Eric Metaxas Says Protester Menaced Him, but Won’t Say Whether He Punched the Man

By Emily Miller
Eric Metaxas White House
Eric Metaxas and his wife, Susanne, pose in front of the White House on Thursday, Aug. 27, 2020.

Popular Christian author and radio host, Eric Metaxas, told a Christian magazine that a protester on a bike harassed him after he left the White House last week, but Metaxas initially would not say whether or not he hit the protestor. This, despite a recent viral video in which a man resembling Metaxas punched a cycling demonstrator.

Instead, the radio host blamed the protester when asked about the incident. “For context, just so you know, the guy came at me with his bike and was very menacing for a long time,” Metaxas told World Magazine.

Days later, Metaxas reportedly confirmed the punch in an email to Religion Unplugged, saying, “It just happened.”

But a man who identified himself as the demonstrator in question — and who runs the Instagram account that posted the viral video of the encounter — disputed Metaxas’ description of events.

“He attacked me,” the man, who declined to disclose his name, told Religion News Service. “I wasn’t threatening or intimidating. I was on a rented bicycle! He clearly punched me from behind.”

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Last week, a video began circulating on social media showing a man who closely resembles Metaxas striking a protester and running away backward.  

The video, posted to Instagram early Friday morning (Aug. 28), shows a demonstrator wearing a “Portland” shirt riding a bike through a group of individuals dressed in formal attire. The group appears to be leaving President Donald Trump’s final address to the Republican National Convention, which was late Thursday night.

In the video, the demonstrator shouts several profanities, including one mentioning Trump, while riding through the group — but does not appear to physically engage with anyone.

Then a man who resembles Metaxas punches the demonstrator, who stumbles off his bike. 

The man is wearing the same outfit Metaxas was seen wearing in pictures and in video that Metaxas posted to his own Instagram account earlier in the day. Standing next to the man is a woman wearing a dress that matches one worn by his wife, Susanne, in those same Instagram pictures.

In the video, a woman can be heard shouting, “Eric!” as the demonstrator pulls himself off the ground while yelling at his assailant. In response, the man who resembles Metaxas swiftly backpedals.

The demonstrator follows, saying, “You just attacked me, bro.”

As the man who appears to be Metaxas leaves, a woman can be heard again shouting, “Eric!”

As the demonstrator continues to shout at a small group of people walking by, police then approach the angered protester — not the man resembling Metaxas — as he yells that he “didn’t touch” the other man. The video cuts out as the protester turns to confront the officer following him.

In a separate video posted to the same Instagram account, the demonstrator can be seen in handcuffs insisting, “I didn’t touch him!” (WARNING: Video contains profanity.)

In a third Instagram Live video, the demonstrator said that he was detained by the Secret Service but suggested that he was released after a bystander showed authorities video of the event.

“I don’t want the dude to get charged, I just want awareness that Republicans are attacking people,” he said.

Religion News Service reached out to the “antidote503” Instagram account that posted the videos on Friday. The person who responded said they were the individual assaulted in the video. When asked whether they believe the man who punched him is Metaxas — images of whom the account posted earlier in the day — the person replied, “It’s definitely him.”

He also said that he may pursue a civil case against Metaxas.

Metaxas, best known for his 2011 biography of theologian and Nazi opponent Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his pro-Trump “Donald the Caveman” books, has largely avoided commenting publicly about the incident. He did not respond to multiple requests for comment from RNS but told World Magazine he had “chosen to go off social media till now and not to comment on any of this.”

But Metaxas did tweet a link to a somewhat satirical piece about the video of the punch in which the author appears to defend Metaxas. 

He has also taken to social media to compare Black Lives Matter protesters to Nazis.

“Today in 1939 Hitler invaded Poland, CLAIMING Poland had attacked Germany,” he tweeted. “That was a lie. When Antifa/BLM claim to care about Black lives, understand they will say & do ANYTHING to destroy the America they hate. They would have killed George Floyd if it would have helped them.”

At least one friend has defended Metaxas: After viewing the video, author and blogger Rod Dreher wrote a post entitled “Christian Dandy Throws a Punch,” calling his friend one of the nicest people he knows and saying the cycling protester deserved to be smacked.

“But I tell you, there’s a part of me that was not sorry to see Eric punch the guy, though it was apparently just a glancing blow,” Dreher wrote.

“You just get so sick of these people and their filthy mouths, and their berserk screaming at people. You get sick of the pornification of the public square, and the degeneration of civil standards. Sometimes you have to use violence to preserve order.”

Metaxas was one of about 150 evangelical Christians who have informally advised President Trump present at the president’s speech Thursday at the White House, which closed out the Republican National Convention. Most sat together during the address, according to one pastor in attendance.

Bishop Harry Jackson of Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, Maryland, told World Magazine he left the White House Thursday with Metaxas and his wife and that the group was cursed at by protesters as they walked to meet an Uber.

That’s when Jackson said a bicyclist began swerving close to Metaxas while swearing at the group and at the president, which the bishop described as “playing chicken” with Metaxas and said was so intimidating that he wondered if he’d have to use his cane for defense.

Jackson declined to comment for this article.

Other evangelical leaders tweeted after the speech that they also were confronted by protesters near the White House.

Paula White, who heads the White House’s Faith and Opportunity Initiative, said she and other leaders were harassed by protesters.

And Pastor Jack Graham said the group was confronted by “filthy blasphemous infidels.”

Pastor Jentezen Franklin described the confrontation Graham mentioned in his own tweet, saying the group was “cursed and threatened.

“I eye-witnessed one of our group be attacked but thank God police were there to arrest the violent attacker,” Franklin said.

(This story has been updated.)

Emily McFarland MillerEmily McFarlan Miller is a national reporter for Religion News Service.



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111 thoughts on “Eric Metaxas Says Protester Menaced Him, but Won’t Say Whether He Punched the Man”

  1. Confession and repentance are an important part of our walk with Christ. It keeps us humble and in need of the amazing grace Eric writes about in his book on Wilberforce. Eric is clearly caught and needs to both confess and apologize.
    Eric seems to have shifted from a thoughtful author to someone who likes to provoke. (I recall his “Jesus was white” tweet, which he posted to troll and get attention). Such a shame – all of his theatrics are overshadowing some of his really interesting work.

    1. If a guy on a bike was searing at me and swerved his bike toward me and my wife, I’d punch him too. That’s self defense.

      1. A man walking with his wife sees someone coming at him on a bike, often used to hurt people, while cursing and yelling, and having witnessed multiple times when “peaceful protestors” have attacked people, defends himself…he is implicated as having done something wrong in this piece.
        Perhaps if one had done extensive research, visited the sites and talked with people who lived through Nazi Germany and then wrote extensively on it, found themselves in this threatening situation, they may have done the same.
        Being threatened by these people was not an isolated incidence that night, it was everywhere. Just look what happened to Rand Paul and his wife, fearing for their lives! The armchair quarterback’s who condemn him need to put themselves in his place before pronouncing self righteousness judgements.

        1. Wow, what an amazing list of rationalizations to excuse an clearly aggressive act. The biker was being a loud and obnoxious ass, but he was not “coming at” Metaxas who clearly had take a step sideways toward the rider as he passed and punched him on the back of the head. Given he then ran away, leaving his wife right next to his victim, he clearly had zero concerns for her safety, so the claim that it was a defensive act is arrant nonsense.

          As for armchair quarterbacking, just one word — hypocrite.

          1. Absolutely right. A man wearing Metaxas’s blue blazer and pink shirt punched the biker from BEHIND while a woman calls Eric, Eric. The woman did not sound like a victim, btw. More like a wife trying to rein in her husband.

            I think we can say who threw the punch and why. And the biker is despicable, btw, not that that is an excuse. Not for a Christian, that is.

            If you’re a conservative and a Trumpist, fair enough. But if you in fact despise Jesus’s command to turn the other cheek, maybe Christianity really isn’t for you. Handsome IS as handsome DOES.

      2. “That’s self defence”? Are you kidding me? He punches the guy on the bike and instead of staying on the scene to protect his wife from the threat, he runs away (backwards) from the situation as shown in the video. What a chivalrous guy! A real hero. Lucky her.

          1. Yes, that is what he did, and his wife was able to get in a car. The police went after the man who had a record of misdeeds who should have never been there in the first place.

          2. You don’t protect your loved one by running away. You insert yourself between them and the attacker until they get to safety. Metaxas was running because he was afraid he was going to be retaliated against, and the adrenaline from his cowardly attack was flowing. He clearly wasn’t thinking about anything else.

        1. Based on what I see in the video, I’m not convinced it was self defence. The guy on the bike was acting like an idiot and I’m not condoning his actions, but Eric should have just kept walking and not engage with him thereby endangering himself and his wife. Not smart on his part! He could have called a policeman over if he was being menaced as there were plenty of them in the area. He’s lucky that the guy only shouted at him after he hit him and didn’t take any more drastic action. There could have been a much more tragic outcome. That’s all I’ve got to say.

  2. So a group of people that are fine with the President cursing at people feel threatened by being cursed at themselves?

    Perhaps they should appreciate the opportunity to empathize with how it feels, and encourage the President to be more accountable to the high responsibility of his office.

    1. THIS. Thank you, Lea.

      Now, just wait for all the downplaying, “whatabout the Democrats!”, and justifications for the President’s behavior….it’s coming….

    2. Lea, can you provide a quote or a link where Trump is “cursing at people?” I keep hearing how the guy is a racist (zero evidence), now you say he is “cursing at people.” The guy certainly could round out the rough edges, but I don’t see a lot of what he is accused of often, including your charge.

      1. Go watch the Trump raly where he called kneeling players “sons of b…..” Then go watch the one where he says “everything is bulls….” when talking about the accusations that led up to his impeachment. These were live, on TV, and a simple search will produce videos all over the internet. It’s very hard to miss.

      2. Certainly, Steve M. You must not follow Trump’s twitter feed?

        This is an easy topic to google yourself of course, but one of the many articles on Trump’s vulgarity is useful for a summary:, from November 2019.

        A few key quotes:
        “Donald Trump is the first president to make C-SPAN unsuitable viewing for children. “The president used language that some may find offensive,” reads a disclaimer on C-SPAN’s website for a speech he gave in July. In that speech, President Trump said, “If you don’t support me, you’re going to be so g**dd*** poor.”

        Taking the Lord’s name in vain is mild compared with the president’s recent statements. On Friday, he called Beto O’Rourke a “poor b*****d.” On Sunday, he retweeted a video of a UFC fighter calling him “a bad m****rf—er.” On Monday, he called Gov. Matt Bevin (R-Ky.) “a pain in the a**.”

        Trump is so obscene that the country’s newspapers and websites, including this one, have had to change their rules about publishing profanity just to keep up. Thanks to him, you can now read “s**thole” in The New York Times.”

        “Last month, Trump said Joe Biden “understood how to kiss Barack Obama’s a**,” called Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) “a pompous ‘a**,'” called himself a “son of a bitch,” called the impeachment inquiry “BULLSHIT,” said “hell” 72 times, acted out an [orgasmic] love scene between former F.B.I. agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, said Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) “couldn’t carry” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s jock strap.”

        Trump also famously referred to Congressman Adam Schiff on multiple occasions as “Adam S****t, and there is an interesting article on the “discomfort” of evangelicals with his frequent use of the blasphemy “G*dd**n”.

        1. Trump cusses publicly.
          Biden likely cusses too, not quite so publicly.

          Why do we get hung up on this? I think the bigger thing is when you vote in November you are not so much voting for a person as you are for a platform cause “elections have consequences” and that Pres has power to nominate people in line with that party’s platform.
          Ideas have consequences.
          And that’s what has lasting effect.

          Don’t get distracted by the people.
          Cause there are arses in both parties. Yes?

          1. So the end justifies the means, then.
            Moral relativism.
            I remember when evangelicals said they were against that.

    3. Any president should be accountable should be held accountable to that high office whatever party. I agree there.

      Can we also agree the name calling on either side is asinine and ticks off both liberals and conservatives?

      Boy. Why couldn’t the guy on the bike go, “I don’t like Trump. Why you like him?

      Or Metaxas: Hey, Tell me why you think the liberal platform is good.

      Ah. Civil conversation. But instead we call names and punch like childish kids. Mm hmm.

      I didn’t watch the video. I wasn’t there. I don’t know who was justified and who wasn’t. Ok there’s a place for self defense.

      But what if these guys didn’t give to their anger? What then?

      I know what unrighteousanger can lead to. Burned buildings and dead people.

      Righteous anger can fuel healing and fixing of wrong things.
      Ask Kenosha.

      1. And Lea, I did not say the end justifies the means. I am not a moral relativist. Read my above post. My point is there is foolish people on both sides and anger is destructive. Ok if you don’t totally agree with me.

        1. Your post seems to advise that we should overlook the character of the person running for office because of the goals their platform may achieve. That indeed an “end justifies the means” argument, and one of moral relativism.

          I disagree with that argument. If I have misunderstood you, I apologize.

          1. Not quite. I think we have a hard choice ahead. We can read the platform posted by the Democratic Party that they shared at the time of the DNC. We can read the platform posted by the Republicans shared at the time of the RNC. We can be very sure the people behind either parties will try to achieve their goals/agendas.

            If a candidate is for a issue I cannot support, I don’t vote for them. There are the issues I believe are vital to support, so I vote there.

            And I can guess that Trump/Pence and Biden/Kamala Harris do not have unblemished characters, all.

            Yeah. I agree, Trump can act/talk better. For sure. But elections have consequences, ideas have consequences, and whoever we elect will walk and promote certain ideas.

            That’s what is at stake, that’s one way to see it, and if you see different, ok.

          2. Lea, I disagree 100 percent about the ends justifying the means if one votes for Trump. I don’t have to like Trump personally, so for me it’s about the platforms of the two major parties. And for me, the election choice couldn’t be simpler.

            Any political party which continues to support unrestricted abortion (even up until birth), which continues to support the redefinition of marriage and family, which continues to support the redefinition of gender, which continues to deny basic biology of male and female, which continues to support left-wing radical groups, and which continues to condone the lawlessness and chaos in our cities, will never get my vote.

            So if you (or anyone else) thinks this is too big of a compromise to make because you don’t like Trump’s character, then I will say that voting for Biden is too big of a compromise to make, due to all the issues that Biden and the secular-progressive Democrat Party are in support of.

          3. “”To the many evangelicals who continue to support Mr. Trump in spite of his blackened moral record, we might say this: Remember who you are and whom you serve. Consider how your justification of Mr. Trump influences your witness to your Lord and Savior. Consider what an unbelieving world will say if you continue to brush off Mr. Trump’s immoral words and behavior in the cause of political expediency. If we don’t reverse course now, will anyone take anything we say about justice and righteousness with any seriousness for decades to come? Can we say with a straight face that abortion is a great evil that cannot be tolerated and, with the same straight face, say that the bent and broken character of our nation’s leader doesn’t really matter in the end?”

            -Christianity Today

          4. Lea –
            You are spot on, and also backing yourself up with scripture. And I understand your frustration with the “end justifying the means” rebuttals, as it has been mine for well beyond the last 3 years.

            It’s an unfortunate trend in the Christian community: When a liberal politician or celebrity curses, bullies, etc, the arguments on threads like this are something along the lines of, “See! That’s proof they are lost! What else do we need to see for proof they are ungodly?! Christians should vote them out/boycott their products!”
            On the other hand, when it is a conservative or Trump, the arguments are:
            “Yeah, but we are all sinners, so who am I to judge?” (apparently you are one to judge those you disagree with politically?)
            “I didn’t vote for a pastor, I voted for a President” (others can say the same, and this is unBiblical)
            “God put Trump in place, we have to trust Him!” (but He didn’t put Obama or any Democrat in office? We aren’t to trust God then?)
            “Yeah, but what about abortion?!” (switch the topic to a Christian cause rather than address the sinful behavior that is being confronted…BTW liberals can do the same thing when it comes to policies that have historically proven to help the elderly and the poor)\
            “What about when (something sinful a liberal did)?” (whataboutism that runs along the lines of, “but he hit me FIRST!” which I thought we learned was wrong when we were children)

            Christians will spend more words justifying bad behavior of Trump (or in this case, Metaxas) than addressing it. And when we say “yeah, but”….well, the word “BUT” by definition negates everything said before it.

            Bottom line is, the Christian community tends to show grace for those who are conservatives, but judgmental wrath when it is someone who is not. I have repeatedly called this out only to have the topic changed to “platforms vs people’ and other similar justifications for it. I get supporting a platform – but that does NOT mean we are to downplay or dismiss sinful behavior of those who back it; nor does it mean we are to vilify and self-righteously judge those who don’t. The world is watching us do this, and it is NOT a good testimony.

            I say this as someone who had to recently explain to a non-believing friend I’ve been witnessing to, “so I can’t be saved if I liked President Obama?”

          5. Thanks, MH. This issue has actually been quantified in some interesting studies over the last decade.

            “In 2011, only 30 percent of white evangelicals affirmed that an elected official who commits an immoral act in their personal life can still behave ethically and fulfill their duties in their public and professional life.” In 2016, as Donald Trump was elected, 42 percent of white evangelicals changed their minds. 72 percent of white evangelicals now said that personal immorality now did not matter.

            White evangelicals who considered “strong religious beliefs” as “very important” in a presidential candidate also dropped from 64 percent in 2011 to 49 percent in 2016.

            White evangelicals are separated out from the larger pack of those who self-identify as religious in this dataset because other groups (black evangelicals, Catholics, etc) showed a much small change in their moral views over the same time period.

            Additional studies further evaluated whether these shifts in moral views were related to political party by first asking the interviewee a randomized question about Clinton, Trump, or a neutral question.
            Among white evangelicals who identify as Republicans the level of concern about private morality was 34 points lower when Trump was mentioned than when Clinton was mentioned.”

            This is basically just moral relativism, practiced by people who insist they are not moral relativists, lol!

            I share your frustration with Christians who refuse to reason from Scripture. It is certainly startling to see so many on this thread arguing for insults to be met with physical violence while completely ignoring the example and words of Jesus.

            As someone who works with millennials, I am acutely aware that the blatant hypocrisy practiced by the white evangelical community with regard to Trump and other Republican leaders of blackened moral character–particularly those who like Trump exhibit sexual predation–has destroyed the testimony of the church for at least this generation.

            It is a spiritual tragedy, but one any student of Scripture knows we have been amply warned against. Sadly, many American Christians refused to heed the warning in pursuit of some mirage of political power, which Jesus Christ explicitly refused.

            John 6:15
            Then Jesus, realizing that they were about to come and make Him king by force, withdrew again to a mountain by Himself.

            John 18:36
            Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world; if it were, My servants would fight to prevent My arrest by the Jews. But now, My kingdom is not of this realm.

            Matthew 4: 8-10
            Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.”

            Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’

  3. It really would have made my day if the guy on the bike had gotten up and shouted, “Now we see the violence inherent in the system!”

      1. Run down? He was past Metaxas and his wife when he was hit from behind. He was clearly weaving around the people walking out of the venue. Yes, he was being loud and obnoxious, but that does not excuse Metaxas sucker punching him — that’s assault.

      1. “Words you will never hear Jesus say.”

        Okay, but Jesus did say the following:

        “You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel” (Matt. 23:24).

        “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs” (Matt. 23:27).

        “You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?” (Matt. 23:33)

  4. I’m with Eric and with Heywood on this one. If someone is coming at you over and over, and especially if you have a family member with you to also defend, you should defend yourself. (And your family member, in this case.)

    Meanwhile, just below the email from Julie for this article was an email from a friend. Someone in her prayer group received a prophetic word from the Lord as their group prayed on Monday night 8/31. This word is in line with what many people who have the prophetic gift are hearing from the Lord. Sharing below:

    The next few months will be a test for many starting tomorrow September 1st. There are many calling for my children to bow down and put down their swords just to have “peace” and keep the peace. It’s not peace, it’s false peace. I say DO NOT PUT YOUR SWORDS DOWN. We are in a time where you need to have eagle eye discernment, you must come up higher and higher. Fix your eyes on Me. This is the greatest battle since the death and resurrection of my Son Jesus Christ. It’s not a game. September until the end of the year you will see the shaking, turbulence, and the quaking happen. You will see those who were seeking me and are planted firm on the rock. You will also see those who weren’t planted and they will fall because they didn’t have a solid foundation. I said I would rather have you hot or cold than lukewarm. I’m making things black or white and removing the gray area. The middle/the fence is the devil’s. Do not be tossed by the storm, waves, and winds. As I was in the boat and my disciples were in fear, remember what I was doing. I was sleeping/resting. Do not be in fear, my Children. First, the rude awakening has to happen; then the greatest awakening will come, my shekinah glory, the full measure of my glory will be on the earth. It won’t be a portion; the name of Jesus Christ will be exalted once again. The best is yet to come…do not doubt my plans. I AM THE GREAT I AM. I AM THE KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS!!


    Most Christians don’t know what “taking up your sword” means, nor what “don’t bow down” and “don’t put down your sword” means. They don’t know what “false peace” is. They won’t know what “you must come up higher and higher” means.

    But many non-Christians and lukewarm Christians are ready to tell the rest of us:
    * how we should live,
    * what being peaceful means,
    * that we shouldn’t use a sword nor even have a sword.

    The sword is the word of God. It is not only to be quoted; it is to be lived. I don’t allow non-Christians or lukewarm loud Christians tell me how to live my Christian life.

    Satan has a plan and God is allowing His people to pray to stop or slow what Satan is being allowed to do. Satan was allowed to bring in Covid-19. Because God answered the prayers of His people, Covid-19 wasn’t as devastating as Satan planned for it to be. (Satan planned for many more people to die and for there to be massive food shortages in the US.) Satan planned the racial unrest and the riots/mobs/looting. God answered the prayers of His people again; the riots/mobs/looting is backfiring on Satan’s plans. Now Satan has more planned for the world, and for the US in particular, starting in September through the end of 2020. It’s up to God’s people to pray, once again, that Satan won’t have his way and that God will send his mighty armies of angels to battle Satan and to thwart his plans.

    1. Eric was caught up “in the heat of the moment” and DOES NOT NEED TO BE VILLIFIED for “reacting” rather than “responding.”
      Had this vile bicyclist had NOT been distracted, this may have been a real problem minutes later. You can CLEARLY see this man came to HURT someone. He was clearly looking for a fight.
      The “distraction” involving Eric was necessary…buying the necessary time for intervention by the officers.

      1. Eric was caught up “in the heat of the moment”

        Please cite the Scripture where being caught up “in the heat of the moment” excuses a Christian’s behavior.

        1. “Heat of the moment?” How many seconds did he have to think and respond to an impending threat? 2-3 seconds? I will take my chances with God’s judgment in protecting the people I love most with a few seconds to respond.

      2. So the rider was guilty of a pre-crime so summary justice had to be meted out?

        Just listen to yourself.

        (There were cops and security all over the place. They didn’t seem to think there was a threat until Mextaxas started it.)

    2. The “necessary distraction” by Eric was needed. This bought time for police to intervene. This guy came on a “seek and destroy” mission.
      P.S. I’m wondering what was in the backpack he didn’t get a chance to use because of Eric’s actions.

      1. “This guy came on a “seek and destroy” mission.”

        And you know this how? ESP?

        The only person that engaged in physical violence was Eric Metaxes.

        Even after the biker is struck by Eric, he does not strike back physically.

        It seems the biker, not Metaxes, was able to “turn the other cheek”.

    3. Hello.
      I will not comment on Metaxas’ or biker’s actions. I shall comment on affirm the prophecy Because I’ve heard similar things at prayer meetings, from pastors and friends who move in the prophetic.

      I don’t want your message to get lost.

      Yes friends, there is a time of great shaking going on but we do not need to fear because we stand firm on the Lord Jesus and the Lord is shaking everything that is not of him. He is looking for humble hands and humble repentant hearts and people to set our eyes on him. In this time we must fix our eyes on Him and not what we fear. But he is the Alpha and the Omega and then bringer of victory. He is asking us to be lights in the time of darkness and the darkness cannot resist the Light for the Light has authority over the darkness. We are to speak into his Light and “if my people who are called by their name will humble themselves and pray I will come and hear them and heal their land.” Stand firm, Stand firm, stand firm. Shaking is coming but I AM your fortress and your solid ground stand firm in Me and use the sword of My Word and I will give you the victory. I am the Lord and I am the King of Kings and I reign and I rule over everything.

      I also think I’m sensing God say we need to be like the 10 virgins who prepared their lamps to have enough oil while waiting for the wedding party and to grow in our relationships with our Abba Father in this time. That will help us to stand, and He doesn’t want us to fear cause He is our King and our Abba Father and He will give the victory.

  5. And, Julie, your purpose for writing this story was? Without all the facts, and by innuendo, you seem to be saying, “Eric Metaxas is another evangelical phony.” And, by implication, I got the impression that you were saying, “It’s not so bad to harass good people with invective and the possibility of being hurt.” I agree with those above who call this self-defense. Anyone who approaches a person with just a hint of physical danger is guilty of assault, even if they never touch a person. In my opinion, those Antifa and BLM members involved in such behavior were all assaulting the Republicans trying to get to their hotels.

    1. I don’t think Metaxas is a phony. But I don’t think he should be above accountability either. I thought Emily’s article was balanced and the topic was newsworthy. The fact that so many people read it and came to different conclusions seems to be evidence of that.

    2. Without the facts? We can literally watch what happened. People defending Metaxas are making all kinds of ridiculous excuses, like he was running away to protect his wife, or that he was being charged at when the video shows nothing of the sort. You yourself are making assertions without all the facts. You have no idea what was going on in Metaxas’ head when he stepped behind the rider and punched him in the back of the head and then running away.

    1. Proverbs 19:11
      The discretion of a man delays his anger; and it is his glory to overlook a transgression.

      Proverbs 20:3
      It is an honour for a man to cease from strife: but every fool will be meddling.

      Proverbs 16:32
      He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.

      Proverbs 14:29
      A patient man has great understanding, but a quick-tempered man promotes folly.

      Proverbs 29:11
      A fool vents all his anger, but a wise man holds it back.

      It the responsibility of Eric Metaxes, “Popular Christian author and radio host,” to display behavior in keeping with the Christian principals he claims to hold.

  6. We really cannot tell the whole story. We only see part of the action. I do not see why Mr. Metaxes doesn’t just say, Yeah, the guy was harassing our group and I clocked him. Obviously, a lot of people were being harassed. People do use bikes as a weapon and can do much harm to pedestrians. People respond in different ways when they feel threatened. Maybe the guy on the bike will think twice before wading into groups of people next time.

    1. I do not see why Mr. Metaxes doesn’t just say, “Yeah, the guy was harassing our group and I clocked him.”

      Either because he knows it’s a lie or that it would have been admission of assault, leaving him open to prosecution and a lawsuit, the latter of which seems likely at the moment, especially now he’s on record of admitting it.

      Also you can’t assault someone for riding a bike past you, even if they’re screaming epithets about Trump. He had already ridden past dozens of people, so there was no evidence he was being a threat to anyone except people’s delicate sensibilities. I guess the First Amendment doesn’t count if you don’t like their tone or what they’re saying.

      The fact that Metaxas is being held up as a hero for suckerpunching a loudmouth speaks volumes about those evangelicals who support him. They tut-tut when they see a left-winger suckerpunching a self-confessed Nazi (again, assault), but they give full throated support when it’s one of their own dishing it out.

      It just shows that many evangelicals are no better that anyone else when it comes to tribalism, knee-jerk defense or their own, and getting a visceral kick out of meting out physical violence to people they don’t like.

      This is Trumpism in a nutshell — reactionary and grievance fueled. No wonder the evangelical base loves him. This is far more than a marriage of convenience, and always has been.

  7. CowgirlbytheBeach

    Perhaps the protester rode his bike just close enough to shake out Metaxas’ veneer of cultural and spiritual eruditeness.

    1. Nicely said Cowgirlbethebeach. Did you have to look up the word eruditeness? Eric Metaxas has contributed greatly to the discussions around Christian world view interacting with a secular culture with grace and sensitivity. His book Miracles is a must read and his bio on Bonhoeffer is outstanding. “Veneer of cultural and spiritual eruditeness’? Wow. You must have the added gift of omniscience. Well done!!

  8. Julie, not really sure why you published this piece. It is not consistent with other things you have written. I expect you to be above CT, Moody and the rest. This was low.

    1. I don’t understand why this is a question. Eric Metaxas is a well-known Christian figure and he allegedly punched a protester. How is that not news? And why would Metaxas’ behavior be beyond scrutiny?

      1. Obviously there are various ways to report news, but the incriminatory slant of this headline and article, and about someone you will likely spend eternity with no less, who was defending others against a physically threatening, intimidating, possibly violent man, is the problem. How about this for your next headline: “Jesus Makes a Whip and Clears Temple, While God Refuses to Answer If He Struck Anyone”?

      2. “….. and he allegedly punched a protester. How is that not news?” Would it be O.K. for me to write that Julie Roys allegedly (punched)(cursed)(spit on)(pick your provocative verb) a (protester)(pastor)(Trump supporter)(fill in the victim group)? Of course it’s not news. “News” should be something that is known to be factual. Most of the above comments are people offering their opinion of what happened during an obvious volatile moment in time —— and none of you, including Julie, were there.

  9. Susan Vonder Heide

    There was a sickening tape on TV of a young “protester” harassing an elderly couple, of “protesters” threatening a senator, of “protesters” harassing a state lawmaker, etc. and there are many eyewitness accounts of harassment and intimidation by “protesters” as people walked from the White House to their hotels or cars on Thursday evening. I don’t know all of the facts involved in the incident allegedly involving Mr. Metaxas but that is the context of what was going on Thursday evening near the White House.

    1. So many apologists for Metaxas’s assualt.

      One loudmouth protestor weaving through a bunch of people (clearly avoiding them), is not even remotely the same as having to walk through a crowd of protestors who are pushing and shoving their way toward you.

      None of the incidents you cite is context for Metaxas suckerpunching a protestor in the back of the head after he’d ridden past him. It is the very definition of assault, and he’s lucky the protestor doesn’t want to press charges.

      1. Susan Vonder Heide

        We do not know what went on before the tape. Did the “protester” drive by repeatedly threatening Metaxis and his wife? You do not know this and to assume the worst and ignore what was going on that evening is, at best, unwise.

  10. Julie, come on this is getting ridiculous. I have long appreciated your calling out the hypocrisy of the evangelical industrial, mega church complex. Really, I have.
    With this you are sinking into the cesspool of sensationalism. Just because there is a lull in the James Macdonald and other mega pastor scandals doesn’t mean you should make it up with random celebrity Christian character assassination.
    We all know that there were provacateurs waiting for the Trump event to break up so they could do their thing. The thug was wearing a Portland tshirt and dropping “f bombs” and we are to assume he had no ill intent. Right.
    Good for Eric Metaxas to take that loser malcontent off his bike with a right cross.

    Julie, think about it. You are muckraking at this points. You’ve just lost my respect.

    1. Attacking the messenger, Smitty?

      It’s a well-known smokescreen for those who can’t deal with the message.

      Indeed, just a few weeks ago the defenders of Falwell were making these same sort of accusations of ‘muckraking’.

      They’re silent now.

      1. I can’t deal with the message? And what is the message Lea? That a man seeks to defend his wife from a malcontent intending harm or intimidation is the same as the serial malfeasance Jerry Falwell Jr? Nice comparison Lea. They totally relate! You must rank really high on the IQ scale.

    2. “Good for Eric Metaxas to take that loser malcontent off his bike with a right cross.”

      Words Jesus would never say or condone.
      Jesus would have addressed the biker with compassion and another sort of cross.

      It’s a pity neither you nor Eric Metaxes can muster even lip service to the example of the Jesus you claim to serve.

      Shame on you, Smitty.

  11. To defend others, including your wife, against a vulgar, physically-threatening, menacing, and possibly violent man bent on causing trouble is noble, honorable, and in keeping with what God might have us do. I would hope Mr. Roys would do the same.

    1. Sadly, we’ve been observing thousands of vulgar, physically-threatening, menacing, and violent radicals bent on causing trouble day in and day out for several months all over the country. And law-abiding citizens are sick and tired of it.

  12. I was surprised to see Eric hit the man on the bike. The punch may have been his adrenaline flowing, but that is no excuse. He lowered himself and his cause. He failure to own his own behavior probably due to a pending legal action that he anticipates. The post is quite fair to report it. His books are popular, but that doesn’t make them good. He did not defend anyone from anything by knocking the guy off his bike. He embarrassed himself by escalating the situation and giving the biker what he wanted. The security was present and he should have let them handle it.

  13. Romans 12:17-21

    Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone. If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord. On the contrary:

    If your enemy is hungry, feed him;
    if he is thirsty, give him something to drink.
    In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head.

    Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

    1. Since women also have testosterone, your comment is #badscience.

      Since Eric–celebrity Christian–claims he is committed to acting like Jesus rather than a man, your comment is also #badtheology.

  14. In this comment thread, Lea quoted Christianity Today, which is apparently the arbiter of all things Christian. Who knew?

    According to Christianity Today: “Can we say with a straight face that abortion is a great evil that cannot be tolerated and, with the same straight face, say that the bent and broken character of our nation’s leader doesn’t really matter in the end?”

    What a ridiculous statement by the author of this piece. So what the author is saying is, don’t focus so much on the 60 million abortions that have occurred since 1973, along with the Party of Moloch that supports this carnage. Instead, because the editors of Christianity Today don’t like Trump’s character, the rest of America should therefore not vote for Trump but should vote for the Party of Moloch, because Hillary Clinton’s and Joe Biden’s character are much better than Trump’s. You get that everyone? Who are the ones being deceived here?

    Moreover, because Trump is a very flawed man, don’t focus so much on all the transgender and gender fluidity nonsense that is being foisted on the American people. Don’t worry that the Democrat Party wants your children to be indoctrinated with the LGBTQ+ agenda at the earliest age possible. Why? Because EQUALITY.

    And don’t worry that the Democrat Party wants to change our English language in order that we all conform to the LGBTQ+ agenda. Why? Because EQUALITY.

    You should ONLY look at Trump’s flawed character when you consider who to vote for in this election. You should NOT notice the agenda of the Party of Moloch. You got that? We’ve been enlightened by the editors of Christianity Today.

    1. Daniel –
      I have read the article in Christianity Today. You literally say, “so what the author is saying is” and then proceed to conflate YOUR interpretations as if they come from directly from the author. They don’t.
      As Lea was stating in earlier posts (and she has backed herself up with stats and scripture), there is a lot of moral relativism going on, which will continue to be society’s downfall (Christian and non-Christian alike). You are doing just that with your “compared to 60 million abortions, Trump’s character ain’t so bad!” argument. Last I checked, BOTH are in violation of God’s word. Your post just went on with comparison after comparison to justify downplaying (or ignoring) the sinful character and behavior of the POTUS. It’s no different from the “yeah I lie every now and then, but I’m no murderer like Hitler!” counterargument I’ve heard from those ine world I’ve shared my faith with. We as Christians are to set a different tone from the world, not reflect it.
      Why is it so hard to call Trump out? Are you afraid he’ll tweet about you or something? (joking) Better yet, what did CT say about Trump that was a lie? (WITHOUT comparision, please…I’m not looking for moral relativism, debates on abortion, or whatever some Democrat did. I’m looking at what we’ve seen of Trump’s behavior vs scripture).
      I’ve posted to you before about the “Let’s show grace to Trump but self-righteously judge Democrats” attitude, and you never directly answered. What I took away from CT was an acknowledgment that the same measure used to say Clinton was unfit for office back in the 90s applies now. I had my questions when reading the CT article (won’t go into all of them here), yet I appreciated the attempt at consistency regardless of political party.
      And (bringing it back to Metaxas), I’d say the same thing if political parties were swapped….and if it were a business leader versus a minister. His violent behavior was unnecessary and a poor reflection on him, his character, and his ministry.

      1. M H, you said the following earlier:

        “Bottom line is, the Christian community tends to show grace for those who are conservatives, but judgmental wrath when it is someone who is not.”

        This is interesting, since on this blog there’s been no shortage of comments which judge President Trump and his character, as well as any Christian who might consider voting for Trump due to the differences between the two political parties. So why don’t we just agree that BOTH sides engage in judgment toward the other? Fair enough?

        Also, to you (and many others) who’ve been condemning Metaxas for his actions toward the aggressive bike rider, ask yourself this question: What “grace” have you been willing to show toward Metaxas? You probably assumed no one would ask you that, right?

        Moreover, in all your (and others) condemnation of President Trump, what “grace” have you been willing to show toward him? Just something to think about.

        In your most recent comment, you said:

        “You are doing just that with your “compared to 60 million abortions, Trump’s character ain’t so bad!” argument.” It’s astonishing to me that you’d make such a statement. YES, compared to 60 million abortions, Trump’s character really isn’t so bad in comparison. In fact, it’s hard to believe I have to even say that. For Pete’s sake.

        For the record, I think Trump’s character is bad. He has a big ego; he can be petty; he can say dumb things; and he’s been unfaithful to his wife (as have countless other Presidents), There, are you satisfied now? I have “called out” Trump. And guess what, this pales in comparison to the 60 million abortions, and it pales in comparison to the LGBTQ+ agenda that is destroying the fabric of our country. If you don’t agree with me, that is okay. I respect your right to disagree.

        Lastly, as I’ve said before many times on this blog, I don’t have to like Trump or his character to vote for the Republican Party, since I vote for the platform of the Party which more aligns with my values and my worldview. You are free to vote anyway that you want. Peace.

        1. Daniel –
          In a comment that I don’t think was posted, I actually said to Sonnie that while I don’t fully agree with supporting Metaxas’s violent reaction, I DO agree that more empathy could and should be shown towards one another (regardless of political affiliation), including Metaxas.
          If we spent more time empathizing with others, we’d be more focused on healing their suffering – and addressing the sin that caused it – than on how and why they “deserve” it. I truly believe it, and posted that on my social media. It is alarming to me that our reaction as a society to hearing about bad behavior is to immediately go looking for how the recipient “deserved” it.

          What I also realize is that conservatives are quick to say liberals are too rooted in emotion and not logic, and that they should be more focused on “facts over feelings.” Well, let’s apply this here.
          Fact is, Metaxas hit the biker. That is assault. His violent response to albiet annoying heckling goes against the very ministry he represents. Yes, we can get into how Metaxas likely felt and how he was caught up in the “heat of the moment”, but ah ah ah! That’s bringing in feelings, which conservatives claim make liberals “snowflakes”. Or is that different here?

          I’ll stand by my belief that comparison is at the very core of moral relativism. When we start on the abortion vs bad character, lying vs murder, adultery vs LGBTQ lifestyles comparisons, it leads us to “ranking” sins (often downplaying those sins we or those we love commit), when all sin is equal at the foot of the cross. Now the OUTCOMES of sin are not all the same, which is what I think (or hope) you are getting to. But as for sin itself, it’s not ranked. Having bad character is not “better” than abortion. It all needs covering by the blood of Christ. I can’t believe I had to say that on a Chrisitian site.

          And not sure how this became about me (deflection? whataboutism?), but I’ll bite: I pray for President Trump. Not only because it is what scripture calls me to do, but it is an extension of grace that keeps my heart open in the face of behavior that I find abhorrent and repulsive. I would like to see him repent (he said he has never asked God for forgiveness), and become a follower of Christ, not only for himself but for our nation.

          1. M H,

            Thanks for your comments. However, I do see some blind spots here.

            You said: “I’ll stand by my belief that comparison is at the very core of moral relativism…it leads us to “ranking” sins.”

            Yet clearly you believe that Eric Metaxas’ sin of punching the very aggressive biker (the “annoying heckling” as you put it) is much worse than what the biker did, and hence your outrage at Metaxas’ behavior that “goes against the very ministry he represents.” So that is your first attempt at “ranking” sins.

            For the record, I agree that Metaxas should not have done it. But the biker was being profane (very profane) while driving his bike aggressively through a crowd of people simply to harass and intimidate them. Very nice. Gee, I wonder which political party that guy supports?

            Regarding your second attempt at “ranking” sins, clearly you find Trump’s behavior “abhorrent and repulsive” (which at times it can be). Yet why are Trump’s sins ranked higher than the sins of, say, Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden? Clearly you think Trump’s sins are much higher.

            My point here is simply to pop the balloon in your theory that OTHER people “rank” sins, whereas you don’t. Clearly that is not true.

            Also, I was surprised you said this: “When we start on the abortion vs bad character…Having bad character is not “better” than abortion. It all needs covering by the blood of Christ.”

            Really? You are free to believe this, but I do not. Trump’s moral failings hardly compare to the 60 million abortions in this country since 1973. And if left up to the Party of Moloch, there will be 60 million more in even less time.

            Good grief, Trump is just one person. Yet in your thinking, Trump’s bad character is “not better” than the 60 million abortions. Thus, is it worse? Is it equivalent? What do you mean? It’s actually nonsensical, since one has nothing to do with the other.

            Also, how do you define bad character? Is lying bad character? Is stealing bad character? Is cheating on a test or cheating on your taxes bad character? Is cursing bad character? Is gossiping bad character? The answer, of course, is all of the above. However, it does matter that we seek to commit as few of these sins as possible, even though we will often fail. But to imply that all sins are the same, and therefore cheating on a test is not better or worse than any other sin, is simply ludicrous.

            President Trump will be out of office in either a few more months or after 4 more years. In the meantime, the Party of Moloch will continue on their quest for complete “reproductive freedom” and they will continue on their quest to ensure that every pre-teen in America has the “right” to change their sexual identity. And in the Democrats’ perfect world, even without their parents’ consent. Why? Because EQUALITY.

            This is what many Christians are fighting against, while many other Christians are asleep at the wheel and are still sulking after the 2016 election. “Trump is just so bad, he is morally unfit to be President.” People are free to believe that Trump is really that bad and that evil. Yet the “good guy” (Joe Biden) will continue to lead the Party of Moloch toward millions more abortions and a complete redefinition of marriage, family, gender, identity, and biology (and the English language in support of all this nonsense). Why? Because EQUALITY.

          2. Daniel –

            You have inferred and/or put a LOT of words in my mouth.
            I did NOT say ANYTHING about Metaxas’s sin being “worse” than the biker. You inferred that, because you cannot cut and paste it. I commented on what this article is about, which is Metaxas’s behavior as a pastor. If we want to talk about the biker, then we can, though.
            As someone who was recently called the n-word by a Trump supporter when I had to pass through 2 opposing rallies to catch my train, I’ll just say that I disagree with your “Gee, I wonder which political party that party supports”, as if heckling is owned only by one party. The political climate and discourse in this country has steeped to awful lows on both sides.
            Where did I say other people rank sins and I don’t? I actually said, “when WE start on the abortion vs bad character…it leads US to ranking sins”, and by definition, WE and US both include ME. Not sure how this was misunderstood.
            Where did I say Trump’s behavior was higher than Clinton’s or Biden’s? I didn’t mention them AT ALL, you did. You’re claiming I said something that I didn’t.
            Again, the OUTCOMES of sins are not the same – some are FAR more reaching than others (i.e., abortion, murder). But the sin, in and of itself, separates us from God and is deserving of His judgment, whether it is a murder, committing adultery, or telling a lie. And that separation from God is ONLY rectified through the blood of Christ. I stand by that. And as for scripture: in Revelations 21:8, we see murderers, adulterers, fornicators, cowards, the faithless, sorcerers, idolaters AND liars in the SAME list of those who will be cast into the lake of fire. God treats it the same.
            I can’t speak to the rest of your rant about the Democratic party. In the conversations I’ve had with hardcore Democrats, I’ve never heard this alleged “we can’t wait to encourage preteens to change their sexual identity” fear you mention. I’ve never heard them claim Biden is a candidate for sainthood either. I’ve actually heard the same thing you claim: people supporting a platform, even if they aren’t fully thrilled with the candidate who represents it.
            When having conversations with both sides, it can amaze me the similarities that exist.

    2. “So what the author is saying is, don’t focus so much on the 60 million abortions that have occurred since 1973,”

      Not at all, Daniel. Abortion is not a single-party issue.

      Since 1973, there have been been six Republican presidents, occupying the Oval Office for 28 of those 47 years. What is the culpability of Republicans for the abortions that occurred on their watch?

      The abortion rate actually peaked in 1990, during President H.W. Bush’s administration.

      And during Obama’s term, abortions dipped below pre-Roe v. Wade levels for the first time.

      While that decline is part of a long-term trend towards fewer abortions, an analysis of the RATE of that decline shows that abortion rates have fallen FASTER under Democratic presidents than under Republicans.

      The reason for this is simple: the only factor that data shows to correlate with lower abortion rates is the provision of birth control. Democrats generally favor policies that improve access to birth control, while Republicans do not.

      It is important for Christians for whom abortion is a critical issue to be cognizant of the statistical information about it (I rarely meet an abortion opponent who even knows the annual abortion rate). That will enable them to be more persuasive instead of making blanket statements without factual content. In my own Christian practice, such research is part of my commitment to “Study to show myself approved”, as we are admonished in II Timothy 2:15.

      You can delve as deeply as you would like into the underlying statistics at the CDC ( though many believe the tracking of the Guttmacher Institute to result in more precise numbers. Some abortion data is conveniently summarized at Wikipedia:

      The shift to make this thread about Eric Metaxes punching a protestor into a discussion of abortion, however, would qualify as “thread hijacking” and so I will not be commenting further about abortion here.

      1. Lea, you said:

        “Since 1973, there have been been six Republican presidents, occupying the Oval Office for 28 of those 47 years. What is the culpability of Republicans for the abortions that occurred on their watch?”

        The culpability is on any President (and any political party) who has supported this carnage, and on the liberal judges who support Roe v. Wade.

        Gee, I wonder which political party only appoints judges who support Roe v. Wade? I wonder how many pro-life Democrats reside in the U.S. House and Senate? I wonder how many pro-life governors there are among every blue state in America? I wonder how many pro-life mayors there are among every Democrat-run city in America? This is merely rhetorical, of course, as pro-life Democrat politicians are extinct. Even our first self-professed evangelical President, Jimmy Carter, was pro-choice. But that’s not surprising, since he was a Democrat.

        So if you believe both political parties are “equally” guilty of supporting abortion, that is your right. But it is not based in reality. Only one political party fights to end or reduce abortion, while the Party of Moloch wants to keep the abortion mills going, even up until the moment of birth. And there’s not one prominent Democrat in the country who would dare to challenge his party on that. Not one.

        However, there are indeed many Evangelical Christians who are the foremost apologists for the Party of Moloch these days. Why? Because TRUMP.

  15. Many people in these comments are lecturing us about Eric Metaxas’ poor choice of punching the aggressive guy on the bike, and how Metaxas’ violent behavior was unnecessary and a poor reflection on him.

    Yet these same people are also lecturing us about not showing enough “grace” toward others. But you’ll notice that they don’t have even an ounce of grace to spare toward Eric Metaxas. And, as has been evident, they don’t have an ounce of grace to spare toward President Trump.

    I wonder why that is? Could it be that Metaxas and Trump don’t “deserve” such grace? Ah, that can’t be, right?

    1. While a Christian journalist like Julie, and all of you Christian commentators like to opine about the behaviour of Metaxas and the character of Trump, you fail to recognize its minutiae in our modern world. Why don’t you remove the board in your eye and see that we are all mere months away from the loss of our 1st Amendment rights to worship and speak freely. In September, 2021, you will long for the America we are living in today. Ah, you are like sheep being led to slaughter. One year from now, you will hear nothing from Julie Roys nor Eric Metaxas, nor any other Christian in the public eye. Christians will be persecuted. It will not be safe to go to church in America. There will be no 1st Amendment protections because there will be no enforcement of laws. Biden’s government will decline to insure the safety of Christians anywhere in this country. How sad to know that American Christians will vote for Biden out of their justifiable disdain for Trumps’ narcicistic character flaws, and by doing so will bring about the demise of their freedom to worship — because they didn’t like the President’s tweets. The irony of it all……. Come Lord Jesus, come.

      1. Your comment is so over-the-top that it could be satirical. if you are actually serious, note that the same dire predictions were made about the potential election of Obama. None of them came true.

        Deuteronomy 18:20-22
        And if you say in your heart, ‘How may we know the word that the Lord has not spoken?’— when a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the word does not come to pass or come true, that is a word that the Lord has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously. You need not be afraid of him.

        2 Peter 1:20
        Knowing this first of all, that no prophecy of Scripture comes from someone’s own interpretation.

        1 John 4:1
        Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.

        1. Lea, that’s nice of you to quote scripture. However, I don’t know how those verses are relevant to what I predicted. I never said that God told me these prophesies. T. Rock is simply a humble observer of culture. Ask yourself these questions; (1) Is our press neutral? (2) If no, then doesn’t it seem rather quickly that we went from major news networks at least “trying” to appear neutral to their current position of openly mocking those politicians with whom they do not share opinions? (3) Since when was it acceptable in America to riot, loot, and burn? Did it take 6 months for “progressive” mayors to begin to order law enforcement officers to not enforce the law? (4) How long did it take for American society to transition from being tolerant of others opinions and their right to express themselves in public, to the current culture in which it is acceptable to shout down, intimidate, and run out of town people like Metaxas and those who hold an opposing view? Would you say that it took 5 years? (5) It’s now acceptable to tear down statues by mobs and ropes, while police stand and watch? In America? Not too long ago, if you wanted a statue removed from a public square, you had to go to a city council meeting and present your request. Then, after every elected official got their opportunity to voice their position, votes were taken, and the majority ruled. If it was to be removed, government workers would use government equipment and peaceably remove it in an orderly fashion. So, did the transition to mob rule, sanctioned by the mayors ordering police to stand down, take more than a year? And, all of that with a conservative President and U.S. Senate. Ask yourself, if our current culture, under a conservative President, is the baseline, what will this country look like with a rudderless Biden and Harris administration in the White House. Answer – You will see massive cultural changes in warp speed. America, get ready to experience what life is like in the south side of Chicago, up close and personal in your own neighborhood. I don’t claim to be a prophet, nor do I claim that any biblical prophecy applies to our current anarchy, but I do have eyes, ears, and common sense. For all of the rest of you who have eyes, ears, and common sense, do you think life in America will get better when we eliminate police and jails? Ten years ago, that would have been the absolute worse idea any candidate for public office would have ever heard. In fact, that idea is so abhorrent to the average voter, that it would be too far out there to even use in a negative attack ad of your opponent. In 2020, some people running for public office actually endorse that idea. Help us all, Jesus.

      2. While I disagree with your “one year from now” conclusion, you’re nonetheless making a valid point that Biden (and the Democrat Party) are clearly moving away from the traditional view of the First Amendment. That has been obvious over the past decade. The Democrats, due to the left-wing radicals who have taken over their party, are slowly but surely chipping away at the First Amendment.

        Moreover, it’s Biden and the Democrats, and Obama before him, who have continued to chip away at people’s (and religious institutions) religious freedom, often around the issue of abortion. This of course is not surprising from the Party of Moloch.

        Also, who else but the Democrats and their left-wing supporters continue to embrace Cancel Culture? Who else but the Democrats and their left-wing supporters on college campuses need “safe spaces” to feel safe from even hearing the opinions of others? Who else but Democrats and their left-wing supporters on college campuses need to protest and even disallow speakers whom they don’t agree with?

        And of course, who else but the Democrats and their left-wing supporters believe they have the right to deface or tear down public property, including monuments and statues they don’t like?

        Clearly, Joe Biden and the modern Democrat Party are NOT the protectors of the First Amendment, nor will they be the protectors of the Second Amendment. But we can be sure they will be the protectors of “reproductive freedom” (even up to the moment of birth). And we can be sure they will be the protectors of every LGBTQ+ agenda that’s being foisted on the American people.

        1. “In my experience, if Trump supporters are asked to turn their gaze away from their perceived opponents, and instead to focus and reflect on him and on his failures, they respond in a couple of consistent ways. Many shift the topic immediately back to Democrats, because offering a vigorous moral defense of Donald Trump isn’t an easy task. It’s like asking people to stare directly into the sun; they might do it for an instant, but then they look away. But if you do succeed in keeping the topic on Trump, they often twist themselves into knots in order to defend him, and in some cases they simply deny reality.”

          “I know plenty of Trump supporters, and I know many of them to be people of integrity in important areas of their lives. Indeed, some are friends I cherish. But if there is a line Donald Trump could cross that would forfeit the loyalty of his core supporters—including, and in some respects especially, white evangelical Christians—I can’t imagine what it would be. And that is a rather depressing thing to admit.”

          -Why Trump Supporters Can’t Admit Who He Really Is, Peter Wehner

          Petr Wehner served in three Republican administrations, those of Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush.He is a vice president and senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC), a conservative think tank, and a fellow at the Trinity Forum, a non-profit Christian organization.

          1. Lea,

            Yes, Peter Wehner, along with many other establishment Republicans, have disavowed Trump. It is their right to do so, just as many traditional Democrats are disavowing the radical left turn that the modern Democrat Party has taken. Below is a 3 minute video demonstrating as such.


            At the end of the day, Peter Wehner speaks for himself. He does not speak for every Republican, any more than the Democrats who now support Trump speak for all Democrats.

            Peter Wehner said:

            “But if you do succeed in keeping the topic on Trump, they often twist themselves into knots in order to defend him, and in some cases they simply deny reality.”

            Yet, as I stated to M H just yesterday:

            “I think Trump’s character is bad. He has a big ego; he can be petty; he can say dumb things; and he’s been unfaithful to his wife (as have countless other Presidents).”

            You see, it is not that difficult. In fact, every Trump supporter I know already knows this. Yet what Peter Wehner (and others) can’t explain is, why does their disdain for Trump now compel them to now side with the Party of Moloch? Thus, it’s interesting to me how Wehner’s life-long principles and his philosophy of governance apparently all hinge on his disdain for Trump. Trump is that powerful in people’s minds. So much so, that Wehner (and other Republicans) will now be voting for the Party of Moloch. To each his own.

            I do understand it is a tough decision for some Republicans, therefore each of us has to grapple with the complexities around the two main candidates (and their parties) before us. In a perfect world, we would have more (or better) options. Unfortunately, we don’t.

          2. Ronald Reagan 1981 – 1989
            Abortion rates hovered at 24-23 per every 1,000 women between the ages of 15-44, ending at 24 in 1989.
            George H. W. Bush 1989 – 1993
            Abortion rates fell slightly from 24 to 23 per every 1,000 women.
            Bill Clinton 1993 – 2001
            Abortion rates fell sharply from 23 to 16.2 per every 1,000 women.
            George W. Bush 2001 – 2009
            Abortion rates hovered at about 16 per every 1,000 women for most of Bush’s time in the White House, then dropped from 15.8 in 2008 to 15 in 2009.
            Barack Obama 2009 – 2017
            Abortion rates plunged from 15 per every 1,000 women in 2009 to 11.6 in 2016, below pre Roe V. Wade levels, largely due to the access to birth control provided by Obamacare.

            According to this data, Daniel, you have misidentified the “Party of Moloch” in the only way that really matters, THE ACTUAL NUMBER OF ABORTIONS.

      3. Yes, it is a very sad situation.

        There is a spiritual warfare going on. Endless lies. Lots of violence, even killing of lives. Forces of darkness are behind it. We all dislike some people intensely, but normal people don’t express their anger by violence or killing people. We don’t travel from city to city to cause destruction.

        Satan’s #1 trick – Use a soft tone to tell you he is your friend, and God is not necessarily your friend.
        Then he pushes you away from the God Who loves you, and sends you to that tree where you can get
        “wisdom” horizontally by reasoning the pros and the cons, all the while pulling a veil over your head about the real truth. He gets you to think you are so smart after all, without God’s help.

        Deceit, Domination, Destruction, Death.

        People’s styles can be so deceiving! Someone said, “Betrayal is worse than bigotry. ” We should not promote bigotry, yet those who show sweet sympathy to you may be the very ones that will betray you at any cost! In their heart they harbor real bigotry. Without God’s Spirit to help us discern the reality, we will repeat the story of Eden again and again. Satan is the Father of lies. In Satan no love can be found though he pretends that he cares so much.

        God is light. In Him there is no shadow of turning. Love prevails, not hatred. But holy love is not equal to weak surrender to bullies.

          1. It’s also an appropriate reproof to the thousands of left-wing Democrats (I mean “mostly peaceful protesters”) who’ve been harrassing citizens and pillaging dozens of cities across America.

            And, I might add, an appropriate reproof to all the left-wing Democrat politicians who’ve either encouraged this anarchy or remained silent about it.

          2. Lea,

            “Your attempt at deflection is noted, Daniel.”

            I have already stated more than once in this comment thread that Eric Metaxas shouldn’t have punched the guy on the bike. Yet it’s not enough for you. So you like to keep reminding everyone how wrong and how violent Metaxas’ action was. We get it.

            Do you think it’s a pattern of his? If so, I’m open to seeing the evidence. I have not heard of such a pattern.

            Clearly you don’t like anyone pointing out the thousands of left-wing radicals who’ve been harrassing citizens and pillaging dozens of cities across America. Why is that?

            Could it be because these radicals support the Democrat Party?

            This is indeed relevant, since these same radicals were out en masse harrassing and intimidating people who were leaving the RNC (including that guy who was riding his bike through a crowd of people and cursing at them). Plus we saw others who were harrassing Rand Paul and his wife. Very nice.

            People have had enough of this nonsense. It would be helpful if more people were outraged at the thousands of radicals pillaging our cities, but apparently that pales in comparison to one moment of anger by Metaxas.

          1. Ok I see. So the aggressive bike rider is apparently not part of this story. Not at all. Nor are the dozens of other radical Democrats who thought it was their First Amendment right to intimidate and harass people who were leaving the RNC.

            I even saw one of these radical Democrats get up close to an elderly couple who was walking, and he stuck out both of his middle fingers right in their face as he was cursing at them.

            These radicals are now the hardcore base of the Democrat Party. But hey, it was that guy’s First Amendment right to get in that elderly couple’s face, right? Just like it was that bike rider’s right to ride through a crowd of people while cursing at them, right? Why? Because EQUALITY.

        1. Eric Metaxas is the only person in this story who engaged in physical violence.

          We could all add many other stories to this one of other violence by other people in other places by other means or at other times.

          But that is not what this thread is about, however determined you are to derail it.

          1. Nice try. I did not derail anything. You only want to talk about one person in a story that involves two people, because you don’t like the implications of the radical Democrat on the bike (nor the dozens of other radical Democrats who were harassing and intimidating people after the RNC that night).

            Yes, Eric Metaxas should not have punched that guy. It’s been said (over and over) including by me. Can you bring yourself to ALSO condemn the aggressive bike rider and the other aggressors who were harassing and intimidating people that night? If not, why?

          2. Daniel –

            Do you really want to base your argument on “but they do it too!”?

            If so, I’ll just go back to my own upbringing when my mom would simply reply with, “Doesn’t make it right.”

      4. Christians will be voting against Trump in November because he’s a terrible president and the nation is on fire with the pandemic he dismissed and ignored countless times and the social unrest he’s sought to inflame for his own benefit.

        I don’t expect his evangelical base to desert him, even if he stands in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoots someone — — they love him too much, but more discerning Christians know just how terrible he’s been for this nation, at home and abroad, especially the loved ones of the near 200,000 people who have died under his watch this year, and many of them will not be pulling the lever again for Trump in November.

        1. Mr. Tacitus, your analysis is very persuasive. I need some electrical work done on my house. I could get the electrician who worked on it last time. He got the job done, but he was wearing a t-shirt with an offensive message. And my car needs fixed, and the mechanic down the street is good, but he swears a lot. And, he spits. So, I’ve decided to hire my neighbor Joe. He doesn’t know anything about fixing electrical problems, and he isn’t much of a mechanic, but he’s got the nicest smile. He’s in his late 70s though, and seems to be forgetful and confused at times. You don’t think he could cause an electrical fire and accidentally burn my house down, do you? I mean, he really does have the nicest smile.

          1. T. Rock, this was hilarious! I chuckled quite a bit reading it. Thanks, I needed that, especially after so many challenging interactions in this comment thread.

  16. Lea:

    “According to this data, Daniel, you have misidentified the “Party of Moloch” in the only way that really matters, THE ACTUAL NUMBER OF ABORTIONS.”

    Wow, Lea. Did you type all that with a straight face? Did you not cringe at all before hitting the enter key? Your comment deserves an “A” for spin but an “F” for substance. As such, your comment warrants a response.

    First, the political and social climate regarding abortion (and other issues) is about who holds political power, as well as judicial power and cultural power. You mentioned President Reagan, who was pro-life. The pro-life movement that started in the late 1970s (no thanks to President Jimmy Carter, a self-professed Evangelical no less), started to gain traction in the 1980s during the Reagan era. Yet during this time, who held most of the political, judicial, and cultural power in the country? The Democrats did.

    From 1933 all the way until 1995, Republicans had controlled both the House and Senate for only four years. Four years! As a side note, from 1933 into the early 1970s, most white conservatives in the South belonged to the Democrat Party. This was the Jim Crow party, after all. Another nice legacy of the Democrat Party.

    When the Republicans gained control of both the House and Senate in January 1995, Republicans had not held the “majority” in the House for over forty years, since 1952. Over forty years! So as you can see, the halls of Congress were dominated by Democrats for a long time. To add to this political reality, the courts for a very long time were dominated by liberals. And of course the culture (e.g. entertainment, the arts, etc), along with the media and academia, have always been dominated by liberals (and still are). As such, this is the political and social climate that the pro-life movement has had to deal with for decades. And it’s not been easy.

    Second, you cited the decreasing abortion numbers during President Obama’s term, and you attributed it to better access to birth control. While that may be one reason, you conveniently dismissed the influence of the pro-life movement on the culture over many years, where increasing numbers of people (including younger people) are becoming pro-life.

    Third, there is but ONE remaining stalwart pro-lifer among the Democrats in the House AND the Senate? Think about that for a moment. Unfortunately, this lone Congressman from Illinois, Dan Lipinski, has lost in this year’s Democrat primary to — wait for it — an abortion-rights advocate, Marie Newman. The sweep is now complete. And this of course from the party of “diversity and inclusion”.

    Fourth, every election season, every Democrat candidate for President is endorsed by NARAL. Every election season. Not surprisingly, every Democrat candidate who ran for President this year is not only avidly pro-choice, but they all support late-term abortion as well (except perhaps Amy Klobuchar). Why? Because EQUALITY.

    Fifth, despite the spin and deception being put forth, the Democrat Party is indeed the Party of Moloch. It is no accident that every Democrat Governor, Congressman, Congresswoman, Senator, President, and presidential candidate is avidly pro-choice. But not to be outdone, MOST of these people also believe in abortion even up until the moment of birth. Astonishing.

    Lastly, Lea, I know you like to quote Scripture regarding how terrible Eric Metaxas’ moment of anger was. We get it. His behavior toward that aggressive guy on the bike was truly a shock to the conscience. However, perhaps you can enlighten us further by quoting Scripture passages that endorse or condone the scourge of abortion. Good luck with your Bible search.

  17. Daniel, thanks for your in-depth analysis.

    Abortion kills and silences around 10,000 lives every month in California alone! A state that “displays” so much “compassion” for criminals.

    These tiny people with real souls never got a chance to voice their opinions about anything! Their right to exist and experience the world is terminated before or at birth. This is ultimate violence. This is real racism because most abortions in this country happen in black neighborhoods as more Planned Parenthood outlets are located in such areas. this should be reported as news every day!

    Our God is consuming fire! He will shake the heaven and the earth again. God is also refiner’s fire.

  18. Abortion, abortion, abortion.

    It all comes down to abortion for evangelical voters.

    Single-issue myopism.

    It doesn’t matter what kind of lying, profane, racist, hypocritical, unfaithful, disrespectful, ungodly person runs for office, so long as he worships at the altar of anti-abortionism, American evangelical voters will flock to him and refuse to see or analyze anything else.Do American evangelical voters really believe that Donald Trump has never in his life paid for a woman to get an abortion?

    RNC platform?? What RNC platform? The RNC didn’t even take time to put together a 2020 platform! They simply re-published the 2016 platform, indicating that their 2020 platform is pretty much whatever Trump says it is. The GOP is now the GOPoT: The Grand Old Party of Trump.

    If American evangelicals ever come to understand that the anti-abortion issue is a racist red herring concocted in the 1970s to capture their votes, and that it is merely ARGUABLY in alignment with God’s own behaviour and practices described in their very own Bibles (all versions), and if instead American evangelical voters would return to a Christ-centered approach to voting, they would embrace the DNC platform. They would support single mothers, support prison reform, support the poor among us, support 80% tax on personal income above a half-billion dollars, support affordable access to healthcare for all, support universal basic income, and support peaceful engagement with their enemies.

    1. SBT,

      Abortion isn’t a racist red herring for Republicans. On the contrary, it’s a racist tool of the Democrat Party, and has been for decades.

      An estimated 61.6 million abortions have been performed in the U.S. since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, with nearly 20 million abortions of unborn Black babies. Moreover, about 80 percent of abortion clinics are located in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods. I wonder why that is?

      The Guttmacher Institute, a research group that supports abortion rights, reported that Black women made up 28 percent of the country’s abortions in 2014, despite the fact that Blacks make up about 13 percent of the country’s population.

      Also, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Black women in 2011 had the highest ratio of any group in the country at 474 abortions per 1,000 live births. This is abhorrent.

      Regarding your comment about supporting peaceful engagement with our enemies, Trump is the first President in the modern era to NOT get the U.S. involved in any new foreign wars. In fact, he keeps getting hammered for wanting to bring troops home from various places around the globe. Just like he got hammered for simply wanting NATO to start paying their fair share for an organization that was founded 70 years ago to protect Europe from the Soviet Union.

      Lastly, President Trump was recently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for helping broker a peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

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