“Mortifying the Spin” in the Contemporary Church: A Podcast

By Julie Roys

Normally, I wouldn’t post a podcast on the same day that a special radio broadcast of mine is airing (see below). However, since many of you, like me, live in the Midwest–where it’s actually colder today than in Antarctica!–I thought you might enjoy some extra listening entertainment while you hunker down in your homes. (For the rest of you, just consider yourselves blessed that you’re not in our shoes–or perhaps I should say, fur-lined boots!)

I’ve done a lot of interviews lately concerning my investigation of Harvest Bible Chapel and James MacDonald but this truly is one of my favorites. The podcast is called, The Mortification of Spin. And it’s sponsored by the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, a coalition of pastors, scholars, and churchmen who hope “to foster a Reformed awakening in today’s Church.” Hosts of the show are three, very sharp individuals: Todd Pruitt, pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church in Harrisonburg, Virginia; Carl Trueman, a humanities professor at Grove City College; and Aimee Byrd, an author, blogger, and self-described “housewife theologian.”

Here’s how Mortification of Spin billed our conversation:

Back in the bunker, the three amigos meet with Julie Roys. Julie is the embodied combination of Sherlock Holmes and Lois Lane. She’s a longtime investigative reporter committed to uncovering the truth, and—much like Carl, Todd, and Aimee—interested in “mortifying the spin” concerning issues in the contemporary church.

Julie has achieved some notoriety for her investigative work and her latest coverage on the alleged spiritual abuse, intimidation, misappropriation of funds, etc. surrounding Harvest Bible Chapel and Pastor James MacDonald. Unfortunately, this isn’t a unique case. The fabulous four discuss the devastating effects on the Church when disqualified men remain in leadership without being confronted, and the shame it brings to the name of Christ. 


Hope you enjoy the podcast!



Also, here’s more on my special radio broadcast tonight: The Roys Report: The Church in Crisis


Over the past year and a half, scandals and controversy have plagued the church and Christian organizations. From Willow Creek Community Church Chicago and Highpoint Church in Memphis—to Sovereign Grace Churches and, most recently, Harvest Bible Chapel—the accusations of sexual harassment, financial impropriety, bullying, and intimidation have left Christians reeling. In a special radio broadcast, The Church in Crisis, I will explore not only what’s happened in the church, but why it happened, and what redemptive solutions are available. Joining me will be people with first-hand knowledge of these scandals, as well as church leaders offering biblical insight and help. 

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11 thoughts on ““Mortifying the Spin” in the Contemporary Church: A Podcast”

  1. U exposed janes Macdonald and harvest like no one else
    Macdonald not fit to b a pastor
    Church is cultivating Sin and u exposed it
    Mark morikawa

  2. Julie, my husband and I just listened to this broadcast. Wow, as a member of 16 years, leaving over a year ago,being on staff for many years, your sharing in such a cohesive way, so hard to hear but powerful facts. Especially when you mentioned how you prove that through the lawsuit they were lying point by point on one of your previous blog posts. Maybe it could be reposted. That would be a good place for Harvest to start their “peacemaking effort” by asking for forgiveness on the blatant lies that the elders must’ve known about this lawsuit or did they know? At this point, praying that some elders hear this broadcast. They are told not to ever view blogs. Hopefully some do, and will come upon this. Those of us who may know elders should forward this broadcast to them. They are in a vortex of communication that is spoon fed to them.

    You mentioned possible information about the EFCA and how they may have been lax in their investigation. Note: even after the EFCA came in they didn’t catch the $225,000.00 that had been embezzled. Hmmmm….or did they?

    Also, thank you for again referring to 1 Timothy 5:19-20 “ Do not receive an accusation against an elder except on the basis of two or three witnesses. Those who continue in sin, (an elder) Rebuke them in the presence of everyone, so that the rest also will be fearful of sinning.”

    This is where the elders have failed, even their own brother/pastor James.

  3. The rise of evangelicalism has brought with it an overwhelming persuasion of emphasizing grace and seemingly ignoring the admonition of Titus as to what grace teaches us. In addition since we desire an upbeat experience in church we are less apt to hear much said definitively about the subtleness of sin so since we’ve stuffed most references to denying Godliness in our lives the current situation isn’t surprising to those who read and meditate on all of scripture. “These were written for our admonition” apparently means nothing…someone else can be deceived, not me seems to be the standard unspoken attitude until something blows up such as we are experiencing today. Prior to the 1950’s the Fundamentalist doctrinal positions were not viewed as being so narrow and actually embraced warning about worldliness and things that needed to be avoided. As evangelicalism advanced it brought with it a relaxed attitude about speaking against sin, just emphasize the positive aspects as we can’t have people feeling bad or being convicted about anything any more. So slackness in the pulpit has now come full circle confirmed by those who now feel they are above the law.

    1. With all due respect, Fundamentalism is difficult to defend when speaking on subjects like, authoritarian, narcissistic, abusive forms of leadership and church government. It is a big part of the problem, certainly not the solution.

  4. Interesting pod cast, especially to those who have gone through similar problems at other churches. Exposing problems always seems to come at personal cost.
    Suggest reading “The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse” which discusses these issues.

  5. WYLL AM 1160 really messed up a lot of loyal listeners by running over 30 minutes of straight inane commercials without acknowledging that there was some sort of programming “glitch.” No radio station does that to their listeners. It was egregious! Many people who wanted to really listen, simply turned WYLL off on their radio.

  6. What happened in the late 20the century was the advice to pastors to exercise leadership that bypasses the congregation and accountability to the congregation. What we are seeing is that power without accountability corrupts. They were aiming for fast growth–which they got. But they also got power hungry and shallow leadership.

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