Moody Bible Institute Facing Unprecedented Crisis. Please Pray!

By Julie Roys
Moody Bible Institute
Moody Bible Institute's campus in Chicago, Illinois.

The Moody Bible Institute (MBI) is facing what is arguably one of the most serious crises it’s faced in its 132-year history.  In addition to a dramatic financial downturn, which caused the institute to close its Spokane campus and cut nearly one-third of its faculty, MBI leaders are now dealing with allegations that they have betrayed the institute’s mission. 

Tomorrow, the Executive Committee of the Moody Bible Institute Board of Trustees is meeting with President Paul Nyquist to discuss extremely serious allegations against his administration.  These include:

  • Allowing professors who deny the inerrancy of Scripture to teach at the institute and write curriculum
  • Allowing a professor who supports Planned Parenthood, liberation theology, and a host of other liberal causes to teach at the school, and even spearhead missions conferences
  • Permitting a top education official to violate the institute’s bylaws repeatedly, and openly practice reverse-discrimination
  • Fostering an atmosphere of fear and intimidation, silencing whistleblowers by reprimanding, or even firing them
  • Refusing to allow shared governance with faculty as stipulated by the Higher Learning Commission, which oversees accreditation for Moody

I first learned of some of these allegations in October and forwarded credible information to certain trustees, urging them to conduct an investigation.  Instead, these trustees went directly to President Nyquist, failed to interview a single faculty member, and dropped the matter without relaying any of the information to the rest of the board.

In November The Moody Standard, the MBI student newspaper, published an Open Letter expressing multiple concerns about the administration.  The letter, which was penned anonymously by “Moody staff,” charged that the administration had “engendered a culture of fear” and added, “(W)e don’t feel that the administration is willing to listen or respond in wise ways.”

The authors also charged that the administration had purposefully whitewashed certain facts connected to recent staff reductions, noting that Moody had told Christianity Today that it was cutting 10-percent of institute staff.  “What this doesn’t reveal,” the letter states, “is that 34 of 112 full-time faculty have been cut – just under one-third.”

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The authors also questioned the wisdom of constructing the $22-million Gary Chapman Global Media Center in the midst of a financial crisis, and challenged Nyquist’s explanation that a recent drastic downturn in student enrollment was the result of a nationwide trend “there was no way to predict.”  “(T)his enrollment bubble has been on the horizon for 12 years,” they write.  “How could the administration possibly have missed this?”

I couldn’t find the Open Letter at the Moody Standard website, but a recently-launched website called the “The Broken Twig: Documenting the Decline and Fall of the Moody Bible Institute” published the letter. 

For several days, The Broken Twig also posted a detailed and revealing email from Intercultural Studies Professor Jean Penfound to Vice President & Associate Provost of Faculty Larry Davidhizar. The email complained of three administrative issues: “inconsistencies between stated beliefs and actions, antagonism toward faculty and intentional actions to squelch true shared governance.”  It also stated that “faculty are fearful of administrative retribution” and that “morale is low.”

These published complaints also failed to rouse trustees to conduct any significant investigation.  So over the past few months, I have been conducting my own investigation.  I have recorded hours of interviews with numerous MBI faculty and staff. And on December 15, I flew to Detroit with a trusted friend and presented my findings to Trustee Emeritus Paul Johnson and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees Rick Warren. At about the same time, Theology Professor Rich Weber also sent Johnson a 65-page document, detailing shocking allegations of wrongdoing and including numerous supporting documents. (see note below) 

Johnson and Warren found the evidence Weber and I gave them convincing and assured me that the rest of the board would act swiftly to address issues and remove guilty parties.  Johnson and Warren have worked hard the past three weeks to follow through on this pledge.  Some other members of the board, however, have seemed more interested in showing loyalty to the administration than loyalty to MBI’s mission.  They initially stonewalled, and even chastised me for going directly to trustees, rather than following some unwritten “protocol.”

So now I am asking those who care about the Moody Bible Institute to pray and intercede for its future. I don’t believe I can overemphasize how crucial the next week is to the continued mission of MBI. After Friday’s meeting between the executive committee and Nyquist, the full board will convene on January 10 at MBI’s Chicago campus to decide its next course of action. (I have requested an interview with Nyquist as well, but so far he has not agreed to one.)

I love the Moody Bible Institute.  For more than a century, the school has trained thousands of young Christian men and women for ministry, which was its founder, D.L. Moody’s, passion.  MBI still has some of the most godly and biblically grounded professors I know.  Similarly, many of the students I have met during my 10 years with Moody Radio love Jesus wholeheartedly and earnestly desire to serve him.

Yet a professor recently confided to me that she barely recognizes the institute anymore.  Theology Professor Kevin Zuber actually told me that when he says his favorite tagline, “Moody, the name you can trust,” his students laugh.  “It used to be true,” Zuber lamented.  “That’s what we need to get back.”

So please pray for Moody.  Pray for repentance. Pray for courage.  Pray that those who need to resign will – both within the administration and on the trustee board.  And pray that God would strengthen what remains (Rev. 3:2).

*In the coming days, I hope to publish Weber’s 65-page document, but so far have been unable to obtain it.  Weber told me yesterday he’s willing to release the document to me, but is bound by a promise to Paul Johnson not to release it to anyone but trustees.  When I asked Johnson if he would release Weber from this agreement, he refused to do so. Either way, I will be releasing details of my investigation because I feel a moral responsibility to do so.



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154 thoughts on “Moody Bible Institute Facing Unprecedented Crisis. Please Pray!”

  1. As a life long MBI family member (I was born while my dad taught at MBI, graduated and worked there) many of us with long histories have been watching this disturbing slide for years. It has rapidly accelerated during this administration and I can only pray it is halted and reversed. I can attest to some of these allegations, from operating through a lens of political correctness and lowering student standards to turning a ministry into, essentially, a business. We’ve gone from “Moody Bible Institute” where radio and publishing were “a ministry of the Moody Bible Institute” into “Moody Global Ministries” where the school (essentially the heart and soul of MBI) becoming an equal partner with radio and publishing. The school and faculty have always been the center pin and anchor of MBI. A “Global Ministry” is nothing more than a group of trustees running a business. That’s enough for now. I don’t want to get into trouble. I know much more and I won’t air it in public Yes, PRAY, and I ask the alumni to get informed and to let their concerns be heard.

    1. Missionary from Ecuador

      Yes, I agree – prayer is the key to this situation. Finger-pointing is not. God will bring justice.

  2. What a lovely gem to add to Satan’s collection of Christian institutions. It is right to correctly identify whatever disease has a willing host and where there is wrong-doing the truth must prevail. I pray for full exposure so that repentance can take place and that the painful work restoration can begin. There must be a high standard for those regarding administrative conduct. Thoroughly clean up the mess and protect the vulnerable. But be very, very careful not to cannibalize the guilty; look out for the Pharisees. Whether right or wrong in their decisions our brothers and sisters need ethical, loving intervention. The world is watching. The enemy is a vulture waiting for the weak and weary to be left in the open without even a Good Samaritan passing by. My prayer is for the presence of The Holy Spirit to envelop all of those who are involved so that Moody Bible Institute stands strong. It’s time for sackcloth and ashes.

    1. Irene Portokalis

      Jan Rimkus, beautifully said. I thought about the same thing, just a little earlier, “Repent in sackcloth and ashes. Those accused of infidelity to Truth, certainly must resign. May God’s truth prevail, soon.
      Oh God, have mercy on this God honoring institution for so many years. May it please you that MBI will to continue to train young men and women to live and serve you, even to the uttermost parts of the world. May there be self examining of each faculty , administration and board member. May those out of your will immediately step down or forced out.. Amen

  3. Thank you for courageously presenting numerous trends you and others see in MBI. May the Risen Lord and God the Father by the power of the Holy Spirit have mercy on MBI and restore its focus on the lost and His glory. May it be a beacon of truth and integrity as it was previously. May God remove all people who want to stand in the way of this vision or may He grant repentance. Finally, perhaps MBI could see its first female President–hint her initials are J.R

  4. Julie, thank you for your heart for the Lord and for His Word. Thank you too for your diligence and courage in presenting your findings. I was at MBI years ago and saw even then things that did not line up with Scripture. In recent months and years it has gotten worse. It is heartbreaking to see this . I will be praying for a good outcome: repentance, a turning back to the solid foundation of God’s Word, a housecleaning where needed and a new, deeper desire to do God’s will in a humble, discerning, God- honoring manner. Keep up your good ministry. You are always a blessing.

  5. Hi Julie,
    As an alumni, I’ve read the articles and blogs you reference in this article, but what I think is still lacking is an “Up for Debate” format presentation of the issues. Maybe something you could tackle? Making cuts is always hard, and I feel for those who lost their jobs, including some faculty I was close with during my time at Moody, but I haven’t yet heard anyone from administration respond outside of the formal announcements.

    Many of the grievances people mention in what I have read feel personal (understandable for those out of work), or theological… but not in the right way. While the core of Christian theology must remain orthodox, there is always movement as theological research is performed, and circumstances and cultures change. For example- when I was a student more than a decade ago, professors often talked about the fact that DL Moody wouldn’t be allowed to teach at MBI due to some of his beliefs about the Holy Spirit. Since all theological and hermeneutical systems arise within a time and place, there are always aspects that later generations will correct as they see the error of the old ways. Nobody ever gets it 100% right, thus the need for diligence. My impression is (and it could be wrong) that many who take issue with “theological changes” that may be happening at Moody are holding too firmly to cultural norms from within their tradition, and have substituted their theological culture for the teachings of Scripture.

    Lastly- when I was a student of Zuber’s, I laughed at “the name you can trust” because Zuber laughed. I haven’t talked with him in years, but my impression was always that he always took it as a marketing slogan, and as a marketing slogan, refused to take it seriously. If he thinks Moody was more trustworthy at some point in history, I would be curious as to when that was.

    Warm Wishes,


    1. Darby (alum from 2009)

      For someone who agonized over divulging all this, you sure took care to use the most clickbait and emotive language possible to draw in the readers. No doubt you will enjoy quite a bit of notoriety from this, being the one who dragged it more public than it was–including the parts that aren’t even true.

      Case in point, as has been pointed out even on the Broken Twig: It WAS a 10% reduction in STAFF, not faculty. Faculty is only one part of the total Institute staff, and while it was a higher percentage of faculty, it is true that only 10% of full time staff were let go.

      But you don’t care about that, do you? Because you’re upset and you want Dr. Nyquist gone and you aren’t going to stop until you get that. Including using words like “shocking allegations” and contrasting it with the pius “oh, please pray!”

      Enjoy the spotlight. I’ll enjoy when the truth is known and you look foolish.

      1. Are you attempting to shoot the messenger ?

        Miss Roys seems to be doing a fine job exposing the rot within a once great institution. This has already happened to several of God’s institutions throughout our country. It’s time for the faithful to rise up and purge these miscreants from Moody while there’s still time.

        1. Missionary from Ecuador

          It is ‘attacking’ comments like this that probably got the ball rolling with the injustices in the first place.
          Let’s not starting biting and chewing at each other over this; but instead pray.

      2. Missionary from Ecuador

        It is ‘attacking’ comments like this that probably got the ball rolling with the injustices in the first place.
        Let’s not starting biting and chewing at each other over this; but instead pray.

      3. Missionary from Ecuador

        It is ‘attacking’ comments like this that probably got the ball rolling with the injustices in the first place.
        Let’s not starting biting and chewing at each other over this; but instead pray.

    2. Alumni here. I’m in agreement with you. In addition, how many students actually went on to full time ministry? Perhaps the board felt it was more beneficial to take on a different route than to train students that either decided not to pursue ministry or students that lost their faith while in school, which happens quite often. I personally know students that have dropped out and pursued a homosexual lifestyle.

  6. Hi TJ,
    I think the picture will become more clear as I begin releasing the results of my investigation. But I can assure you that not just Zuber, but others, expressed that what is occurring right now is unprecedented in their Moody experience.

  7. I heard Chapman pulled out from donating any money for the Chapman center and that’s what thrust Moody into the financial crisis they are in. Apparently they broke ground before any money had been donated.

    1. Darby (alum from 2009)

      That is a silly false rumor. Chapman DID donate and the place was fully paid for before they broke ground. That is obvious just from public record–if you are smart enough to be able to find it and not just pass on ” I heard…”

      1. This is factually not true Darby. I heard Paul N himself at a gathering say that if the funds didn’t come in, they would just “shell out” some of the floors of the building and complete then in later years when the money came in. Furthermore, your point is totally refuted by the fact that after they broke ground, they were still asking people for money for the building.

        1. Ann (class of 2006)

          Gary, name the date and time and location of where you heard what you think you heard. Because you could just go to the legal documents, the public records, the financial statements, and you’ll see that legally you can’t get the permits to break ground until you have the funds to pay for the project. I don’t know if they were still accepting donations after ground-breaking–can you actually provide concrete info on that? But even if they were, why not? That doesn’t mean it’s for the construction; there are going to be on-going expenses and upkeep that have to come from somewhere.

          1. This link shows they did not have it ‘funded’ when they broke ground.

            Obviously, ‘funded’ is a much more dynamic term than meaning having money or not having money. I would assume that in the sense that Moody had the money to break ground, yes they were ‘fully funded’. However, in the sense that Moody had the full amount from donors specifically set aside for the building, it appears they were not ‘fully funded’ when they broke ground.

        1. Why in the world do you think Chapman didn’t donate? That doesn’t even make sense. :) It says right there that Chapman gave the cornerstone gift.

          1. Like I said, that’s what I heard, that’s why I think that Chapman didn’t donate. Websites are not always up-to-date.

      2. Timothy Abbatacola

        This is not true. Don’t throw around the words “public record” when all you can do is make assumptions. Buildings are hardly ever paid for in full before the building process starts; which was the case in the Chapman Center.

  8. Julie, Thank you for sharing this prayer request. I will pray for Moody Bible Institute to be restored to God’s standard of integrity, love, compassion and Biblical inerrancy But perhaps this is judgement beginning in the leadership of MBI as part of God’s refining fire. 1 Peter 4:17 reminds us that God’s judgment begins in his own House. I pray for the gift of repentance or removal of those who compromise God’s truth. May the Lord give you strength, wisdom, and peace as you continue in this chapter of purification.

  9. Im not sure if your attempt to tear down the institution is really how God would want you to spend your energy. Judge lest you be judged? Or helping one another when we fall? I doubt such a public platform and harsh blog entry is truly a prayer request but rather your pathetic and sad attempt to lift yourself up. MBI is full of humans and sinners saved by grace. This article is way blown out of proportion and gossip. Doesn’t build up the saints.

  10. Thank you for doing this Julie. As a recent grad, I witnessed a lot of this. Most of the administration that I interacted with operated on the basis of fear. Many times I requested permission to run a project on campus that was in sync with the school’s mission. I would get permission from a couple departments, but then when one declined, the rest followed suit. I never got explanations for why, there was only fear. If someone was new and sought to give me permission, they quickly learned not to, and not to give reason either. I had enough friends inside to know that public safety was looking for a way to get my name blacklisted. If my friends hadn’t fought for me, I’m sure they would have found a way. Feel free to email me.

      1. Interesting. Well, her title was, according to Moody’s website, Professor of Sports Ministry and Lifetime Fitness. As someone who just graduated from Moody 3 weeks ago, and has talked with several people personally, like Dr. Davidhizar, you are making big claims with little to no evidence. First of all, the 10% cut was to full-time staff in general. The percentage was higher in faculty, yes, but the administration did not lie about that. Additionally, without supplying proof of a professor who denies inerrancy, that is slander. It is a requirement for faculty to affirm inerrancy in their annual contracts. Lastly, the Chapman Center, which may have been a poor decision because they didn’t realize the bubble coming, it still is a different pot of money. When people pledge money and send it in for the building fund, you can’t use it in the general funding area. Regardless, the building project didn’t change the fact that Moody was still running at a deficit. This story paints a picture that doesn’t represent the campus that I lived on for 4 years.

      2. Perhaps this would indicate then, that she did not in fact write this email. Listen to the Moody Alumni – we would know, wouldn’t we? My husband had her for sports ministry (aka – gym)….

        – Melanie Allum, Class of 2012 (husband Chris Allum – Class of 2009)

        1. People – Moody Education reorganized into four divisions a year and a half ago, and Sports Min became part of Intercultural Ministries. Mrs Penfound is officially an ICS Prof. I think you’re barking up the wrong tree on this particular objection.

  11. Do you actually have proof that certain profs deny the inerrancy of Scripture? Can you name them? Have you talked with them about their views because a doctrinal issue like this can be easily misunderstood if heard by a third party.

    Also, this whole post reminds me of the more general narrative in America that we need to get back to our Christian “glory” days. 25 years ago, MBI was extremely fundamental and dispensational. Although, they are less this way now, that doesn’t mean they have become less Christian. In fact, I would argue they have become more aligned with Scriptures and more charitable to the global Christian community.

    I graduated in 2014 and can confidently say that Moody equipped me to be a person who has confidence in the God of the Scriptures and in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Moody is not some raging liberal institution. On the contrary it remains one of the most theologically and politically conservative places in America.

    1. Darby (alum from 2009)

      Thank you.

      When I was at Moody, people still remembered when you weren’t allowed to wear jeans to class, and are they wanting to go back to what golden time exactly? Because when I was a student, no one was real thrilled with Easley. And come to think of it, I think that the only reason any of this is taking hold as it is would be because of social media making it so easy to spread any information those with enough of a platform feel like spreading–whether or not it is the truth or very twisted/one-sided perspective.

    2. God Bless The School...

      I think this is really well put. Overall, I’m really grateful to you, Julie, for all the work that you’ve put in to make sure that the truth really is investigated, especially since there is so little trust around the Institute.

      But I am concerned about the allegation of not believing in inerrancy since that can easily be misunderstood. And I know of a few professors who were often misunderstood on that point that absolutely changed my life, and taught me to love Jesus in ways that I didn’t think were possible.

      Also, Moody does not require its professors to be politically conservative and it would be a really sad day, in my mind, if they did. So the assumption that a professor “championing liberal causes” would be evidence of their not representing Moody well sounds to me like equating being politically conservative with being Christian, which is dangerous and has already done a lot of harm in the world.

      The faculty at Moody, to be sure, are not without fault. But Moody is an incredibly special place, and its mission to educate young people is well worth investing in. My concern is not with the Institute faculty being dangerously unorthodox in theology, (I’ve been around here long enough to know that’s just not true). My concern is that the faculty and education branch of Moody may not be receiving the support they should, and that this might hold back students from having the incredible experience I do.

  12. David (class of 2020)

    I’m just happy Darby is here bringing in some deep questioning to counterbalance some of the sensational language.

    Thanks, Darby!

  13. I keep reading and re-reading, but I am having trouble identifying the problems you are concerned about in these areas especially:
    – Allowing professors who deny the inerrancy of Scripture to teach at the institute and write curriculum…
    Sounds great.
    – Allowing a professor who supports Planned Parenthood, liberation theology, and a host of other liberal causes to teach at the school, and even spearhead missions conferences…
    Sounds like a step out of the dark.
    – Permitting a top education official to violate the institute’s bylaws repeatedly, and openly practice reverse-discrimination…
    Reverse discrimination? That is a nonsensical phrase, unless it is somehow meant to describe the undoing of discrimination.

    Thanks for whatever it is you do!

    1. Reverse discrimination is when a people group, who have been discriminated against in the past, is favored because of the fact. This is SO true of MBI.

  14. Thank you Julie, for investigating and reporting the truth. May God be with Moody Bible Institute.

  15. Jean Penfound

    Title: Professor of Sports Ministry and Lifetime Fitness
    Department: Sports Ministry
    Location: Chicago
    School/Area: Undergraduate
    Position: Teaching
    Start Date: August 1983
    Educational Background:
    BS, Wheaton College
    MEd, University of Illinois at Chicago

      1. Moody Education reorganized a year and a half ago into four divisions, and Sports Min became a part of ICS. She’s an ICS Prof, officially.

  16. I’ve spent some time reading over this a few times. It’s certainly disconcerting. I’ve taken a few minutes to reconnect with other Moody Alums of my era, The Stowell years. Those who have stayed in touch with Moody don’t seem to shocked by these allegations. That should give reason for pause. That being said I think it’s very important that people take a step back to dig in and take a deeper look. If there is nothing wrong, then there should be no reason to worry. But if there is smoke…then someone better put out the fire and quick!! Full disclosure is healthy.

  17. Ann (class of 2006)

    I was a student during the Stowell years, then back to work on campus during the Easley/Nyquist years. My impression is that the handful of upset people are very loud and very squeaky wheels who are pretending they are representing a considerable segment of Moody or Moody’s constituents–but really aren’t.

    In reality, when you take away the emotive language and have to actually lay out hard cold facts in a who/what/where/when fashion, there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors here–and some angry people who don’t like those in charge. What I truly hate is slapping the spiritual phrases onto it as if that makes it okay. Leave God out of your vendetta unless you can clearly point to a specific incident and a specific clear Scriptural command that is being violated (and proof it really happened with more than just you as a witness, since that’s how it works in the rest of the world when they are acting like mature adults).

    “Reverse discrimination”? Really? I was on campus during the drama surrounding the vandalism of the flyers, and all that came around that time. Speaking as a middle-class white girl, anyone who is white and whining about being discriminated against at Moody needs to move on. Try to take the high road for once.

    1. I know a fellow alum who was a victim of reverse discrimination at MBI. He had to threaten legal action before they reversed course and he kept his job. It’s a real thing.

  18. I remember when I was at Moody (c.2009) a professor was fired over doctrinal issues involving, I believe, inerrancy and possibly the Trinity. The professor was Paul Penley who now teaches at Colorado Christian University.

  19. I find it difficult to look at Moody and not trust the leadership team to function in a way that someone may learn ‘what should vision and management look like in the body of Christ.’ That said, I have seen this a mean selfish spirit ‘happen’ in the church at the leadership level, and when the fall seemed to get to ground level – leaders proved they could still dig deeper at the expense of the honest worker. You are doing the right thing, with the right heart, with patient & still operative skilll. May God get all the glory!!

  20. I would think that the process is finally in place to deal with this fiasco of late. Julie, you may want to let the process take its course before publishing more detail. We thank you for being a whistleblower that did the work necessary. God will use the leaders who are now involved because of you, but the public may not be able to recover to a place of respect for MBI once this cancer gets cut out…please consider giving it some time.

  21. So you were able to get the trustees to initiate a meeting in regards to your concerns that will be occurring in the the near future but decided to “go public” with this before that meeting even took place?

    Wasn’t the point to get the trustees to dig into the accusations to see if they were true and then take action?

    If you just wanted people to pray you could have told us there was an important meeting coming up and request prayers for MBI and its leadership without putting all of these accusations out there that need to be investigated by the very meeting you’ve preempted.

    The nature and timing of your post may actually work against your stated desired outcome.

  22. Randy Whitman Jr

    I have watched the promotion of the liberation theology professor for years with disbelief. His effect on students I knew was one of ideological segregation (if you didn’t agree the would distance themselves from you). I was shocked that a man who purported such theologically obvious errors was a professor at Moody and seemed to be growing in esteem. I love MBI but know parents who are sad they sent their child there after this professors classes. I know parents who would discourage students from going there because of that professor. I would pay to sit under men like Kevin’s Zuber, Winfred Neely, Larry Davidhizer, Brian Litfin, and many others. If you arrange your classes you can avoid problem professors. So I would go to Moody again in a heartbeat but with a large feeling of caution.

    1. Randy, one thing I have learned in 17 yrs of pastoral ministry is everybody believes what they believe for certain reasons. For instance in the area of politics I have had Republicans/Democrats/Liberals/Conservatives and in each group I can find those who believe in the Gospel yet they come to their conclusions quite differently on what one should believe as far as politics is concerned. I am sure some who hold to liberation theology have good intentions and might not be like others who hold this view who appear almost to be marxists. As far as having students only attend classes where the professors agree with them I would point out that to take a class where a professor disagrees with a student makes the student work harder to prove their point. Professors are not God and they do not have a straight line to the truth. A case in point was when I attended Moody from 97-2001 I took a night course on eschatology. The professor was a believer in the mid tribulational rapture whereas I was a pre tribulational adherent. I had to prove to him WHY I believed what I believed. It was a fun exercise. He did not drop a letter grade because I disagreed with him because I made my point soundly. At one of the Founder’s Week sessions I saw him and he had a friend attending with him. He said to his friend, “I tried to convince Robert but to no avail.” We laughed and then I took my seat.

  23. As a Moody (Chicago) grad of 2012 (and my husband is a grad of 2008), I can say I did not have or know of such a professor, nor did my husband who is here with me. If you make an allegation, can you please share a name so it can be verified by fellow alumni?

    Apparently, no one has facts to back up these allegations, as they cannot name a single person of whom Moody alumni would find to fit this description.

    My deep concern is that there is an undermining and attempt to thwart the ministry of Moody Bible Institute. Let’s all take a step back and think of the plans of our Enemy, Satan, who prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Could it be that wolves have come in among us, seeking to divide, rather than unite? This saddens my heart.

    If you look at the Broken Twig’s website, you will find their mission statement to be clear, “…the decline and FALL of the Moody Bible Institute.” If there were trying to purify and sustain MBI, wouldn’t it read, “to restore Moody Bible Institute” instead? No, from their bi-line, their goal is clear: to destroy MBI. Please be wise as serpents, yet as harmless as doves when you read.

    Yes, please do pray for the Moody Bible Institute, but please – PLEASE, do not gossip and inadvertently participate in tearing down this institute which has been changing the world since the days of D.L. himself.

    (Matthew 18)

    – Melanie Allum (Abend) (2012) and Chris Allum (2008), Moody Chicago Alumni

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