Daniel Chalmers
Daniel Chalmers preaches at King's Chapel Oahu on April 30, 2018. (Video screengrab)

Pastor Accused of Urinating on Passenger Identified as Daniel Chalmers of Love Wins

By Julie Roys

The “well known” North Carolina pastor accused of urinating on a female passenger during a Delta airlines flight earlier this month has been identified as Daniel Chalmers, founder of a prophetic, itinerant ministry called Love Wins

Chalmers also is an ordained minister and staff member at Catch the Fire Raleigh-Durham, and according to his website, was trained at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.

Chalmers identity was published Monday night by The North Carolina Beat, which received a redacted police report from the Wayne Metro Airport Police Department after submitting a FOIA request.

As reported earlier by The Roys Report, federal and state authorities have withheld the identity of the pastor who allegedly urinated on a passenger, since issuing him a citation for a misdemeanor on October 13. 

According to the report, an off-duty police officer on the Delta flight saw Chalmers get up from his seat around 2:44 a.m. and walk towards the tail of the aircraft. In the report, the officer states that Chalmers “appeared to be awake but yet walking as if he had just woke up or was dealing with the pitch of the aircraft as he side stepped momentarily.”

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About 30 seconds later, the officer says a woman behind him “let out a blood curdling scream.” The officer said he then observed Chalmers standing next to the victim, Alicia Beverly.

In the report, Beverly states that she woke up feeling “something warm on her body.” When she looked up, she saw Chalmers standing next to her with his privates exposed. Beverly said Chalmers had urinated on her.

When initially confronted by the flight crew, Chalmers said that he had peed on the woman because he thought he was going to the bathroom, the officer states in the report.

However, the officer said that when he identified himself as an officer and asked Chalmers for identification, Chalmers refused to give it and immediately stated, “I didn’t do it.” When the officer asked Chalmers what he didn’t do, Chalmers reportedly replied, “Whatever it is she is accusing me of, I didn’t do it.”

At that point, the officer said Chalmers asked if there was any proof he had urinated on the woman.

“I advised him that the victim’s clothing was covered in his urine and that the seat was as well,” the officer states in the report. “Again, Chalmers denied doing it.”

The officer said Chalmers also denied that he had been drinking alcohol.

However, the officer reports that Chalmers “smelled of alcohol and his eyes were bloodshot.” (A preliminary breath test, or “PBT,” found that Chalmers had a breath alcohol content of .175—more than twice the legal limit in Michigan of .08.) The officer also says that Chalmers told him that he was on medication.

Later, Chalmers reportedly told investigators that he had a “couple of drinks” and was taking prescribed medicine. Chalmers also mentioned that he did not feel well.

The name of the medicine is redacted from the report. However, Fox 2 in Detroit reported that representatives for “the pastor” told them that Chalmers had taken a “sleep aid.”

When the plane landed, Chalmers was reportedly taken into custody. According to the officer, as Chalmers passed by the flight crew “he advised the Captain of his intentions to sue Delta Airlines for defamation of character for their treatment of him.”

I reached out to Chalmers for comment, but he did not immediately respond.

UPDATE: Catch the Fire Raleigh-Durham issued the following statement on Facebook Wednesday morning: 

Below is the full police report published by The NC Beat:



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42 thoughts on “Pastor Accused of Urinating on Passenger Identified as Daniel Chalmers of Love Wins”

  1. That seems pretty clear that it really happened. Also happening late at night helps explain why other passengers didn’t necessarily take video of it.

  2. It’s not inconceivable that he was sleepwalking, or merely out of it. I doubt he remembered or even realized what had happened. My daughter was sleepwalking and tried to pee on the vaccum. Her grandfather would sleepwalk and pee in odd places so it’s not far fetched to beleive that’s what happened here. Clearly he lied about having consumed alcohol, and he was on a prescription sleep and. Seems to me its just an embarrasing incident that happened to both him and the woman.

    1. This man committed not one, but six separate crimes. They were all committed not only in public, but inside a jet mid-flight, which makes all forms of disruption extra dangerous. Had there not been an alert police officer on the flight, awake and ready to respond, this incident could have easily spiraled out of control. The victim was black, the perpetrator was white. There’s a lot of anger in the Detroit area right now.

      Presumably, your daughter and her grandfather did not drink to the point of being twice over the legal limit and were not shaking their genitals in a woman’s face, while inside a jet, mid-flight.

      The victim was traumatized. She was forced to continue sitting in urine soaked clothes for the duration of the flight. If later today, a large strange man came up to you or your daughter, mother or sister, and shook his genitals just inches from your face, then you (or your loved ones) were forced to stay seated soaked in that urine for a couple more hours, would you honestly simply categorize this as nothing more than “an embarrassing incident”?

    2. Just “an embarrassing incident” ? That POS “Pastor” lied several times about the whole incident! That’s ok behavior in your eyes for a supposed Man of God? He’s a horrible person who refused to take responsibility for his heinous behavior UNTIL he got IDED. This is why so many people don’t trust people in religion, they aren’t worthy half the time..

    3. It is not something that “happened to both him and the woman.” It is something that his actions caused, and she suffered because of it.

    4. Stop it.. He had been drinking and he got scared after he got caught… He knew what he was doing.. Thats all so-called blacks are to yall.. One day, when the sky cracks open, you all who treated us so horribly… All you all will b in for a very very rude awakening… Who we really are, and what the good news really is will hit u like nothing you can imagine… And I can’t wait! Not a threat at all.. Just fact. Have fun, live it up while you all still can. APTHMH

  3. I don’t think this was an intentional incident. A public figure, hes on a plane where he is out in the open. Its not like he thought that no one could see him, or as if was privately doing some perverse act to someone. Why would he risk his reputation, his ministry, his family for something that would be so clearly be publicized. That just isn’t logical. Is this about him being a pastor and trying to find something bad about him as if hes been caught in a scandal, or is the truth important here?.. It’s kind of implicated in the quotations “the pastor”. Not that he’s infalable, but he’s still human, and will still have real life situations happen like anyone else. It’s very plausable that he was sleepwalking and between the medication and mixing it with alcohol any one of the below symptoms occurred; found on Alcohol.org.

    Side Effects of Mixing Sleeping Pills and Alcohol
    Because there are so many different types of sleeping pills, their exact interactions with alcohol may differ slightly, with some being more dangerous than others. In general, it is advised to never mix sedatives or hypnotics with alcohol. Combining sleeping pills with alcohol can increase the sedating effects of both, thus seriously increasing the risk of overdose.

    Drinking even one alcoholic beverage in combination with sleeping pills can be dangerous. Some sleeping pills have adverse and/or unusual effects such as memory loss and sleepwalking, even when taken on their own. People have reported engaging in behaviors such as eating, talking on the phone, and sometimes even driving a motor vehicle with no recollection after taking a sleeping pill.

    The side effects of mixing alcohol and sleeping pills include:

    Memory problems.
    Unusual behavior.
    Impaired motor control.
    Slowed heart rate.
    Lowered blood pressure.
    Slowed or difficulty breathing.
    Increased risk of overdose.

    1. Jill, it’s obvious you condone lying in all situations regardless of drinking alcohol and pissing on another passenger in flight. Because he’s a “Pastor” (hahah), you’ve forgiven his gross behavior because “he was just drinking to excess! So it’s all good!”, but you don’t even mention how many lies he told to the authorities and his refusal to own up to his actions- he’s not still drunk is he? Sounds like your his wife, girlfriend or is just in awe of that loser. Stop trying to justify his behavior!

  4. Curious Christian

    Yesterday a pharmacist posted that this might be related to taking a sleep aid. Mixed with alcohol it makes most sense.

    And according to the article he initially acknowledged “peeing.”

  5. The crime here is that his “pastoral” credentials are from Bethel Skool of Super-Dooper Natural Ministry.

    Even without the actual police report- it was obviously a case of sleepwalking and sleep-urination. But to lie about about it and threaten legal action- hardly pastoral for a man of his employ.

    He needed to apologize, take the social media mockery and buy a couple sets of new clothes for the victim and use this story somewhere down the road as a sermon illustration. End of story.

    But instead he chose to deny, obfuscate and threaten.

    Typical. Can I get an amen?

    1. Amen. “I didn’t do…whatever it is she is accusing me of.”
      I don’t know why public figures, Christian ministers in particular, do not understand that the best outcomes occur when you listen to what others are telling you, own your bad behavior (“mistakes” or whatever), apologize specifically for it to the people most hurt, take your lumps, make amends, and then try to learn from the experience. It’s a super old concept. In olden times, it was called “confession,” “repentance,” and “reconciliation.” Actually, come to think of it, I’m pretty sure Jesus Christ advocated these same concepts. They always lead to “redemption.”

    2. If you listen to the interview with the young lady who had this happen to her, you can clearly tell that she is traumatized. For a supposed “man of God” to deny, lie and then threaten is disgusting and only adds to her nightmare. This guy sounds like the Jesus definition of hypocrite.

    3. That seems like the logical course of action. Once, I was very sleepy upon waking up and I mistakenly took some sleeping medication instead of my vitamins. I slightly rear ended 2 cars and upon parking I scratched the side of my car. A trucks bumper was sticking out and I raked the side of my car. I talked to my colleague and stated, “You will not believe what just happened to me!” Needless to say, my supervisor came by and offered to take me home.

  6. Thanking God for that off-duty officer who was alert and provided the needed professionalism in such a crazy weird situation.
    It’s telling that the pastor threatened to sue the airline for defamation of character. Strange response when you’ve been caught with your literal pants down.

    1. This situation is more than disgusting and disturbing.

      Putting myself in this poor women’s situation, I would be traumatized too and I’d probably start vomiting. Urine from someone else on my clothes would make me want to be hysterical!

      Him lying repeatedly is moral failure 101. And his threatening the pilot? Clearly the jerk has a problem with the big “P”…. PRIDE….(beside his “‘p” (pee) …in his own pride-filled eyes – he thinks he’s so special that “how dare they”….

      This is just another reason many in the world look at “the church” and say, “NO THANKS”.

      How the heart of God is grieved – again.

  7. Everything about this has been sensationalized…

    Prominent? I’ve lived in NC for 20 years and am a pastor and never heard of this guy.
    Evangelical? Well, I guess the term has become so broad that just about anyone can be included — but this guy is totally “fringe”.
    Pastor? What’s the name of his church or does he just travel around preaching at charismatic crusades?

    Famous and not-so-famous have done some pretty sketchy thing taking Ambien. So his explanation is actually quite plausible — particularly if alcohol was added to the mix.

    But the fact that he was a Christian/Pastor/Evangelical, etc… was sufficient to make this a bigger deal that it needed to be or would be if it were just an average working Joe who did something odd or stupid.

    No story here…

    1. I’m not sure that this actual story has sensationalized the events being reported, although for commenters here to speculate about him having an addiction or a perversion is certainly unhelpful. However, I think the Average Joe would’ve apologized, made what restitution he could, and generally been honest, instead of attempting to deny the blame.

  8. BT- You have summarized it very well and succinctly: ” It’s a super old concept. In olden times, it was called “confession,” “repentance,” and “reconciliation.” Actually, come to think of it, I’m pretty sure Jesus Christ advocated these same concepts. They always lead to “redemption.”

    And that is something the “Big Eva” is missing. I’m not sure those principles ever get mentioned from the pulpit, er uh, I mean stage.

  9. I haven’t read what happened to the lady!? This is so gross…was she able to change seats? Even then, she had to remain in the same clothes that whole time, I assume. Then get home, somehow, before showering. Traumatizing!

    60+ years ago, a mean neighbor boy peed on my foot as a kid and I’ve never forgotten the awful feeling of disgust as I ran home to my mom, crying, and I couldn’t wait to get it washed off.

    Will some compassion and an apology be forthcoming, I would hope?

  10. Key detail in the police report is that Chalmers blew a 0.175 on the breathalyzer once in police custody, more than twice the legal limit for driving of 0.08. Yikes.

    1. Well, for a man who weighs 140 lbs., only 4 shots or beers or glasses of wine would put him at that BAC percentage. Chalmers may be heavier than that, so he may have had more to drink. It is not against any law to travel on an airplane as a passenger while being intoxicated. Nonetheless, the effects of the alcohol would’ve been increased by the sleep aid. In any case, it is foolhardy (and foolish, in this situation) to mix many common medications with alcohol.

  11. Help me understand why one would need a sleep aid for any flight within the continental United States. Especially if the flight is less than 8 hours. Weird…

    1. Sounds like Urolagnia… the sexual excitement to urinate on another person. He needs to seek help, not because he finds that exciting but because he need somebody’s concent before doing that! Sick man!

      1. I would say that is the most unlikely conclusion… What you mentioned does happen, the evidence just doesn’t point that direction here.

        Why not assume that what happened was the result of a well documented side effect of sleep aids (particularly Ambien) taking in combination with alcohol?

        That said, it is disheartening first of all that he relied on mind altering substances to get through this flight, and then at his reaction was not to be mortified and apologetic, but to deny and threaten. Totally opposite what I would hope to see in any follower of Christ. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was still under the influence.

        1 PETER 5:8
        “Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

    2. The flight was 3 hours and 40 minutes. A friend reverse engineered the blood alcohol level based on his height and weight, when the plane took off and when the incident occurred. Their calculations showed that he would likely have had to have consumed 6 alcoholic beverages pre-flight to reach that level at that time. If he had been consuming prior to arriving at the airport he may have consumed even more. That is a lot of alcohol.

      We do not know that Ambien was actually involved as no tox screens were run. Other pastors and politicians have used the Ambien excuse as a sort of “get out of jail free card”. Please note that the police made no note of witnessing any sleep aid, and no such medication, prescription bottle or photos of it were entered into evidence. Chalmers may have used this as an excuse, as he at one point denied consuming even a single “drip” of alcohol. Ambien would not cause a person to mistake a woman for a toilet. However, drinking to that degree of excess has resulted in many cases of public urination.

      No rational person would take Ambien on a 3 hour 40 minute flight, because of the risk it poses in terms of missing your connecting flights plus potential property theft, particularly when traveling alone.

    3. To deal with a fear of flying. I wouldn’t recommend it, but I’ve known more than one grown man who used alcohol to cope with being on an airplane.

  12. If Chalmers has an alcohol addiction problem, that is tragic and I don’t think that alone is disqualifying behavior, provided he seeks treatment and stays in a program.

    Frankly, the other commenters are right that this wouldn’t have been a story if Chalmers hadn’t been playing the “pastor” card, with Fox 2 reporting this as a “prominent” and “well known” pastor. Chalmers is neither. However, he does work and partner with some of the biggest names in the fringe Pentecostal world, many of whom are outright charlatans. The church where he worked is a campus of the Toronto Blessing Arnott’s Catch the Fire franchise, which is pretty big in the Great Lakes region, which is likely why the local news felt he was prominent.

    However, the real reason we should take interest in this story is because he lied directly to a police officer, he called the victim a liar, he immediately threatened litigation, and he tried to get a pass for committing these crimes based solely on his pastoral status, all of which constitutes disqualifying behavior. The most troubling part of this entire story is his emphatic statement that “Whatever it is she is accusing me of, I didn’t do it,”

    That is what clerical sex abuse victims hear all the time. This man cannot be trusted in ministry again, not because of drinking and drug abuse, but because he tried to use his pastoral status to get out of trouble and he was willing to claim that whatever a victim is saying, without even hearing it, THEY are the liars. He also offered no immediate apologies to anyone on the plane including the victim and her family members. This man is a wolf, not a shepherd. That’s why he should never be returned to ministry.

    Chalmers would likely still be on staff with little to no consequences had he said nothing about being a pastor, accepted his summons and not made a fuss.

  13. Another item of interest in this case is the glaring undercharging. Simple assault is not a big deal in Michigan. It is a misdemeanor punishable by any of the following:
    up to 93 days in jail, a fine up to $500, probation up to 2 years and/or restitution.

    Because this probably is Chalmers first criminal charge in Michigan, he likely won’t do any time. At most, he may receive probation, a small fine and have to pay some cleaning charges. He may even get diversion/deferred prosecution, which means nothing happens so long as he doesn’t commit more crimes in MI for a set period of time. Afterwards, his criminal record would be expunged. That would certainly be the most likely outcome for him, had these crimes occurred in Texas (assuming the police filed any charges at all, based on him being a pastor)

    The reality is that Chalmers committed multiple crimes.
    1) Indecent Exposure: He literally shook his p*nis inches in front of this poor woman’s face.
    2) Urinating in Public
    3) Disorderly Conduct
    4) Simple Assault
    5) Lying to a Police Officer during the course of an investigation

    It’s also generally illegal for the person committing assault to directly contact the victim prior to the trial.

    The first 3 charges are routinely bundled together and submitted in MI for intoxicated people peeing in public. It’s the minimum we would expect to see here. The Simple Assault was added because he deliberately peed on a sleeping woman.

    Why is it that Chalmers was only charged with ONE crime and not six? It could be that the Airport Police routinely undercharge in order to keep their crime statistics down. The officer on flight gave Ms Beverly every opportunity to not file charges. After she declined that offer, Chalmers is then mysteriously charged with the bare minimum.

    The Arnotts are based in Toronto, not far from Detroit. Is this yet another example of the Police going easy on pastors because of the voting bloc they control, or is it the police rigging their crime statistics by failing to properly charge the crimes committed?

    1. You are naive.

      Police officers almost always try to do as little actual charging as possible.

      Police departments self report the crimes in their area. Less documented crimes, lower crime rate. And the lower the crime rate, the better the police look.

  14. It’s obviously a sleep walking event. That doesn’t change any facts, though.

    The facts are what they are. But, it was a sleep walking event.

    I sleep walk occasionally. I know this because my family has told me. I would have ZERO recollection of the event. I never urinated in an unusual place, but it isn’t uncommon for a sleep walker to do so.

    The victim is number one here.

    And even though the event was probably triggered by the combination of alcohol and a sleeping aid, I believe the pastor needs some sympathy here.

    PS—I lived alone for eight years, and have often wondered if I had any sleep walking incidents during that time. Sleep walking can cause injury.


  15. Why is the information about the legal limit in Michigan here? Clearly, he was not driving a vehicle during this incident.

  16. With a mix of ambien and alcohol he’s lucky all he did is pee on someone. I knew someone who had a bad reaction to that same combo and tried to light things on fire while having a type of psychotic episode. It can have an LSD kind of effect. I had to stop taking the medicine because of the hallucinations.

  17. Night nurse here….you know, when we call docs in the night, we have to be sure they are really awake. Just talking doesn’t mean they are really awake. I knew of a doc that when the nurse called for a diuretic for a patient with swelling, this very competent (normally) doctor just kept telling her it was “by the railroad tracks”, even threatening to report her to the manager for not accepting that answer. As a new RN I called once about blood coming from a nasogastric tube and the doc ordered a stool softener. I got off the phone and asked the experienced nurse sitting beside me if there was any reason that would make sense for a stool softener and when she said no, promptly called the doc back. (The doc was awake that time and thanked me for calling back.). This was pre-ambien, BTW, and awake, if you wanted to live, you wanted that doc.

    Point is, do we really even truly know he was awake yet when he interacted after the incident?
    I am far more concerned about both the excessive alcohol use, and the med -if it was a sleeping pill-on a short flight. It makes me wonder if he is qualified for professional ministry at this time. I can’t know how awake he was but he is responsible for his chemical intake leading up to this, to be sure. Of course, if he was awake, that’s a problem too but we don’t really know. Legally the charges should be made but unless we are his physician or his family, we can’t know the extent of sleep disorder -for the courts to figure out.

    Lastly, so sorry for the victim, whether behavior/denial intended or not. As someone who has worn other’s bodily fluids before, (nurses buy urine proof watches and sadly I am not always graceful) it is both disgusting and frightening (any body fluid can carry infections)-not to mention the unwanted exposure she experienced when she should’ve been safe.

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