My Interview on Moody Radio: How Can Strong, Gifted Women Find Their Place in the Church? Should Christians be Feminist? And more…

By Julie Roys

How can strong, gifted women find their place to serve within conservative churches?  What is Jesus Feminism, and what should Christians think of it?  And how should pastors shepherd the women in their congregations?

These are just some of the topics I covered in my recent interview about Redeeming the Feminine Soul with Chris Brooks on Moody Radio’s Equipped.  That radio show generated so many comments and inquiries that I decided to post highlights of the interview here.  I’d love to hear and respond to any comments and questions you have.  Feel free to post them below!

Audio One

In this clip, I discuss why I wanted redemption in the title of my book, and share a bit of my struggle with trying to find a place to use my gifts within the conservative church.  I also tell a bit about how my family heritage, which includes women evangelists and missionaries, equipped me to serve in ministry, but didn’t prepare me for the obstacles I’d encounter as a woman.

Audio Two

“Jesus Feminism” is a popular movement in the church, sparked in large part by Sarah Bessey’s book, Jesus Feminist.  Bessey describes “Jesus Feminism” as the radical notion that women are people too, but in this clip I argue that it’s really the radical notion that men and women are interchangeable.  I also discuss the connection between feminism and misogyny – and how women’s often-unconscious hatred or rejection of their own feminine natures is harming them.

Audio Three

In my early thirties, I was blind-sided by a relationship that became very co-dependent and threatened to destroy my marriage.  In this clip, I discuss that painful season of life, but also explain how God used it to show me that my womanhood was not merely anatomical, but extended deep into my soul.

Audio Four

Why did God create male and female?  Was it simply for procreation, or is there some deeper, spiritual meaning?  In this clip, I argue for the latter, drawing on insights I learned through studying something called Theology of the Body. I also discuss how this theology revolutionized my view of sex roles.

Audio Five

Having a daughter was one of the most life-changing events of my life.  In this clip, I tell how my daughter helped me appreciate the feminine nature on a whole new level, and awakened characteristics in me that I didn’t even know existed.

Audio Six

In this clip, Chris asked me two questions.  One, what would I say to pastors on how to shepherd women?  And two, what would I say to the feminist who’s left the church because she believes it’s only a place of oppression?


I discuss these issues further in “Redeeming the Feminine Soul: God’s Surprising Vision for Womanhood.” Order now! Still 1/3 off the list  price!




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