NAE and the Bad Fruit of Worldly Compromise

By Julie Roys
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          Imagine taking a bite of cantelope and tasting something like a cucumber.  Yuck!  Apparently, though, that’s what happens when cantelope grows too close to cucumber and the plants cross-pollinate.  The initial cantelope is okay; but its seeds produce a flavorless cucumber-melon hybrid. 

            I fear that’s what’s happened to us evangelicals. We’ve lived so long in proximity and association with the world, that we’ve cross-pollinated and lost our flavor.  The latest controversy involving the National Association of Evangelicals and The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unwanted Pregnancy provides a disheartening case in point.
            According to WORLD Magazine, the National Association of Evangelicals, or NAE, took one-million dollars from the National Campaign – a group that unabashedly promotes contraception to the unmarried.  Then, the NAE urged the  organizers of Q – a conference gathering hundreds of young evangelical leaders – to invite the CEO of the National Campaign to speak.  Campaign CEO Sarah Brown then used the platform at Q to convince hundreds of evangelicals to set aside their biblical convictions and abandon an abstinence-only message. 
            Preying on her audience’s pro-life sentiments, Brown argued the only way to reduce abortions significantly is for churches to promote contraception among singles.  Face it, she said, young evangelicals simply will not abstain and avoid pregnancy and abortion, so contraception offers the only practical solution.  Shockingly, a poll taken immediately after the panel revealed that two-thirds of the Q audience agreed with Ms. Brown’s conclusion!
            Scripture clearly teaches that sex outside of marriage is wrong, but apparently Scripture no longer is our sole guide.  As Leith Anderson, president of the NAE put it, “We never want to promote or condone sexual immorality . . . But, we are told that contraceptives can reduce abortions and we want to stop abortions.” 
            We are told?  By whom?  By those giving us a million dollars? Certainly not by God’s Word.  Yet, if this is how evangelicals reason, we truly have become hybrids with the world – and we’ve lost our distinct biblical flavor.  


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3 thoughts on “NAE and the Bad Fruit of Worldly Compromise”

  1. Three posts on this one story! It seems as though you have a strong concern for the church to define truthful teaching. Contraception was opposed by the church in the past, but not now? Does truth change, or are people through sentimental manipulation deceived? Communism used this same method to take over many areas in the world, including using Scripture in a twisted manor. I am not surprised to see the opposition to the church use the same technique. This is not new though; remember Satan tried this in the desert. Hopefully the church will wake up before this group convinces the church to accept its position, because as it was with communism, once the position is accepted, the destruction of the church is attempted next.

  2. I certainly have a passion for the purity of the church. And, having been raised evangelical, I have a deep desire to see evangelicals uphold the truths they once did. I hope this latest move by the NAE prompts action by the majority of its members who I’m sure oppose the National Campaign’s goals.

  3. As a Catholic I can sympathize with your hope. For years the Catholic Church had been duped into believing that government had the means and was going to “provide” health care for all. It finally took this latest HHS action for the bishops to wake up (although some still hold on to that false hope). Sadly, in too many cases, the church as a whole looks to comfort which lack of consequence often masquerades as. Hopefully by bringing this up and challenging the faithful to hold church officials accountable to Truth, we all can begin to live wholly the way of God and not of the world.

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