Overpopulation Myth

By Julie Roys
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          Christians need to stop swallowing overpopulation propaganda.  Really, we do.  Just last week, Christianity Today posted an article to its website entitled, “A Christian Response to Overpopulation.”  The article acknowledges that none of the calamities predicted 43 years ago in Paul Ehrlich’s doomsday book “Population Bomb” have come true.  Yet, author Amy Julia Becker repeats as gospel truth similar scaremongering today by the United Nations and The New York Times.

            Becker cites a recent United Nations report, projecting that the world’s population may top 10 billion by the year 21-hundred.  Then, like the Times reporters who call this a “sobering forecast,” Becker writes, “the prospect of billions more people threaten(s) the future health and well-being of many.”  She adds that “unrestricted population growth . . . can put children in danger as a result of severely limited resources.” 
        Really? Is the world truly facing an overpopulation crisis?  And, are we on the verge of some cataclysmic worldwide famine?
      Interestingly, even the “sobering” U.N. report acknowledges that by the turn of the century, population will declining in most countries.  In fact, population already is declining in parts of Europe.  And, it would be declining in the United States were it not for immigration.  You see, thanks to contraception and abortion, birthrates are falling precipitously around the world, but most dramatically in the developed countries.  In fact, for the first time ever, birthrates in southern and Eastern Europe have dropped below one-point-three children per woman.  If that rate continues, the population in these European nations will be cut in half in 45 years!
          Of course, some developing countries have much higher birthrates – namely those in Africa.  However, due to so-called “family planning” initiatives, the birthrate in Africa is plummeting, as well.  Forty years ago, Africa’s birthrate hovered near 7 children per woman; now, it’s around four children and is projected to dip below three by 2050.  In fact, the most likely scenario is that worldwide population will peak at just over nine billion in 2075.   And then, it will start falling.  So, why all the alarm?
          One unavoidable conclusion is that Planned Parenthood International, the U.N. Population Fund, and similar organizations fear losing their funding.  As the Times article noted, foreign aid to pay for contraceptives and abortion has stagnated at $238-billion for the past decade.  Plus, the United States, which has long been the biggest donor, cut international family planning programs five percent last month as part of Congress’ budget compromise.
        Christians need to be wary of overpopulation scaremongering.  At its abortive and contraceptive core, lay Satan’s strategy to kill and destroy.  But, God blesses children and actually commands couples to procreate.  So what’s the Christian response to the myth of overpopulation?  Be fruitful and multiply – and steward well the resources God’s given us.  


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  1. Overpopulation theory has always been connected climate theory… 70s ice age prediction, global warming, now global weirding.

    (enjoyed your husband’s debate clip on youtube… and the trig jive with the head bob.)

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