheets claimed Michael the Archangel accompanied him to the Capitol last Friday. How in the world could anyone confirm or deny that? It is an unfalsifiable claim based, in my opinion, on delusions of grandeur.

    I worked as public school teacher for 6 years. Nobody forced anyone to become an atheist. What is that claim founded upon?

    Thankfully, the US has decided the legal system will settle allegations of election fraud – not radio talk show hosts or angry mobs. Trump’s own legal team had every opportunity to file their lawsuits and did so. Their lawsuits went nowhere because they lacked compelling evidence. The overwhelming weight of evidence indicates the election was secure, free, and fair.

    For those who voted for Trump because of abortion, the biological fact of two sexes, religious freedom, etc… do you think the events of 1/6 helped or hindered those political causes? I think the answer is obvious. Trumpism, defined as being an arrogant jerk to get what you want by any means, isn’t, nor ever was, a viable means of advancing serious political issues.

    1. One thing that cannot be contested—The Bible shows us evidence that God fights for us with His Heavenly Armies.

      “He said, “Do not be afraid, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.” Then Elisha prayed and said, “O Lord, please open his eyes that he may see.” So the Lord opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw, and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.”
      ‭‭2 Kings‬ ‭6:16-17‬ ‭ESV‬‬

      There is Archangel Michael, fighting the principality(the “prince”) of Persia.

      So we can probably make a good guess there is a spiritual war over America with demonic principalities warring with the Angels.

      And the Church has the power via prayer to intercede and fight these spiritual battles.

  6. Like American wars, Old Testament wars were also often fought over land, namely, the promised land, the land God gave to Israel. The blessings of the old covenant (the law of Moses) focused on prospering in their new land–if they kept the commands of that covenant. They mostly failed, but leaders like David won many wars to reclaim and expand their land.
    When Jesus comes, he promises his gentle (meek) disciples they will inherit the earth (in the end, the new heavens and new earth, as simply an inheritance from their heavenly Father). His excited multitudes and even his disciples mostly prefer to see him as the son of David who would make Israel great again. Jesus’ favorite title for himself, however, is the Son of man (of Daniel 7:13-14, where one like a son of man receives from God a kingship that will include people from every nation, a kingship/kingdom that will never pass away). Instead of a militant son of David Messiah, Jesus comes as the gentle, compassionate Son of man, who unlike the domineering kings of the earth, comes to serve and show love to the least (the sick, the demon possessed, the unclean, the poor, the women and children, the Samaritans, the Gentiles).
    After his death and resurrection, his twelve disciples now see and act clearly to announce this risen Lord, and his new kingdom of disciples, reaching out to the least and going out to all the earth. This kingdom has a new, different kind of king with a new covenant with new promises.

  7. Rj not in Chicago anymore

    You might want to read through the book of Revelation to garner a deeper understanding of Christ’s return. It is not about territory. Rather something completely different and something I cannot wrap my head around in this life.
    We as a nation are in for some dark days ahead but nothing close to what God promises to the vast majority of unbelieving men. The uh oh moment has yet to come.

    1. Hi RJ,
      Thanks for reading my comments and interacting.
      Revelation is indeed a rich source for understanding Christ’s return. My brief comments did mention the future promise of a new heaven and new earth, a phrase that is also found in the final climax of Revelation (21:1f.). And right before that (in Rev. 20:15), anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire. This would be the worst of the “dark days ahead” (your phrase in your comment) for those who are judged by other books (rather than the book of life), namely, “according to their (evil) works” (20:12).

  8. Thanks again Julie for informing us of these things.

    It is most amazing to me that this gentleman can say he condemns the insurrection of last Wednesday and yet use such inflammatory speech to encourage more of the same. How can he not see that such statements are contradictory to one another? And if has seen it, must he not retract one of those?

  9. It is sad that peoples 1st Amendment rights were trampled during the election. Hundreds of people testified of not being allowed to view the balloting or kept so far away that they could not see. Data analysts showed that votes were switched from Trump to Biden. There were eyewitness accounts of fraudulent behavior observed. My dog could have voted this election. I had to be a registered voter and voted at the polls before I received my absentee ballot. The Covid-19 was the perfect excuse to have anybody send in their ballot-no questions asked. If we allow these voting machines and unregulated absentee ballots continue, there will be no fair elections or we can never be sure. The system is slanted for one particular party. 70 million citizens only desire a fair shake in the deal. We did not get this during this election.

    This is a civil rights issue.

    1. Carla, there are genuine Christians who do think the voter fraud was real. And it doesn’t matter if they are Democrat or Republican. It is because we value truth over deception. The government does not need to lie.

      What is the fruit in scorning them?

      I might not agree with you, but as Christians we can still have Unity in the Church because we carry the Holy Spirit inside us.

      1. S,

        Thanks to this “voter fraud” garbage and tantruming and the riot that resulted the radical, extremist left now controls 4/4 of our federal branches of government. I really hope the Trump flunkies are happy with that. And, according to polls, public support for the fanatical SJW agenda of Biden and Harris and Twitter and all of their ilk has never been higher. Middle Americans in Nebraska, Ohio, Georgia weren’t on the progressivism train in 2016, do you realize that? What’s changed in these five years?

  10. Comments from “Christian” leaders like Franklin Graham remind me of the Handmaids Tale. There is no proof of widespread fraud. Yet nut jobs like Graham and some of the people leaving comments is frightening for its stupidity. No proof. And what happened on Jan 6th was not anything like the American revolution.

    1. Tim,

      I can’t wait to hear the song you will be singing after one year of Joe Biden in the Oval Office. We live in a culture that loves death. Forget Franklin Graham, or anyone else. How can anyone who call themselves a Christian vote for someone who has no moral issues with killing babies?

  11. These guys make no sense, they seem to be Talking out of both sides of their mouth. They say the American revolution was fought over much less and that most biblical scholars feel it was justified, and then they say they don’t advocate overthrowing the government. They are trying to have their cake and eat it too. Which is it?

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