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Oregon Megachurch Pastor Steps Down Amid Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

By Rebecca Hopkins
Ben Courson
Ben Courson, pastor of Applegate Christian Fellowship in Jacksonville, Oregon, announced on August 8 that he will take a leave of absence from ministry following allegations against him of sexual misconduct. (Photo: Video Screengrab)

An Oregon megachurch pastor who’s broadcast on more than 500 radio and TV outlets, and has more than 150K followers on social media, has stepped down from ministry amid multiple allegations of sexual misconduct and abuse. Two elders at the pastor’s megachurch have also resigned, claiming the church refused to properly discipline the pastor and took action only after the allegations became public.

The young leader, Ben Courson, 33, of Applegate Christian Fellowship near Medford, Oregon, is being accused by three former, female church members of misusing his authority and initiating sexual relationships with them.

The Applegate elders learned of two of the women’s accounts from Applegate administrating pastor Joe Stroble at an elders’ meeting in June, former elders Paul Sandu and James Meyers said.

A third woman who spoke with The Roys Report said she did not report to the church because she only recently learned of the other women. She also said she previously had characterized her relationship with Courson as a serious dating relationship.

The women asked to have their identities concealed for privacy reasons and/or fear of backlash from the Courson family and Applegate Christian Fellowship. However, The Roys Report has confirmed the three women’s identities with Xavier Brasseur, pastor of The Story Ashland in Ashland, Oregon.  Brasseur said his church has been supporting the women by helping them get professional counseling.

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A fourth woman, who also wished to remain anonymous, told The Roys Report that she filed a police report last week accusing Courson of sexual assault but said police advised her not to speak further on the matter.

Lt. Mike Budreau of the Medford Police Department confirmed the woman’s report and said the case is under investigation. The Roys Report has also confirmed the identity of the fourth woman with former Applegate elder, Paul Sandu.

Sandu and Meyers have resigned as elders over Applegate’s handling of the allegations. They say Ben Courson admitted to sexual misconduct with two women at an elders’ meeting in June. But instead of requiring him to resign, they say Ben’s father and Applegate founder, Jon Courson, and the other elders allowed Ben to change titles and continue preaching.

Located in southwest Oregon, Applegate Christian Fellowship in Jacksonville was founded in 1977. (Photo: Screengrab / YouTube)

In his resignation letter, Sandu said Courson should be disqualified as a pastor and an independent investigation should be conducted.

“Ben admitted to inappropriate sexual activity with multiple women on Monday, June 14,” Sandu wrote. “I firmly believe Ben is disqualified from a pastoral role based on those admissions in accordance with the qualifications for a pastor set out in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.”

The Roys Report reached out to both Jon and Ben Courson for comment, but neither responded.

However, in a video posted to the church website on August 8, Ben Courson apologized for “mistakes” in his dating relationships. But he said the relationships were consensual and that some accusations and innuendos were “unfounded” and “untrue beyond what I’m telling you in this video.” He added he’d be taking six months off from his pastoral responsibilities and from his church salary. 

“I am truly sorry and deeply repentant,” Courson said. “While it was always consensual, and there was never sex outside of marriage—there was never adultery—still, we let things go beyond what God requires of a relationship. 

“When it comes to this area of women, I take full responsibility and I am truly sorry to our church community. I’ve also apologized to our church leadership. . . . I’m going to be taking time away to learn, to reflect, to grow.”

The allegations

A female church member told The Roys Report that last April, she reported that she’d had a sexual relationship with Courson, who is divorced, to Joe Stroble, the church’s administrating pastor.

The woman said she considered the acts to be consensual at the time but didn’t like that Courson wanted to keep their meetings a secret. She also said she was surprised and confused that Courson, a pastor, initiated the sex acts.

“I felt used,” she said. “We weren’t exclusive. Even if we were exclusive, a pastor doing that stuff was not what you should be doing. I was following his lead throughout the relationship based on his status and knowledge of the Bible, and like, ‘Oh, I can trust him.’”

A second woman’s experience was included in Stroble’s June report to the elders, Sandu and Meyers said. The woman texted with The Roys Report and said Courson invited her to hang out, but she thought there would be other young adults there. Instead, she said the two were alone and Courson made a move that she rebuffed.

“He essentially pushed himself on me attempting to have a sexual encounter, if you will, but I didn’t let him,” she texted. “I was fully clothed but he was trying to put his hands in places I wasn’t comfortable with and I yanked away from him, and pulled myself off his couch and got the hell out of there.”

Later, “he was completely offended that I didn’t accept his advances,” she wrote in a text.

Ben Courson Applegate
Ben Courson, pastor of Applegate Christian Fellowship in Jacksonville, Oregon. (Source:

A third female church member also talked to The Roys Report. She said that her relationship with Courson was consensual, but he insisted on deleting messages between the two of them from her phone and kept their relationship a secret.

“Looking back now, he definitely just did whatever he wanted, and I went along with it,” she said.

She said Courson also told her on their first date that there were some sexual acts he wouldn’t do—and called it setting “boundaries”—but then proceeded to lead her into his bedroom and remove their clothes. When she questioned this behavior, he told her it was OK because he didn’t preach on dating and sexuality, she said.

“He said at the time he didn’t like to identify as a pastor, more like a motivational speaker,” the woman said. “He said because he doesn’t speak on anything sexual that what he was doing was OK.”

The Instagram account for Greg Laurie’s Harvest Riverside church in California shows that on June 4, 2021, Courson spoke at a dating seminar at the church.

Courson also spoke on May 25, 2021, on a panel about Christian dating for a podcast called Living Loved.

Though Courson called his relationships consensual, “We Too” author Mary DeMuth said sexual relationships between pastors and female church members are a type of “clergy abuse.”

“When someone consents and there’s a power dynamic in place, there’s a whole other level of abuse that’s going on,” she said. “The person who’s abusing is abusing their position of power, and using their place of power, as a means to satisfy their own desires. It cannot be consensual. The church has often called these ‘affairs.’ . . . It is not an affair. It is an abuse of power.”

Some former members of the church also expressed that the relationships could not be considered consensual because of the power dynamic of a pastor with church members.

“I’ve heard ‘consensual,’ but I don’t care,” said Teresa Jordan, former worship leader at Applegate Christian Fellowship. “Because (Ben Courson) had that natural authority and leadership and because he had that influence, he was able to get what he wanted because he got those girls to submit, and to bring their guard down because he’s a Christian leader.”

Applegate allows Courson’s ministry to continue

In May 2020, Jon Courson stepped down as senior pastor at Applegate, and appointed his son, Ben, as the new head pastor, according to former Applegate elder, James Meyers. Meyers added that Jon Courson promoted Ben without the church board’s prior knowledge or involvement. Jon Courson also stayed on as “pastor emeritus” and frequently preaches.

According to Meyers, the board learned of the confirmed allegations against Ben Courson on June 13, 2021, when Pastor Stroble convened an emergency meeting of the church board.

Stroble told the elders that Ben Courson’s indiscretions with two women had been “confirmed,” Meyers remembers. Stroble asked the men to fast and pray about it, Meyers added.

Meyers noted that in 2019, Courson demoted board members, so that they technically operate as deacons now, who handle only financial matters. Meyers said he was surprised the elders were consulted on the sexual allegation.

“I didn’t understand what role I was in at the time, other than being a deacon and looking at the finances, but (then) being brought into a meeting that had to do with sexual allegations against the senior pastor,” Meyers said.

The elders were due to meet later that week—on June 17, 2021—Meyers said. But on June 14, Stroble called another emergency meeting following the evening’s service. Both Ben and Jon Courson spoke at the church service but didn’t mention the allegations to the congregation.

Afterwards, the Coursons met with the deacons and Ben confessed and apologized, Meyers said. Stroble and Jon Courson said they were changing Ben Courson’s title from senior pastor to Hope Generator, Meyers said. The deacons weren’t given a chance to offer other disciplinary options, Meyers added.

“The administrative pastor (Joe Stroble) was saying, ‘Just to be clear, Ben has confessed, and he’s repented, and he’s still going to be continuing on, but not as the senior pastor. And . . . we’re going to give him a new label, as the Hope Generator,’” Meyers said. “It was a really strange meeting. I was still processing it. I had only learned about it the day before. It seemed rushed to me.”

Ben Courson Jon Courson
On June 17, 2021, pastor Ben Courson (left) and his dad, pastor emeritus Jon Courson, shared in an evening service at Applegate Christian Fellowship in Jacksonville, Oregon. (Photo: Screengrab / YouTube)

Paul Sandu said he resigned on the spot and later sent a letter to the pastors and the rest of the board. Meyers resigned a few days later.

“I also believe some in church leadership knew about the allegations against Ben and did not act to address them in a timely manner,” Sandu said in his letter. “I recommend placing Ben and anyone who knew of the allegations and did not act quickly to address them . . . on administrative leave until an independent investigation into the allegations has been conducted.”

Though we weren’t able to confirm that any other leaders at Applegate knew of the sexual misconduct allegations against Ben Courson, a former Applegate pastor and his wife said they had expressed concerns about Ben to his father in 2020 and were rebuffed.

According to Teresa Jordan and her husband, Joshua Jordan, a former pastor at Applegate, the couple brought concerns about Ben to his father right after Ben’s appointment as head pastor. Specifically, they were concerned about Courson’s recent divorce.

Teresa Jordan said Jon Courson asked them, “Why would we want to go down the road of what happened with Ben and Necia?” She added that at one point Jon Courson interrupted her husband and said, “You guys don’t need my permission to leave the church.”

Similarly, Shad Brown—a former church and radio staff member, and volunteer with Applegate’s children’s ministry—said the church “treated the Coursons like royalty.” Brown told The Roys Report that he left Applegate after hearing how the pastors and elders handled the sexual allegations in June.

Stroble declined to answer questions from The Roys Report. Jon Courson couldn’t be reached for comment. According to his assistant, Bob Thornley, Courson is sick with COVID.

Nothing was announced to the congregation in June or July about Ben Courson’s actions, Meyers and Sandu said.

Courson’s ministry continues until public exposure

Courson’s Instagram account shows an active summer. Six days before the June 14 meeting, he spoke on Sheila Walsh’s Life Today show.

On June 11,  Courson preached at Greg Laurie’s Harvest Christian Fellowship in California.

Laurie did not immediately return requests for comment.

On June 17, Courson took on a new role as teaching pastor at K-WAVE radio. K-WAVE also didn’t return a call for comment on Courson’s status.

On July 24, Courson spoke at Reset, a Christian conference on mental health. He was a regular interviewee on TBN throughout the summer.  And on Aug. 6, Courson spoke on “How to Navigate through Fear and Anxiety” on Good Morning America.

Applegate gives at least $20,000 a month to Ben Courson’s ministry, Hope Generation, Sandu said. He added that the deacons were allowed to see the expenditures during meetings but could not take home any records and were instructed not to talk about the finances with anyone.

When The Roys Report asked for a record of expenditures that the church has spent on Hope Generation, Pastor Stroble said “that’s probably not available.” When asked if he would be willing to make those records available for the sake of transparency, Stroble repeated the answer. “I’m going to respectfully choose to say, ‘no thank you’ and hang up,” Stroble said.

On Aug. 4, Lorin Lynch, an influencer on Instagram, began posting videos on social media and calling out Ben Courson for his alleged sexual misdeeds.

Lynch told The Roys Report that he began posting after speaking with one of the women who said she’d had a sexual relationship with Courson.

“I felt like God called me to step up,” Lynch said.

The first the congregation heard anything official from church leaders about the allegations against Ben Courson was on Aug. 8. During his sermon that day, Jon Courson told the congregation that his son, Ben, had COVID and had also posted an “important message relating to the stuff that’s been swirling the past week or so.”(This is the video message in which Courson admits to making “mistakes” in his “dating relationships.)

But Jon Courson didn’t say anything further about his son’s sexual misconduct, any church discipline, or the women who have come forward. He then preached a sermon about kindness and forgiveness.

“There’s so much good in the worst of us and there’s so much bad in the best of us that it behooves each and all of us to be kind and gracious for the rest of us,” Jon Courson preached.  “For you, in this past week, have shown kindness and grace to me, to my family, and to my son, particularly, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Though Ben Courson said he’s “deeply repentant” in his video, Lynch says he believes Courson simply responded to public pressure. Lynch noted that his videos on Instagram have been viewed by thousands. The first video has received more than 8,700 views.

“What these pastors have trained these men to do is cover, cover, cover so the body never knows what’s going on,” Lynch said.

Rebecca Hopkins is a journalist based in Colorado.



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110 Responses

  1. So, this guy, who clearly disqualified himself from ministry, is not removed but instead, he is simply renamed “The Hope Generator”? Uh….okay….

    1. Every father has a blind spot for their own kids. Should he have thrown him to the wolves or hoped he would come forward and do business with God himself? That’s asking a lot from a dad who has already lost 2 children and his first wife, I don’t know how I would have fared in that test.

      As for the part about church finances, why should anyone, not involved in the church itself, have access to their books? This article throws that in and basically makes it sound dubious, with zero evidence of any wrongdoing.

      God is not mocked. He gave Ben time to deal with his own sin and come clean, but in the end the sin itself found him out and revealed him. Repentence however, even if genuine is not necessarily a call back into a ministry position in the future.

      Lastly, Ben is young, and in a place of great temptation, yet each woman had the chance to say “No”, despite others wanting to ascribe magical powers of influence to Ben and alleging “clergy abuse”. Making a case is not fair until both sides get a chance to be heard.

      Society will once again look at this case and say. “See, the church is no different than the regular world, they get to hook up with each other too.” This is yet another, much needed reminder that the best of men are indeed men at best.

      Will you pray for them? Or will it just be a time of entertainment?

      1. Interestingly said . I’ve read slot of comments from past congregants dating over 13 years ago regarding deep hurts and wounds that were disparaged from Jon and leaders ?

        Question ? Who prayed for them ? And who is praying for them now ? And you Henry? You never mentioned them once in your heartfelt plea for a very young 33 year old and his dad who has gone thru a lot ?

        But I would suggest getting those answers from a biblical lens ..

        Bible says let there NOT be many teachers held to a very strict standard !

        Watch my Pasture and woe to those who offend one of these little ones

        EZEKIEL 34 A WOE to the shepherds who eat the sheep hirelings

        Jesus said to Peter and he was no older than a 20 year old … Fred My Sheep

        Henry it’s about the sheep not the shepherd…

      2. Henry !

        You said what do you expect from a father (Jon)? Should he throw his son to the “WOLVES”?

        Henry , excuse me ? He is a wolf that’s why there is a criminal investigation and admission to improprieties let’s just say ..

        What a choice of words ??

        The greatest adultery is not upon the young ladies in the church

        It’s called spiritual adultery where leaders mix their allegiances with wolves

        TBN is the worlds stage to sell your soul to the devil in exchange for glory’s of the public IMAGE garnering the attention of the whole world! Selling and merchandising your name books and dvds

        This is the greatest slide into idol adultery !! Ravi Zacharias masterfully did this and said Joyce Meyer is a great teacher who is a ravenous wolf leading men and women straight to hell

        It’s no wonder when spiritual adultery is excused and not hindered from the leaders in applegate it’s no wonder judgment falls and exposure from God’s hand is employed

        What’s happening ? The pattern of joining wolves on a world platform like TBN!

        Paul and Jan crouch owners of TBN were horrendous , Paul and Jan were living in separate houses for 20 years or more as reports alledge

        Paul paid in hush money 400k hush money to Lonny Ford to hide a homosexual encounter or encounters they had

        Jan was having an affair with their TBN actor Jesus and it gets worse from there scandal upon scandal

        This is the greater slide against the things of God! The roots go way back and the fruit is what is happening right now and maybe worse

        Where is the discernment ?

        So Henry throwing Ben out to the wolves ?

        I will say no more friend , I just suggest you care more about God’s sheep , His Pasture (not Jon’s or Ben’s), and His Name..

        Bless ya brother and I say it in love and in Truth

      3. Henry you are right. Those ladies haves sinned just the same as Ben. I agree that his restoration will be in Gods timing. I hope everyone on the band wagon who call them selves Christians remember King David. You know the adulterous murder. Who God said was man after his own heart.1 Sam 13:14

        1. David was called a man after his own heart because he repented and got himself right with god. Knows how God did not blame Bathsheba. Nor did he blame Eve for what happened in the garden. Victims of sexual abuse and trauma are the victims not the perpetrators. Your attitude is a part of why people don’t trust the church with these situations.
          And you clearly have no idea how abuse works and how good abusers are at manipulating and isolating their victims. There’s a huge play with power. It’s a huge misuse of power and the ones who are doing it are the ones who should be held accountable. Not their victims!

      4. Thank you Henry???? Big hearted like Christ.

        The sin is not surprising, the sharing to outside news reporters with such detail is like Ham after discovering his fathers nakedness.

        Wrong behavior should be exposed but within the church family. you wouldn’t tell the Robertson’s next door about how your brother got spanked and grounded for doin so n so.

      5. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. The Coursons ALL need prayer, love and support as much as the young women who are in pain here. Can the body of Christ be a place of true love & forgiveness? Pastor Jon is all about this, and has closely walked with our Lord for many years. Most Applegaters know well what he’s been through – A lot of loss; which can produce a hard, bitter heart in some. In Pastor Jon’s case though (in my opinion) has instead led him prefering to live out a higher calling, indeed the highest, which is to Love. No one is free from sinning on this earth.We ALL fall short. Ben had a very impactful ministry. I’m sure that ministry is suffering now without him. He absolutely needs to repent, ask for forgiveness and take time away to determine where he went astray, make ammends as he is able. But can we not throw him out like he had no worth? Would Jesus do that? As we navigate these last days, can we truly immitate and reflect the heart of Jesus? Support each other whether in the Body or out. Pastors are held to a higher standard by God, as they should be. God will judge their faithfulness to the Word, and how they led His flock.
        Jesus is ALL about forgiveness and second chances! Can we be?

        1. Timothy 3, 1 thru 7. Why is that throwing Ben to the wolves??? And if Jon Courson had an affair, while his long poor hurt trusting wife is having his kids. Hey talk about pain. Who was in pain???? Nothing hurts that much. And God Took her? And God gave him peace. How ????? You’d think he’d be guilt ridden! I’m telling you it takes a cold heart to preach the gospel , go after a married women staff member distroy her marriage and then go home and kiss your trusting proably pregny wife good night!!!! And now the son. Are we surprised?forgiveness of course. But I think Timothy 3 1 thru 7 is ment to restore them to true repentance!!!! No pain no gain a true heart. Hey my friend the staff that’s protects them is preventing God’s healing for them . And those they damaged!

      6. If the church can not be held accountable for the misuse of funds which are not taxed. Then we need to tax them, and then they will be accountable!!!!!!!!

        1. the tax comment is off topic, but you should be aware that all funds the church spends on salaries is indeed taxed by each individuals income tax statement. All expenses of the church are deductible like any other business. If you taxed the church, 99% of them would actually show a loss for the year and therefore not owe any tax. Do you take the same interest in the budget of your local school? They are also “not” taxed.

          1. When a charity or a church over pays the pastor and staff they should not be able to call themselves nonprofit! Jon Courson has made millions! And I heard his son now has a million . Shall We list the mega pastors and their financial worth. I haven’t found one that’s not worth millions! There’s nothing nonprofit about that! And Christ did not set that example! I feel the financial abuses of these mega churches will eventually cause the public to put an end to their nonprofit status!

      7. I agree with you. God is merciful and it is not us against them! I have been blessed by both Jon and Ben and their ministries. I have read that Ben is no longer qualified as pastor. I don’t claim to have the mind of God on that but can we say that David was no longer qualified as king????????‍♀️! Just sayin… pastor jon and ben are in my prayers!????

  2. So much of church leadership in evangelical churches are Machiavellian in their approach towards ministry.

    So here is the plan:

    1. Have junior step away from ministry for six months.
    2. Shut down any push back by members who might have an issue e.g. (You are free to leave the church… but with a smile…)
    3. Highlight members who are faithful to the church and current leadership.
    4. Emphasize how much grace that the church body is exhibiting to leadership…
    5. In 3 or 4 months have a sermon series on King David and start discussing the idea of Restoration.
    6. After six months, re-introduce junior to full ministry and have junior say how much he has grown……..
    7. Junior will then give a sermon series on the importance of transparency and integrity in the life of the church.

    This church is a complete joke.

  3. So Pastor Ben messed up and the poor women victims have no responsibility in what they do with their bodies? Really? Jesus knows better than that, they can whine and fool the congregation but they can’t fool Jesus.

    I am sure they didn’t swell with pride that he would want them! I am sure they weren’t in his face with a big smile vying for his attention! I am sure they were just stuffy women sitting and minding their own business.

    Women are the seducers- Eve was, Bathsheba was, Dahlia was and so were these women. They need to leave the church as well, sit there and whimper poor is me.

    Adam fell prey to Eve, David fell prey to Bathsheba (she was just taking a shower outside) Samson fell prey to Dahlia and Ben fell prey to the women in the church smiling big and batting their eyes at him, so full of pride thinking he wanted them. So much so they let him pop a feel.

    Ben sinned just like Adam, David and Samson and millions of men down through the ages.

    Jesus knew he was going to and he knew these women were going to also. And his blood is still sufficient for forgiveness, Peter denied Jesus three times and his blood was sufficient for his forgiveness.

    Self righteous church people, there isn’t anything more disgusting! They sit in church week after week and year after year and they never learn anything. They hold themselves as holier than others, pat themselves on the back and never hear the story of a humble king who road a donkey into the city before his death, he beaten, spit on, tortured, humiliated so he could save people from the world. People just like Ben, he grew up in church his whole life, maybe never really gave his heart to Jesus? These women they need to own their sin and repent and think about behaving differently when they go out with a man in the congregation!

    1. I think you’re a little twisted in your analysis. No woman initially whined to anyone, this situation blew open when a male friend of one of the women caught wind of what was going on, stepped up on her behalf and the church leadership continually called them liars and covered it up. And at least a couple girls told him flat out “no” and he continued to make advances, which is not ok anywhere.

      But there’s a number of gigantic problems here aside from the ladies. Ben portrayed himself as a man of God and received money from supporters, while living a double life. There are clear signs of sexual addiction, which if you know how that works only escalates further and further downhill until someone ends up in prison or worse. We now have a police report saying a woman was pressured against her will. Who knows how much worse this could have gotten, and how many people who could have gotten hurt. Finally, Ben (and Jon with the cover up) put the entire church at risk of internal and financial collapse, which is basically what’s happened now. Nobody involved is gloating or being self righteous over this, I’ve mostly seen sadness and brokenness over the ordeal. Honestly I think you might be projecting your own self righteousness.

    2. Women are the seducers? Your comments seem to excuse this supposed pastor. What does Jesus say about a pastor who does what Ben did? Should he remain a pastor? Is there anywhere in the bible this man should remain a pastor? Ben is NOT a victim of evil women . Ben is a vitim of a sick heart that views women as objects not human beings In need of love and a savior!!!

    3. Go back and read the text for Genesis and even what happened with David. God called the men to account and held them accountable not the women. David initiated and made the choices he did and misused his power. Adam stood by while his wife was being attacked by the enemy. He was the one who was given the word of God not her. And Jesus defended prostitutes before the Pharisees. Those women are victims of misused power and abuse. And behaving the way you’re doing is why a lot of victims don’t speak up when they go through things cuz they know what they’re going to go through and they know they won’t be believed and that they’ll be blamed for it.

  4. Unfortunately, many churches suffer from leaders who teach that “Tithing” (God demands 10% of you money) and “Nepotism” (hiring your kids and family) are good and proper: They are not! They are un-biblical. They are corrupting and destroy the internal concept of Agape Love which should be in churches. Calvary Chapels (I attended them for over 40 years) lead in these practices. Not all but many. So does a very large percentage of otherwise good Bible believing churches/fellowships. Jon set this up: He bares the responsibility. There must be repentance of these practices or the churches who do them will lose their voices in this society.

  5. “accused by three former, female church members of misusing his authority and initiating sexual relationships with them.” Misusing his authority implying they are victims. Takes two to tango. All the women could have done a Joseph and fled from the situation.

  6. I loved Ben Courson’s ministry….. so sad to hear of this latest news. All have fallen short of the glory of God. No one on earth is perfect except for Jesus. I’m thankful our God is a forgiving God…. and He forgets.
    David and others fell short…. All who believe know what I am talking about. I will pray for Ben and his family as they travel this road…. not easy but they will come through the other side all the better for it.

  7. I would like to see an update on Applegate. I’d like to know if they reinstated Benn Courson, if anyone knows.

  8. Thank you Julie for updating on Ben Courson.Its such a sad story and all to frequent especially in mega churches.However on the bright side there are pastors who fall and truly repent. My sister’s pastor did not get caught. He confessed in front of the entire church! Resigned and stayed a member counseling men in the ,church who had the same failure and restored his family!!!Now that’s true repentance!!!!

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