Open Letter to President Obama

By Julie Roys
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     I may get audited for saying this, but I refuse to cower to bullies. President Obama, you need to take full responsibility for the IRS scandal. You may not have authorized targeting your political opponents. But, by regularly disregarding civil and especially, religious liberties, you’ve created a culture that allowed it to happen.

      In 2009, you appointed Chai Feldblum, a lesbian and gay activist, to be a commissioner on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Ms. Feldblum openly admitted that when religious liberty and sexual liberty conflict, she would have a – quote – “hard time coming up with any case in which religious liberty should win.” Still, you supported her.

      You also pushed the healthcare mandate, requiring all employers to provide contraceptives, including abortifacients, to their employees. As Ken Klukowski of the Family Research Council notes, even some of your closest advisors thought the healthcare mandate was “a bridge too far.” But, you pushed your agenda anyway, trampling the religious liberties of scores of Christian employers. To top it off, now your administration is trying to deport a German homeschooling family. Though clearly Germany’s ban on homeschooling violates this family’s religious freedom, you refuse to grant this Christian family asylum.

     Several Christian groups recently called your administration “the most hostile towards religious liberty in all of American history.” And, Florida Senator Marco Rubio spoke correctly when he said the IRS scandal is not an isolated event. He charged it’s the latest in a string of events where you’ve used your power “to hardball people who don’t agree with you.”

     Last week, Franklin Graham sent you a letter protesting the politically motivated IRS audit of the Billy Graham Association and Samaritan’s Purse. He urged you to take immediate action to ensure that we’re not entering “a new chapter of America’s history” – one marked by “repressive government rule.” I agree.

     Mr. President, my ancestors came to America to escape religious persecution. And, for more than 200 years American has been a haven for observant Christians. Please, stop these repressive actions and change course.


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4 thoughts on “Open Letter to President Obama”

  1. Amen. I am so annoyed by the numerous acts of aggression against our liberties that the Obama administration has executed. Julie, I can’t tell how hurtful the Benghazi incident is to those of us that served in the armed forces. It was another time when our government did not do a thing to protect it’s American citizens or even come to their aid when it was appropriate to do so. And what the president has done to our armed forces such as openly gay service, silencing of the chaplain corps from their duty to proclaim the truth in such matters, and now that sharing your faith with someone that may not appreciate it may actually render the service member a judicial punishment….President Obama, please…stop it. The wrath on this country for disobedience to the Word of God may mark the end of the good ole USA.

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