Orthodox Christianity Labeled “Extreme”

By Julie Roys

Orthodox Christianity has become extreme – or, so I’m told. This week, I was mentioned multiple times on the internet for holding “scary” and “fringe” views. But, just what justified this designation? Well, I hold to the Orthodox Christian view of marriage and family. In other words, I don’t support the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, and Questioning agenda. I believe in tolerance; but I don’t support the philosophical assumptions of the LGBTQ community.

Similarly, a British High Court last week deemed a Christian couple unfit to house foster children. Why? Because the couple refuses to condone homosexuality. This couple has exemplified the Scriptural mandate to “look after orphans,” sacrificially raising 15 foster children, in addition to their own four. Yet, the UK’s Equality and Human rights Commission deemed this couple’s Christian moral views to be infectious and requiring quarantine.

Christian morals have served as the foundation for all of Western law and civilization for centuries. They served as the impetus for the abolition of slavery; provided the basis for human rights; and created the most prosperous and free societies the world has ever known. Yet now, Christian morals are deemed dangerous and extreme.

But, it’s not just moral objections to homosexuality that’s earned Christianity these labels. I was stunned this week to read a letter to the editor in my local paper, labeling certain school board candidates “extremist thinking.” What was their extreme thought? Well, the author of the letter suspects these candidates might actually believe God created the universe!

These candidates aren’t even advocating that the schools require teaching Intelligent Design or Creationism. They’re being slammed simply because one of the candidates admitted he might teach his children that an intelligent being created the universe. Two others, the letter states, attend a church where the pastor announced he didn’t believe in evolution. I mean, having ties to Reverend Jeremiah Wright who publicly damned America is one thing; but, having ties to a pastor who doubts evolution? Now, that’s grounds for political disqualification.

Stunning, isn’t it? For decades, so-called new atheists, gay rights activists, and liberal intellectuals have been slowly and consistently denigrating Orthodox Christianity. They hype examples of wrong-headed religiously motivated violence. But, they conveniently ignore Christian charity and relief work – and families whose faith in God saved them from divorce or personal destruction. These anti-Christian activists have created a new normal where Christianity is bad and discriminating against Christians is not only condoned, but encouraged.

I suppose this shouldn’t surprise or dishearten Christians. Jesus told us we would be “hated by everyone” because of him. But he also said, “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven.” Rejoicing when reviled – now, that is extreme. But, it’s the kind of extremism we truly can embrace.



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3 thoughts on “Orthodox Christianity Labeled “Extreme””

  1. Julie,
    I get to drop my daughter off early at high school every morning at 6 AM for Swing Choir, and then listen to you as I drive back home on Moody Radio. Words can hardly express how much I look forward to hearing you each day. Well done good and faithful servant! Keep up the great work you are doing!

  2. Its all about agenda 21, destruction of the family unit and population reduction. Look up the Georga Guide Stones and will you will understand where this is all coming from. It is not the gay or lesbian individuals that are behind this. It is your goverment and 178 other goverments around the world.

    Please study and research agenda 21, sustainable development and the dumbind down of America. These things will help you to understand that this is a controlled manipulation by the global elite who has a shocking population reduction agenda.

    Gay and Lesbian individuals can’t naturally produce children and the less children that are born the closer they get to there goal, a 95% reduction in world populationn by 2050.

    I am no one special, just a mother who wants to protect her child from the terrible plan.

    Look up Bisphenol A and how it is disturbing our hormonal balance and causing cancer.

    Look up floride in water, what they don’t tell you.

    Look up the Bilderburg group and comms 300.

    Look up the book brain grain.

    All of this is essential about population reduction.

    The children have been manipulated and this is the result.

    I really do hope you do your own research, it’s the only way you will really understand what is going on.

    Look up mega cities too, there are 64 million empty appartments in mega cities all over china. Look up land grab all over the world. Look up sustainable development, and control of natural resources in the USA.

    All of these things are linked.

    Look up Hollywood and the purpose of entertainment and look up Bill Gates Mountain Grain Store at the POLE.

    You will never be the same again. Look at your local council or government department planning.

    The goal to reduce the global population by 95%

    Take children away from the family and the state should bring children up.

    Controlled reproduction.

    Control all resources necessary for human life, food, water, air.

    Control the education system, the health system, the planning systen.

    To use the environment as a tool to control the people.

    To protect the environment from humans by creating wild lands.

    All people to live in mega cities and provent them from accessing the countryside.

    This is happening so fast now it is becoming scary. I know all about this when I was just 18 years old, my source a member of the aristoracy in Sweden, but I didn’t believe it. Now 20+ years later and it’s everywhere, in my local town, in my government and in governments all around the world.

    Christians are being targeted because, like the family unit, they feel you are a threat. American solders are now taught that Christians are terrorist and are against the state. The plan here is to bring in a single global religion.

    Please study all you can and tell all your friends, this is real and when you do your own research everything that your seing will fit into place, all you need to do is to find the pieces of the jigsaw puzzel and piece them together and everything will become clear.

    Thank you for your post.


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